JW.org releases new homophobic video “Remember the Wife of Lot”

The Jehovah’s Witness religion has long been known for its vocal disapproval of the LGBT community. On a doctrinal level it teaches that any practicing homosexuals are sinful and deserve to die, and that very soon God will kill any such person at the upcoming battle of Armageddon.

On an everyday level, whilst it does not press for government action or laws against the LGBT community due to a strict doctrine of total political disconnection, it does directly persecute it’s own members who are LGBT by requiring them to remain celibate for life. Should any of them refuse to do so, the religion demands that they be completely shunned by all their JW family and friends, with the additional threat of shunning for any family or friends who refuse to comply.

So a JW born into the religion and baptised as a young child, which is increasingly the case, and who grows up to discover they are gay, will be faced with a choice: deny their sexuality forever or lose everyone they have ever known.

In recent years Watchtower, the organisation that controls the Witness religion, has released a large number of videos that make strong anti-LGBT statements, and this year is no exception. However, it seems that the rhetoric is on this topic escalating to a worrying degree, as Witnesses are now being instructed to become directly confrontational when encountering gays, lesbians, or others who do not fit Watchtower’s narrow view of approved sexual identities.

One such example of the escalation in rhetoric is the new Watchtower produced video drama, “Remember the Wife of Lot.”

Remember the Wife of Lot.

This will not end well.


The official webpage of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, JW.org, has just released a series of videos that will play at the religions upcoming series of 2017 worldwide conventions. One of the videos is a three part drama entitled “Remember the Wife of Lot.” It can be viewed here.

Intended to be a modern day parallel to the Biblical tale of Lot in the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah, Watchtower states on JW.org;

The warning Jesus gave nearly 2,000 years ago is more important than ever. See how Brian and Gloria learn to protect their family from the dangers Jesus warned about.

One of those dangers is, of course, the insidious and sinful LGBT community.

There are two scenes in which Watchtower’s message on homosexuality is showcased, but one of them really stood out to me as requiring more refutation than usual. Not just because of the nature of the teachings themselves; by this point I’m very familiar with the anti-LGBT message Watchtower promotes and sadly it no longer shocks me quite the way it would someone encountering JW.org for the first time. Rather it was the sheer bad manners the Witness characters displayed in the sequence that dropped my jaw.

Let’s set the scene.

Brian and Gloria are two Witness parents, whose daughter has invited some of her workmates back for a meal. One of these workmates is a girl called Tess. During the mealtime conversation, it emerges that Tess is considered to be one of the top interns at the company. The JW wife, Gloria, tells Tess that her parents must be very proud, and Tess replies:

“My Moms are both really proud of me. I was raised by two wonderful women.”

And thus begins one of the most excruciating, clumsy and crass examples of homophobic propaganda in recent Witness history.

The dinner party from Hell

Behold the official Watchtower-endorsed “Glare of Disapproval” to be deployed when encountering a same-sex family.

What happens when Tess drops this “bombshell?”

Remember, the Witness characters have been taught that homosexuality is a grave sin worthy of death at Jehovah’s God’s hands when he brings a worldwide Armageddon, which Witnesses believe to be coming soon. Any baptised Witness who is unrepentantly romancing the same-sex is required to be completely shunned by all their JW family and friends.

Make no mistake, in the eyes of the Witness characters in this scene, Tess’ parents are doing something revolting and deserve to die unless they split up, become Witnesses and either marry men or remain celibate.

However, given the fact that Tess is not a Witness and is simply responding to a passing question, it seems like the polite thing to do would be to simply move on and continue the conversation about the internship. Yet instead the Witness characters act like she’s just slapped them all in the face and spat on the table. Their jaws drop, they stammer, and the father Brian gives Tess a stern stare of anger and disgust.

Next, in a display of what I can only describe as social incompetence of the worst order, the Witness character Gloria learns forward with a concerned expression and replies in a horrified tone that she’s just found her that her assistant at work is gay.

Seriously. This is what she does. Watch the video.

