Watchtower files reply brief as Conti appeal continues

Watchtower lawyers have filed their reply brief in the Conti appeal, in which they make a number of disturbing assertions

Watchtower lawyers have filed their reply brief in the Conti appeal, in which they make a number of disturbing assertions

Watchtower has filed its much-anticipated “reply brief” as part of its ongoing appeal against the June 2012 Candace Conti verdict.

Much of Watchtower’s defence rests on its insistence that the Fremont elders held no “special relationship” with Candace. In one example of this, they claim there is no “proof” of her having been assigned to go in field service with Kendrick by a Fremont elder. The fact that three elders testified to never having personally assigned Kendrick to work with Candace is used to support this assertion.

A further defence made by Watchtower is that, because Candace’s abuse was said to have happened after ministry arrangements, it therefore had nothing to do with the ministry arrangements themselves. It is also suggested that the blame for Candace’s abuse lies with her parents, and that, in any case, it had nothing to do with Fremont elders because Candace was not a full congregation member.

In this article I will provide quotes to highlight various argumentation contained in the brief. I would encourage anyone interested to download the reply briefs for both Watchtower and North Fremont on the following links for themselves:

Of course all are welcome to reach their own conclusions, but I will now go over some of the points I noticed from Watchtower’s reply brief. Obviously these are just my personal observations as someone with no legal background, but who nevertheless has knowledge of how congregations operate.

Was Candace assigned Kendrick as a partner?

As mentioned, this is one of the main arguments made by Watchtower in their reply brief. Indeed, after reading the brief, you would be forgiven for concluding that elders have no say over the assignment of ministry partners at all. Here follows an example of Watchtower acknowledging that meeting locations are determined by elders, but not necessarily the assignment of partners for field service.

Watchtower reply brief, page 10

Watchtower reply brief, page 10


Anyone who knows anything about how Witness field service meetings are conducted knows full well that it is the responsibility of the elder or servant leading the group to decide who works with who. I myself have conducted more than my fair share of field service meetings, and it always fell to me to assign partners. Obviously there was always leeway if two individuals had a prior arrangement to work together, but for the most part, partner assignments were my discretion as group overseer. And I was always at least aware of who was working with who.

Even one of Candace’s former elders, Gary Abrahamson, testified on the first day of jury trial that it was the role of the field service overseer to assign partners.

Court transcript, day 1 of jury trial, page 139

Court transcript, day 1 of jury trial, page 139


Simply by virtue of the fact that Candace and Kendrick attended field service meetings before going on field service together it can be said with confidence that their working together was with the supervision, knowledge and oversight of the group overseer, who in turn was selected by the congregation. To suggest otherwise would be to suggest that field service meetings are a free-for-all as far as partners are concerned, which has never been the case in my experience.

Watchtower seems to be trying to suggest that elders to not assign partners at field service meetings

Watchtower seems to be trying to suggest that elders do not assign partners at field service meetings

True, it could well be that Kendrick asserted himself and asked to work with Candace by himself, but had I been the group overseer receiving such a request, I would have found it more than a bit suspicious – especially if I was an elder and therefore had knowledge of his molestation of his step-daughter.

And even if it was a servant taking the group who was clueless as to Kendrick’s track record, that alone is no defence because the elders should have been aware that Kendrick and Candace were in the same group and should have accordingly issued instructions for him not to be allowed to work alone with her.

Indeed, this is precisely the course of action encouraged in the notorious October 1st 2012 letter to all elders for any who are “known to have sexually abused a child in the past.”

“It would be appropriate for elders to talk kindly but very frankly to individuals who have manifested a weakness in this regard, strongly cautioning them to refrain from displaying affection for children, to avoid hugging or holding children on their lap, never to be alone with a child (other than their own), not to allow children to spend the night in their home, not to work alone in field service (hence, they should always be accompanied by another adult), and not to cultivate friendships with children.”  – Letter to all bodies of elders, Oct 1 2012

If elders have no control or responsibility over who works with who at a field service arrangement, as Watchtower is insinuating in this reply brief, then precisely how are elders now expected to ensure that a known predator is always “accompanied by another adult” in field service?

