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Charity Commission report slams Jehovah’s Witnesses.

A fresh storm has broken out Watchtower’s ongoing worldwide child abuse scandal, albeit one that has been brewing on the horizon for a while. Regular readers of JW Survey will be aware that the UK Charity Commission has been investigating … Continue reading


UK Guardian Newspaper reports new defeat for Watchtower in Charity Commission investigation

The UK Guardian newspaper has reported on fresh developments in the UK Charity Commission investigation into Watchtower. Regular readers of JW Survey will be aware that the UK Charity Commission is investigating Watchtower’s UK arm over it’s alleged handling of … Continue reading


News Bulletin: Will Jehovah’s Witnesses Provide Charity for Non-JW Refugees? Latest Watchtower Says NO!

Jehovah's Witnesses

While Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to represent themselves as a charitable religion, their latest Watchtower magazine strongly reminds its followers that any assistance given to refugees be limited to Witnesses only, and that non-Jehovah’s Witnesses be given no material support.   As … Continue reading


Guardian newspaper reports concerns over UK Charity Commission Watchtower investigation

As previously reported on JW Survey, the Charity Commission are investigating Watchtower’s UK arm (which is registered as a UK charity, as is each individual congregation in the UK) in response to a slew of allegations of inappropriate handling of … Continue reading


UK Charity Commission posts update for Watchtower Investigation

As regular readers of JW Survey will know, the UK Charity Commission (the body responsible for overseeing and regulating registered charities in the United Kingdom) have been carrying out an investigation into the UK arm of Watchtower, which is currently … Continue reading