Astonishing Watchtower Bethel Sex Regulations Videos Leaked

A pillow: A seductive treat apparently leading many Bethelites astray

Two absolutely jaw-dropping official Jehovah’s Witness videos have just been leaked.

Intended for audiences at the religion’s various headquarters around the world, known inside the religion as “bethels,” the two videos lay out in excruciating detail a series of rules and regulations regarding clothing, sex and masturbation that all Bethel workers are required to obey.

One of the videos is intended for men, and is narrated by high-ranking Witness Leader Gary Breaux – the overseer for the Governing Body’s Service Committee.

The other is intended for women, and is presented by another Governing Body helper, Ralph Walls.

Both videos are combined below with commentary by JWsurvey founder Lloyd Evans. The full-length, unedited videos are also available and are embedded later in this article.

These videos are astonishing in three respects:

Firstly, for how awkward and hilarious these videos are to watch due to the way the information is delivered by the speakers. Their delivery is so earnest and Poe-faced that it turns the moment when they discuss the dangers of Bethelites having sex with pillows into some of the funniest footage I’ve seen in months. (I’m not joking about the pillows. Trust me, we’ll get to that!)

Secondly for the sheer absurd and inappropriate nature of some of the laws and claims made, laws that are either deeply damaging for a person’s mental and sexual life, or just simply so bonkers they make you laugh.

Thirdly for the quite frankly terrifying level of totalitarian and pharisaical control these videos showcase as demanded by the religion from its followers, and the ugly level of bigotry on display to members of the LGBTQ community.

I’m going to outline below some of the most astonishing claims made and rules laid down by Breaux and Walls so that you can quickly grasp both how absurd and almost hysterically funny these videos are, but also see how they illustrate the terrifying level of totalitarian control that Watchtower demands of its followers.

I’m going to cover the video intended for males for most of the article, as the female video covers the same material. However, the female video is extremely problematic in its own right, so we will take a look at those extra concerns as well.

The Threat of Homosexuals Who “Blend In”

A homosexual photographed just before ruthlessly attempting to “blend in.”

In his video, Breaux spends a lot of time instructing Witness men not to wear tight clothing. He outlines the need to:

…avoiding tight-fitting clothes that can identify you with homosexuality. What kind of clothes are we talking about? Some outfits are designed to feminize a man’s appearance as homosexuals try to do, especially displaying the buttocks and genitals.

This isn’t anything new for Watchtower. In recent years they have repeatedly instructed their male congregants to avoid “tight pants.” Indeed one of the religion’s leaders, Tony Morris, has become infamous for his long and sometimes rambling public tirades against the evils of tight trousers, which he regards as part of a homosexual conspiracy.

However, this rather strange fixation on tight trousers becomes especially awkward and excruciating to behold as Breaux continues to dwell on why tight pants are so subversive and evil:

it makes it harder to tell the difference between a homosexual and a heterosexual man, making homosexuals blend in.

This is just utterly bizarre.

Apparently, Gary Breaux and the JW leadership think of gay people as nefarious scheming predators who need alter the fashion sense of innocent heterosexuals to allow them to “blend in” and walk among us undetected. Breaux seems to be lost in the time-warp of some absurd and bad-taste 1970’s comedy show where gay men strut down the street dressed like members of the Village People with a tiny poodle on a pink leash, and thus can have their sexuality instantly identified visually.

I’ve got news for you Gary; members of the LGBTQ community ALREADY blend in. They are human beings who blend in with all the other human beings walking down the street just like them. They look just like normal people because they ARE normal people.

It gets worse from here. Later in the video, Breaux makes the following absurd claim:

At times you may find yourself struggling with same-sex desires or you may realize that others are doing so. That doesn’t mean that you or they are homosexuals but it does mean that you have to keep on guard.

Hmm. Well, whatever you need to tell yourself to get through those communal Bethel showers, Gary. Turns out denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. However, it gets more specific. Breaux later says:

Consider a situation. A group of single brothers has a meal together and after most leave two of them remain behind in the room drinking alcohol. At one point the one asked the other if he has ever woken up with an erection. Their conversation starts to touch on sexual matters. Are they flirting?

Their conversation can arouse sexual desires in them even though they are the same sex. This could easily lead to comments or curiosity about each other’s bodies.

Don’t deceive yourself thinking this could never happen. Keep in mind that alcohol tends to lower your inhibitions and can make thoughts that you’d normally suppress or view as repulsive seem acceptable; even inviting.

So firstly, is it just me or does that sound a bit too specific to be a purely theoretical scenario?

Secondly; Gary, those guys are gay. You are trying to paint this picture of alcohol turning pure and clean heterosexuals into perverted gay sinners, because you are unable to accept the fact that some people are just gay, and that being gay is fine.

If this is indeed a reference to a real event that took place at Bethel, as I suspect it is, I feel so sorry for the two Witnesses here whose sexuality was so repressed and crushed down by Watchtower’s repressive, bronze-age morality that it could only come out once they were utterly drunk, and that afterwards Watchtower had trained them to be so full of self-loathing that they felt compelled to seek out JW elders to confess and be judged.

There are actually a lot more of these “male locker room” scenarios in Breaux’s talk, and he outlines all of them in exquisite detail, each time stressing the danger that otherwise “normal” heterosexual males are in if they let a towel slip a bit too much, or turn their back on a lurking, hidden, homosexual.

Breaux wears Watchtower’s bigoted view of the LGBTQ community on his sleeve later in the video, referring to homosexuality as a “perverted practice,” and then saying: (Bold is mine)

Satan is waging war to influence people’s thinking on the subject of homosexuality. Jehovah hasn’t changed his view on the matter. Some israelites allow the nations around them to contaminate them with homosexual desires and practices. If you go to Romans 1 verse 24 note how Jehovah reacted toward those Israelites.

Watchtower views homosexuality as a “contamination,” and Breaux here refers to a scripture which relates how God allowed the nation of Israel to be destroyed because it entertained “uncleanness,” re-iterating Watchtower’s teaching that homosexuality is a sin deserving of death.

Lastly, as if there was any doubt in the mind of his audience, Breaux tells his audience: (bold is mine)

Homosexuality is unholy and repugnant to Jehovah and he will not tolerate it among his dedicated servants does your love for Jehovah move you to have the same view?

Watchtower has railed against the LGBTQ community before, such as in their now infamous “Caleb and Sofia” children’s cartoon which gained widespread condemnation, but not often does it wear its sneering homophobia so openly on its sleeve.

But we’ve only just begun. Because Breaux is about to dive into a section of video that we at JW Survey have come to refer to as…

The Masturbation Monologues

Let’s be very clear on one thing before we start.

Nowhere does the Bible ever refer to masturbation.

Even in the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, where other matters of sex are laid out in excruciating detail, there is not one mention of the practice. Nonetheless, Watchtower has for many years condemned masturbation as an obscene practice and this video is no exception.

