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JWsurvey.org is the proud home of the 2014 Global Survey of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you are, or ever have been, a Jehovah’s Witness – please take this survey! Even if you were never actually baptized or have been away from the Witnesses for many years, we encourage you to have you say and share your opinions regarding the Watch Tower Society, and its leaders the Governing Body.

If you are a current or former Witness, you will know only too well that doubts are not permitted among the brothers, and the Governing Body expects and demands your unquestioned loyalty. If there is any teaching you are uncertain of, you must “wait on Jehovah,” which effectively means burying your doubts and pretending they never existed. Over time, these suppressed doubts accumulate until you are nothing more than a robot, going through the motions and doing what is expected of you – but never truly believing it 100%.

Jehovah’s Witnesses who have doubts are expected to “wait on Jehovah” by effectively burying them

If this describes your current situation, then please be assured that there are hundreds if not thousands like you who are at various stages of waking up to the reality of the JW faith. As you probably suspect already, there is more to this religion than meets the eye, and the Watchtower literature has not been telling you the full truth about the organization’s history.

The trouble is, even if you no longer agree with the Governing Body on a number of issues, you may feel (as many do) that you are bound to the organization against your will through the cruel practice of shunning. Though the Society argues that shunning is scriptural, it is actually anything but. Shunning was instituted by the Apostle Paul to keep congregations clean – not as an instrument for tearing families apart.

This and many other damaging practices are dealt with periodically on my blog, which I encourage you to check from time to time. I do my very best to keep Witnesses informed as to what is REALLY going on in the organization, rather than giving them the kind of carefully-manicured information you will find in JW.org articles and press releases.

Please enjoy using this site, and treat it as though it is yours. After all, here you are free to be yourself and exchange opinions about the organization with others. All we ask is that you do NOT try to use our website as a platform for evangelizing religious or atheistic views. This website is religiously-neutral and has been set up as an indoctrination-free sanctuary. We appreciate your help and cooperation in keeping it that way.

We hope you find the information on JWsurvey useful, and that our efforts can play some part in your spiritual journey. Remember: You are no longer the silent majority. Your opinion matters. Now make it count!

186 Responses to Welcome

  1. apologist says:

    If there is a god? It took you 50 years… half a century to figure out that it is all one big story…
    fantastic for you… you figured it out… I do not agree with you… I believe…
    So where do we stand?
    You do not believe… tell the world from the mountain tops… go door to door to tell people that there is no god… knock yourself out… you have that right… Please do…
    But if you want to quote scripture… that is a different story… my understanding here is that we are not to be preachy… so I have resisted quoting scripture…
    Your issue is that the bible is just a story…
    I am confused as to what you want to talk about…
    I believe the bible is true… you do not… one issue…
    2nd issue… if it were true… god is bad… according to the section in numbers you keep quoting… I believe God is love… obviously a conflict… one which you have not resolved… I have…
    Two very different issues…
    Actually you state a 3rd issue… judgment…
    I do not judge you… I will be judged by a judge… who I believe (you do not) that he will judge all…
    My belief system commands me to share this knowledge… it is my religion… I live and a free society that allows this… if me acting on my beliefs disturbs you… you need to remind yourself where you have chosen to live…
    You not believing in a god may disturb me… but I have to accept it…
    On reading the magazines (you seem to enjoy them)
    I do read the magazines… just because there is no physical evidence… does not… in my opinion… mean it did not happen or exist… that is why it is called a belief… that is why it is faith… in Gods word… the bible…
    I am not asking for a replacement religion…
    Using your illustration… JW’s have provided you the house to save you from the fire…
    You do not like the house they are providing….
    What I am asking then… is that house on fire a better place for JW’s?
    If you do not agree that your house is on fire and the JW has made a mistake… please be kind to the JW… who is attempting to be kind to you… and tell him how the house you are living in is a better place… or is it not something you want to do… which is ok too…
    Look obviously this forum is from people who do not like JW’s… either they were one before and feel duped…mistreated… etc… or they have family members who are JW’s and they do not like how they behave…
    You know that JW’s want to follow a religion… they truly believe they have found the one true religion… if you then say they are full of it… fine that is your right… but we as individuals still want to be part of the religion that we feel Jesus Christ formed… we believe it is the Jehovah’s Witness religion.
    Simple stating that we are wrong does nothing… even if we are wrong… we are ok with it…
    THAT… is why I ask which one is better… because if there isn’t one… measured against the scriptures… then YES we are the true religion… measured against the scriptures…
    As to me being afraid…
    I am not afraid… It is my lack of fear that allowed me to discover the one true faith…

