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Welcome to, the online voice for Jehovah’s Witnesses of the past, present, and future. is the proud home of the annual Global Survey of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you are, or ever have been, a Jehovah’s Witness – please take this survey! (A link is in the top right hand corner of this page, on the image that says “have your say!”).

Even if you were never actually baptized or have been away from the Witnesses for many years, we encourage you to use your voice and share your opinions regarding the Watch Tower Society, and its leaders the Governing Body.

If you are a current or former Witness, you will know only too well that doubts are not permitted among the brothers, and the Governing Body expects and demands your unquestioned loyalty. If there is any teaching you are uncertain of, you must “wait on Jehovah,” which effectively means burying your doubts and pretending they never existed. Over time, these suppressed doubts accumulate until you are nothing more than a robot, going through the motions and doing what is expected of you – but never truly believing it 100%.

Jehovah’s Witnesses who have doubts are expected to “wait on Jehovah” by effectively burying them

If this describes your current situation, then please be assured there are hundreds if not thousands like you who are at various stages of waking up to the reality of the JW faith. As you probably suspect already, there is more to this religion than meets the eye, and Watchtower literature has not been telling you the full truth about the organization’s history.

The trouble is, even if you no longer agree with the Governing Body on a number of issues, you may feel (as many do) that you are bound to the organization against your will through the cruel practice of shunning. Though the Society argues that shunning is scriptural, it is actually anything but. Shunning was instituted by the Apostle Paul to keep congregations clean – not as an instrument for tearing families apart.

This and many other damaging practices are dealt with periodically on my blog, which I encourage you to check from time to time. I do my very best to keep Witnesses informed as to what is REALLY going on in the organization, rather than giving them the sort of carefully-manicured information you will find in articles and press releases.

Please enjoy using this site, and treat it as though it is yours. After all, here you are free to be yourself and exchange opinions about the organization with others. All we ask is that you do NOT try to use our website as a platform for evangelizing either religious or atheistic views. This website is religiously-neutral and has been set up as an indoctrination-free sanctuary. We appreciate your help and cooperation in keeping it that way.

We hope you find the information on JWsurvey useful, and we trust our efforts can play some small part in your spiritual journey. Remember: You are no longer the silent majority. Your opinion matters. Now make it count!


268 Responses to Welcome

  1. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, in that 1956 Watchtower quoted above about marriage, it said that the reason why there is so much marital unhappiness is that a lot of women don’t realize that they are “inferior” to men. Need I say more????

    • holy connoli says:

      @anonymous? Do you know if we can still read the 1956 Watchtower on line? If I go to JW.orf do you think the articles will go back that far? I would like to see and read that quote.


      • anonymous says:

        @holy connoli, I don’t think you can. I got a 1956 bound volume off of Ebay but they are far and few in between. If you can get one though, grab it. Those articles are eye-opening as far as how the Society views women. I think that is why you can’t get those old Watchtower articles on jw online library. If you can find it, I would be curious though.

        • holy connoli says:

          @anonymous. I had a bunch of old WT from the 1940’s nd 1950’s that I found in an old sisters house after she died about 20 years ago. I kept them for a while and then gave them away to a pioneer sister and she was going to put them in the Kingdom hall Library. Maybe they are still there but I doubt it. I used to like reading the Old WT’s at the time I thought they were pretty deep but now I realize they were just “WEIRD” interpretations that sounded like they were so deep! Now they disregard all that stuff ha!
          If I can get hold of them I will let you know.

  2. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, to add to my last comment. You might also ask your Witness friend why it was not adultery and grounds for divorce in that religion for a man to have sex relations with another man or an animal for all those years but at the very same time if the husband had a vasectomy so his wife couldn’t get pregnant and she had artificial insemination so she could have a child, that was grounds for divorce for the husband so he could get rid of his wife??????

    Ask your Witness friend if they would want to belong to that religion?????

    Believe it or not, that still is the case today. That has never been done away with in the Watchtower.

  3. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, since the man knew he was sterile, he could turn his wife in for adultery and get a divorce from her for adultery her because she had artificial insemination and she would be disfellowshipped for that. That is the demonic thinking and background of the Jehovah’s Witness religion. Do you really want to belong to a religion that treats women like that?????