“The abuse only happened AFTER field service”

A frankly sickening aspect of Watchtower’s argumentation is their insistence that they are ‘off the hook’ because the abuse happened after field ministry.

Watchtower reply brief, page 18

Watchtower reply brief, page 18


For Watchtower to argue in such a callous manner demonstrates a complete disregard for the insidious nature of the crime and the case itself. Regardless of whether the abuse happened during or after field ministry, the field ministry arrangement still provided the pretext and opportunity for the abuse to be inflicted. In this case, a known child molester was paired with a small girl and left alone with her unsupervised. Precisely when and how the abuse ensued in relation to the timing of the ministry activity itself is irrelevant.

“Candace wasn’t even a congregation member”

Perhaps more shocking is Watchtower’s attempt to wash their hands of any responsibility for Candace by claiming she “wasn’t even a congregation member,” presumably because she wasn’t baptized.

Watchtower reply brief, page 23

Watchtower reply brief, page 23


This appalling argumentation is repeated on a later page…

Watchtower reply brief, page 31

Watchtower reply brief, page 31


Again, it is irrelevant whether or not Candace was formally a card-carrying member of the Fremont congregation at the time of her abuse. She was a child. Fremont elders have testified under oath that they remembered Candace as a child in the congregation during the period in question, and this alone implicates them if they knew there was a chance that she might come into contact with Kendrick, who they knew to be a child molester, but failed to stop this from happening.

“Elders thought Kendrick had repented”

Twice in the following quotation Watchtower attempts to defend the lack of action in preventing the abuse by arguing that Fremont elders considered Kendrick to be “repentant.”

Watchtower reply brief, page 20

Watchtower reply brief, page 20


Again, it is irrelevant whether or not the elders considered Kendrick “repentant” because they still had a basic duty to take reasonable measures to prevent him from spending time alone with other children. This is also reflected in the excerpt from the October 1st 2012 letter quoted above, where a range of restrictions are to be placed on known child molesters regardless of whether or not they are considered “repentant.” If a child molester’s professed repentance represents a cart blanche for him or her to have contact with other children, then why is this ridiculous, naive and dangerous approach not reflected in Watchtower’s own most recent instructions to elders?

“Candace’s parents are to blame”

As though all of this isn’t bad enough, Watchtower callously singles out Candace’s parents and suggests they bore more responsiblity than the elders, even though neither Neal nor Kathleen Conti had any possible way of knowing Kendrick’s track record – and the elders did.

Watchtower reply brief, page 35

Watchtower reply brief, page 35


Whether or not Kendrick was or is a “grown man” has no bearing on the decision of Candace’s parents to trust him with Candace because, unlike the Fremont elders, they didn’t know his track record. Countless child care professionals around the world are “grown men” but this doesn’t automatically give rise to suspicion that such individuals MUST be pedophiles. For Watchtower to lay the blame at Candace’s parents’ door for the abuse of their child, when its own guidelines prevented Fremont elders from warning them about Kendrick, is twisted and deplorable.

An unrepentant organization

Though wading through Watchtower’s reply brief is a draining experience, not least because I am no legal expert, I still find it revealing. Here we have an organization that will stop at nothing to avoid accepting discipline and accountability, despite issuing discipline and demanding accountability from millions of Witnesses.

“A child was abused in a congregation? Not our problem! You see, she wasn’t technically a congregation member anyway.”

“A child was abused after field service? Ah ha! After field service you say? Well so long as it didn’t happen on a householder’s doorstep it isn’t our problem.”

One thing can be said with certainty, and it is this: if this appeal fails and Candace triumphs, Watchtower can never rightly claim to have been chastened and humbled by this experience. A review of Watchtower’s handling of this appeal shows that they have twisted and contorted testimony to suit their arguments, they have wriggled and sidestepped responsibility, they have insinuated, they have pointed fingers, and they have generally played every game in the book to escape punishment.

If the Governing Body were truly humble men, they would have accepted the jury’s decision and done everything possible to protect children from the obvious flaws in their child abuse policies. Instead, they are being dragged kicking and screaming towards a likely appeal defeat, with no dignity or humility whatsoever. And the louder they scream, the more pathetic they look.