Here, Breaux again issues a condemnation of masturbation, using the vaguest and flimsiest scriptural justification to do so. However, in a move I’ve never seen Watchtower pull before, he then goes on to recite a long list of very detailed scenarios and then plays a “Masturbation: Yes or No” game with his audience!

I’m not making this up, I swear!

With a really off-putting, over-earnest tone of voice that renders the entire exercise both hilarious and awkward, Breaux lays out scenario after scenario. For example, he asks:

Does a person have to use their hands to masturbate? For example say a brother wears an undergarment that’s so tight it rubs his penis as he moves around. He gets aroused and even ejaculates. Is he masturbating?

Any guesses? Well, the answer is:

Yes he is because he’s deliberately stimulating his genitals, even though he’s not using his hands.

Or how about this one.

Does there have to be an orgasm for it to be considered masturbation? Suppose a brother starts rubbing his genitals against a pillow. He gets an erection but stops before having an orgasm. Is he masturbating?

Again, is it just me or are these scenarios oddly specific? Are lots of Bethelites having sex with their pillows? And how did this epidemic of pillow-boffing reach the attention of the Governing Body? Do they check bed-linen with a blacklight or something? Or is there a long line of crestfallen and guilty-looking Bethelites shuffling into the offices of the Governing Body, driven by conscience to confess, clutching a somewhat forlorn and dank pillow to their burdened chests?

Anyway, the answer is apparently:

Yes, again, because he’s deliberately stimulating himself whether he has an orgasm or not.

So that’s clear. Pillows are off limits. Let’s try another one.

How about having an emission of semen at night maybe even after an erotic dream. Is that masturbation?

Answers on a postcard, and the winner is…

No, Jehovah made that a part of a man’s reproductive system and it happens without any deliberate stimulation.

Phew. You’re off the hook guys…

…except you’re not because Breaux goes on to say the following:

but even so when this happens to you it would be good to examine whether you were dwelling on sexual thoughts before going to sleep. Could you have been sleeping in a position that stimulated you, such as with a blanket or pillow held tightly between your legs? If you’re honest with yourself about these matters it will help you to avoid falling into unclean practices.

Yes. You read that correctly.

It is now possible to sleep in an unclean position!

You can’t even decide for yourself how you sleep now! 

There. Are. Sleep. Rules! 

Ahem. Okay, I’m calm now.

Breaux then goes on to warn that a Christian cannot be holy whilst “under the influence of masturbation,” which is a phrase I don’t think I’ve heard used anywhere before in any context, but is somehow hilarious, especially when he delivers it in his over-earnest, serious manner.

These scenarios continue as we move out of the realm of the masturbation and into the realm of “porneia”

It Takes Two To Be Disfellowshipped For The Tango

According to Watchtower, this is more sinful than two people getting naked and masturbating together.

Watchtower has long held that sex outside of marriage is fornication, or as they term it in this talk “porneia.” Jehovah’s Witnesses who commit “porneia” will be thrown out of the religion and completely shunned if they are deemed to be not sufficiently repentant, and their doctrine holds that fornicators will all be killed by God very soon when Armageddon comes. In this video, Breaux defines porneia as:

Sexual relations involving persons not married to each other. It includes acts such as oral sex anal sex and masturbating another person. It always involves deliberate manipulation of the genitals and at least one other person or animal. 

Now, let’s set aside that this isn’t necessarily the definition of the Greek word “porneia” that other scholars accept (the original Greek word actually just meant prostitution – see here for more details) and take a look at what Breaux has to say about the “manipulation of the genitals.”

Take one of the scenarios discussed here.

Does manipulation of the genitals always involve the use of the hands? Not necessarily for example suppose a brother pays a stripper to perform a lap dance that lasts several minutes she grinds her clothed genitals on his leg while he’s fully clothed. He becomes aroused but doesn’t ejaculate.

(Well I don’t know about you, but that was quite graphic and I’m a bit turned on, which I’m not sure is what Breaux was going for…)

Was that porneia? His genitals aren’t being manipulated and he’s not touching the woman’s genitals with his hands however he is committing pornea by allowing her to use his leg to stimulate her own genitals.

So presumably, as long as the strippers make no contact, it’s okay? I’m glad to know that Watchtower has thought long and hard about how long and hard a stripper has to work the client before God gets angry about the whole affair. Maybe that’s why Tony Morris looks so hot and bothered these days…

However, this does raise another question, specifically about skin.

Can there be porneia without skin-to-skin contact? Say a brother lies down on top of his girlfriend while both are clothed and they simulate having sex. Are they committing porneia?

What do you think everyone? Is Jehovah happy or sad?

They have their clothes on but the genitals of both are being manipulated so they’ve committed porneia whether a climax is reached or not.

Awww. Jehovah is sad, and they didn’t even get to climax. Poor show all round. And incidentally, Breaux goes on to state that this also outlaws any dancing where genitals might get “moved” or contact through clothing as well.

So no sexy close dancing for you anymore.

Shall we do another one?

What of the following situation? Two brothers masturbate in front of each other but without touching each other. Is it porneia?

What do you think? Surely that HAS to be porneia. I mean if a bit of clothed dancing can be porneia, then naked gay masturbation must be far worse in Watchtower’s eyes…

The answer is no since neither is touching the other person. However it is a flagrant disregard for Jehovah’s laws and a serious sin that has to be addressed by the elders.

Wait a moment.

So let me get this straight.

A couple fully clothed rubbing groins together but not climaxing is porneia and a sin for which they are destroyed, but two guys getting naked and masturbating in front of each other until they both ejaculate is less serious and not porneia?

I’ll run that by you again.

A couple fully clothed, dancing groin to butt, a little bit of friction, no climax, is porneia.

A couple stark naked, frantically masturbating, both climaxing…well you’re in trouble but it’s not porneia. But don’t make it worse by dancing sexy fully clothed or anything, coz that’s REALLY serious.

It should hopefully be clear by now that these videos are reaching levels of pharisaical insanity that are absurd even for Watchtower. I’ve even had to leave out a number of other crazy scenarios and rules that Breaux lays down, because I want to get to something that’s even more unsettling about the whole affair.

The other video.

The one directed at women.

Female Sexuality Is a Male Accessory

Good news ladies! These seven old men known more about your sexuality than you do!

In some ways, the video aimed at women is a copy of the one aimed at men. It’s given by Senior JW official and governing body helper Ralph Walls, and he covers many of the same topics as covered by Breaux. But there are differences, some of which are very telling.

In the video for “sisters’ there is a much heavier emphasis on dress and grooming. Women are banned from wearing short skirts or dresses that come above the knee, low cuts tops, or anything deemed “tight” or “revealing.”

Walls repeatedly makes statements that amount to the same thing; that women are basically objects of temptation to men and so carry an obligation to cover up. He even quotes a very old Watchtower from August 1st 1969 that states how:  (bold is mine)

Christen women are obligated not to dress provocatively.

