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Occasionally we receive emails from readers who want to get involved in our work of surveying the opinions of Jehovah’s Witnesses and providing objective analysis of Watchtower developments. This page offers a number of suggestions as to how you can help out.

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Witnesses tend to be suspicious when it comes to accepting literature from others – especially literature that might criticize their beliefs. However, with a degree of tact and sincerity there is every likelihood that a Witness will read a sensitively-worded leaflet if his peers are unaware that he has it, and he already has doubts.

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50 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Faithful Witness says:

    “Witnesses tend to be suspicious when it comes to accepting literature from others – especially literature that might criticize their beliefs. However, with a degree of tact and sincerity there is every likelihood that a Witness will read a well-worded leaflet if his peers are unaware that he has it, and he already has doubts.”

    I’m sure a door knocker will not accept a flyer, since they are with a carload of JW’s. Do you have any ideas for reaching JW’s, besides waiting for them to come to your door? I would love to help people start to reason for themselves, without the aid of the Watchtower publication to “guide” their thought process.

  2. M says:

    I have a suggestion for your 10 questions for witnesses, relating to the 1914 doctrine. While the quote is powerful, I find it even more powerful to point out that the last days in their chronology originally began in 1799.

  3. 70wksofyrs says:

    Thank you for the time, effort, and money spent helping us with your website. We would truly love to repay you in any way we can.

    I will send you an email with our offer of how we are able to get involved.

    Thank you

  4. Nancy says:

    It has been my experience very few people care about exposing unrighteousness. The few people who care become Jehovah’s Witnesses and when they find out the society isn’t so much for exposing unrighteousness as it is for exhalting itself, those few leave. I have made it my occupation to right wrongs, but I haven’t found anyone who cares about what I see. Not one.

    I won’t quit though. When I feel it is appropriate to include a link on forum or on my blog I do. But evidence so far points to nobody cares. I realize many people care about their own project. My project is God’s Word and I’m alone. I haven’t met anyone yet who cares about the rightness of God’s Word.

  5. 70wksofyrs says:

    I hope you realise how powerful your work on this site is. My precious girl and I just had a really nice chat. I put pressure on her, but I am so forgivable. Its a rough ride, ups and downs but you have made me laugh on my most stressed days.

    You are so funny even when you aren’t trying to be, you do need to lighten up sometimes. We all take things personally if we didn’t we would still be in the WTBTS.

    We are going to get involved, spreading the word and getting people to take your survey.


  6. Junebug says:

    After I left the organization, I found a pamphlet on line and printed & copied it. I also typed up a simple letter with the greeting as “Dear Jehovah Witness Friend. I would sign the letter with my initials only. Example:
    LJW- Your Ex Jehovah Witness Friend.

    I got out the phone book and addressed these letters to those who attended my local KH. I didn’t send them out all at once, but over a period of weeks, months. This was my ministry to them. Who knows how many hearts were reached or doubts that were made.

  7. Jay says:

    Yes the rightness of goods word is something where I am asking myself, what is the right way to go. I was born in the truce, was never baptised, though. I have God and Jesus in my heart, but I don’t accept the rules of GB. We will see what the time bring us. I have the feeling there are a lot likeminded people, who think the same.

  8. Mark says:

    Give me a grenade launcher, I’ll happily aim it at every WT property I come across and I’ll pull the trigger over and over again. If this means going to prison, no problem, I can live with that. This corporation needs to be disposed of. Quickly. I hate them.

    Too many years I suffered abuse at their hands. My childhood I would not wish on my worst enemy. Then years later, I lost my son because of this arsehole sect. I was born in (very strict parents) 3rd generation.

    The JW’s want their worst ‘terrorist’ nightmare to come true? Yeah bring it on. If I could physically nuke all of their properties, I would plain and simple – I think they’re rotten to the core.