  4. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, another way a man can divorce his wife for adultery is if she survives a rape (Watchtower June 1, 1968 page 348). If a woman survives an attack, not only will her husband be able to divorce her for adultery, she could be disfellowshipped for adultery as well. Who do you think is the God of this religion???? It sure sounds demonic to me……

  5. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, in the Jehovah’s Witness religion, if a child is molested and raped, they have to have two witnesses to the molestation or rape or if they do not have witnesses and the attacker denies the attack, the elders will do nothing to the attacker and if the victim should report the attack or molestation to the police, it will be the child or adult victim who could be threatened with being shunned because of that child would be the one bringing reproach on the Organization and not the attacker.

    What do you think of a religion like that? Do you really think a loving and just God could be at the helm????? Or does it sound more like a Satanic religion????

  6. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, if you or your child should be in an accident and need a blood transfusion, in this religion you can’t take the blood to save your life or your child’s life or you will be disfellowshipped. The Watchtower religion says not to worry though because even if you or your child should die, at least you were faithful to the Watchtower God and he will resurrect you back on the earth, where there is not one single scripture that tells you that in the Bible. You are just to take their word for it.

    Kind of sounds like what the serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden, doesn’t it??????

  7. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, just to add some frosting on the cake: If you ever decide to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and get baptized into it, and you found out that the the Watchtower is lying to you, you are not allowed to disassociate yourself from it for the rest of your life. If you do, you will be disfellowshipped and shunned for the rest of your life and not allowed to talk to anybody still in that religion, even if it’s your own relatives.

    Is that the kind of religion you really want to be part of?????

  8. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, if you ever go to a meeting at the Kingdom Hall, all the Witnesses are trained to “love bomb” you to make you think they will just love you to pieces if you become one of them, but the moment you doubt any of the teachings, they will drop you like a hot brick.

    Does this sound like a cult to you??????

    • Join-Stay25Yrs-Leave says:

      JWs don’t love bomb. That is a complete exaggeration. They do the same thing that every other church I have been to does with potential new members. They try to noticeably display “Christian love and kindness.”

      Love bombing is an attempt to influence a person by lavish demonstrations of attention and affection. Love bombing is an explosion of rapid fire attention, flattery, contact.

      Psychology professor Margaret Singer popularized the concept. In her 1996 book, Cults in Our Midst, she writes:

      As soon as any interest is shown by the recruits, they may be love bombed by the recruiter or other cult members. This process of feigning friendship and interest in the recruit was originally associated with one of the early youth cults, but soon it was taken up by a number of groups as part of their program for luring people in.
      Love bombing is a coordinated effort, usually under the direction of leadership, that involves long-term members’ flooding recruits and newer members with flattery, verbal seduction, affectionate but usually nonsexual touching, and lots of attention to their every remark. Love bombing – or the offer of instant companionship – is a deceptive ploy accounting for many successful recruitment drives.

      The list of WT tactics is long. Love bombing is not one of them, for Pete’s sake.

  9. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, if you become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you will be judged on how you look, how much you participate at meetings and how many hours you get in service. If you don’t measure up, you are considered weak and bad association…. Also, there’s over 1,000 rules you must follow or you will be considered bad association if you should break those rules…..

    Are you sure this is the life for you??????

  10. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, they will tell you that they are the only religion going from door to door preaching the Bible and even that isn’t true because Mormons do it too. But it doesn’t matter to them that what they preach from door to door, can’t be proven in the Bible or not. It’s just important to them that they go from door to door and to them, that is enough for them to be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and think that they are the only ones approved by God. If you don’t do all of this, you will be considered a weed and killed at Armageddon. They are that self-righteous.

    Don’t be fooled into believing this. The Witnesses have been tricked into this religion by scare tactics and they are brainwashed. I know because I was one for 50 years.

  11. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, if you do decide to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you have to say good bye to ever going to any R rated movies again, or reading any literature other than Watchtower literature and you had better not talk about anything you saw on television or looking at anything on the internet except or you will be considered bad association. The only thing other Witnesses want to hear from you is experiences you had in service. Anything else is frowned on. That is drummed into Witnesses in almost every Watchtower magazine and don’t even think about telling an off-color joke or using a cuss word unless you want to be kicked out on your heels.

    Is that the kind of straight jacket life for you????? If so, then being a Jehovah’s Witness is perfect for you.