    • General Madine says:

      Did you not read the foreward? No evangelizing. You are truly hard-headed. Plus your comment is way too long. Apparently, your ‘faith’ doesn’t teach you the art of brevity. Or respect for the fact this site is a sanctuary.

  2. anonymous says:

    @apologist, I didn’t say that I don’t believe in God. I just said if there is a God, there is no proof that this God penned our modern Bibles and you must realize that yourself, don’t you?

    All we have are copies of copies and translations of those copies. There is no way one way or the other what God would have written down since all those original manuscripts are long lost and gone. You should look up the history of how we got our Bibles. That is how I began to question whether or not it was really “inspired” of God or not.

    What I am saying though is that with all the killing and slaughter of innocent people in the Bible that the Israelites did in conquering the “land of milk and honey”, it would make me think twice about what a “loving” God, Jehovah is.

    If you research how the name of God (Jehovah) came about, it isn’t at all what Jackson said in his latest June broadcast. It was a Catholic monk that came up with that name in the 1200’s. Jackson is either stupid or he also doesn’t read the magazines, because it’s in the old Aid to Bible Understanding book and also in the February 1, 1980 Watchtower page 11, if you don’t believe me. So, Jackson was lying through his teeth when he says that Jehovah was in the original manuscripts.

    If the Bible is true and without error, then that is a God that I would not and could never love and respect. I always thought the Bible was an embellished history of the Jews but I’d rather believe now that it’s fairy tales than to believe that those Jews were that blood thirsty and after little girls that had never had intercourse with a man. I can’t hate a god that I don’t believe in, can I?

    You said that this web site is for people who don’t like Jehovah’s Witnesses? That could not be further from the truth. If Lloyd really didn’t love Jehovah’s Witnesses, he’d never have started this web site. We all love Jehovah’s Witnesses because we all were JW’s and yes we were deceived and duped and hate to see that happen to our loved ones who are still in the Organization, which if you stick around we can prove to you in spades.

    Being in the Organization for all those years, I wondered why the Society was so strong against any of us accepting literature from the householder would be so bad for us if we really had the “truth”. Now I know. The Society doesn’t want us to accept any literature from anything or anybody who is critical of Watchtower because they are afraid our teachings might be proved wrong.

    You should not be afraid to prove that the JW religion is right. You should take Lloyd’s challenge to prove that God is really backing the JW religion. He has said that if you can prove that God is really backing the JW religion, that he will gladly take down this web sit but so far, nobody has even tried to meet the challenge. You shouldn’t just take somebody’s word for it since you are devoting your life to it.

    You should be able to prove that “apostates” are really lying if they are. You shouldn’t be afraid to put your religion to the test. All those years, I followed the advice from the Watchtower and never put my faith to the test. That is something you need to do. That is all we ask of you. Take Lloyd’s challenge. It can’t hurt you and you might be surprised at the results.

  3. anonymous says:

    @apologist, I have a sneaking suspicion that you are here counting your time but what they hey, whatever floats your boat.

    I never said that I didn’t believe in God. I just said that if there is a God that there is no proof that he penned the Bible as we know it. Even the Society has to agree with that as per the foreword of the 1985 Kingdom Interlinear.

    What I am saying though is that if there is a God, that I could never worship the God of the Hebrew Scriptures and if you want me to start listing all the scriptures that demonstrate it, I will be glad to start. I would prefer to think that it was fiction. I think anybody who would worship the God of the Hebrew Scriptures should be ashamed of themselves for even admitting that and I am not afraid to say that.

    I am done with telling people from the rooftops of my beliefs. I did that for 50 years and found out that nothing I was telling those people was actually in the Bible and so yes I was duped.