Although Walls at one point makes a token statement about how women cannot be held accountable for what men think, he then makes many other statements that imply the exact opposite. He speaks repeatedly of how a “sexy” appearance is unacceptable and unfair to any poor innocent brothers who look at them, even quoting one male Witness as saying of women dressed outside of Watchtower rules:

“I personally find it rather hard to think only pure thoughts about younger women when I see the way they dress.”

So women; it’s your fault that the old men at Bethel are leering over you. You can’t possibly expect them to take responsibility for their own thoughts upon seeing a pretty girl in a summer dress. You must therefore surrender control of your wardrobe and appearance because an old man is scared of the way he feels when he looks at you.

Not only does this manifest an unhealthy desire to control a woman’s appearance to conform to a rigid “modesty culture,” it also manifests a particularly ugly victim-blaming mentality that Watchtower has displayed on more than one occasion. They once even claimed that children need to “dress modestly” to avoid sexual assault!.

However, by contrast, masturbation is only briefly discussed, which Walls refers to as “self-abuse.” This is extremely odd; in reality, women are just as sexual as men and enjoy (and benefit from) masturbation just as much as males do. In fact, for some women, masturbation with a sex toy may be the only way they can actually achieve an orgasm. Thus, you would expect Watchtower to extend the same paranoia and lengthy lectures about the practice to women as well as men. However, these topics are given only a glancing blow in the video.

Likewise, there is only a passing mention of same-sex issues for women. Contrast this to the long discussion of male same-sex issues in the Breaux video. It suggests that Watchtower either doesn’t think female same-sex relationships are a thing, or that they are not worth talking about much because they don’t impact men as much as gay relationships do.

Ultimately this demonstrates something very obvious about Watchtower’s view of sexuality; It is all seen through the lens of men, and female sexuality is only discussed or focused on insofar as it impacts upon men. Indeed, the very fact that this video about female sexuality is being presented to an audience of women by a man is an obvious proof of this.

Which is no surprise once you are aware of Watchtower’s strict male-only hierarchy. The word “patriarchy” gets thrown around a lot today, but Watchtower is an organisation where actual genuine patriarchy is fully alive and kicking.

A Lone Woman In A Room Full Of Men

The viewpoint of a young woman commanded to confess her sexual sins to Watchtower.

All this leads us on to one of the most awful moments of all in the videos. After his lecture to women, instructing them as to how they should confirm their sexuality to the decrees of the eight old men who run the religion (the Governing Body), Walls says this;

What should you do if you now realise that you need some assistance? Please, take advantage of mature sisters or the elders. According to James 5:14-15, these men are Jehovah’s arrangement to raise us up.

Here is where the rigid patriarchal nature of Watchtower’s sexual regulations becomes even more troubling; women young and old are required by Watchtower to approach a male elder if they have violated of any of the rules and regulations set down, and then give that elder detailed intimate sexual information so that the elder can “counsel” them. This will almost always be done in a closed setting with at least two elders.

So a woman will have to disclose detailed sexual information about herself to two men. It should be clear from the outset how invasive and inappropriate this is – indeed many accounts exist from former JW women of how sometimes the elders they spoke to appeared to be getting aroused by what they were being told, pressing for more and more detail of the “sin” in a lurid manner. As a related issue, you can review the findings of the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, which found that the JW practice of all male elders interrogating a female sex abuse survivor was deeply unacceptable..

Now let’s be very clear about something. Whilst Walls says that a woman has the option to turn to a “mature sister” instead, this does not mean that the “sin” can be delt with without male involvement. If a woman in the JW religion confides in a “mature sister” regarding intimate sexual habits, then that “mature sister” is obligated to report to the male elders if there is anything “sinful” in what she has been told. And those elders are then obligated to hunt this woman down and demand any and all of the private sexual information that they feel is relevant to the “case” against her.

In short, there is no way for a JW woman to comply with the instructions Walls gives without being required to discuss intimate personal sexual details with male elders. Additionally, this woman will have been indoctrinated to believe that if she does not speak to the elders she will be destroyed by Jehovah God.

Watchtower Exposed

Amazingly there is yet more to the video that sheer time restrictions prevent me from properly covering here. For example, both videos attack the disgraceful practice of “flirting” and draw up a set of rules and regulations to govern the interactions of the sexes.

According to these videos, just complimenting someone’s haircut means that they are entitled to think you are intending to “court” them. Yes. Seriously. These rules are so absurd that they turn the already difficult and fraught task of JW men and women interacting with each other into a minefield of “do nots” and “sinful signals.”

But overall these videos demonstrate the following things.

  • The repressive and sex-negative worldview of Watchtower, where sex is a deadly thing draped in guilt and secrecy that men aggressively seek and women must grudgingly ration out, rather than a sex-positive view where sex in an awesome thing for consenting adults of all sexual orientations to enjoy, and where women are just as capable of wanting and enjoying sex as the men.
  • The crazy, micromanaging pharisaical rule-making that is growing ever more frantic inside the religion, which now even extends to include acceptable sleeping positions, and views some types of dancing as more sinful than naked mutual masturbation.
  • The awful patriarchal system in which women and some members of the LGBTQ community are trapped, a system which either considers their sexuality only relevant to the extent that it impacts men, or considers it repellant and a contamination worthy of death.
  • The fact that this video got made at all indicates that some really interesting things are happening at Bethel. Seriously, those endless scenarios feel too specific to be totally made up. I think we just got a list of some of Bethel’s greatest sex scandals!

And lastly…

  • These videos are hilarious.

The transcripts are wince-inducing enough to read, but once you see the actual footage it becomes sublime. Watching Breaux and Walls struggling their way through this clunky and poorly written script full of graphic sexual imagery and ultra-specific, nonsensical sex rules, all delivered in a poe-faced, earnest “holier than thou” tone of voice makes for one of the strangest, funniest, and most jaw-dropping media moments Watchtower have ever created.

I’m raising a glass to all who were involved in the making of these two videos.

Thank you for showing us the crazy, controlling, bigoted heart of Watchtower, and for giving us so many laughs while you did it!


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177 Responses to Astonishing Watchtower Bethel Sex Regulations Videos Leaked

  1. smmcroberts says:

    “Are lots of Bethelites having sex with their pillows? And how did this epidemic of pillow-boffing reach the attention of the Governing Body? Do they check bed-linen with a blacklight or something? Or is there a long line of crestfallen and guilty-looking Bethelites shuffling into the offices of the Governing Body, driven by conscience to confess, clutching a somewhat forlorn and dank pillow to their burdened chests?”

    Thanks, Covert Fade; it’s the biggest laugh I’ve had in a long time! I’m still laughing…

    As a former Bethelite masturbator, I can certainly relate! (Former Bethelite, that is; not a former masturbator!) 🙂

    The more Pharisaical they become the more ridiculous they appear. Though at some point you’d think they’d reach some sort of natural limit to absurdity, they always seem to find new heights to rise to.