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36 Responses to Watchtower files reply brief as Conti appeal continues

  1. hectorramon says:

    This documented evidence shows that WTS can be as wordly as any business corporation in trying to get away with their responsibility for crimes.

  2. KtotheRAD "Konrad" says:

    I personally saw the Elders in Monroe Michigan put Larry Mattox, another accused Elder deliberately alone in cars with small children to be sent out in filed service after he had been reported as an abuser so this is a common practice to build up the persons image in the eyes of the congregation and tear down the confidence, credibility of the accusers. Also, giving the accused in ordinate platform time for talks and back patting, hugs and handshakes, personal attention from the Elders and overseers as happened in the case of Larry Mattox who is still in good standing in Monroe Michigan and claims to be of the anointed. There are a substantial amount of tape recordings and letters which detail and reveal the putrid and disgusting details of the Society’s handling of that case!
    This latest Conti matter however should disturb and awaken every Witness and parent around world who should now consider their own child “Fair game” in the eyes of the Society…

  3. John Baptist says:

    I am so happy that the Watchtower has sold its buildings because now that money can be used to provide restitution to all those victims of child abuse within their ranks and at the same time drain their resources which were obtained through donations anyway. In the past many cases were settled out of court to protect the name “Watchtower” and not God. I say that because it has been proven through time and results of failed prophecies that they are NOT Gods channel as they represent themselves to the world. So now because of their Fat wallet and egotism they think they could further try their hand in the legal system at trying to win a appeal. Time has come for the world to really see if God is on their side!! I think Not!! As has been said thousands of times in their publications about the fall of false religion they themselves are now experiencing that fall!! To Bad To Bad you modern day Pharisee class for your time has at last come. And as Gods own word tell us at Gal.6:7 “You shall reap what you sow” Your seeds of Hypocrisy and Arrogance are coming to harvest as we speak. Your works are manifesting themselves clearly in your failed polices!

    • sards penas says:

      sards will pay all the watch tower has to pay if and only if = you jail firsts your newly enthroned ALMIGHTY god jesus , due to his GODLY failed prophecy of “the kingdom is near” 20000thousand years ago..!! where is this kingdom (halls) now..??
      .this CANDACE CONTI case is A CONSPIRACY OF wolves in the jw organization. i saw the “malice” movie…the girl is too much …and they extract money from innocent hospital..!!
      should sards pay those CONSPIRATORS ..?? because sards has DONATED monies since inception..!!
      .by the fact that candace goes to house of “ANY” man, jury must re-think that even white house could be sued the same way as this case to watch tower..!!
      .this case is a sabotage of both sides, just to extract money from the innocent true jws…
      .but we true jws fully knows…YOUR HEARTH AND THE HEARTH OF THIS world…as how you sabotage the prosecution OF YOUR GOD JESUS when he was impaled = the satan devil wants jw money – monies very clean and un-defiled .

  4. David says:

    If she was an unbaptized publisher, then she was a member of the congregation.

  5. Questionall451 says:

    Is this what was meant when they told me I needed to “save myself for Jehovah?” Just let the old boys club have the first go

  6. JBob says:

    Something curious in all these allegations–that I find curious, and I’d have to ask / survey whether other JW’s (current or former) had similar experience. It had been my experience that when an unknown “brother”/elder drifted into another congregation, one phone call back to the source congregation and HQ determined whether that man would be eligible in a few months to be appointed/tapped for elder or MS duties. Likewise, in some congregations, if a man came courting/dating, family head of households (or their delegate male guardian) would research the suitor to determine if daughter or son would be “allowed” in that person’s company.

    However, in the sworn testimonies of cases presented, the elders and “watchers of the flock” were apparently negligent in doing due diligence, or refused to follow-through on what due diligence revealed about the character of an individual.

    Also, as earlier discussions noted, there is a huge loophole in the policy of banning pedophiles from duty and service because elders were/are shielding their own by not charging accused and then shuffling accused members to different assignments. That said, it is very apparent that in the case of the Catholic Church and the Watchtower (and many other denominations where these incidents are arising with increasing frequency) neither group had formed a policy to deal with vetting priests or elders transferred from another parish or congregation; no policies for investigating these charges and assigning crimes to the appropriate authorities. In both cases, it would admit the human touch involvement vs. the anointing touch. A bitter pill to be swallowed, but the faster it is done, the sooner the healing process would begin.