  9. JenniBenson says:

    hi there. I am so grateful that I have found this site. I live in South Africa, and you will not believe how active the organisation is here. I would like to get involved….publicly. There are very few south Africans that are aware of these sites…I just happened to be bored one day, and was looking up Jehovahs Witnesses on FB to see what would crop up. Imagine my delight when I found support groups for those of us who were left in limbo, cut off from our familys by the watchtower. like most, I still have close family in the organisation. I would really like to start speaking out, and educating people. Please email me, and let me know what needs to be done. you are all doing amazing work!!!

  10. Kaitlyn says:

    Laundry rooms where they leave all their literature…You can leave some of your own 🙂 Some people print out stickers with on them and stick them to the Watchtower and Awakes already there.

  11. Kaitlyn says:

    ^Dangit. I was trying to reply to Faithful Witness…Probly should’ve checked the date before I replied. Lol Now I feel dumb.

  12. Jerry O Connor says:

    Mark you are a man after my own heart. But the head say`s no to extremism no matter how we would wish to vent our anger even hatred on watchtower. Let me put a scenario to you. Mister Xjw decides to place a bomb at a convention. Hundreds are killed and many more injured. The Brooklyn Dodgers aka the GB would have just what they want. Propaganda on an enormous scale with new captives lining up to join. So it would be counter productive to us and to all who may wish to escape this evil cult. Use the jw tactic, smother with love and truth. This time the love would be unconditional and yes the truth would be just that. I take it that you are a young man Mark,, I am 56 but I well know how you feel An Irish saying goes “A good run is better than a bad stand” So let us keep chipping away at the rotten edifice.


  13. Hi Cedars,

    It’s been 11 years since my disfellowshipping, and I found my voice on the matter about 6 years after the fact. I applaud your site in that it attempts to fight the root of the issue without making people feel you’re steering them in some other weird direction.

    I want to start a campaign that follows witnesses to the preaching work and knocks on the same doors directly after the witnesses do. The pamphlet I want to leave would be about the cognitive dissonance caused by the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I then wish to publish video of that act everywhere for witnesses to see.

    This seems like the best approach to stifle new growth and will peek the interest of those in their preaching work.

    • Art Fern says:

      You may wish to go “ahead” of the WatchTower folks. I get lots of people knocking on my front door, trying to sell me everything from a new dentist to prepaid funerals/ cremation services. It just hit me, the link: both have something to do with filling cavities, Oh well I admit the weird sense of humor. So if I just finished with the JWs and a minute later ringy-dingy, I won’t be happy. Drop off the JW Facts printable pamphlet to help prepare the residents to deal with the WT and ask “interesting” questions. Prior to the yearly convention in Tucson, Arizona, I get dozens of kids and some adults inviting me to attend. I kept and dated the *27 invites I was handed or found jammed under the mat or wedged in the door frame, I had 9 sets of callers from the Tower I did speak with. So imagine if you covered a few neighborhoods just as or before the Witnesses start handing out invites for the 2015 convention. You think there might be a less welcoming response greeting those in Field Service? * I suspect since I was using my real name to comment to Apostanestra sites, some in the congregation were sent to see who I was and if anyone knew me.

  14. ken brewer says:

    I agree with this writer,they destroyed my LIFE!While these pricks live in the lap of luxury,are exalted and the red carpet every where they go! This is (EVIL) and where IS the JUSTICE!! MURDER,S , EXTORIONISTS , THEVE,S AND CON ARTIST,S! you took the words right out of my mouth, NUKE EM!!

  15. It Tech. says:

    I would suggest EVERYONE reads the contents of this website. Prepare to have your eyes opened. They have lied from the beginning and destroy letters and evidence constantly.

  16. Dogila Soft says:

    We (DogiLa Soft) developed a new Android application to help the overseers get the full benefit of “the opportune time” (Eph 5:16).

    Among the fine qualities required of overseers is that of being orderly. —1 Tim. 3:2
    “Theocratic Timer 2015” is a valuable tool for an overseer who appreciates this quality. It is our desire to help each one to apply 1 Cor. 14:40 with your progressive counsel and to avoid parts that are rushed in or poorly developed.

    Share this app and make the App reachable throughout the JW Ministry.
    Download link:

  17. Excelsior! says:

    Dogila Soft,

    Why are you advertising your apps on this site, of all places?