  2. sirius says:

    If JW women were not subjugated enough already, what’s next banning tempting eyes? Poor JW males where is their self control?


    • ThePenthouseExperience says:

      Well, if they could masturbate, they might have less “hormone-fueld” thoughts and be able to keep their hands off the tempting females.

    • Alfy Ways says:

      Men are still accused of ‘indecent exposure -and arrested if showing too much ofthei4 body in public places.Why should women getaway without fault for revealing too much, unnecessarily?

      • Andrea says:

        I don’t think the kind of exposure WT talks about is full on crotch nudity. I’m sure if women were exposing that part of themselves in public they would also be arrested. I don’t think anyone sane would say that women are somehow “getting away with” that kind of indecent public exposure, while poor men are arrested everywhere for innocently pulling out their penises … ha ha… seriously.

        • Alfy Ways says:

          But some women show too much of their bodies unnecessarily [breasts, thighs and legs], that most m4n consider to be sexually arousing; since ordinarily -in other than western societies-, women dress modestly and gracefully in loosely worn clothing,, so as not to arouse passionate male interests..

  3. Chuck Turner says:

    This might explain why a young man who walked to work with me( when I was a Bethel ) through the park in Brooklyn to the factory buildings jumped off the top of “building three” that morning after having a discussion with “Brother” Couch about why he should leave Bethel.

    • chantal says:

      @Chuck, so sad about your former workmate. I think one of my moments on the path to enlightenment about the Watchtower was hearing about disfellowshipped young adults committing suicide. The GB has blood on their hands from this and many other decisions of theirs

      • Chuck Turner says:

        Indeed, Chantel. Between the pressure put on vulnerable young people and the blood trasnfusion ban, they have been responsible for thousands of deaths. I regret that half my family stays in this
        organization to this day. I was the presiding elder in our city and spent two years a Brooklyn Bethel before my wife became pregnant with our first born. We were one of the twelve married couples tht they experimented with back in the 70’s.

  4. John Plummer says:

    What about if I’m thinking of Jesus while I masturbate. Is that okay? And re dancing, what about if my genitals are moved while dancing a tango with my wife. (7th day Adventists don’t allow that so what about J.W’s)?

  5. Darlene Sparks says:

    I thought Mormons were crazy…… Lol!

  6. Nathan Cook says:

    Is there a link to see those videos?

    • Covert Fade says:

      There will be soon. We can’t host them on youtube uncut as Watchtower will be able to claim copyright violation, take the videos down and hit us with Youtube Copyright strikes. There are alternate methods of ensuring people can access the uncut videos, and that’s being worked on 🙂

  7. Scrubmaster says:

    I can wait to see the videos. I am already falling out laughing.

  8. rc8madbrit says:

    Hahaha I love the Deuteronomy quote by God that a man must not wear a woman’s clothing…to the Israelites who all wore dresses!!!! Even Jesus wore a dress! This whole video is a MASSIVE mistake by the GB as it gives creedence to the leaks about homosexual sex and joint masturbation etc going on in the Bethel homes! Lock up a bunch of young males and females, forbid sex, (hang on, the JWs condemn the Catholics for that right?) and see how long they can stand several years just reading the friggin’ bible and praying! Hahaha.

  9. rc8madbrit says:

    I agree with Lloyd that at a certain point incredulity gives way to anger. I was raised a JW and an elder from 26 until 50 years of age and the stuff I saw and sadly was party to!
    I sat opposite a man and his family,re-instated in a southern UK congregation, who had molested his two beautiful daughters and boy did those girls look depressed. Early 80’s so all such child-abuse stuff was unheard of…no wonder with the supressive tactics employed!
    Let the GB carry on painting themselves into a corner. Blind leading the blind.

  10. Ruthlee says:

    several things . It is not a dank pillow but a wa*k pillow. Ha ha. they want to crush the life out of the bros by emasculation. And if all the little bethelites follow all this crazy council there will be no future children as the men and women will lose the art of seduction and reproduction. So much for fill the earth and subdue it . Obviously printing watchtower is more important than baby production of Divine origin. Maybe it will prepare them for their godless sexless hellhole paradise. I thought it was only Catholics who forbade marriage. Seems to me they want eunuchs and their bonkers suggestions will produce sexless pansies who won’t even raise their eyes to women. Has this daft outfit really lost their marballs,marbles? Everything we ever did was not normal but this is positively hostile to the natural consequences of cooping up young men without women. As for the women, the 8 old farts may have queen victoria’s naieve mentality that “inverts” don’t exist. They are no authority on female sexuality of any shade. My advice to those poor worker ants who read this GO AND GET LAID. you will feel better ,normal and have a clue about life which might put you on the path to love. In that way you will not pis* off the housekeepers who find your dank pillows. This is funny but it is also cruel to demonize sex and deny healthy young adults their authority over their own body. The grim and perverted watchtower strikes again.

    • ThePenthouseExperience says:

      Pretty much they have lost their “minds” Ruthlee. They are somewhat tied down by the constraints of other conservative religious groups with whom they compete for members and that likewise repress sexually [most mainstream Protestant denominations do not endorse libertine behavior but give a healthy view of sex and sexuality]. The adventists and evangelicals are the primary targets of JW’s and some disenchanted mainstream churchgoers who would drop into the conservative evangelical groups due to mainstream denominations becoming more progressive in views.

      Furthermore, human inclination is that if you tell me “I can’t” — I will. So, stock up on soap and bleach laundry ladies. Buy stock in “Boy Butter” manufacturer, or Fleshlight manufacturer.

  11. Erasmino says:

    Covert Fade and Lloyd Evans, why don’t you people get a life? FInd yourselves a nice gf, invest in the stock market, try to join isis or any other wish you can think of. You are pathetic and i feel so sorry for you

    • Covert Fade says:

      Not sure I’d class joining ISIS as “getting a life” but hey, each to their own. 😉

      • messenger says:

        Actually most of the theologians I hear from believe WT is not even Christian but a cult, an anti-Christ. I don’t agree that idea applies to all JWs. But let Christ decide. I do believe they are all, every one of them misled, and so misled they are like baby Christians in areas of understanding very plain and simple biblical writings. I think that is so ironic since JWs believe they are the only authentic Christians with the most accurate biblical understanding.

        As an example: In last week’s WT study the magazine missed an easy to understand and biblically important point again-as it always does with this scripture- with its expository explanation of Col 2:8. An understanding every Christian but a JW easily understands from scripture. Why don’t they understand? Is it because of the reason that JW lawyer (a commenter under a recent Survey article) stated, that they cannot read simple language and comprehend it. In education we call that reading comprehension. Or, is it the reason Christ and Isaiah gave? That understanding is not granted them (by God).