    As far as any of us commenting here, disliking JW’s, you could not be further from the truth. All of here, commenting, love Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    If there was any chance that God was actually directing the JW religion, we’d all love to hear your evidence. Lloyd Evans has put that challenge out to you and anybody else defending the Watchtower and he has said that if you can prove that God is actually directing the Society that he will take down this site and I for one would go back to the Kingdom Hall. If you have any evidence, we would all love to hear it.

    For people to say they are the Faithful and Discreet Slave class appointed by God, isn’t good enough. That is called circular reasoning. You need to have some kind of proof. That is what we’d all love to hear. If you have any proof, we will be listening to you.

    You are right about one thing. If the JW religion is actually a Christian religion, then it should stand up against the Bible. Do you ever wonder why you are not allowed to read “apostate” literature? Can you prove any so-called apostate that they are wrong and you are right? If so, we are all ears.

    What Jackson said in his June jwbroadcasting speech about Jehovah being in the Bible first in the 1600’s is a lie and he should know it but I don’t think even he reads the Watchtower literature because it was in the 1980 Feb. 1, Watchtower page 11 that that name was first invented by the Catholics in the 1200’s B.C. It is also in the old “Aid to Bible Understanding”. Don’t hit yourself over the head if you can’t keep up with all the “new light” in the literature because even the Governing Body don’t do it.

    Do you realize apologist that you do not have a mediator between you and God? Jesus is only the mediator between Him and Jehovah. You should ask your elders about that. You might find yourself being called an apostate if you do that but look in the Insight book #2 under mediator for that little gem. You can learn a lot from us “apostates” if you dare to learn the truth about the “truth”.

    • anonymous says:

      I meant the Jesus is the mediator between God and the 144,000 in the Insight Book #2, according to the Watchtower.

      • Where else will we go says:

        No, that’s not what is says, notice; ” Christs mediatorship having accomplished it’s purpose by bringing “the Israel of God” into this position, thus results in benefits and blessings to all of mankind.,………..They,too,(referring to all of mankind)look to Jesus Christ as their great heavenly High Priest, through whom they can approach God and through whose ministration they can get forgiveness
        of sin. Quoted in part, refer to pg. 363 of insight book vol. 2, for full understanding.

  4. anonymous says:

    I meant that Jehovah was invented by the Catholic Church in the 1200’s A.D. not B.C. My mistake.

  5. apologist says:

    now I know what apostates are
    all you guys fit the bill
    if I am right or I am wrong is irrelevant
    big word
    it must make you feel important
    I am being blocked… I do not know if this will even get on
    no point in contuining

    • anonymous says:

      @apologist, you couldn’t be more wrong. We are out to save you your life. We just love you to pieces!!!

  6. apologist says:

    one more comment
    if it gets on
    any time spent here
    since I am counting my time
    I will subtract from my field service time

    I will never get it back from you guys
    what a waste

    • Vivian says:

      Apologist, make the truth your own. These are words I sang much of my life. And truly worthy advice. I finally completely and honestly put action to those words. I started at the very very beginning with no reservations, absolutely open mind, almost like a child (but with adult fully developed mental faculties). I started with, is there a god? Lets just say there is enough evidence, now lets prove that god inspired the bible. Lets say you find enough unbiased sensical evidence, now prove the people in NY’s actions, past history, and information is absolutely accurate and really, (since you are to adhere to it with the same gravity of the bible) being inspired by god. You owe this type of absolute and complete research to yourself, your family and the creator of your universe. Anything less is insulting to yourself your family and god.

    • Julie Willavage says:

      Wow…good luck…..It is no wonder so many of us have left to find a happy life, without the constant fear and anxiety. I for one would rather not have to live if it was under their rules and regulations. I believe there is a God. He certainly wouldn’t make people believe something for decades and then just change his mind to see if people are faithful. That would not be a loving God. But you are free to believe what you like. Like I sad “Good Luck”

    • ronnyb says:

      Apologist,if we should imitate Christ,why do you have to ” count” your time? There isn’t any evidence that Jesus looked at a sun dial when he began to preach and once again when he stopped.

