Former Jehovah’s Witness calls out Serena Williams’ double standards over women’s rights.

Serena Williams, Wimbledon tennis champion and international sports personality, recently posted an open letter in the Guardian newspaper. Entitled “We must continue to dream big” Serena’s letter sounds a call to action to address issues of gender inequality that affect women … Continue reading


Breaking News: Jury Selection Complete in Fessler Versus Watchtower Child Abuse Case – Trial Date Set

Stephanie Fessler

For the first time since the 2012 landmark ruling in the case of Candace Conti versus the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, a jury will decide the outcome of a sexual abuse case in which multiple Jehovah’s Witness … Continue reading


Oatmeal and Amaretto: Tales of hypocrisy from the heart of Brooklyn Bethel

Regular readers of this website will be familiar with former Jehovah’s Witness Howie Tran. Tran served at Brooklyn Bethel for a number of years, eventually ascending to the role of helping aged Governing Body member Karl F. Klein to fulfil … Continue reading


News Bulletin: Will Jehovah’s Witnesses Provide Charity for Non-JW Refugees? Latest Watchtower Says NO!

Jehovah's Witnesses

While Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to represent themselves as a charitable religion, their latest Watchtower magazine strongly reminds its followers that any assistance given to refugees be limited to Witnesses only, and that non-Jehovah’s Witnesses be given no material support.   As … Continue reading


Article in major UK Newspaper: “We need to do more to tackle sex abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses”

The Times news organisation, one of the most prestigious and widely read news outlets in the UK, has today carried an article by lawyer Kathleen Hallisey calling for urgent action to address Watchtower’s worldwide ongoing sex abuse scandal. Hallisey is extremely … Continue reading

205 Comments provides fascinating coverage of Spanish activist group “AbusosTJ.”

A very interesting post has gone up on, website of longtime activist and campaigner Barbara Anderson, who has dedicated herself to tackling the issue of Watchtower’s child abuse problem and was one of the very first people to sound … Continue reading


Guardian newspaper reports concerns over UK Charity Commission Watchtower investigation

As previously reported on JW Survey, the Charity Commission are investigating Watchtower’s UK arm (which is registered as a UK charity, as is each individual congregation in the UK) in response to a slew of allegations of inappropriate handling of … Continue reading


Breaking News: Watchtower Announces Strong Warning on Against Inappropriate Emojis
avatar emoji dangers

We interrupt our regularly scheduled series of articles dealing with child abuse, death from Watchtower’s blood policies, and international news of religious bans and imprisonments to bring you an important announcement: Jehovah’s Witnesses have released a vitally important new worksheet for … Continue reading


Six former Jehovah’s Witnesses share their stories in powerful new videos

I was quite lucky, as far as children born into the Jehovah’s Witness religion go. I was born heterosexual. This meant I never had to struggle with being told that my sexual identity was sinful, and that if I wished … Continue reading


UK Charity Commission posts update for Watchtower Investigation

As regular readers of JW Survey will know, the UK Charity Commission (the body responsible for overseeing and regulating registered charities in the United Kingdom) have been carrying out an investigation into the UK arm of Watchtower, which is currently … Continue reading


“It’s okay to say you don’t know:” How a former Jehovah’s Witness broke free from the religion and from suicidal thoughts.

Many of our readers will be familiar with the youtube channel JW Awake. Run by activist Sean McGee AKA Cappytan (who has previously written for JW Survey) and Trace Gallagher AKA unrepentantjw, the youtube channel in its own words contains “a variety … Continue reading


Spanish Newspaper Cronica Global joins list of news organisations reporting Watchtower child abuse scandal.

News coverage of Watchtower’s child abuse controversy continues to circulate around the globe, and the latest news organisation to carry an article on the subject is the Spanish language Cronica Global. Carrying the headline “Jehovah’s Witnesses decree that cases of … Continue reading


Animated film sheds light on Watchtower’s “two witness rule.”

One of the most controversial stories to have impacted Watchtower in recent years has been the scandal over their handling of child sex abuse within the Witness community. Many news outlets have covered this issue, from the BBC to the Guardian, … Continue reading