        In last week’s WT study on pg.20 WT quoted Co 2:8 about not being carried off by the philosophies and empty deceptions of human traditions. Like always WT took that scripture out of context and applied its spin to the meaning, by stating it refers to learning from higher education, evolution, or primarily those things and other secular teachings. But look at some of the following verses. For instance, the very next one vs 9 states because in Christ is the full “godship” (Lit godship according to the NWT footnote in its large print bible) but WT changed “godship” to divine quality in the scriptural text in order to fit WT’s false theology that Christ has no “godship.” Keep reading other vss, those 13-23 that easily explain that those philosophies not to be carried away by referred to in vs 8 are self-imposed forms of worship described as a mock humility. Yet WT always defines those philosophies as secular or ideas from ancient Greek religions. Even though the verses explain the law was done away with. What law? The religious laws those early Christians who were once Jews or gentile worshippers used to observe. The laws that set “decrees” to worship God. But how can WT zero in on the actual meaning when it makes laws (or decrees) like this pillow law?

        • JBob says:

          @messenger – you assessed very accurately how I felt after emerging from Watchtower dominance. I was able to expand my view of scriptures that had been rutted into a specific interpretation and wedged into a collage of perception that could not be perceived from different vantages. Parables that were channeled into being “prophesies” but drained of any relevant interpersonal or godly relationship value points. Watchtower analysis of scripture many times hinges on simplistic logic based on English interpretation of terms while ignoring the varied possible meanings behind the original Hebrew or Greek terms. Many times the doctrinal direction is based on the strong influence of a past leader’s viewpoints or influence of authors that appealed to a prior “leadership’s” sensibilities and prejudices against Roman Catholicism and mainstream religions.

          In terms of being Anti-Christ or not Christ-centric, this stems from the Watchtower attempting to distinguish itself from other Bible Student groups and Adventist groups. So, once this group found it had to account for numeric increase while it was stating that those “saved” would be limited to 144,000, it had to invent another class of “saved” and that class could not be entitled to the privileges and promises of the New Testament, thus Christ was moved from Mediator for all to an “Example” for all and a little “g” god that was a shadow of “God”.

          Most of the “core doctrines” are inherited from sundry influential Adventist writers–some unknown to the Watchtower adherents unless they were 7DA (SDA)–and adapted over time to fit the morphing needs of the Watchtower’s urgent timeline or to present a unique and different view that competing adventists or bible student groups.

    • John Prestor says:

      That’s not even a coherent response, Erasmino. The information Evans and Covert Fade have made available is important for both scholars and non-scholars in coming to understand the more secret teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, those they hide or conceal from the public. And beyond that, I’ve gotta tell you… these videos are downright hysterical. Just watch them and try to keep a straight face, trust me, you can’t. So they’re both informative and funny, and your only response is: “get a life”…? Why don’t you get a life and stop reading the very blogs you say people should take down?

    • Nathan Haugh says:

      “FInd yourselves a nice gf”

      Lloyd already has a very pretty wife and you have a very crusty pillow. “Best Life Ever!”

    • Elle says:

      You have obviously spent time reading and replying to the people who you feel need to get a life. What does that say about your ‘life?!

    • nullandvoidboy says:

      @ Erasmino….me thinks thou protests too much…..whats up dude? Why the grand hyperbole? Is this cutting a little too close to the bone? Are you married? Watch out that your wife doesn’t touch your winky with her hands…oh, wait, that probably has already happened…..hmmmm….The sad thing is a married bethel elder asked me if it’s wrong that his wife touch his wee wee. He said he hasn’t let that happen….YIKES. But if it does just pray that sin away and tie her hands to the bed, next time….oh wait! now that’s more akin to some BDSM…..start praying again, bro

  12. Free Thinker says:

    Pillow humping – what if the pillow gets pregnant? Is an abortion in order? Or will the Bethelite-pillow-cross over-baby be converted into a house-to-house-preaching bot? Why can’t the Bethelite just get married to his pillow before shagging it – that couldn’t possibly be “uncleanness”. Are there any “scriptural principles” forbidding to get married to my pillow? How about sticking it into a vacuum cleaner – if that’s not being covered in this slapstick production, it should be OK. I can’t think of any “biblical command” against using vc’s. I may have more questions later.

    • Free Thinker says:

      Friends, gals, seriously – I believe the Org is taking us for a ride. This can’t be serious. This Gary Broth with his mourning, sour-grumpy, “woe – all is lost” 100-day-rain face, ranting about all multiplication tables, conjugations & declinations of jerking off – THAT can’t possibly be meant seriously. It’s all but a huge parody. It’s but a social experiment, to test things out, to see the reactions. Let’s not fall into this pit; the best is to just ignore it.

  13. concernedjw says:

    Yet this same org is not protecting children from sexual abuse and even has subliminal images in the song book with the penis drawn into the black guys hand while at the same time he is staring towards the girl! If you dont believe me, then why did they change the picture???

    • sirius says:

      Good catch! I would of loved to have seen (if the have one) their “change notice” ordering the change. BTW, subliminal advertising works, Playboy magazines use to run phallic images tall glass ice cubes ads. Sales increased in both the magazine and liquor sales.


    • ThePenthouseExperience says:

      Just means they preferred pale penis over black penis…

      Or, it means all JW’s (and former JW’s) are sex-obsessed to the point of projecting perceptions as one does with a Rorshach test.

      It’s been said many ways, many times—GET LAID!!

  14. Bex says:

    As an Ex witness from birth and with 7 others still in 3 of which are Elders I find it very hard to read this stuff as I want to print it out and put it in front of them – but that will be the end of me…as a small child my sibling use to get into bed with me to give me a ‘cuddle’?? however when I grew up I realised he was mastibating against me. makes me furious that I cant confront him with it now!
    Can husband & wife witnesses do everything sexuallly ? Oral sex ??

  15. charles Huff says:

    It’s amazing so many of you remain silent and are afraid of speaking out against these monsters. I hope most of you will change your minds and start to make a stand soon because it’s obvious these people have lost their minds.

    Where will it all end for those we loved still trapped, and who else can help them if we won’t even become active and speak out? They are weak, we must be strong for them.

    They know now just like Trump supporters know, this crap show is about over and it worries me that the leadership may pull a David Koresh or a Jim Jones of some kind because some of them will never admit they’re acting like clowns.

    Their bazar behavior is not amended by contrary evidence, they double down on stupid with each revelation…where will it end?

    I was active against them and quit for a while, but I will be protesting at my Elder Dad’s Kingdom Hall and I’m going to hand out fliers in his neighborhood explaining to his neighbors all the suits they have against them and the possibility that some of the members knowing on their doors are pedophiles.

    I refuse to take this laying down and will fight to the end.

    • charles Huff says:

      “knocking” sorry, couldn’t find my glasses this morning.

    • Ricardo says:

      @Charles, there are different ways of taking on this org. For those of us still in, speaking out will result in disfellowshipping. However, we can effectively white ant from within. I think the greatest danger the org has is enlightened ones who are able to highlight the nonsense to other receptive brothers and sisters.