    Another factor in the case of Rome, their existence predates many of the governments whereas with JW’s they believe they will outlive the governments. Possibly, but in either case, there needs to be justice, fairness and remedy for those who have a perception of being “wronged” and / or absolute proof of wrong.

    The scales could tip in either direction where the community becomes overly judicial with “witch hunts” and “Inquisitions” or charges with orderly and logical proceedings where discovery reveals the facts.

    Comment 1 of 2–yeah, yeah, I know it’s not the Watchtower meeting, but get over it!

  7. JBob says:

    Comment 2–

    So, let’s review, it’s not a crime / sin, for a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses to “bad touch” an unbaptized, just-publishing “interested” person (be they a study or child of Witnesses in “good standing” [or maybe they weren’t?]).

    By extending discussion and viewpoint, this means a Witness in good-standing can commit manslaughter and remain in “good standing”–murder, no, because that violates Biblical principles.

    Oh, wait-a-minute, but “bad touch” (porneia) is also a violation of Biblical principles of “good conduct”, so maybe Witnesses can murder and remain in “good standing” ? After all, they can distort and confuse non-Witnesses in the name of “theocratic war”–lie on court witness stand about not recommending their children attend college so the mother or father can retain custody. Of course, those lies don’t count since they aren’t swearing an oath, under a vow, because Witnesses can’t take vows other than dedication or marital. Fifty shades of lies.

  8. 70wksofyrs says:

    The points you make in this article are so clear. Well done for reading through the total of 125 pages in both reply briefs. I have not read them yet.
    I would like to further point out that I cannot fail to be impressed with the research and posting of articles that you do on your website. It is always up to date, new posts within week, accompanied by obvious research.
    Well prepared Cedars. Thank you.

  9. Shakeem says:

    Hey, John. Is it possible for you to post the link to the court transcripts?

  10. Zeebo says:

    Great work.. sadly JWs will just see this as a lie and a fake form Satan’s media.. of course all these abuses are just lies created by Babylon the great and peddled by apostates trying to steal Jehovah’s people.. so boring!!

  11. 70wksofyrs says:

    Again well done for reading the briefs. I apologise for such a long post. Please feel free to edit it to make it easier to read if you wish.

    I have read 30 pages and am totally enraged at the content, the repetitive nature of the change of plea from nonfeasance to misfeasance, and making Candice sound like the deceptive one.

    Nonfeasance is simply taking no action at all. Misfeasance is defined as taking devious/questionable actions.

    In the first 30 pages what has angered me the most is, that it is clear Kendrick was in the same group as the Conti family. In our congregation we have over 100 publishers and 9 groups, 4 of the 9 groups have no minors in at all. When my youngest was 9yrs I trusted many “brothers” in the hall, especially ones in our group and he worked with them alone.

    A part of the brief states…

    “……The evidence in the trial excerpts cited in Plaintiff’s Respondent’s Brief was that “an elder or someone” placed on a board at the Kingdom Hall a schedule of where groups met before participating in field service (6 RT 665, 666), and that one person saw Plaintiff and Kendrick together in field service. (6 RT 665, 666.) That testimony does not support a reasonable inference based on logic and reason that a Fremont Congregation elder specifically assigned Plaintiff and Kendrick to participate in field service together alone after November 1993. Indeed, when the whole record in this case is considered, it is clear that such an inference is contrary to direct testimony and is nothing more than rank speculation, meant to prop-up a theory of liability that Plaintiff did not even pursue at trial………”

    Child molesters are known for grooming parents and building trust, WTBTS absolutely must have policy that states after one confession or incident, regardless of “repentance” all potential and known molesters should not be placed by elders in field service groups with families of minors. Molesters are cunning, questionable and devious, and so is WTBTS if they don’t protect parents with minors from being groomed. Candice’s parents are victims of Kendrick’s cunning also.

    By making this appeal WTBTS are being deceptive and devious, therefore the new misfeasance charge against WTBTS is totally valid.