  12. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, if you do decide to go ahead and have a “book, Bible” study with your witness friend, expect your friend to listen to you and be your best friend all the time you are “studying” with them but you will be expected to “progress” in the “truth” to going to every meeting (5 meetings a week) and every assembly (3 assemblies every year). If you don’t “progress”, you will be dropped and you will be very hurt by the experience so if you want to keep this Witness as your friend, you had better “progress” in the “truth”. Right now, unless you are a Witness, you are “bad association” for them, even though they won’t come right out and tell you that.

    Once you are regular at meetings, you will be expected to progress to answering and preparing for all those meetings and joining the ministry school and giving Bible talks in front of the congregation. But yay, they clap for you when you give your first talk, making you feel like a “star”.

    You will be expected to progress to going from door to door. You will be expected to “pioneer” or have a darn good excuse not to do it. If you are unable to “pioneer” (70 hours door to door every month), you are to have the “pioneer” spirit.

    If you are a man, you are expected to “progress” to being an elder and that is spending endless hours preparing for talks, giving talks and going to the Kingdom Hall for endless meetings and leaving your family at home most of the time.

    You will be expected to give up all your Saturdays and Sundays for the talk and Watchtower study and for going from door to door and if you get old enough to retire, you will be expected to use all those extra hours you now have to “pioneer” or have a good excuse not to.

    You will be expected to marry only somebody who is also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You will not be allowed to send your children to college or you will be looked down on but you will sit in your Kingdom Hall, surrounded by people who did go to college before they became a Jehovah’s Witness, and see them be the “toast” of the congregation but because you didn’t go to college and can’t afford a nice house or nice car, people will gravitate to those who did go to college and have the nice cars and lots of money.

    If you have children, you will be overlooked as an elder, unless your child gets baptized at an early age and if your child doesn’t fit the mold (does something wrong or doesn’t want to go to Bethel and pioneer when they get out of high school), you will be deleted as an elder because you didn’t raise your child properly.

    Forget vacations. They will be spent at assemblies. That is the only time you are allowed to spend any money that you might have saved up during your year. If you are able to have a vacation where you don’t have to spend it at assemblies, you will have to take meeting clothes along so you don’t miss any meetings wherever you spend your vacation.

    Right now, I can’t really think of anything good about being a Jehovah’s Witness, except that they won’t go to war but I am still thinking…….

  13. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, if you do get married and your mate decides to leave you and divorces you, you are not allowed to remarry, unless your mate remarries first or admits to adultery or you will be disfellowshipped.

    Does this religion still sound appealing to you?????

  14. anonymous says:

    Oscar, I thought of one good thing. You don’t have to spend money on Christmas presents anymore. You won’t have to spend money on birthday presents anymore or valentines cards or mother’s days gifts or father’s day gifts. You won’t be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family anymore because you don’t want to give any of your relatives the impression that you celebrate Thanksgiving day. The only friends your children will be allowed to have are Witness kids. Your kids will have to go out in the hall every time there’s some kind of holiday that your kids won’t be able to partake of. You will have to sit while everybody stands for the National Anthem. Your kids won’t be able to say the pledge at school. Your kids will be expected to preach to their school mates as that’s their own “personal territory”. Your kids won’t be able to join the football team or be a cheerleader or go to school dances.

    Are you there yet? Sound good to you????

  15. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, I thought of another good thing. You will save money on lottery tickets because you aren’t allowed to gamble even if it’s just one lottery ticket. You can’t say gosh, golly or gee because that’s swearing. You can’t vote and can’t get involved in political talk because then you aren’t being neutral. You can’t play chess because that’s too violent.

    I am still trying to think of some good things about being a Witness, but I am running out of space in my brain…..

  16. anonymous says:

    and Oscar, last but not least is you are not allowed to think. The Watchtower has already done that for you.

  17. Holy Connoli says:


    You cannot get involved in Politics or vote but the WT can Secretly Join the United nations and promote it and then as soon as it is found out 10 years later they immediately withdraw from the UIN and claim they only joined to do Library research? That is an out right lie bc you do not need to join to do library research. They also TEACH that ALL governments are from Satan but yet they have applied to receive Government money in Countries like Sweden, Norway and others just like the state gives money to the Lutheran Church and Catholic Church as well but they have to be approved? So the WT is or has received Money from Satan’s governments to support themselves. Also all governments are from Satan but yet they apply and use the World Court systems and European international Court to promote themselves and make sure their rights are not violated. SO I guess Satan is helping them since he runs the government right?