  7. Holy Connoli says:

    @Apologist. I asked you a few times if you could PLEASE answer my question and show me 1 prophecy or prediction the JW’s or WT have predicted that has without doubt come true in the 135 short yes of their existence? Please be specific and not general. I have asked many JW’s the same thing and so far no one has been able to come up with 1..just 1 is all I ask. Please don’t just quote 1 tim 3:1-5 or something like things are really bad etc. When Jesus predicted the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD it came true beyond doubt and there is historical evidence to back it up. So can you apologist show me 1 prophecy or prediction the WT has foretold that has come true?

    • Julie Willavage says:

      I agree!

    • Starved says:

      Read the Vindication book series from the1930’s. There is some commentary on parts of Jeremiah that is so accurate about our day it gave me goosebumps. I’m putting the burden on you to get the publications because I don’t know you and I don’t know if it’s an honest hearted question or if you’re just another hater. Fact is, answers can be found. Reality is, you’ll never get them from current GB.

      • Holy Connoli says:

        To Starved:

        So are you saying the teachings of the WT from the 1930’s is now acceptable belief?
        If it is true then why don’t they use it as a teaching method.The WT has eliminated all previous teachings from that aera and even from just a few years ago. Especially now with their new teaching that they do no longer believe or teach type and Anti-type. Since the book vindication is no longe available and hard to get a copy of can you share with me some accurate points that you said describe our day? That i snearly80-85years ago.

        The onr thing I will admit they did teach that came at least partially true is the return to Palestine by the Jews and how it full filled prophecy and that did happen. However…. They changed that teaching also and said it only applied to “Spiritual” Israel and the land they returned to was the Spiritual paradise? Funny, the only thing they were half way correct on they deleted. We all know from Rutherfords writig he was an Anti-Semite.In his early takeover of the WT he waspro Jewish then later became very ant semetic even using rhetoric and words and name calling against Jews that would make that would
        be over the top Racist words today and were bakc then as well. Please send me the info on the accuracy of the predictions since I do not have access to that book. Even though they no longer teach it or believe it I would like to read it.

      • Holy Connoli says:

        @starved. Actually the book vindication was based on Ezekiel unless I am mistaken. I did look at some of it on line but I could not find anything accurate in it that you claim. It is very wordy and very long and comes in 2-3 parts. Can you just tell me what they said and show me the pages that you claim is “SO ACCURATE” it gives you goosebumps? I found Nothing it when I looked at it on line.If it was so accurate don’t you think they would be usung it today an say look! We said it right here! Page …from the vindication book 1925 or whatever.The wt likes to pretend all the time that they knew all about 1914 before it occur ed and they quote half/truths about that they predicted it so if Vindication book has the better information I am sure it would be announced all over the place.

  8. Holy Connoli says:

    @ apologist. Oh yes, one more thing. You can officially count time on me bc I am an “INACTIVE” publisher not having reported Field Service time for over 6 months.
    Rule number “745b2” in Elders Secret Handbook. Feel free to count time on me.

  9. Jaime says:

    Qué insensatez y estupidez criticar a un grupo de personas que dirigen una organización religiosa. Hay muchas organizaciones religiosas en el mundo. No se la den de sabios, o sea, el cuerpo gobernante de los testigos de Jehová son unos ignorantes, hay que salvar a los testigos de Jehová de este Grupo de personas, y ¿quién nos va a salvar de las estupiduces y grandilocuencias de ustedes? Pues ustedes están en la misma posición de los que critican. Mandan este mensaje: El cuerpo Gobernante son unos ignorantes, están errados. Nosotros somos los buenos, lo que nosotros estamos diciendo esto sí es verdadero y liberador. ¡Qué estupidez!

    What folly and stupidity criticize a group of people who run a religious organization. There are many religious organizations in the world. No den of the wise, that is, the ruling body of Jehovah’s Witnesses are ignorant, we must save the Jehovah’s Witnesses in this group of people, and who will save us the estupiduces and pomposity of you ? Well you are in the same position as those who criticize. Sent this message: The governing body are ignorant, they are wrong. Weare the good ones, what we are saying yes is true and liberating. What a stupid thing!