    Does watchtower think that putting an item on will protect parents from being groomed by devious predators?


    Teach your child to resist if he or she is ever faced with a molester
    How to protect your child from sexual predators

    • Educate yourself. Learn how a typical abuser operates.—Proverbs 18:15; see chapter 32 of the book Questions Young People Ask—Answers That Work, Volume 1.
    • Stay involved in your child’s life. Don’t just put him in someone’s care without determining if that person is trustworthy, and do not allow your child to be “let on the loose.”—Proverbs 29:15.
    • Teach a balanced view of obedience. Children need to learn to obey their parents. (Colossians 3:20) Yet, if you teach your child that he must always obey any adult, you make him vulnerable to abuse. Christian parents can say to their child, “If anybody tells you to do something that God says is wrong, don’t do it.”—Acts 5:29.


  12. george says:

    Looks like a desperate attempt to stay off the inevitable. They cannot continue to place children in harm’s way. I hope that the appeal is rejected and the WTBTS will have to create a fit for purpose child protection policy.

    Cedars, have you been in contact with the NSPCC? I am sure that they could provide some assistance with this issue.

    • Cedars says:

      Hi george, as it happens, yes I have been in touch with the NSPCC regarding the child safeguarding policy of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They’re actually not as interested in doing anything to intervene and protect JW children as you would expect – at least that’s been my experience. There seems to be a fraternal “let’s not rock the boat” allegiance among UK charities, which Watchtower (albeit fraudulently) claims to be.

  13. george says:

    Well done for your tireless work, Cedars, and thank you for letting me leave comments again.

    It saddens me that the NSPCC couldn’t help you. I should imagine that they didn’t want to get involved with “religion bashing”. I shall bear that in mind next time they come looking for charity from me.

    After reading the briefs, I am hopeful that Candace and her family will win through. I am sure that you and the other good people who have helped publicise this case have been a source of comfort to Candace and her family.

    It is reassuring to know that there are so many good hearted people who manage to escape from the poison of the WTBTS, not to become victims, but to assist others to live a life of significance and dignity.

    You have become someone far more precious than an Elder. You have given, as you say in your header, a voice to the silent majority. May that voice get louder and louder until it cannot be ignored. And may you continue to gain strength though the road is long.

    • sards penas says:

      i become employee of your company, then hack, molest and kill any of the pentagons… or who ever= then your company has to pay all my wickedness..???
      this candace case is a conspiracy…some conspiracies are well planned for more than 50 years..!! “malice movie”.
      the molester of candace just plainly said “yes – i abused her inside my house..!!” = then , the government should be the one to pay..?? because that jw organization is under that government..!!
      and candace , a young child at those times = might not have known that she was just “used” for a conspiracy theory..!!
      any proof THAT THE MOLESTER abused candace..?? and that the molesting really happened ?? ASIDE FROM just plainly saying “yes- i abused her..??” — what a conspiracy..!!
      .and why only now, those who knows this case are before= guilty as well, for hiding the truth..!!
      really the world of satanics are gone supper CROOKED..!! thats why, this system will SURELY NEVER STAND.
      .AND SARDS and even ALMIGHTY YHWH noticed , the unfair hearths of the people WHO COMMENT against jws IN HERE… are purely wicked..!!
      george says:
      September 9, 2013 at 4:55 am
      Well done for your tireless work, Cedars, and thank you for letting me leave comments again.

      It saddens me that the NSPCC couldn’t help you. I should imagine that they didn’t want to get involved with “religion bashing”. I shall bear that in mind next time they come looking for charity from me.

      After reading the briefs, I am hopeful that Candace and her family will win through. I am sure that you and the other good people who have helped publicise this case have been a source of comfort to Candace and her family.

      It is reassuring to know that there are so many good hearted people who manage to escape from the poison of the WTBTS, not to become victims, but to assist others to live a life of significance and dignity.

      You have become someone far more precious than an Elder. You have given, as you say in your header, a voice to the silent majority. May that voice get louder and louder until it cannot be ignored. And may you continue to gain strength though the road is long.