      That being said, a combination of both is also good. I agree with Cedars that the best way is to educate and inform about this org. Then if someone is silly enough to still want to join, it is their decision.

      • charles Huff says:

        Yeah… I was “in” once and had the courage to be disfellowshipped. You’re complacent in their sins if you let them do what they’re doing and you do nothing. I’m not saying you’re doing “nothing” but it sounds like you do very little, and you still have your money being used to help defend pedophiles if you donate. So you’re helping them exist. Your time spent selling their magazines helps this continue as well, so if you can live with that, its on you, if that’s what you’re doing.

        I was where you are once, so you don’t have to describe to me the fear you have, I had it myself. You who do so little always act like we who stand had nothing to lose.

        I’m handing out fliers in my father’s neighborhood, which “educates” everyone in his area. Fear is what keeps them in, they need to fear us being in their faces everyday more than they fear the so called “faithful slave”.

        I don’t expect them all to leave because of my actions, I’m in this for the long haul… to destroy them later. It won’t take long for those who want to be free to be emboldened by radical actions.

        John Cedars… He was telling me just about 10 years ago my actions were completely wrong, he was doing little and now look at what he’s done. He started out giving me crap for what I did years ago now he’s written books and is very active.

        If you were really speaking out, and If you made any statements which sounded “apostate” even in the slightest, the elders would Df you and we both know it, so you’re not doing much if anything at all. If you can live with that…cool, but I don’t buy that your complicit actions are helping and i can’t live with it.

        • Ricardo says:

          @Charles, I have made controversial statements in my answers at the kingdom hall. The elders have been trying to df me. This past year they have d’fed two of my friends and are aiming at more. The elders can’t find me to df me, so I get to fight another day. They were knocking on my door day and night, but I have gone into hiding.

          Your efforts have some effect. But there are those bros and sisters who will avoid contact with you due to the warning to keep away from apostates. These same bros and sisters will sometimes listen to me and my friends who are still in. I have been able to disseminate quite a bit of information that has surprised the recipients; they never knew the org was so rotten.

          At the moment the group I am in (we call ourselves the Underlapping Generation- a mishmash of the flotsam and jetsam of the cong) are on the cusp of having the foreign elders (the need greaters) kicked out of the country. If we are successful in doing this, we will have accomplished more than a d’fed brother giving out leaflets is able to have done.

          Thus, by staying in, I not only get to progressively influence receptive brothers who are wondering what’s going on in the org, I am also able to network with a group of like-minded brothers who are planning payback on the congregation leadership. It puts a smile on my face.

          So please, continue your protest. You may have an effect. Please do not underestimate the effect I and others like me are having.

          • charles Huff says:

            If you can live with yourself, then why worry about what i think?

            I’m not concerned with your actions, I worry about myself.

            Obviously, you feel guilty.

  16. I Foster says:

    Although WT goes to extremes when it comes to sexual behaviour they are not alone in their hang-ups. When I was 16 years old I attended a youth club owned by the Anglican church. The club was mixed-sex run by the local Curate, and each week after closing time he would take the guys to one side to offer us his wisdom. One week he gave us a talk on the dangers of masturbation and us guys began laugh because we found it funny. He then got hot under the dog collar and blurted out that masturbation could make us blind.
    The following week, six of us guys entered the youth club wearing dark glasses and began tapping our way around using white sticks and bumping into tables. He never offered us any more of his wisdom after that.
    Would young JW’s have the guts to take similar action on their Elders? Lets hope so, but I very much doubt it.

    • charles Huff says:

      That’s funny man… Ha ha ha.

      I don’t think any of us believe the JWs are the only religion this kind of nonsense happens. When I’m finished with the JWs, I plan on attacking religions which abuse in general.

    • Alfy Ways says:

      They are probably doing what they were taught in their youth. Also the body, whether through hunger or thirsts etc. knows what it needs do. Even so civilizing peoples find best and most safe ways to fulfill natural urges as when using eating utensils, glasses or cups. towels and wash cloths and even avoiding junk foods (many still fail to do.).

  17. OntarioNB says:

    Did Jehovah inspire these guys to present this?Picture 8 guys around a table(GB meets weekly with all committees represented to discuss matters.yb 1978 page 259) .Okay guys next subject up is masturbation.any thoughts or experiences to share?anyone?Tony?.Who wants to chat with the women?anyone?.The majority of JW have no idea what goes on in their corporation and wouldn’t believe you if you showed them from their own literature.

  18. Steven Weissenhofer says:

    So part of the video had the instructive “Is it porneia? ” examples. Got me thinking , a Bethel nurse gives a frail elderly brother a sponge bath (but doesn’t have an orgasm ). Is that porneia? I’m thinking yes but my conscience is no longer bible trained. What if it is a male nurse, is it now a homosexual act?

    • Doc Obvious says:

      I think Watchtower meant to use the word paranoia, not porneia. Paranoia is defined this way “a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically elaborated into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.”

  19. outandabout says:

    Well if the people of Bethel are headed for Paradise they may as well get used to no sex. No sex and no babies in Paradise – the very thing we and every living thing on this earth are programmed to do, the actual meaning of life, is stripped away, leaving……what? A joyless, soul-less existence of constant surveillance with nothing to do except garden, sew and cook and be totally sick of the same people for millions, billions and trillions of years. Groundhog day where nothing is new or stimulating. A living death with no escape. Why do Pacific Islanders want to escape their Paradise if it’s so terrific? The human mind simply could not cope with WT’s or anybody else’s paradise and it’s no more than a carrot to pull suckers in and it works because at first thought, who the hell wouldn’t want to live forever, but with a bit more thought……… Once, I thought it would be nice if it were true, but now….I would rather die than be part of some gods little ant farm he decided to create and not before he put them through centuries of misery first.

    • charles Huff says:

      It so beautiful to observe how free your mind is… does;t it fell great?

      The JWs say “what do you have thats better”? HA HA Ha…

      I’m a Deist and I KNOW my religion is better for me and since I’m the only one answering for it, I can believe what I know my conscience is telling me to believe and not have fear.

      That’s MUCH better than what they have.

      I may wash it too much this morning in honor of the JWs so I can go to work happy.

      • outandabout says:

        Thanks, charles. The sad thing is, god fearing people don’t know what they don’t know and their nicely crafted circle of belief thats been refined over the centuries keeps them that way. Only the brave can break free of it.

  20. Doc Obvious says:

    After viewing 2 hours of Lloyd’s rebuttal on Pillowgate, I am not sure what to say. Watchtower has problems with Child Sex Abuse, pornography, child pornography, masturbation, and homophobic issues. Wow! It seems that Watchtower’s leadership need some counseling from a therapist. I don’t believe masturbation is a problem. As long as you do not masturbate in public, I think the authorities have no issue with it. I am so happy where I work. A place that does not have such videos. If they did, human resources would get an earful with plenty of lawsuits. Absurd behavior is a hallmark of what the bible states comes from the “stupid one”.