  10. ES says:

    Dear John Cedars,

    I wanted to write and express my appreciation for the time and work that you put into sharing JW updates along with your views towards the Watchtower. I find your videos and articles very entertaining, and a great source for staying up to date with happenings inside the WT. I have deeply indoctrinated parents, and I like to keep current on the information that’s being pumped into their heads.

    Anyways, keep up the great work and thank you again.

  11. Anna Adam says:

    I have a question that I can’t find the answer to. I’ve search JW. Org
    & watched many of your videos , which are incredible.
    Some of my family won’t speak to me as I left the org. 5 yrs. ago.
    I have not been disfellowshipped because I will not be in a committee meeting. They have not tried to contact me .
    My question is : Can they disfellowship me with out a committee meeting?
    Are there any laws against this?
    Thanks , Anna x

    • Starved says:

      Your story has missing pieces. I’m an elder. The elders can hold a judicial committee without your presence. However, they would have had to tell you first that it was happening. Based on what you said this didn’t happen. Next possibility is your conduct/actions were very public, like joining another religious group or the army, and you were disassociated. Either way, announcement is same: “no longer a JW.” Again, without more detail, I couldn’t say what happened. These are only 2 possibilities I know.

      • Lisa says:

        Hi Anna, I am sorry to tell you that chances are since you have not been before a commity, and have never talked with a elder, you are looked at as a disassociated one.
        Also try to think back, if a elder came across you at work or any where, and asked you if you wanted to be a Jehovah Whitness. If you had told him no then chances are you were announced as disfellowshipped. No commity would be formed.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Anna, I am sorry to tell you that chances are since you have not been before a commity, and have never talked with a elder, you are looked at as a disassociated one.
      Also try to think back, if a elder came across you at work or any where, and asked you if you wanted to be a Jehovah Whitness. If you had told him no then chances are you were announced as disfellowshipped. No commity would be formed.

  12. joan gibson says:

    I am one of many that have love for Jehovah and Jesus, but not the strict bias of the brothers. Both my girls were molested by their step father who was a baptised brother in good standing and remained that way even after it was brought to light. Not acceptable

  13. laurent says:


    Votre site est très riche et intéressant. Pour les francophones il est peu accessible.

    Comment puis-je aider mes ex-coreligionnaires ? En quoi puis-je me rendre utile pour diffuser ou participer à la diffusion de l’information ici, en France ?

    Laurent, Paris, France

    • MK says:

      Bonjour , Laurent je me pose la même question ! on et 2 ! Ce site c’est une mine d’or . Car en france nous sommes bien loin du siège mondial ici personne ne soupçonne tout se qui se trame la bas je me sent tellement impuissant !

  14. Jay says:

    I would like to ask for a suggestion. Im currently a JW. Two years ago I moved to a new congregation away from my parent congregation where I have been all my life. It is there that my doubts became greater and I now would prefer to leave the organization. However, I don’t want to lose my family. I would like to fade away. Should I just keep attending my parent congregation while my publisher card is in my new hall? Should I write a letter that I am inactive? What is the best solution? The elders are already calling because I have not reported hours for last two months.


    • Holy Connoli says:

      @ jay. If it was me I would first just say I have been so busy elate, work, job, taking CARE OF FAMILY, SICK, ETC. anything YOU CAN THINK OF to fade away slowly. Then maybe show up at a meeting or 2 once in a while over the next few months. Then stop returning calls or pretebd you are depressed etc. Anything to to get them away from you. Then start making new friends or doing different things.Little by little make your break. After a while they should just leave you alone and stop attending all meetings after a short while. I m sure they will hound you and call you and hopefully you have enough interest in other things to keep you out of the Kingdom hall. I hope your parents don’t hound you all the time. I assume you ar e a full grown adult capable of making your own decisions without their interference. Remember we have religious freedom int his country despite the fact that the WT does not allow it in their religion.

      I am not sure how far you can escape from your family without them demanding you go to the Kingdom hall and associate with the JW’s. It is terrible that a person even has to thin of an escape out of the CULT for fear they will lose their family? Only a True Cult will do this.