      • Dblaron42 (formerly stuck with a jdub) says:

        You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Your ignorance to the legal system and the concept of liability prove that. The WT is accountable due to their policies regarding child abuse (or any abuse for that matter).

        I hope you wake up someday.

        Peace and Love

  14. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    once again another good article. “Shocking as it is, even some who have been prominent in Jehovah’s organization have succumbed to immoral practices, including homosexuality, wife swapping, and child molesting. It is to be noted, also, that during the past year, 36,638 individuals had to be disfellowshipped from the Christian congregation, the greater number of them for practicing immorality” (w86 1/1 p. 13 par. 12)!!

  15. JBob says:

    King George, don’t forget that this issue spans the globe. In the States, each province (state government) has a child-services agency with authority and oversight of child welfare issues–ranging from neglect to abuse issues to foster care. On international level, WHO and or UN/UNICEF would be appropriate.

    Sidebar: in the early 60’s and some years of the 70’s, a few rare JW parents had their children seized for “neglect”.

  16. george says:

    Absolutely right, JBob.

  17. KtotheRAD "Konrad" says:

    “In the States, each province (state government) has a child-services agency with authority and oversight of child welfare issues–ranging from neglect to abuse issues to foster care”

    Yeah, but they are budget strapped and usually filled with incompetents who may be academically qualified but emotionally unfit and likely abuse and trauma victims, Borderline personalities etc. as case persons and therefore thoroughly otherwise unqualified as agency representatives and arbiters. This, more often than not which is one reason why so many are attracted to that field but end up being ineffectual, counterproductive or even dangerously destructive towards not only innocent people but the mission to which they set out. Trust me, I know as I worked and advocated around that field for many years.
    What’s more? In the US, any Government agency will very rarely if ever go within ten universes of a Religious case or church matter especially if it means stepping on or infringing on the Constitutional issue of Government intrusion upon, “Freedom of Religion”…

  18. Thinking of leaving says:

    To top it all off, a few weeks later after been found negligent in court, Gary Abrahamson and his Wt buddies had the audacity to stand up on the platform at an assembly and give a talk. It was a real fiasco as there were a few other speakers that were also embroiled in other Wt scandals e.g Menlo Park. Love to know what those in the audience were thinking. The whole thing just leaves me with out words, and makes me wonder “what an earth were you thinking”.

    • John Baptist says:

      They clearly are not thinking and at best are delusional with their policies. Just more stuff for the WTBS to try and skate. It is just unbelievable the lies they continually perpetuate.


    They are a shameless organization that just wants to keep taking advantage of people. They teach their witnesses to love-bombard each other in the kingdom halls and assemblies, thinking that they (the witnesses) are living in a spiritual love-paradise. However, when something goes wrong, it’s the parents fault, not the WTBTS. Conti’s case though relates to history, the WTBTS previously used to prevent their members from going to the police saying that “we need to keep the congregation’s name and Jehovah’s name clean”. The organization’s policies were made to keep child abuse within the organization as something non-existent to the public. Now to defend that, they shift the blame on the victims and their parents. Just like when 1914 didn’t come according to Russell’s predictions, the latest video stated that “expectations were running high”. By saying that, they shifted the blame on those poor people who were only following what Russell was saying. They have no shame whatsoever, and will do anything to avoid giving a dime to anyone.

  20. Willows says:

    If Elders have no special relationship with those who attend meetings for active field service, then the Elders need to dismiss them from the field service arrangements.

    By allowing them to remain and by assigning them, they accept those in attendance are worthy to enter into field service with them.

    Are children important to Christ, did he enter into a relationship with them. The scriptures show he did and instructed his disciple, not to hider the children. Let them come to me. Jesus initiated his relationship with the children by inviting them to come to him. Were the children baptized first and then they could have a relationship with Christ? No. Jesus entered into a relationship with them and he cared for them. To do otherwise would be disgraceful and appalling to Christ.

  21. Vincent law says:

    Realistically can a leopard change it spots.
    The end result by any means, win win win thats them.
    A religion run by manipulating
    No wonder nothing will be for us its all for them…….

