Victims Voices – Helping abuse survivors in the UK

Regular Survey readers will be familiar with the work of Reclaimed Voices – an organisation set up in the Netherlands to support survivors of child sex abuse inside the religion of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The organisation has already accomplished huge … Continue reading


The Friday Column: Redwood’s Reflections

The Prisoner Village

A memory appeared on my Facebook page. from four years ago today, June 8, 2014. This was my very first post, as I had never used Facebook. I joined to aid my recovery process after leaving the Jehovah’s Witness organization. … Continue reading


The Friday Column: From Self-Injury to Self-Respect: Lisa’s Story

I was born and raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was an identity that was given to me. Some people embrace the religion handed down to them. Others like myself never felt fully settled, never felt like they could … Continue reading


Reclaimed Voices Needs Your Help

In just a few short months, the Netherlands based Reclaimed Voices foundation has accomplished some astonishing things on behalf of those who have suffered Child Sex Abuse inside the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Consider the following: They have gathered together … Continue reading


Reclaimed Voices Foundation Sends Powerful Open Letter To Watchtower

The Reclaimed Voices Foundation, an organisation in the Netherlands that supports survivors of child sex abuse inside the Jehovah’s Witnesses, has sent a powerful open letter to the Dutch branch of the religion. In recent months, the Dutch public and … Continue reading


XJW: An important new film project, and how YOU can help.

Issues surrounding the Jehovah’s Witness religion are getting increasing media exposure. Recently we have seen films, books, newspaper articles and documentaries, even video games. They have covered every topic imaginable from shunning, to the experience of growing up in the … Continue reading


Shunning, Depression and “Armageddon Loophole” lead to tragic JW Murder/Suicide.

On the 16th of February 2018, Lauren Stuart shot dead her husband and two children before turning the gun on herself. The killings, which have been widely reported upon, shocked the community of Keego Harbour, Michigan USA, and seemed deeply … Continue reading


The Friday Column: Whatever Happened to Watchtower’s Tact?

Watchtower’s book Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education, which instructs Witnesses on how to discuss their faith with others, features the chapter “Tactful yet Firm.” In the introductory box, “What do you need to do?” it states  “Show discretion in … Continue reading


Guardian Newspaper Issues Call to Arms over Jehovah’s Witness Child Sex Abuse Crisis

The Guardian Newspaper, a major UK news organisation, has published an article reporting on the increasing pressure for the UK Jehovah’s Witnesses to undergo official investigation for their failure to deal with internal accusations and instances of child abuse. The … Continue reading


Reclaimed Voices Foundation: Holding Watchtower to Account.

In recent years, Watchtower’s child abuse crisis has become increasingly common knowledge across the globe. In Australia, we have seen a Royal Commission undertake two separate investigations into the religion’s handling of child abuse, discovered that over one thousand JW … Continue reading


Leaked 2018 convention videos celebrate anti-LGBTQ bigotry, unquestioning obedience and doomsday fear-mongering

In recent years, videos have become integral to the way Jehovah’s Witnesses receive information from their leaders the Governing Body, or “faithful slave.” Nowhere is the explosion in the use of visual media more apparent than at Watchtower’s annual regional … Continue reading


Goodbye Jehovah, Hello Courtroom – Watchtower Brings Lawsuit Against Publishing Company

Goodbye Jehovah

On December 29th, 2017, Watchtower attorney Armin Pikl filed a lawsuit against Rowohlt Publishing Company, the highly regarded publishing house in Germany which produced the acclaimed book Goodbye Jehovah!, authored by former Jehovah’s Witness Misha Verollet. The autobiographical novel is subtitled “How I … Continue reading


Astonishing Watchtower Bethel Sex Regulations Videos Leaked

Two absolutely jaw-dropping official Jehovah’s Witness videos have just been leaked. Intended for audiences at the religion’s various headquarters around the world, known inside the religion as “bethels,” the two videos lay out in excruciating detail a series of rules … Continue reading