Gloria’s tone of voice and expression make it sound like she’s telling everyone that her assistant is a rapist, or has highly contagious mutant space-rabies, or just started their very own Adolf Hitler fan club.

Now, quite why she would say that to a person whose has just casually mentioned they have same sex parents, and in that tone of voice, I have no idea. She’s either deliberately being atrociously rude, or has absolutely no grasp of appropriate social interaction, or perhaps suffers from some unholy and catastrophic mix of the two.

Quite rightly, Tess demands to know what’s wrong with a same sex couple, since its clear her parents are being directly insulted. Incredibly, the video actually presents Tess as being the inconsiderate, rude one for daring to speak of and defend her parents in front of the JW family. Apparently, when asked about her parents, she should have either denied the existence of her loving mothers, or edited their genders so as to coddle the fragile sensitivities of the Witnesses.

The scene continues, with another guest joining the pushback against the JW’s and arguing in support of same sex relationships. Since this is a Watchtower video, the pushback doesn’t go into very much detail, as Watchtower has never been one to give a fair hearing the opposite side of the argument. However, even by the standards of the scene itself, it’s actually the immoral and wicked people of “Satan’s world” who end up coming across as the reasonable ones, and the righteous JW “heroes” who end up looking like they possess all the tact and social grace of a pack of flatulent, drunken hyenas.

For example: at one point Gloria appears to concede that maybe gays and lesbians are born that way, but Brian quickly intervenes and squashes this idea. He gives a lecture about everyone having free will, and outlines his sales pitch for Watchtower’s interpretation of the Bible, which condemns the woman’s parents loving relationship as harmful. Incredibly, he also states that Witnesses “don’t push their religion down anyone’s throat,” despite the fact that he and Gloria have just turned a passing mention of same sex parentage into a lengthly and toe-curling excuse to harangue and chastise the child of those parents!

What if the tables were turned?

That face you make when an off the cuff mention of your parents results in a tsunami of judgemental religious sermonising heading your way.

Let’s switch this around.

Let’s say that Tess had Jehovah’s Witness parents, and that Brian and Gloria are non-Witnesses.

During the meal, it casually comes up in passing that Tess’s parents are Witnesses. Brian and Gloria react in shock, pulling faces of disgust, and then Gloria replies in horrified tones that she recently found out that her assistant is a Witness. When the other guests point out how rude Brian and Gloria are being, the couple do not apologise but rather they double downlambasting Tess about how sinful her Witness parents are, and deliver a patronising sermon to try to push their own beliefs.

Can you imagine how rude that would be?

If you are a Jehovah’s Witness reading this, I’m sure you understand how hurt and upset that child of Witness parents would feel. Surely now you can understand how hurt and upset the child of a same sex couple would feel if treated in like manner? Even if you fully subscribe to Watchtower’s teachings on homosexuality, you must surely admit that the way the Witness characters acted in this scene is incredibly obnoxious and rude. 

Yet this is clearly the way that the Governing Body wants you to treat anyone who casually mentions their sexuality or that of their loving parents. 

How do you feel about that?

Why does JW.org create these videos?

In the 2016 cartoon, Sophia’s mum teaches her how to be judgmental and bigoted

If you are not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, you may simply pass this video off as a weird bit of badly acted, poorly written, socially backward storytelling, but I’d urge you to understand the following point:

These videos are not simply intended to be entertainment for Jehovah’s Witnesses. These videos are directly intended to be training for all Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. 

This video is directly intended to demonstrate to Witnesses how to handle a situation where a person casually mentions that they have two fathers, or two mothers. Witnesses worldwide are now expected to hassle, harass, and lecture them. Letting the comment simply go unmentioned is not on the list of options presented here, and every Witness watching the video will understand this.

If you think we’re exaggerating, in 2016 JW.org brought out a CGI children’s cartoon/instructional video explicitly encouraging young Witness children to lecture the young children of same-sex couples about the sinful nature of their parent’s relationship and the need to become Jehovah’s Witnesses in order to avoid death and gain paradise.