    You do realise that this is a site that no self respecting Elder would visit, don’t you?

    Still, now that you are here, allow me to reccomend some apps that would be of real benefit:

    1. An app that contacts child services and the police as soon as any phone call to the legal department at Bethel is contacted about child abuse.

    2. An app that can access the original works butchered by the WTBTS in their quotations, with a feature that makes plain their dishonest punctuation and grammar.

    3. An app that identifies wife beaters and automatically contacts the police.

    I hope that my suggestions are of benefit to you.

    Peace be with you, Excelsior!

  18. Average Joe says:

    I’M a self-respecting elder and I’m on here! 😉
    Your name reminds me of a Federation ship from Star Trek.
    Let me know when you have the App finished!
    Yes advertising comments and hate comments on here should really be removed as per guidelines. Job for the admins.
    Peace back at you.

  19. No0neSpecial says:

    I would love to send a link of Georffrey Jackson’s Australian Court testimony. So many inconsistencies with “Published” teachings. My only problem is, it can’t be associated with any so-called “Apostates”, by name associated with the video, otherwise the “mummy’s/my family” I send it to, wont read it. Anyone got video link?

  20. Beth Sarim says:

    I am very greatful for this website. It really helps me see what we are dealing with. I really appreciate the heads up from you guys before something is released to the JW’s. Keep up the good work!!! Very Thankful.

  21. Eugene Walker says:

    Maybe this book will touch base on a couple of things.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses Exposed!: What Really Goes On Inside the Kingdom Hall Walls

  22. Winston Smith says:

    The “Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Need Your Help” document is very concise and well-written. However, I think I may have found a minor typo on Page 2, paragraph 3 where it states: “Cult expert Steven Hassan of has identified five key strategies…”

    It then goes on to cite the BITE model. But that’s only 4 strategies, not 5, right?


  23. Mark G says:

    Dear Cedars,

    Excellent website!!!

    Continue the good work at exposing this CULT!!

    Mark G
    (Ex JW…raised in the cult from the UK now living the dream in Thailand!)

  24. Rissa says:

    I recently got absorbed with your videos after seeing you do an interview with Chris Shelton. I was in the process of watching all of his videos on Scientology and moved right on to watch all of yours. Well done!

    Imagine my surprise when I got a letter in the mail from a JW telling me to go to for more information. I plan to send her your pamphlet and asking her to check out your website as well. Thanks for the work you are doing.

  25. Defender says:

    To all opponents of JW’s:

    If the JW’s are not God’s true people, then why are YOU not preaching “the real Bible-based teachings” about God’s kingdom and Jesus if you know it better? Instead of wasting all your energy, and only criticize the JW’s, YOU should give a good example how to live as true loving and peaceful Christians. YOU should go and preach the good news of God’s kingdom in all the inhabited earth (if YOU really know it better then the JW’s and also have the strength and love to do that?) since that is the command that Jesus gave! But YOU prefer to gossip about JW’s, have YOU ever thought about that?

    God’s people in the past (the Jews) made a lot of mistakes. JW’s and their governing body also are not perfect and they make mistakes, but I believe they sincerely do their best to serve Jehovah God, they improve their understanding of Scripture in time, where necessary, and that is a good thing… 😉

    • Defender says:

      You can read more of my comment and defend here:

    • Julien says:

      That is an extremely indoctrinated self righteous argument. There is no such thing as a true religion. Never understood why a loving god would need to convert, subjugate, control, and even destroy people. Most people on this list have far more compassion as human beings than your jehovah. Your jehovah is an evil, wrathful, vengeful god. Throws more temper tantrums than a 3 year old. I was raised in this, i was a pioneer, baptized at 13, and i made a personal decision to leave at 18. I walked out into the street. Back then where where no blogs to turn to. Yet inspite of all the traumatic drama my family put me through i was able to become my own person, raise two magnificent daughters, get a college education, have a great life next to the man i love and was even able to help my terminally ill mother overcome her indoctrination against blood transfussions and even helped my in the closet homosexual brother not comit suicide and leave the religion. Now at 44 im happy i left at a young age. JW is an angry religion. A destructive religion of hate.