  15. MK says:

    Buenos Dias Jay ,
    Estoy en la misma situacion que tu . Desde que me fui de mi primera congregation tengo muchas dudas . Para empezar no me dejaron en paz para mi casamiento no tuve discurso y me obligaban ha contar toda mi vida personal . Ahora tengo muchos problemas porque tuve dudas y se lo conte a un hermano el no se lo pudo creer y me trato de apostata tuve que rendir cuentas a los ancianos me dijeron que tenia que reanudar con las reuniones y que no tenia que dudar mas porque Jehova esta al mando . Yo no se cuanto tiempo lograre luchar para no perder mi familia . Mi mujer y yo estamos desorientados .
    Mucha suerte a ti jay pero temo que no tenga solution tu problema tendras que salir o seguir .

    Good Morning Jay,
    I ‘m in the same situation as you . Since I left my first congregation I have many doubts. For starters they did not let me alone for my wedding I had no speech and has forced me to have all my personal life. Now I have a lot of problems because I had doubts and told a brother, not what might believe and I try to apostate had to be accountable to the elders told me I had to resume the meetings and did not have to hesitate anymore because Jehovah this command. I do not know how long will achieve fight to keep my family. My wife and I are disoriented.
    Good luck to you jay but I fear that your problem has no solution will have to leave or continue

  16. Join-Stay25Yrs-Leave says:

    “…It can also turn people into atheist as well…”

    I would say that is one of the few good things about the WTBTS.

  17. jake says:

    I welcome you (smile 🙂 x

  18. Gone Awhile says:

    I remember noticing that the older publications that discussed the organization’s history were more forthright (not totally but more so), but as time progressed, it got more and more sanitized. Strikingly so, to anyone who had read, say, the 1975 Yearbook. A big, thick book was released in the 1990s, and it seemed to say so little. With electronic copy, revision and sanitization can be easier and more regular than ever. Another reason to move away from print, perhaps.

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    • Holy Connoli says:

      @ Comment enlever? AM I missing something here? What does this comment have to do with anything on here? Are we talking about losing weight and nutritional foods or what? I am not sure what your comment is referring to or how it relates to anything ON JW survey unless I missed a few comments.

  20. I can say a lot about the Watchtower Society. One has to do with their viewpoint of them claiming to be Gods Organization. They can say all they want, but HOW does God pick WHO he is using? My comments:

    I have no issues with the JW’s now in my life, I was exited from the group in 1991. They are no different than any other cult that uses the Bible ONLY when they want to use the Bible. They mock other religions as being pagan, or false religion but they don’t have ANY proof other than their word that God is using their group.

    The Bible is VERY SPECIFIC how God uses people or groups. It is either face to face, through visions etc.

    Job 33:14-16
    “For God speaks once and a second time,But no one pays attention, 15 In a dream, a vision of the night,When deep sleep falls upon people While they sleep in their beds. 16 Then he uncovers their ears And impresses his instruction upon them, 17 To turn a person away from wrongdoing And to protect a man from pride”

    THIS is how God works. The Watchtower has NONE of this. They just say they are the people God is using. Either the Bible is right or the Witnesses are wrong. I choose the Bible.

    On top of that NONE of the JW’s prophetic words have come true. NONE. The Bible is VERY specific about false prophets:

    Duet 18:20

    20 “‘If any prophet presumptuously speaks a word in my name that I did not command him to speak or speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die. 21 However, you may say in your heart: “How will we know that Jehovah has not spoken the word?” 22 When the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word is not fulfilled or does not come true, then Jehovah did not speak that word. The prophet spoke it presumptuously. You should not fear him

    NOTHING the JW’s have said has come true through their Biblical prophecy. If you can show me something please do. One last point. The Watchtower rules by FEAR because that is how a false prophet works. Look at the last verse in Duet 18:22.


    So you may have a group that produces a great many Bible publications but like I said, the BIBLE is VERY SPECIFIC about HOW it uses people and it doesn’t change. SHOW me ONE instance where the JW’s “anointed” have received “visions in the night” or a FACE to FACE encounter with God?

    Notice this scripture about WHO is a PROPHET in Gods eyes, and HOW would God contact that person….by VISION, DREAM, FACE to FACE

    Numbers 12:6-8
    6 He then said: “Hear my words, please. If there was a prophet of Jehovah among you, I would make myself known to him in a vision, and I would speak to him in a dream. 7 But it is not that way with my servant Moses! He is being entrusted with all my house. 8 Face-to-face I speak to him, openly, not by riddles; and the appearance of Jehovah is what he sees. Why, then, did you not fear to speak against my servant, against Moses?”