The video quite rightly drew worldwide condemnation, not only due to the homophobic nature of the message, but also due to the incredibly crass way it encouraged Witness children to harass their classmates and other non-witnesses in such a rude, unpleasant manner. Sadly it appears that nothing has changed at JW.org, if this latest video is anything to go by.

Now, it has to be said than many actual Witnesses will probably be far too polite to actually take the advice given here (and others might be reluctant to follow this advice from a sheer sense of social self preservation if nothing else) but nonetheless it illustrates how the leadership of Watchtower views the LGBT community and how it expects its followers to behave towards them.

Quite frankly, setting all issues of theology and the human rights of the LGBT community to one side, it appears that the leadership and scriptwriting teams at JW.org are in desperate need of a strong lesson in manners.

For a more detailed examination of the homophobia on display in “Remember the Wife of Lot,” check out the following videos and articles from JW Survey founder Lloyd Evans.

Article in the Huffington Post on the homophobic aspects of Remember the Wife of Lot

You can also watch a more detailed breakdown of the wider aspects of cult manipulation and abusive doctrine in Remember the Wife of Lot as part of this video from Lloyd Evans. The link will take you to the part of the video where the drama is discussed.

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883 Responses to JW.org releases new homophobic video “Remember the Wife of Lot”

  1. twistedsister69 says:

    For some helpful tips on how to deal with Watchtower “PsyOps”, watch this video:

  2. twistedsister69 says:

    Since we’re on the topic of homophobia, if anyone is interested in conducting a fun sociological experiment, show the following video to Witless friends/family & gauge their reaction 😀 :

  3. twistedsister69 says:


    U bet. Though I’m a Trekkie & a Star Wars fan, Stargate is my fave movie. It did postulate the idea that the Pyramids were built by aliens (or at least by human slaves under the tyranny of 1 particular alien who came to be known as Ra – the Sun God). Really cool wicked-awesome film.
    And yes, it is interesting that the bible never mentions the Pyramids. Well, at least that’s 1 thing the ancient Hebrews didn’t specifically take credit for. LOL It’s pretty much established that the Hebrews were never slaves in Egypt, nor were the Pyramids, Sphinx, temples, etc built by slaves, but rather, skilled craftsmen & paid laborers. A fascinating new angle on ancient Egyptian culture was/is presented on Netflix – The Pyramid Code.
    BTW, 1 of the best scenes in Stargate is when Col. O’Neill (Kurt Russell) zaps 1 of the Horus guards with his own zapper. The king of the slaves freaks out & orders the other slaves to prostrate themselves & start praying to Ra for forgiveness. So Dr. Jackson (James Spader) pushes the button on the dead Horus guard’s helmet-mask that opens it up & reveals that the Horus guard is a mere human, & says in their language, “Take a look at your gods, Yusef. Take a good look.”

    • Jennifer says:


      As you are a Star Trek fan, I was wondering if you are familiar with a particular episode.I’m a bit hazy about all the details. It was one of the original stories with William Shatner and
      Leonard Nimoy. Enterprise landed on a planet inhabited by Greek or Roman gods. The gods had became weak and had lost their power and influence, because people no longer believed in them. As some crew members began to put faith in the gods, they grew powerful again. I was a lot younger when I watched this, but years later I thought what an intriguing concept it was.

  4. twistedsister69 says:

    Even Hitler is fed up with WT’s “new light”:

  5. victor vandendool says:

    hi, just back from the mid-week meeting where the childrens’ cartoon video against homosexuality was shown. A point made in the vid was;” everyone can change”. Later a bible study demo explained how a loving God hates murder – related to abortion. Yet earlier in the evening it was shown that in Exekie 9;6l, people not “marked” were killed – men women and CHILDREN without mercy…. It was later explained that the children were killed because of the sins of their parents. I am lost for words ……

  6. Kay says:

    Witnesses all fired up after their convention here. Have already received an email with WT study articles for me to read… They wrote in part… ‘Know what you are going through and these articles helped me. I am sure they will help to … wait for it…. ADJUST YOUR THINKING. blaa dee blaa dee blaa….. er my thinking is fine, I don’t need it adjusting. Made me alternate between laughing and being annoyed all day.