    • Susan says:

      How many of your JW live a double life? Appear to be good people, but tell lies all the time!

    • Ms Leslie in Texas says:

      Let me guess? A JW on a so-called “apostate site?” Maybe you should go self report what you are doing in your free time…..this is a big no-no Defender!! Are you counting time too?!! Gasp!!!
      And let there be no mistake, THIS IS NOT GOSSIP! It’s facts! Can you or your leaders defend ANYTHING with FACTS that this group throws up regarding the hypocrisy, mind control they impose? No……they quietly skulk back to their bible, with their same ol’, same ‘ol few scriptures of not “talking to us”, blah blah blah.

      Defender, you fail to realize we on here, the readers and the creators, have researched, delved into the true history of religions…..yours included, and on top of that may now be highly educated in regards to a career and how things REALLY WORK. So your judgement of “you gossipers” doesn’t effect us at all…..we just pity those who can’t read or think “outside the box” and truly learn and research on their own. Tsk, tsk…..

      • Winston Smith says:

        @Ms. Leslie,
        Defender is obviously a fully indoctrinated JW. He gives himself away when he says “YOU should give a good example how to live as true loving and peaceful Christians.”

        He doesn’t know any of us and yet he feels qualified to judge that none us are living as good examples of loving and peaceful Christians. He has obviously swallowed the Watchtower propaganda that all apostates are mentally diseased, self-centered, hedonistic individuals. Because that’s Christian way, right? Judge people you don’t know based on stereotypes set by others? (Sarcasm intended)


        • Ms Leslie in Texas says:

          did u click on their link? This is a def a JW, but I’m lost as to their involvement and WHY they keep beating the drum? Lol

          • Winston Smith says:

            I didn’t click the link because I recalled the specific discussion from earlier. I wonder if this guy reports his time spent chatting on apostate sites?


    • Freed Mason says:

      Dear Defender

      I am not an opponent of anyone, we all have FREE WILL to believe whatever we want to believe, this the first “Aha!” moment that I experienced when leaving this organisation.

      “If the JW’s are not God’s true people, then why are YOU not preaching “the real Bible-based teachings” about God’s kingdom and Jesus if you know it better?”

      I am not preaching the “real” Bible-based teachings about God’s kingdom and Jesus because it would be extremely presumptuous to believe that I or the organisation that I belong is the ONLY means that God would use to accomplish this. (A GB member admitted to this fact recently at the ARC in Australia.)

      I have my own personal opinions and a belief system, I do not need to make converts to my way of thinking. My actions should speak for themselves.

      Jesus did not load his followers down with rules and regulations, his load was light and appealed to a persons heart to motivate them to live a good life which they would be judged on by God not a man or an organisation.

      God never mentioned anywhere in the Bible that he would need a group of humans based in the US to INTERCEDE between Himself and mankind.

      This is not CRITICISM this is FACT.

      Please credit yourself and God with a bit more intelligence.

      Peace out friend.

  26. DrWho says:

    Dear Lloyd
    Do you know you get a mention in one of Steven Hassans books ? The new edition of combating cult mind control or Freedom of mind, Im so drunk right now I cant remember lol But its in one of them .
    Ive got a few ideas to attract attention here in Germany , all non violent and nice, well not nice for them but non aggressive. I need some a template with Watchtower NY letter heading if anyone could help me. I was never a JW but my ex is one , the WT kind off ruined everything , but my problem is so so small in comparison to what a lot of JWs went through and are going through .
    Its great to see someone like yourself and your team doing a great job .
    Happy hunting , I’m going to have another drink on you : )

  27. KayGH says:

    Thanks cedars.