  21. Whip It says:

    !st of all, if i hadn’t read that i wouldn’t believe it, you cant be serious!!!!, we had a CO who was & still is single, we called him the SEX CO, because every talk had a Sex point, after one such talk he said that a Married couple who were performing Oral sex were actually practicing Pornea, after the talk i asked if that was an out line from the Society, he said yes (1st Lie) then i asked if i could see it, oh i cant find it (2nd lie), as i was an elder then, with another elder we researched it & guess what its not what he had said, so we confronted him & he admitted he was wrong, would he retract it, NO, he even went on to say that animal doco’s that show animals having sex is demonic, i kid you not, i called him out on that one, he backed down, oh & yes after we confronted him on the Oral stuff he suspected that we were practicing Oral, none of your business brother. In a close congregation i heard that he did investigate a couple & even interviewed them, As lloyd said their is nothing in the bible about Masturbation, my son actually approached me about his problem (so he thought) i was very proud of him & told him its not a sin.I could go on & on, great work.

    • charles Huff says:

      Oral sex has been batter back and forth by the idiots for some time and yes…the CO was correct, there was a WT which called for it to be a DF offense only to be changed later.

  22. Jeff canning says:

    In all my 76 years on this planet I never once thought about having sex with my pillow…

    I have been missing out and I thank watchtower for alerting me to this… Can’t wait for bedtime tonite…

  23. Graham says:

    All that this proves is what we have always known.
    Bethels are full of wankers and now the GB think the same.

  24. Andrea says:

    I’m absolutely dumbfounded… anyone reading the article MUST watch LLoyd’s Pillowgate video… It’s hilarious. The women’s talk isn’t the most cringy but the one for the guys in Bethel is just jaw-dropping.
    I read a bit of the regulations to my non-witness partner and he said one of the GB must be a closet homosexual who is worried of getting turned on by seeing other men in “provocative” or tight clothing, there’s no other explanation for their obsession with gay men “blending in”.

  25. Willows says:

    It has all happened before. Nothing new under the sun. David saw a beauty bathing from his palace, in the nude . Set David off in the wrong direction. Perhaps he hadn’t done his Bible reading that week or month. Now lets be realistic things happen at Bethel. [ If the achives of Bethel were opened everything would be revealed. ] The Bible is honest and details King David’s escapade and coverup. In the Congregations. Circuit Elders, Elders,.Ministerial Servants ,Publishers. { Archives reveal all. ]
    Give the stat’s to new recruits….
    If improvements are going to happen, be honest tell new recruits what happens, has happened.
    If they are going to be different , …heart motivation is the way to go. You can walk through a festival with naked individuals showing off their bodies and feel nothing what so ever. In fact begin to laugh,…how stupid it looks. Lets face it , if your heart motivation is controlled, your actions don’t follow.

    You can have long dresses or baggy trousers on, but if your heart motivation gets out of control , things happen…… Just be honest with the new and old members. ….And hope for the best. If you want robots then strictly wind them up each day, but don’t be surprised is their wound up spring go’s hay–wire some day. Just be honest, some like bethel some don’t. To have people housed in an institution like quarters is not the most natural way to go, other religions have the same problems.

    Those at the top of these institutions are far removed from the grass roots and fail to have the common touch. Speak a lot of words but never plant the right heart motivating seed. They need to be weeded out. Replaced with grass roots people, with human hearts.

  26. Jason says:

    As a closeted homosexual still in the religion I find this absolutely ridiculous, but humorous as well I can’t wait to leave …..

    • charles Huff says:

      I think I love gay people more than anyone now that I’ve left. Many describe to me similar feelings as what its like to be a JW.

      They have to live in secret many of them… what a stupid world.

      My “god” now is a creator god. If its in nature, then “god” wanted it. Homosexuality is in our closest genetic relatives, the chimpanzees. Whatever “god” is, it wanted a certain amount of us to be gay or else it wouldn’t have made it that way.

      The religions get their morals from a really cruddy place, their so called “holy books” which are filled with horrible morals.

  27. Doc Obvious says:

    I love this comment by bye! bye! Watchtower on the YouTube channel. I think we need to take the high road with Watchtower. Here is bye! bye! Watchtowers comment:

    I think Watchtower needs help. Watchtower has a sex addiction and/or sexual disorder issue. They can seek help at “The Ranch”. Their phone number is 888-557-8110. The closest Ranch is in Pennsylvania at the following address: 1166 Hilts Road Wrightsville, PA 17368. Or, Watchtower can visit their web site at According to their web site, they accept all major health insurance carriers. I hope this helps, Watchtower Babble and Tract Society. And, as always, good health to you.

  28. eyes opened says:

    Verbal pornography…these videos promote pornographic thoughts. Who knows what is already in people’s minds, but if it wasn’t there before, it is now. Many years ago, I don’t have the reference, Watchtower wrote an article on pornography and they wrote of verbal pornography, painting a picture with words. Now they are the promoters.

    This is so ridiculous it’s hilarious and this is clear evidence that a lot of marbles are missing. How does one deliver such commentary in all seriousness when it is so cringeworthy? Wow, the troubles at bethel seem to go beyond my imagination. Mentally unstable and very depraved is the message I’m getting from the promoters of these videos. What are they thinking??? Oh yes we know what they are thinking!


  29. Jado says:

    Why the first video intended for men is narrated by Gary Breaux? I hope his being selected for that shameful narration has nothing to do with g46 9/8 p. 14 which reads: “This is easily appreciated when we remember that ragtime […] “harkens back to darkest Africa and is derived from tribal open-air exuberance”. It was the music of savages, […] It served to give expression to their primitive instincts as well as to arouse them, and was always associated with dances having either a religious (demonic) or sexual significance. In fact, in many of the pagan ceremonies the two go hand in band, even as recorded in the Scriptures regarding Baal-peor.

    Those savages were highly skilled in their rhythms, some of the rhythms being so complicated that the white man could not imitate them. When kidnapped and sold as slaves to the cotton growers of the “Old South”, they brought with them the beginnings of ragtime. Their skill in rhythm and sense of humor soon produced the Negro minstrel, that form of entertainment so widely imitated by the white man. It has been said that ragtime began “with the Negro’s restless feet, and that it is nothing more than a pepped-up) version of the Negro spiritual. It has been said that in his spiritual be yearns after God but in ragtime he yearns after the Devil; his spiritual being for Sundays, his ragtime for the other six days of the week.

    I like how the world and Watch Tower Society changes! Yesterday’s “Savages” are today’s teachers of “Holy Scriptures”! You can find the Awake! from this link:

    • messenger says:


      The rules and procedures that are used to compose today’s Western music which has gone global-Western music is the predominant music in most countries- came from three global areas. Those areas are Europe, Africa, and the United States.