    NOTHING in ALL the annals of Jehovah’s Witnesses history has ANY of this happened to ANY president or anointed of this group…PERIOD…

    BIBLICALLY the WT Society has NOT been anointed by God but is just a self appointed prophet, and God forbid that you as a member disagree with them, you will be put in FEAR and disfellowshipped.

  21. Charles says:

    I would just like to say how I enjoy your rebuttals of JWBroadcasting. Hope you will continue them.

  22. Defender says:

    To all opponents of JW’s:

    If the JW’s are not God’s true people, then why are YOU not preaching “the real Bible-based teachings” about God’s kingdom and Jesus if you know it better? Instead of wasting all your energy, and only criticize the JW’s, YOU should give a good example how to live as true loving and peaceful Christians. YOU should go and preach the good news of God’s kingdom in all the inhabited earth (if YOU really know it better then the JW’s and also have the strength and love to do that?) since that is the command that Jesus gave! But YOU prefer to gossip about JW’s, have YOU ever thought about that?

    God’s people in the past (the Jews) made a lot of mistakes. JW’s and their governing body also are not perfect and they make mistakes, but I believe they sincerely do their best to serve Jehovah God, they improve their understanding of Scripture in time, where necessary, and that is a good thing… 😉

    • Winston Smith says:

      If you are wiling and able to remove the watchtower imposed blinders and see the world as it really is, you will find that the Baptist church has a much more extensive and successful ministry compared to the watchtower society. So if preaching about Jesus is the only thing that’s important, then we should all join the Baptists.

      But I am sure you would argue that the Baptists are not preaching the truth – e.g. they preach the Trinity, Hellfire, etc. The facts show that neither are the JWs preaching the truth – just look at all their failed predictions. So preaching alone is meaningless and cannot be used to identify the true religion.

      No one here is claiming to have some divinely inspired truth. We only know that the Wathtower methods are damaging to individuals and families and that much of what they preach is based on pure conjecture and has often been found to be faulty. That’s what we speak out against both on this website and by other means as well. It is a watchtower lie that all apostates want to form their own religions and draw off followers after themselves. We only seek to expose harmful practices and to help free our friends and loved ones from harmful cult control.


  23. Caroline says:

    Dear Defender, since you posted the very same comment two times, I also posted my response to your question here also.

    Dear Defender, if you come to this site and read it more than the one time that it seems that you have been here and commenting, you will see that none of us every gossip about JW’s. We have been Witnesses and are telling about what happened to us and our families. We aren’t gossiping but telling true experiences.

    I was a Witness for almost fifty years of my sixty nine years of my life and all during that time I was sincere and believed that I was preaching what I believed to be the truth and I believe that most JW’s also are sincere and preaching what the believe to be the truth as well.

    People making mistakes is not the problem with the JW religion. It’s the deliberate preaching of lies if what is the problem and the cover up of child abusers.

    If you can show us that the JW religion is directed by God’s holy spirit, I would believe that it’s the “truth” and I would go back. Do you have any proof that Jehovah and Jesus chose the JW religion in 1919 like the Society likes to claim? Do you know what the religion was teaching and preaching in those days that would have made it different and the one Jesus would have chosen as his one and only true religion?

    It doesn’t do any good to be preaching any religious doctrine if you can’t prove it to be from God. Just turning out literature and going to meetings, doesn’t make it the “truth”. It can’t be lying to it’s followers. Anybody can take the Bible and make it into a religion but when that religion takes facts of history (Jerusalem being destroyed in 586/587 instead of 607 B.C.E.) and deliberately lies about it to twist and turn it into 1914 can’t be from God.

    Why would I want to start my own religion? I don’t need to start my own religion and people don’t need to belong to a religion to be pleasing to God. All doomsday religions use the Bible to scare people into belonging to it. The Watchtower religion does the same as all the other ones that use hell fire. Watchtower just uses the threat of Armageddon instead.