  18. Rosie says:


    One other thing, if you are still thinking that becoming a JW could be a good idea. If you have close friends who do not want to join you in becoming a JW – you will no longer be allowed to have any friendship with them. You will be advised that they are bad associations.

    I can recall a young lady who started studying with the JWs. She was warmly embraced into the bosom of the congregation (love bombed) and invited to all the congregational social occasions. Unfortunately she had a very close friend (a very nice lady) who although willing to meet her new JW friends did not want to join her in studying in order to become one.

    I watched as the Sister who studied with her (along with others in the congregation), brutally and cruelly severed the long and close relationship between these two friends until they no longer had any contact with each other.

    Please take heed of what Anonymous has written. This JW organisation is like the apple that Snow White ate in the fairy-tale. Rosy in appearance on the outside but full of poison within.

  19. CARLOS says:

    The brothers in charge are just doing the best they can, The interest is pleasing God.

    Don’t like this group? Join one that lets you have more freedom, one that lets you be you.

    Want to hear what you like and not what is correct. then there are many other groups that seem like they do but really don’t.

    Or better yet don’t belong to a group, just do yr own thing.

    If you hate structure and organization, don’t be a JW

    I could not be happier after 56 years of being a witness, and i have seen not all but a great deal.

  20. Holy Connoli says:


    It isn’t about hating structure or not. It is about being part of a dictatorship or not. It is about accepting or rejecting abuse by an Organization that try’s to controls your every waking hour and thoughts. It is about belonging to a Religion that separates and destroys families if someone in the religion just happens to disagree with a teaching or a “New Light” ever changing prophecy. If the WT had a track record of being correct on anything that would be one thing but their record is HORRIBLE, their predictions are off the chart WRONG but yet they discriminate against anyone who says hey, I cannot accept that line of thought based on past practice and I cannot accept never ever being able to have a relationship with my family. children, spouse or friends if I do no accept the teaching of WT.

    Why should we accept the 2 witness rule for child molestation and the hidden secrets of the WT on policy making in this regard? It is morally Wrong, and illegal from a human standpoint. So may issues with the WT ever changing teachings, So it isn’t about structure Carlos it is about damage control and hurt that they cause and have caused over 100 years.

    Can you name 1 PROPHECY that they have uttered or predicted that has proven true? Just 1. Please don’t be vague. Be Specific and point out true facts of fulfilling prophecy by the WT.

    Glad you are in a good place Carlos but we have to be honest in our viewpoints of accuracy. Many of the JW’s I have recently spoke with on the “NEW LIGHT” Generation explanation are now saying it doesn’t really matter to me if 1914 is true or not? Really? Wow! This was and is the Central teaching of the JW’s for the last 80 years. They were SO Forthright that there was no room for error and so convincing that Jesus came in 1914 and the Generation ABOSLUTELEY without ANY DOUBT would no t Pass away before the New Order came. There was no room for discussion. You as a 56 year old member no doubt recall EVERY AWAKE Magazine Published it on the inside cover until it became evident that they were SO WRONG! Do they acknowledge their error? Do they apologize? Do they say anything about the other DUFF Prophecies?

    False predications are only 1 item we are discussing here. Can you please show me 1 prediction or prophecy they said that came true? Just one.

  21. anonymous says:

    Carlos, can you find even one scripture in the Bible that says that the earth is going to be turned into a paradise?

  22. Holy Connoli says:

    Carlos? With all due respect to you in sincerity can you answer my questions about accuracy of Prophecy from the Watchtower please?

  23. Cacanisso says:

    My mother in law during his life, fought fervently to bring people to JW (house preaching at home). Today, is a home of the 3rd Age, and for 07 years, never seen there, a stupor of JW or WT or Tvgia, to wonder, how many hours does a month, or you need diapers or have other needs, perhaps esperitual up, nothing. As had legs to walk from house to house, they said the brother was very s spiritual. Today, no one seeks to know it. My mother, constantly giving, or deposited in the box and contributions paid once € 700 / dollars, the chairs of a hall of Albufeira, Algarve. I’ve never been caught by WT, because me and my wife, we are smart, never let it be manipuados by the mind control.

  24. Johnny p says:

    I find it interesting that so many ex-jw’s end up being atheist or agnostic. Does anyone else find that interesting or telling?