  28. Dany says:

    Hey Lloyd. All that I have to say to you is THANK YOU. I am an ex jw from Mexico, your blogs, videos and everything you do has helped me to wake up. I already have your book on Kindle version. The amount of work you have put in it is amazing, very well documented, very well written, so much information. I now understand why it took years to be finished. The Mexico issue that you mentioned in the book is 100% true. I will buy the physical book too. Any plans to release a spanish translation? It will help a lot of people, most jws in Mexico does not speak english, you know, lack of a higher education. If you need translators I’m open to help you. Once again, thanks.

  29. Hi Lloyd and staff:
    I appreciate your blogs, videos. I too will purchase Lloyd’s book. According to Atty: Irvwin Zalkin he states civil sexual abuse can be filed no matter how old. If you were sexually abused by an elder, ministerial servant, pioneer or publisher. Why are all these lawsuits only focused on “sexual abuse ” lawsuits? What about heinous acts of physical and mental child abuse? Why are these victims left behind? We also have emotional scars that never heal. Where do the rest of us stand? Thank you all so much for you care and deep concern to keep us informed.
    Martha ( Warren, Ohio. USA )

    • Ricardo says:

      I agree 100% with your questions about mental and emotional abuse, not only to children, though, but also to adults. Can’t there be law suits about this type of abuse? I would love to sue the pants off the org, but nobody is doing it for mental and emotional abuse. Where do we stand?

      • Rivermann X says:

        I am in the process of looking into litigation for mental abuse, among other issues. I think anyone who has suffered due to their policies, has a moral obligation to seek legal justice to avoid any further suffering from this organization.

  30. Angela Bowman says:

    These articles are very new to me I never knew this survey existed. And everything I read from the people participating is true. Cases of molestation the cases of child sex abuse the secretiveness of the issue. I’m glad you guys are putting it out there I know God is in charge of revealing and in charge of setting free the captives of indoctrinated peoples. These are the people who are more concerned with what their fellow JW’s feel about them then their God they worship man they worship the GB. And as one has stated in his testimony it’s as if the GB bypasses Jesus to get to Jehovah. It is definitely sad that the children have to suffer in silence. What makes it more said to me is that JW’s or so afraid of reading these articles they are so afraid to have someone pray with them and for them they are so afraid to hear that their organization is a cult they are so afraid they wasted all their life believing in something like that.

  31. messenger says:

    I cannot say for sure, but when I was a very involved JW it appeared to me that most JWs sincerely believe the GB. My guess is that still is the case. Because JWs believe the GB are who they claim to be then JWs accept most every teaching from the GB without question.

    It’s an unfortunate situation. But the situation was foreseen by God, and allowed by him even prior to its occurrence. God has foreknowledge. He can look into many time periods, and so knows all things.

    Those foreordained by God to follow him will be separated from those that have not been chosen at some future time. Those chosen are not chosen just because of their current circumstance. What we will do in the future is considered. And our future actions might possibly be the greatest factor in God choosing us. Therefore all is not lost for any believers, even if the chosen are surrounded by ignorance, or purposeful deception in the name of Christianity. The GB cannot spoil God’s plans for you, me, or anyone else.

    “…to the temporary residence scattered about….the ones chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, with sanctification by the spirit…” 1Peter 1:2

    Everything is going according to God’s plan, which is to teach us the necessity of living our lives according to his will, and to show us logical reasons God will separate from us those choosing not to live according to his will. This site is filled with diverse views. The thoughts expressed here might open your eyes to seeing those two things even clearer.