    People have been fooled into believing that they aren’t smart enough to understand the Bible and need the “clergy” to explain it to them. Why would God make a Bible that people can’t understand if he was going to kill them off for not following what it says if they can’t even understand it? That makes no sense.

    You and all the rest of “Christian” religions have been fooled into thinking you need the clergy to explain the Bible to you but you are just a pawn or a tool for them to exploit.

  24. Defender says:

    You can read my comment here: http://jwsurvey.org/about-jw-survey/comment-page-7#comment-55447

    Best regards 🙂

  25. Megan says:

    Thank you for this awesome website. I used to be a jw, technically I still am I’m just inactive. And since I’ve pulled away from being one I’ve started to believe different things totally against jw beliefs. I started to wonder if all jw’s who are active REALLY believe what is accepted as truth. Reading the results of this survey I can see that the majority of people who partook couldn’t say they agreed 100% with it’s policies or teachings. It reaffirms my new beliefs that the jw religion is not the one true religion. As someone who was once a part of the religion, I sometimes wonder if I am making the RIGHT decision in no longer attending meetings or acting as a witness. Since I left I am undoubtedly happier, but to say I never question my decision would be bigoted. As someone who grew up a witness I was quite indoctrinated. So there are times (albeit, not many) when I wonder if I’m the one who’s wrong for leaving. To say I know I’m right in any belief if bigoted, in my opinion, so at times I’d question my decision. This puts my questionings to rest. While I don’t claim to have the answer to anything, I do know that I made the right decision to step back from being a witness just from reading the responses to your survey. Many active witnesses question what they’re being told and cannot express their questions to anyone. They just widely accept what’s being told to them even though when taking the survey and really thinking about it, they don’t agree. I feel liberated for leaving, and I hope that others who question it or who are truly unhappy because they believe they’re sinners deserving of death because of minuscule “sins” find this survey and get to see the facts. And that’s they’re not the only ones!

  26. JB says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I was disfellowshipped at the tender age of 18 years old. Just to be blunt and get this out of the way…I “committed fornication twice” It could be debated by some that my commission of this sin twice was really date rape. But, I’m not sure the term actually existed at the time. I was in the city and did not scream. I did not commit suicide after this though many young people have. I think the major difference and the reason I am not an atheist was that I was able to separate God from the religion. Prior to being proselytized by JW aunt and uncle I had some exposure to protestant church and my grandmother and even mother introduced me to Jesus when I was only three. But as I grew up my grandmother could not defend her faith against the fury of the pre-1975 Armageddon rhetoric that, aunt and uncle and cousins spewed continuously. And my mother became a strong agnostic. My brief exposure to a God of love is all that saved me both bodily and emotionally through many many painful years. My heart goes out to all on this forum for the abuse both theological and emotional that you have suffered, I know your pain. I am not here to preach religion but to share my experience but I do feel blessed that I could separate God from this cult’s teaching, and realized that the organization is not God. After hating myself for my condemnation by God’s people (lol) for 23 years I finally realized I would never go back because it would be like returning to an abusive spouse (that beats you then tells you that he loves you). I told that to a woman who came to the door with her elder husband….and I remember the dramatic change in her. One minute she was “Ms. Loving and Concerned Holier Than Thou JW stooping to help me” and the next she morphed into a vehemently angry and unglued fanatic yelling at me at my door. Her husband had to calm her down as she just came unglued. That spoke volumes to me, so much for the love of the “brothers and sisters.” There are many websites for ex-JWs that can untangle the lies created by the org and by the New World Translation (a misguided and deceitful translation, created to support false doctrine). It turns out that they are wrong theological-ly speaking about just about everything, and my dear old grandmother with her old time Protestantism was right, God rest her beautiful soul. If any of you on here ever seek God again, (and who could blame you if you didn’t after the abuse you have suffered?) keep this thought in mind….Is the God being promoted worthy of your worship? For me the answer was if the God being promoted is not loving, more loving than I think is humanly possible, that God would not be worthy of my worship. For me only Jesus fit that description.

  27. Jan Matthews says:

    Hi john I.m wonderin if your able to help me with situation I.m in. I enclose my number any advice would be most gratefull Many thanks jan

  28. Laura Stacey says:


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