    They learn while being a JW how backwards other churches and religions are, but then when they realize the WT has its dark side, it becomes unthinkable to continue the search in earnest – and so many revert to atheism or agnosticism. I find that sad, and it leaves me realizing that while it may be true WT doesn’t have “the (whole) truth”, its not as if anti-WT people have any “sayings of everlasting life”. These sites just leave me more thirsty than anything.

  25. Johnny p says:

    Holy: Why do you care what Carlos believes? Do you have some better religion you plan on sharing with him? If he is happy in being a JW for 56 years – why is it your job to change his mind?

    Again, I find it very curious why someone agnostic (not saying you are – but the website owner) thinks showing people why JWs are false is good for people like Carlos. If you dont have something better to relate – or “good news” to share – then you just want to tear him down to believe nothing? Its like bothering to tell everyone on the Titanic who was praying and crying to God that no one was listening and they had no hope of a heavenly life – just for kicks.

    • Holy Connoli says:

      Johnny P

      Fair question you asked.
      First Let me say I am not an agnostic or atheist.
      Never have been. Even before my 20 plus years with the JW’s.I will ask the JW’s the same question? Why are they “HELL BENT” on changing other peoples belief to the JW belief? Why is their entire purpose to convert other religions to their own religion. We all know that they publicly teach that EVERY OTHER religion except for the JW”S are part of the worldwide false religious structure known as “BABYLON” the Great correct? That includes ALL Christian and non Christian religions.
      Every last one of them all soon to be destroyed at the battle of Armageddon.So if these othe non JW’s are happy why do they bug them and tell them they are so wrong? Why do they try to convert them to the JW’s?

      That being said, I was originally answering a question that Carlos proposed about religious structure and I answered him.There could be people “happy” in the Hari Krishnas, or the Scientologists or the Moonies,or the Jim Jones Cult, or the David Koresh people in Texas etc.That doesn’t mean I cannot give an opinion. The question was put up who else has sayings of everlasting life? According to the Bible only Jesus does. Not some religious organization or sect. The point I made is you do not have to belong to some Exclusive group to have salvation. Nowhere does the bible state that. It says only Jesus has sayings of eternal life. Not the Catholics, Muslims, or the WT Org.I will ask you the same question in sincerity that I asked Carlos and many others. Can you show me explicitly 1… just 1 prediction or prophecy that proves beyond a doubt that the JW’s foretold am major prophecy accurately? Or that 1 thing they said came explicitly true in the past 75 years? Please don’t refer to some general event. I mean Specifically something the WT has ever said that came true on time without a doubt?

      I was tying to get Carlos to think that is all, He doesn’t have to belong tot he WT to have Gods blessing. That is the whole thing with Cults. They brainwash their member s to think they have special favor or inside information on God that no OTHER group has in the entire earth. The WT has done a good Job at doing that to its members.

      So I ask you if you can please show me one prophecy or prediction in the last 75 years or ever that the WT has undisputable proof that what they said came true?

      Peace to all

  26. Grace formally Thankyouall! says:

    I suppose it depends on what sayings of everlasting life you are looking for johnny p. I think you’re assuming much if you think that most become athiest or agnostic. If you believe the essence of Jesus’ teachings it seems clear that he came to lighten up the overburdened sheep from the pharisaical leadership & to give each person the dignity to discern for themselves what is right & wrong from the principals he set forth with his parables.

    Sayings of everlasting life is a personal thing. Happy is the man conscious of his spiritual needs. Spirituality relies on personal faith & not how you are perceived to look or act or obedience to a man made entity.

    Since I stepped back in to the ‘world’ away from wt indoctrination, I have come to appreciate just how spiritual many people are in the ‘world’. People who show a more loving spirit without judgement than what I experienced with the so called true Christians. I had to step outside though to really appreciate that.

  27. Holy Connoli says:

    Johnny P
    Did you get my last response ?

  28. Honesty says:

    Now I see, I just realized what this website is really all about. YOU ARE (APOSTATES!!!) Now I clearly understand the faulty critisim and lies! You were disfellowshiped! No wonder you’re angry or bitter, and speak against Jehovah and his true worshippers! So now I really putty you all. What a waste…lol

    • Holy Connoli says:

      Honesty. Really? It took you that long to figure out that people on here are not promoters of the WT and the JW cult? No one is hiding the position they are taking. Unlike the WT that tries to hide their true past and all the errors and mistakes they made and continue to make. If the WT was honest they would come out and admit their errors and hundreds of false duff prophecies and change their ways. Of course they won’t do that bc they are not humble and certainly not honest with their past or present. Can I ask you the same question I have asked dozens and perhaps hundreds of other JW’s?

