The new public Watchtower magazine gives more chilling visions of an anticipated apocalypse
The new public Watchtower magazine gives more chilling visions of an anticipated apocalypse

Not content with telling Witness children they may die if they don’t listen at meetings, Watchtower is making sure its doomsday message is heard loud and clear in the latest May 2015 public edition of the Watchtower magazine.

A striking image of disheveled Armageddon survivors clambering over rubble adorns the front cover, accompanied by the question “Is the End Near?”

On turning the cover, readers are greeted by a photoshop mock-up of a lady staring through a car window as fireballs rain down from the sky consuming buildings while terrified people flee the destruction through city streets.

A similarly apocalyptic image from the January 2013 Watchtower
A similarly apocalyptic image from the January 2013 Watchtower


The gruesome imagery is a re-working of another Watchtower front-cover (above), released only as recently as January 2013, in which similar scenes of fireballs raining from the heavens in an urban environment formed the backdrop to the title “Should You Fear the End of the World?”

An image from the book "Learn From the Great Teacher" - a children's book
An image from the book “Learn From the Great Teacher” – a children’s book


And Witness children will be only too familiar with the above image from page 242 of their “Learn From the Great Teacher” books in which screaming women are depicted running from (you guessed it) fireballs and burning/collapsing buildings, with angelic forces riding overhead in the fiery sky.

The front cover of the May 2015 Watchtower
The front cover of the May 2015 Watchtower
From page 3 of the May 2015 Watchtower
From page 3 of the May 2015 Watchtower


This growing collection of apocalyptic artwork betrays the true nature of Jehovah’s Witness doctrine. Yes, Witnesses are peaceful people, and believe that one day the whole earth will be rid of wickedness – but this “wickedness” from which the planet must be cleansed includes anyone who passes on the opportunity to join the Witness faith.

As I mentioned in a recent article (and in this week’s interview on the David Pakman show) – take a shovel and start digging around in the hypothetical paradise, and you will find it has been built on the corpses of billions of people whose only crime is to not want to be Jehovah’s Witnesses.



Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that they alone will walk away from the coming apocalypse unscathed, as the above illustration (which has been reworked countless times over the decades in various books and magazines) depicts.

Apparently, without so much as a speck of blood or smear of debris on their clothing, Witnesses will one day stroll in an orderly line with their smiling children straight from the smouldering wreckage of Armageddon into flowery meadows.

Unfortunately, lots of Witnesses who glance at this artwork won’t bother to stop for a moment and consider that the above vision is impossible according to their own teachings. Why? Because disobedient humankind EVERYWHERE will be destroyed. There will be no convenient demarcation between where the good and ‘bad’ people live. There will be no sweeping grassy pastures to walk towards to escape the carnage. The carnage will be everywhere.

As my video below shows, Governing Body Gerrit Losch has even given disturbingly detailed consideration (in multiple talks, no less) to the fact that teams of Witnesses will one day be required to bury the mountains of dead bodies left behind in Armageddon’s wake. There will be no rest for the righteous when it comes to getting rid of the evidence of the earthwide bloodbath.

In case you need me to spell it out for you: Jehovah’s Witnesses are a doomsday cult. But this new magazine has all its bases covered, and tries rather feebly to mount a case for the defense…

doomsday-prophetsThe above paragraph offers a classic example of Watchtower denying being (or doing) something by redefining what that thing is. For example, the organization denies that it espouses creationism by redefining creationism to refer only to young-earth creationism.

In the latest JW Broadcasting episode, Governing Body member Sam Herd denies that Jehovah’s Witnesses are brainwashed by implying that brainwashing is essentially tantamount to a group of people all agreeing on the same thing, as in learning algebra in a math class.

In this article, Watchtower is yet again deploying word games in the hopes that its readers are stupid. Apparently “doomsday” doesn’t refer to an apocalyptic religiously-inspired day of judgment, but to the WHOLE planet earth being obliterated as though it has fallen prey to the Death Star.

Watchtower’s vision of the future, in which everyone who doesn’t want to be a JW is slaughtered, is therefore a “positive message,” because at least there will be survivors, and a planet for them to live on.

Basically if the shoe fits, Watchtower doesn’t always like to wear it – especially when it comes to words like “doomsday” or “creationist” that make them look bad.

Thankfully, though, not everyone falls for the subterfuge. Non-Witnesses in particular will balk at these magazines once they start adorning the public witnessing carts, and doubtless even a few Witnesses standing near those carts will wince in shame.

There is simply nowhere to hide if you are a doomsday cult. Your morbid, apocalyptic visions of the future will find expression sooner or later and, if you’re deluded enough, you will depict them front and center on your literature for all to see.










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169 thoughts on ““Great balls of fire!” – More doomsday artwork in new May 2015 Watchtower

  • June 4, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    A bunch of Sickos in suits getting off in the fact that they think they will live forever, while the rest of us are going to die a horrible, painful death, whilst they rejoice….Shows them up for what they really are!

    • July 18, 2015 at 10:05 am

      I feel the same way but if you read your own religion bible compare to JW’s bible. You will be surprised that it is telling you the same thing. My church was false teaching and didn’t tell me anything about it until I read my false church bible compare to JW bible. I am impressive with my false church’s bible is really a truth so JW is right. A false church in my place was just false prophets, false priests, and false POPE. Keep your mind open and compare JW bible to your bible. You will see why. Again, no, we do not died and go to heaven.. Only 144,000 will go to heaven and the remains people on Earth who does the God’s will and obey God’s will live forever on Earth. Yes, your bible from your false church say the same things. Only your priests, minister, pope and whatever you called them are FALSE PROPHETS. Read your bible and you will understand why JW is trying to tell you the truth. I am not JW but I keep my mind and heart open and compared my bible book to their books. They are right! I am so surprised. Beware of false prophets! Sorry about my English.

  • September 3, 2015 at 3:36 pm

    After the Blood Super Moon comes the Godzilla El Nino so the whole thing could be called Godzilla vs the Super Blood Moon!

  • December 28, 2016 at 1:30 am

    Well all i can say is there is so much deception in their teachings. Legalistic teaching and to say that only they will be saved.
    I used to study with them years ago as they reached out to me in a difficult time in my life, as i was searching for God.

    I thank the Lord for saving me from this cult religion. I was stuck in trying to earn my salvation by works and not by faith in the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    It took many years for me to understand the grace of God. It is a antichrist spirit that operates in this cult.

    God is good and revealed himself to me many times and im so grateful that its all about a relationship with the living God in Christ Jesus.

    He who has the Son has the father also.He who doesnt have the Son doesnt know the father.

    The truth shall set you free.

    Signs and wonders shall accompany those that believe.


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