  32. John says:

    Lets put it like this here. Other religions are the same way being guilty of child molestation so to me it is unjustifiable just to attack the whole organizations of JW’s as wicked and unlawful people when you have the same thing going on among other religions and more so. It is just brushed under the table to protect prominate names. I have heard from people who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses of telling stories of preachers in churches guilty of child molestation so it is not right to pass judgement over just the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a whole. Like it is not right to judge a whole race because of a violent crime someone committed among there race. I know some Jehovah’s Witnesses and they are some of the most nicest and moral people you would ever come across according to a lot of people in this world who are so corrupt it is pitiful. You say nothing about how other religions have been ordaining gay people and children have been victim to such people like that among the churches. Now they are legal to get married in all 50 states. Get real now. I know what the Bible teaches about speaking against a man lying down with another man and a woman lying down with another woman.The Bible teaches that it is disgusting in GOD’s eyes. Also a lot of Jehovah’s Witnesses do not agree with such acts of crimes against children and they do believe such people who commit such crimes against children should be punished. The Bible along speaks against fornication of any sort like the practice of having sex before marriage like so many do outside the church and inside the church. Such hypocrites if you ask me. One thing Jehovah’s Witnesses do is they do disfellowship those for such immoral actions of fornication and these ones who commit such horrible crimes to children are disfellowshiped and if there enough proof these ones should be brought before the law and punished. Also last words to those who are so right ready to attack the Jehovah’s Witneses just because they go against the grains of this wicked world that GOD does not approve of be careful about judging because the judgement could come back on you ten times fold by the creator himself. Bible does state do not judge if you do not want to be judged. Go figure now you idiots who hide behind the churches but you go to church on Sunday but then you curse on Monday,lie and cheat on your husbands and wives just like non church goiers do. I noticed you have more backsliders among the churches than you see among the Jehovah’s Witnesses and at least the Jehovah’s Witnesses try to keep the organization clean. Also the JW’s are not an occult. An occult is an organization that has one man as there leader and that would explain the churches. You have one man leader,that one preacher you look up to when he is only a man and you should be looking up to the creator only. JW’s do not have a one man leader which proves they are not an occult. Also this thing about Charles Taze Russell being the founder of JW’s you do not know what you talking about and it is all based on lies just to attack JW’s because there is nothing better you can come up with and I can prove you do not know what you talking about. You people go way over the speed limit on the highways with no regard for your life or others lives going well over the speed limit but yet you sit in church on Sunday and claim to be Christians. It is getting worse on the highways to and more and more dangerous. Do not use your turn signals either. You people are such fakes. The Bible does teach to obey the laws of the land unless they try to get you to go against the creators teaching then you as a truthful Christian should refuse then. Geeze people,go figure. One last thing you got people who attend no faith but they are better moral people than you are and I know from experience. So if you people are Christians with your so called selves well these people do not go to any religion but they represent themselves better than you which makes them more of a Christian than most of you. Such fakes. No wonder good people who do not attend religions because of the hypocritical deeds among most faiths in this world. The JW’s have got you beat there because of there good morals which GOD approves and they have you beat when it comes to great knowledge of the Bible. You say they do not believe in Jesus and that is a lie. They do and they accept Jesus as there savior. For those of you who wish to attack me on this I could care less and the truth is welcome. Good riddens to you immoral corrupt people and if you do not change for the better you just might face the grand creators judgement and destruction that is soon to come more than you think. Most of you fall right in line with the Bibles teachings where it states you claim you know me but you disown me by your works. That means your immoral ways. It takes endurance and not faith alone to do what is righteous in GOD’s eyes in order to be approved by him. That is why Jesus stated the one that endures to the end is the one that will be saved. He also goes on to say probably you might be concealed in GOD’s day of bringing destruction to this wicked world and those that support it that many do in this world today. So it is up to you to do the right thing that GOD approves and yes GOD’s name is Jehovah and a lot of you fail to recognize that name. Yes I am telling it like it is. I am tired of this hypocritical world. It will soon meet its permanent judgement by the loving creator who will bring on true peace and security for his faithful followers. So phuwey on you corrupt individuals who support this wicked world unless you change for the better. Just like in Russia JW’s have been declared terrorist or extremist and that is so much a lie. They are not going around killing people. There homes have been burned to the ground in Russia and nothing done about it then you people speak of corruptness. Go figure. You better hope the government in this country does not attack JW’s in this country because they could to attack your faith to and take away your freedom to practice your faith. Oh but according to the Bible that is going to happen. It is already happening. You people are just to blind to see it. Sad. You false religions now do not have a say in government like you use to. Ring a bell. Also it is wrong for religion to mix with politics in GOD’s eyes. Why you think the JW’s do not vote? Ring a bell.Yea you people know so much but yet you know nothing. Just like my dad use to say well I do not go to church and yes I believe in GOD but a lot of them people that go to church do bad things that I do like abuse alcohol but yet they claim to be Christian so here is my dads words,if they a Christian I am a Christian I just do not go to church so hey he had a point and he was right. All it is one way to identify false religion and you call JW’s a false religion. They more close to the truth than a lot of you faiths out there. Geeze. Oh and yes I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses,I am just inactive but I do not mind coming to there defense. I need to get back and do the right thing that the creator approves and out of love for him. It is not his fought because of what certain ones do that are wrong but let him be the judge and final say so who gets life and doesn’t get life. That is his decision,not ours. Oh and he will make sure he has the final say so regardless of what any man says or does. Titus 1:2 He cannot lie and he will do just so.