      Can you show me 1. Just one accurate prophecy the JW”s have spoken over the last 135 years of their existence that has come true without a doubt?
      They have uttered and predicted many many things and to my knowledge not ONE thing has come true. Please don’t be general and quote 1:tim 3:1-5 I mean specific like who is the King of the North and King of the South? When is Gods Kingdom coming ? Why is 1914 been reinterpreted again? How come the 1914 generation is gone and nothing happened that they said without a doubt it would? Gog of Magog? The WT has flip floppedso MANY times how do you know what to believe anymore? It reminds me of all the other religions that have been proved wrong on their predictions of the end of the world. JW’s are no different at all except they are meaner than most of the other ones. So I ask you in sincerity ? Can you show me one prophecy the JW’s have predicated that has come true in the last 135 years? Just 1 with accuracy.

  29. A says:

    if Paul told us to keep the congressional clean , then why does God allow wheat and weeds grow together?

  30. Holy Connoli says:


    I was never disfellowshipped. I am not considered an apostate but the truth is the WT is a Hypocritical religion full of duff fake prophecies and they hide the truth about themselves and the inner chambers and secrets of what goes on in the GB.I was an Elder for 12 years and many other “privileges” We have to face reality and just read what the true history of the WT is and how they hide their own sins to look good to the public. They have rewritten their own history to trey to put s great picture of themselves but the truth is they lie. They are cruel and they divide and hurt families. NOT ONE prophecy they have ever said has come true. PLEASE NAME me 1 accurate prophecy they have uttered that is true? Just 1undeniable prediction or prophecy that they can prove beyond a doubt?. This is my challenge to you and any other JW apologists.

  31. apologist says:


    you were an elder??

    this is all about salvation… this is not a social club
    please then
    honestly tell me what the true religion you now go to for salvation…
    or have you now become atheist or agnostic
    please… i’m listening

    • Cedars says:

      There are three possibilities on the table:
      1) That all religions are true
      2) That all religions are false
      3) That only one religion is true
      The first proposition is clearly impossible, since most religions (including yours) tend to be mutually exclusive.
      My position, that of proposition 2, is the most easily defensible of the three, and explains why there is so much carnage and immorality in the holy books (because religion is man-made).
      If you maintain that proposition 3 is correct, and furthermore that your religion just happens to be the right one, the burden of proof is on you to convince me and everyone else that Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Jehovah’s Witnesses alone, have been chosen as the one true religion by the Creator of the universe.

      Prove this, and I will take down this website and my YouTube channel.

      Good luck.

  32. apologist says:

    my comments were directed to holy canoli
    the former elder… who only severed for ?? what reason again??

  33. apologist says:

    Not all religions are true…
    You need to do the work to find out which one is… I have…
    Not all religions are false… I have done the work and have drawn the conclusion that Jehovah’s witness have it…
    Only one way can be true by definition… there is only one way to do something right…
    You position is very very myopic and short sighted… when measured against the bible
    There is such a concept as faith
    What have you put your faith in??
    Jehovah’s witness have put their faith in the bible… and thus all your bashing should be measured against it…
    We are not perfect and do not claim perfection…. We attempt to serve God according to what the bible instructs… if we get it wrong we attempt to modify and move forward…
    It is not for you to determine how we are to act…
    The whole message from the bible is who has the right to dictate…
    A lot of the observations stated here are true… so what… ill state it again… it is about salvation… this is not a social club…
    We communicate the truth as we understand it from the bible… if you think the world is a better place without Jehovah… enjoy… no one is twisting your arm… we are not killing anyone… let the internet educate you and guide your life…
    But… according to the bible… as all JW’s discussions should be directed from… there will be a settling of matters… and Jehovah… or the God you may know as the creator of all things… will
    I do not need to prove anything to you
    It seems you are a hater of all religion good or bad… but just want to lash out at JW’s
    I don’t believe in the god of good luck

    • anonymous says:

      @apologist, I was in this religion for 50 years so I know what you are saying is what we all believed at one time. I have another challenge for you. Take out your Bible and read Numbers chapter 31 all the way through and tell me how much you love serving Jehovah then. Please do that and come back and defend that God, Jehovah. Something that I don’t want you to miss is how after Moses is to go and kill thousands of Midianites for supposedly no reason at all, they were to take all their hundreds of thousands of animals and all their little girls and the booty was taxed and if I am not mistaken, 10% of the booty was to go to the Levites, including 10% all the little girls that they captured, having had killed their mothers and fathers and little brothers. Can you answer why the Levites would need all those little girls????? This is the God you worship.