      The last area those ideas came from was the United States of America. African-Americans brought their own way of making music with them to the USA from West Africa. They mixed those ideas with what the European-Americans knew about making music, and they developed new forms of music in the USA.. As you stated one of the major differences between what the African-Americans used and what the European-American musicians and composers were doing is that the musicians in Africa had developed much more complicated rhythmic patterns than those used by European composers and European street musicians. Those African musicians who came to America brought those highly sophisticated patterns with them from Africa. But they brought more than that. The Africans also brought their African scales-families of notes distinctly different than what the Europeans used- to America. Once here those African-Americans mixed their African scales and their African rhythmic patterns with chordal harmonies from European composers and created blues, jazz, and as you stated gospel.

      Prior to 1890 or thereabouts it was against the law for African-Americans to own musical instruments. My guess is some did anyway, and of course that law did not stop them from singing in the fields, at home, or in their places of worship.

      Early on during the first part of the 20th century jazz developed in America, starting in the Mississippi Delta, around New Orleans. the Anglo-American population took to jazz, and so the musicians who played it and contributors to the development of jazz were both white and black, though it started as an African-American music form. Jazz developed through various changes. In the 1940s and early 1950s big band swing jazz was one of the most popular genres of music in America. Not so with blues. Until 1952 blues was only a music listened to and played by urban and rural Negroes in America.

      Then in 1952 Alan Freed, A white radio disc jockey in Ohio with an audience of white teenagers played up tempo blues, a Black music, on his radio station and called it Rock and Roll. That led to the Rock and Roll revolution, with white and black musicians playing and developing Rock and Roll into various forms. Though its origin was from African-Americans it became a multi-cultural music. Pure Blues did also e.g. Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, and of course BB King.

      So, Jado, the dominant form of music (Rock), that is played on radio stations around the world today was a creation by African Americans, the people that Awake article called savages. What a large footprint those savages left. Today their music dominants the radio airwaves and is arguably the most widely heard music in the world with the exception of movie and TV soundtracks.

  30. Jado says:

    Appreciate the progress we have made! Yesterday’s “Savages” according to WTS (g46 9/8 p. 14) are now teaching “Sex Behaviours” to humankind! Find a copy of the “Awake!” here: and appreciate Teacher.

    Good! WTS in w98 2/15 p. 8 wrote: “In some African cultures, it is considered obscene to mention such sex-related words as penis, semen, or menstruation. One Christian mother even forbade her daughter to use the word “sex,” though she said the daughter could use the word “fornication.”

    Amazing progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can now make the difference!!!

  31. Cubpaws says:

    Is anyone really surprised ? The only thing that’s changed is the ditching of blushing euphemisms such as “self abuse”, for the real deal of masturbation. Gays in Bethal have been around since the year dot. Anyone remember Ewan Chitty at the UK Bethel ? Nothing new under the sun. Just a bunch of flacid old guys getting off kidding on they are “superfine apostles”.

    • Ruthlee says:

      Ewart Chitty took a shine to my dad in his handsome youthful days. Personally invited into bethel in uk when it was a golden ticket. Fortunately my dad loved women too much and lucky for me

    • I Foster says:

      If Jehovah didn’t want humans to masturbate he would have made us with shorter arms or have our genitals where we can’t reach them. He obviously didn’t want us to suck and lick our own genitals or he would have given us all the ability to be contortionists.
      If we were all contortionists, these Watchtower Pharisees would have had an even bigger field day making their sinister video.

  32. Doc Obvious says:

    Another resource for Watchtower regarding their sex addiction problem and requires no travel is the book, “Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame” by authors George Collins MA and Andrew Adleman MA. Here is a link to the book. Watchtower, you can’t be afraid to get help. Recovery is a book or a trip to “The Ranch” away. And, as always, good health to you.

  33. Please, please PLEASE tell me where I can download the videos. I want to do it before the borg get them pulled off…

    See what I did there? 😀

  34. Whip It says:

    Got home from work & watched the youtube video, poured a glass of wine & sat back, ok a whole bottle latter, pure lunacy, i can’t imagine having to give that talk, what gets me is the staunch rank & file will just go , oh look at what the world is doing, we need to be protected, thanks WT, wait for the new PT outlines.

  35. Sexual essentials can be properly maturely taught, sparing needless shame and guilt Since the male sperm continually forms and dies. Older widowed, divorced or unmarried men may forget youthful impulses and failures at better directing them.

  36. The need for releases of ever naturally accumulating sperm in the male does not obviate need for mature i9nstruction and forethought, proper advancing civil pursuits, choices, decisions, self control and mutual respect of others. Ancientt peoples in Israel, while frowning upon prostitution did accept concubinage among married officials, as such occasions were at times deemed necessary and required.. Why?

  37. barbara says:

    When I was a kid in the ORG, the term self-abuse always confused me. I wondered, are people just smacking themselves in the face? Running into walls? It wasn’t till woefully later I figured that one out….never understood how ‘abuse’ was termed in it

    • QMES, says:

      Civilizing peoples, when able, and informed, have interesting activities for youth to do as they enter teen years. Such planned group activities challenge, and promote decision making, and not strictly self absorbed,. are fun and keep the mind variously focused and keeps thoughts wholesomely directed. away from only the self,; developing constructive responses.

      • Alfy Ways says:

        Lack of rigorous exercise. Cloistered un9nteresting things to do; too much study in clos quarters can allow thoughts to stray. In the animal k9ngdom, males must compete for sexual gratification and females have .certain seasons that helps regulate procreation. Urban living is often not as challenging and interesting as rural farm living. that keeps the mind focused on other things and off self. pursuits and exploitation.

  38. It has been over 10 years since I left the faith. My post-JW life has been good and after all these years, I’m now in college. ENH241 – American Literature prior to 1860 is my current class. The first reading assignment covered Navajo Origin Legends. These legends contain some rather graphic discussion of sexual matters. Here is what I wrote in one paragraph:

    Kideztizi is out hunting late and unable to reach home. Nastja, the owl, offered rebuke at the thought of masturbation. However, a second owl tells Kideztizi to do as he wishes. The audience is told Kideztizi follows the second suggestion and then falls asleep, thus leaving this aspect of human sexuality in a neutral light. Oral sex, specifically cunnilingus, is mentioned without condemnation, but rather as a way of explaining such behavior in other animals, such as dogs. Bestiality, though, receives negative treatment. Attempts to copulate with an antelope or mountain sheep results in nature offering a retribution in terms of death by lightning, rattlesnake bite or bear attack.

  39. G.ray says:

    Breaux is so creepy! I’m not sure how many more times I could take hearing him say erection or orgasm!
    Actually, he kind of reminds me of that Orville Redenbacher abomination. *shudder*

    • Andrea says:

      Totally agree… I think the way he staunchily tries to keep his hands flat on the table is even more freaky. Would he not be able to resist touching himself if they were on his lap?! ..and the way he says “genitawls”, it just makes me laugh every time…

  40. Donald Sutherland says:

    Is this for real? It’s like something off an old Harry Enfield episode!

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