  7. Ted says:

    In Gods tête-à-tête with Abe there’s no mention of
    homosex, in S & G, and certainly none regarding
    the women and children, but nevertheless they were
    not spared. It’s a pattern of scapegoating that goes on
    throughout the Bible, making the innocent as well as the
    guilty suffer.

    It wasn’t until the 11th century CE, that S & G, was labelled
    as the hotbed of the gays by St, Peter Damian, a cardinal
    and big buddy of pope Leo the 1X. But his views are not
    respected by many theologians today, well maybe wt,!

    In EZEk, 16, Jerusalem is likened to an adulterous wife,
    and compared to 2 different cities, Samaria and Sodom.
    Then in v49, the sins of Sodom in particular are described,
    Which among others is, not caring for the poor and needy.
    No mention of homosexuality

    We’re all aware of the bad press the gays get in the
    bible, but so do women, and heterosex, Rev,14:4 describes
    them as “Defiling” to men, some. synonyms are, – debasing.
    befouling. DIRTY. Thankfully, as society has matured, and
    progressed. the bible has become less and less relevant.

    • outandabout says:

      Talking about Gay’s, Sodom, wrath of God, etc, Ted……I wonder what God’s purpose was on the morning of Jan 23 1556 when he unleashed a devastating earthquake in Shaanx, China, which saw the loss of an estimated 830,000 lives. But due to my religious fundamentalist upbringing, it’s essential I conclude that the area was a seething mass of homosexuals where a person couldn’t even turn around without being ……. Teach them, aye! Go God! Of course there have been the usual assortment of haters who are blinded from the truth and are suggesting the Chinese method of construction was at fault which caused the people to be crushed in their sleep, but I know better. Any day now!…….for the last 2000 yrs.

  8. Ted says:

    Yeah outandabout. Obviously some big sinning going on
    there in China, but let me tell ya you don’t have to be an
    Irreformable rotter for god to zap you. You’ve gotta be
    on your toes all the time, or you could get caught out on
    on some little sin, but they all count !

    Onan got zapped for coitus interuptus, and that guy who
    got his comeuppance for collecting firewood on gods
    rest day, then Lots wife, nasty end there just for having
    shufty back at S&G,

    I’m sure now your gonna ask me about forgiving 70 times 70.
    it’s best not to mention that unless you want to get zapped
    as well, Ssshhh,

    • outandabout says:

      Well, given the value of salt back then, Ted, Lot’s wife may as well have been turned into gold. I suppose that with god moving in mysterious way’s, there was a message in that but nobody’s seen it yet. Imagine dying and having a statue of gold in your honor. So really, who was the lucky cow, then?
      I’m actually looking forward to being zapped. This Paradise of God’s has been likened to a celestial North Korea, with North Korea being the preferred option because there at least one can f—–g well die!
      Better to die on your feet than to live on your knee’s.

  9. Caroline says:

    This is the most wonderful talk by Seth Andrews and it’s only about 4 minutes and it fits so well the topic here.


    • outandabout says:

      Seeing as it’s you, Caroline, I’ll watch it, but I wouldn’t do it for anyone else.

      • outandabout says:

        Some will say that the video portray’s what man is doing to man, not god doing the doing and if only people listened to god, none of this will happen – pretty much like Islam, portrayed as the religion of peace – yeah, once everyone is Muslim and on the same page.
        The same goes for everything, even Atheism. That’s why I earlier pointed out the example of Sweden with it’s mostly atheistic harmonious society getting along really well, that is until the arrival of religious fundamentalism. Then there is Bhutan where it’s a government decree that everything the country does must make the population happier, and it works. The same goes for any sort of belief system. Once everyone is on the same page, then we can start building a better society, but until that happens, it’s the same old same old. Getting rid of the hell created by religious fundamentalism would be a good start.