    • Dunn Dave says:

      While you are still a JW, I feel for you and have been there. I once felt the need to defend them and their mantle of Christianity. But the more I defended them, the more I realized how hard it was to defend them because the more I learned about through decades of being a JW myself, the more I could see the double tongued teachings that they are ‘instilling’ in their youth. The more I realized that ‘millions now living’ WILL die, the harder it became for me to continue being part of that propaganda machine.

      Your concluding comment about Titus 1:2 always struck me because while (if there is a God) that God cannot lie, it is funny how the JW organization encourages people to lie if needed to defend their faith and also that it is possible for people to lie. In the story book you call a Bible, Adam and Eve Lied, David Lie, Peter lied (three times in one night when disowning JC).

      Also, you say that in God’s eyes it is not acceptable to mix politics and religion. Then why was King David acceptable to him? Why was Solomon acceptable to him?

      A cult does not need one man to be a single leader to be a cult. A cult is “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister” Google ‘Cult Definition’. It doesn’t say anything related about a single leader.

      It is also of note that the JS use their own translation of a Bible that is NOT considered accurate by renowned linguists and translators. If JWs was to be honest with their followers, they need to inform them that the ones who translate their bible that the ones who did the translation work, were NOT educated people who studied languages and translation of languages. These were people who skewed the translation to fit the needs of their own teachings. All independent reviews of the translation used by JWs do not stand up to the scrutiny that all of the bible translations face.

      Lets talk about Charles Taze Russell.. did you know that he was separated in 1897 and was divorced 9 years later in 1908? He was accused if immoral contact with a younger woman in 1894? He sold wheat called ‘Miracle Wheat” that was touted by Russell to grow 5 times faster than other strands of wheat. He was a crook through and through. At the time, there were 1000 shares of the “Miracle Wheat” product, 99% were owned by Russell himself, so any purchases of the product, 99% went to Russell, even though he stated that the proceeds went to Watchtower.

      Lets not think that Russell was some martyr for religion. He was rich and had the means to lead a cult like this. He owned 5 clothing stores, yes, he was a clothes salesman, and when he sold them he made a load of money. So he had the money to lead the charge.

      Anyway, peace be with you.

  33. Dave Whillis says:

    I was a witness from 1982-1994 it took me 2 years to leave! among many different scriptures that turned me into an atheist was the angel guarding the way back into Eden armed with a sword? this would of meant God invented the sword, along with metal working of course, this is before man had even made flint tools or pottery. Also what would a sword of meant to Adam and Eve any more than a Colt 45, they wouldn’t of known what is was would they!! I have sent this to Dr Robert M Price in the USA and he replied that he hadn’t noticed this, I think it proves it was written in the Bronze Age refuring to bronze age swords which when polished look like gold this is why it was described like fire. Some JWs have said to me that they don’t take this literally but why not, that would be cherry picking what you choose to take as literal.

  34. Dave Whillis says:

    I’ve just quickly read some of the arguments above, anyone who wants to delude themselves about the Bible needs to watch Ken Humphreys videos on YouTube or Dr Price or Richard Carrier,, Archaeology proves on it’s own there’s no truth to any of it apart from a few minor areas that don’t relate to the supernatural intervention of God, just get on with living this life it’s the only one we have.
    P.S. also read the Bible Unearthed by Finkelstein

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