  22. Ralph moss says:

    I have read all your comments and come to the conclusion that in the first instance an adult male should not have been alone with a young female or with any female for that matter ,and they should not have worked alone nor should they have been allowed to go off together. So who is to blame no one person it was a incident that should not have happened I as a parent would not have let a child of mine out of my sight I never did .This is not to blame the parents but they are as much responsible as the elder who had oversight of the field service ,but having said that it is difficult to keep an eye on everyone and I guess the elder in question will feel somewhat to blame I would .So to end it happened and it is a lesson learned hopefully not to happen again .No organisation religious or not can say this has not happened in their midst .

  23. Edward says:

    I feel sorry and ashamed when things like this happen. Not because of media and web-attention but because of two aspects; 1) the victim & 2) God’s feelings / His name

    My sister experienced a similar situation while I was living abroad and I did not even hesitate a second before advising my mom to go to the police and went back home to support them. For me there were two reasons to go to the police:
    1) the victim (my sister) & 2) God’s feelings / His name
    I hate it when people think about Jehova’s Witnesses as a sect that wants to keep things “within the closet” even if these things are criminal.
    I have always lived by the rule that no one will ever be able to blame me for covering a criminal action and most of the brs’ & srs. I know think the same.

  24. Samuel says:

    After reading the documents, reasonably I think
    1) as long as its a male with a female , its common sense for parents to take precaution for their children . that is understood to all religious and non religious people in the times we live in . parents do not need prior knowledge of crime to take precautions, albeit more so if previous record is known . Why blame on ignorance ? Moreover there is always a first in crime as in everything ;a criminal will have to commit his first crime to be one .Precautions is regardless of record but of common sense , but even parents cannot be blamed as human trust is necessary in social life though that trust has a risk of betrayal , as life has it.
    3) this bible society is not shifting blame on the parents or the secular authorities, but stating merely a fact : on the same onus the police is to be blamed if a former criminal preys on the unknowing community. That’s why there are repeat offenders and no one blames anyone except the criminal . Who will blame the police ?
    4) people move on with life .In Singapore we have a welfare organization called yellow ribbons to help rehabilitated criminals to live again out of kindness .If they backslide again despite necessary human efforts to prevent crime, can you blame those who rendered help like yellow ribbons .?Some do repeat crime , but do think of others who really changed and need the mercy without being publicly labelled as a sinner . Those repantant need to move on socially without constant fear and guard from others .

    I feel for the victim but certainly sad things happen in life , as the Godly too suffered mishaps , but do have a reasonable view of things . Much more good can be achieved other than this ,

    • John Baptist says:

      In Reply to Samuel’s Comment: No one will ever know what these victims go through unless you have gone through it yourselves. Yes we live in a society where all in some way or another may have their trust compromised by someone thought to be absolutely trust worthy. But when were dealing with the ultimate breach of trust against a child by a adult then that is a severe crime in any ones book. Elders and supposed spirit anointed governing body members are held to a higher standard by rank and file members due to bible qualifications. So when a Elder is breaching the trust of a child through child abuse then there is only one course of action and that is to report it immediately to the police. The police and Professionals are better equipped to handle such circumstances in these type crimes. For the Governing Body to dictate unbiblical rules to check with them first in each case is without question the biggest crime of all on behalf of the victims. The watchtower society through its Governing body has been practicing double standards for all of its life and now it has finally caught up with them. As time presses on there will be less and less Gag order out of court type settlements for them and more mainstream media trials in regard to their own Horrific covering over of Child abuse Crimes. There will be no amount of money that could ever bring back that child to normalcy but it will surely bring down this False prophet of a organization.

  25. Warren says:

    When i ws serving as an elder, i was used on a panel at a elders school that dicussed child abuse, we were directed in this way, if a brother moved in to our congo, & he was a convicted pedo, & was reinstated, then we had to keep it in confidence, i challenged them in saying if he re offended then we would be just as liable, how would the victoms parents feel if they found out we knew, i refused to be a part of it.

  26. Jacobtruth says:

    As none of that congregation worked for the Watchtower society then the WTS has no legal responsibility over what happens.

    The WTS simply need to keep stating this as that is how the law works.

    Disney is not responsible for the behaviour of people who visit their theme parks or watch their films.