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Life and Love After Watchtower: Breaking Free from Cycles of Emotional Abuse

I recently had the pleasure of joining a Facebook support group for ex-Jehovah’s Witness women. Reading through the posts, I noticed two interesting phenomena. First to stand out were the quotes and memes being circulated to encourage women and help … Continue reading


The Friday Column: No Girls Allowed – Growing up as a Female Jehovah’s Witness

Jehovah's Witness Leadership - Girls need not apply

From JW Survey contributor Brooke No girls allowed – a common theme throughout my childhood; raised with all older boy cousins, I had to learn to stick up for myself. I fought tooth and nail for my spot in the video game room, just to watch them play. Just to feel like a … Continue reading


Danmera Dinglebum – Why did it take so long?

When you meet someone with a name like Danmera Dinglebum, you know there must be a juicy story to be told. My task now is to show and tell you that story, and explain why I think Danmera is such … Continue reading


“Won Without a Word” – At What Cost?

Watchtower publications define the role of a Christian wife who finds herself married to a husband who does not share her faith. The scripture they use advises women in such situations that they can win over their husbands “without a word,” or by letting their actions rather than their words give evidence that faith can make one a better person. Continue reading