  34. Cedars says:

    “I have done the work and have drawn the conclusion that Jehovah’s witness have it…”

    Should I take that as an attempted answer to my challenge?

    “We are not perfect and do not claim perfection….”

    No, you just punish former members who no longer agree with you through shunning, and threaten anyone who doesn’t want to be a Witness with death at Armageddon. How humble.

  35. apologist says:

    It took you 50 years to realize you could not stomach decisions made by the creator
    I think quite a few people died with the flood…
    But… its ok
    You tell God how to behave…
    Btw… what belief system do you follow now…
    Have you found a better one… please tell me… if there is a better one I will follow…
    you have no challenge… you do not make any sense
    if salvation exists… there is only one way to get it… if not by JW’s then by who
    as opposed to… religion is man made…
    if you were ever a witness you know that from the bibles perspective there is salvation and it boils down to belief
    You just want attention and that is why you have created this site which is not a Neutral place of expression…
    Are you a former member that feels punished… what did you think you were joining the girls club
    This is about serving GOD… JEHOVAH GOD
    Who are you to say it is wrong to shun bad behavior
    Noooooooo lets accept anything we want
    This is so funny you guys treat religion like it is a club that you no longer want part of because it is just too hard
    Did you guys ever read what is in the bible…. It is not easy serving God… especially when all this world wants is to hurt people… how can I place myself in Gods head to understand why in Numbers… as stated by anonymous… that happened
    The belief is that this system is coming to an end
    You do not think that people will die???
    Again… a belief…don’t like it … don’t believe!!!
    It is not about this life… it is about the other life
    Please provide a better solution than to be a witness I challenge you!!!

    • Excelsior! says:


      Why do you, and so many other JW supporters, fail to write at an adult level?

      Why do you fail to use question marks when asking a question?

      Why do you use elipses incorrectly?

      Why do you even bother to comment at all?

      You and your ilk are all the same! You have no concept of logic, reason or sense!

      Why don’t you do yourself and us a favour? Go and do your own research into your religion, buy a non JW bible, and go and read it, without the WT commentary.

      Go and do something kind for someone less fortunate than yourself, that would make JESUS happy indeed!

      Peace be with you, Excelsior!

    • anonymous says:

      @apologist, have you ever researched the history of the Bible and how we got it? We were always told from Watchtower that the Bible is inspired or God breathed and you should know there is not even one original manuscript from the original writers of the Bible so no Bible is actually inspired of God. They are copies of copies and translations of translations. There is no proof at all that any Bible today was actually transcribed by God (if there is a God).

      Did you realize if you read your Bible that when Moses left Egypt, he went to live in Midian and married a Midianite girl and had Midianite children and then in Numbers chapter 31, for no reason at all, God tell him to go and kill all the Midianites? He had just left Midian and his father-in-law Jethro helped him with his judging of the Israelites and Jethro goes back to Midian and then in Numbers, he is to go and kill every man, woman and child in Midian, except for all the little girls were their booty. They were supposed to check those little girls to make sure they had never had intercourse with a man. How do you think they would have done that? Then, 90% of those girls, they could keep for themselves and the rest they had to give to the Levite priests at the Temple.

      You say that I am telling God what he can do? I don’t have to worship a God like that but if you want to, go ahead. Just don’t judge anybody else if they don’t want to. And yes, it took me 50 years to figure it out that it’s all fiction. That is why I don’t hold it against any God because I don’t believe any of it happened in the first place. Even the Awake magazine had an article in the April 8, 2004 issue pages 1,2 Titled “Moses- Man or Myth?” that said that there is no physical evidence that Moses ever existed or that there was ever the Exodus.

      You should read your magazines.

      As far as giving you a replacement religion, why is that anybody’s else’s responsibility? Lloyd has given a very good illustration and you should pay attention to it. If somebody comes along and warns you during the night that your house is on fire and gets you out of the house, is it his responsibility then to provide you with a new house?????