        • Caroline says:

          outandabout, I know most people will probably look at that video and not see themselves. You almost have to be an atheist to appreciate the truthfulness in it. It was written by Seth Andrews and narrated by Nathan Phelps of the Fred Phelps family who, along with 2 of his siblings left that church and is now a spokesman for gay rights.

  10. twistedsister69 says:

    I’m trying not to get carried away with the YouTube clips, but I almost busted a gut with this one. Will not be surprised if it’s yanked, either. It’s quite naughty.
    Anyway, say what u like about Jehovah’s Witlesses, at least they teach their children not to swear.
    Unlike this naughty little boy:

    • Imgonaburn says:

      Omg Caroline. I howled with laughter at this!! Swearing OUT LOUD has become my favourite sport since leaving the cult. This is pretty much the sort of conversation that takes place at any given time in our house nowadays. Hubby doesn’t join in though but that makes it all the more delicious!!

    • Caroline says:

      That video made me laugh too. My 7 year old twin grandsons talk like those kids in that video at home and hopefully not in public. They love those bad words even at their age but my husband used those words all the time and he was fully indoctrinated and I think most witnesses actually use the f word all the time, just not when somebody else at the hall will hear them. I heard it plenty and I swore like a sailor when I was in my car driving. One time a pioneer sister said it was wrong to even think swear words as a Witness and I can’t imagine a bad word ever coming out of her mouth either. I remember once how she was saying how lax the brothers and sisters were because they weren’t following the orders for family worship night when the book study was ended and that time that we didn’t have to go to meetings at the hall anymore was supposed to be replaced by the family worship night.

      As for me, I was always so glad when we had tornado warnings out and the meeting was cancelled. It was such a great night when I didn’t have to go to the meeting and I could have a good conscience about not going.

      Now, every night is good when I think about how depressed I was all day long all those years, thinking I couldn’t just go to bed all those nights but had to go to the meetings but now have a good conscience every night not having to go to those meetings when I know the whole thing was a sham

    • Caroline says:

      thank you twistedsister69 for posting this video from South Park. I love South Park.

  11. twistedsister69 says:

    I was just thinking (4 a change) – If we hit 1000 comments, it will be the Apostate Millennium. 😀

  12. twistedsister69 says:


    U’re welcome. I love South Park too. Totally twisted. The Thanksgiving episode with the genetically-engineered killer turkeys is a classic. So is the one with Starvin’ Marvin. There r so many – that show ran for so long.
    BTW, for anyone who enjoyed the Hitler video, & doesn’t know, there r tons more on YouTube under “Hitler Rants” – INCLUDING more on WT (“Hitler Rants Watchtower”) – like, Hitler responds to the 2016 convention “bunker” video; Hitler reacts to the 2-witness rule; Hitler as President of Watchtower; Hitler Gets Mad Again (about KH proprietary rights), etc. Enjoy.

  13. twistedsister69 says:


    That Star Trek story rings a bell. A bit hazy for me too. I’m wondering if u got 2 episodes mixed together. I remember 1 where these ancient-Greek types had telekinetic powers that came from the food they ate, I think. That was the “famous” episode that featured the 1st interracial kiss on TV (Kirk/Uhura – Bill Shatner/Nichelle Nichols). Then there was the 1 with “Apollo”, the alien with a device that gave him superpowers, who had been the god Apollo in ancient Greece back on Earth. There may be another 1 closer to what u described. Unless the 1 u saw was on ST: The Next Generation or something. It’s possible to Google all episodes. Wikipedia has a list. I would look it up now, but my WiFi isn’t working at the moment. Even when it is, it connects only briefly. So I type my comments on Word, then copy, then wait, then paste & post real quick B4 the @#$% thing goes offline again. Yeah, my life is weird. 😀 Reminds me of a Spock line from arguably the best & most famous ST episode of all – “The City on the Edge of Forever” – the 1 where they go back in time & meet Joan Collins — “I am attempting to construct a mnemonic device, using stone knives & bearskins.” LMAO

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