      Think about it.

    • anonymous says:

      Lloyd has a good illustration and this is it. If somebody comes along and sees that your house is on fire and it is night time and you are most likely sleeping and he knocks on your door and wakes you up so you can escape being burned to death in your house fire, is it then that person’s responsibility to provide you with a new house?

      Yes, sorry to say but it did take me 50 years to “wake” up. Your coming onto this web site is a good sign that maybe you aren’t afraid to learn a thing or two if you stick around a while.

    • holy connoli says:

      You said it took 50 years to not agree with decisions made by the Creator? Which decisions from the all knowing perfect Creator are you referring to in the last 50 years? Do you mean the ever , ever changing doctrines of 1914, the F&DS,
      the sheep and the goats, The type and the anti type ( may 15th 2015 WT study article ) The basis for scriptural divorce, If you can or cannot speak with a DF person, Gog of Magog, The king of the North and the King of the South, Who will and will not be resurrected, If you can or cannot serve on a jury, if you can vote or not, What is considered sacred service?,If you should have children or marry in this system or just pioneer,1918 and 1919 and if they are bible prophecy being full filled,
      Does Jehovah have his own planet he dwells on?,
      the declension to “SECRETELY” join the UN an then quickly resign when it became public,all the other many many decesions and flip flop teachings that the T continually changes… so are thoise the decisions you are referring to from the Creator who never makes a mistake and knows the end before the beginning? Either the Wt or Jehovah the Creator have it wrong. I will opt that the WT is the wrong one here! You cannot based on the track record of the WT connect God and the WWT as one and the same.

  36. Grace says:


    When you get skinned & thrown about by the very religion your defending. We will welcome you here with open arms. It’s only a matter of time.

  37. holy connoli says:

    You claim that the JWs get all their info from the bible. That is only true to the extent that YOU MUST believe their explanation of it and only theirs. If you dare have a different understanding of the bible you will be Disfellowshipped if you dare speak of it.

    You mention this is not a “SOCIAL CLUB” but is about salvation. Actually the JW’s act more like a social club than a real social club! They have SO MANY MAN MADE Social Rules you must observe to be a member in good standing. Hair cuts, must wear a tie or suit, No Beards,
    no pants for woman, Must report Hours of field service each month, You cannot play on a sports team, No cheerleading, Cannot support your school, you cannot attend the prom,no dating, no cub scouts, no boy scouts,
    no girl scouts, you cannot attend a wedding at another church, you cannot attend the funeral of even a family member at another church, No Celebrations at all! No wind chimes, No toasting at a retirement party, the list goes on and on and on and on! If you ever dare to leave this “Religious Social Club” you will be punished and your own family, children cannot talk with you ? That is insanity! So if we are talking about salvation are these man made derogatory rules necessary for Salvation? The Bible is clear on salvation. It is not thru a religious system or religious organization but only thru faith in God and thru Jesus. Christianity is a simple faith. The WT and other religious cults has made it difficult. They tie all kinds of weights around the necks of believers and throw the guilt of God’s disfavor on them cannot earn salvation it is a gift.

    I asked apologist to show me just 1 prediction or prophecy that the WT has made in 135 years that has come true without any fuzzy explanation. What have they directly predicted that proved accurate historically
    without a doubt. Show mw a prediction the WT uttered that you can point to and say see, HERE IT IS! We said this event would happen on this day and this year and this time and here it is. Please show me one that is true that they have EVER uttered.

  38. apologist says:

    I’m here
    working on my response
    comments coming shortly

  39. apologist says:

    Excelsior… excelsior… excelsior
    Your concern is my writing ability??
    Why comment… I thought this is a place to express ones thoughts… only your one sided ones count then… hmmmm
    I have no concept of logic… reason… or sense… please defend this statement… be specific… otherwise it makes no logic reason or sense… it then just becomes an attack statement… are you afraid you might learn something… hmmmm
    I’ve done my research… and can defend its findings
    My reply to you is being kind… because you seem like a lost cause… you only attack and say nothing at all…
    Please take a stand and defend it.

  40. apologist says:

    looks like cedars is blocking me from answering
    oh well… on him not me

    • Cedars says:

      If I’m blocking you, I’m clearly not doing a good job am I? Actually I’m letting you comment for now, because you brilliantly showcase the levels of ignorance, arrogance and credulity required to venture on this website and still defend Watchtower.

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