Entire set of 2017 “Don’t Give Up” convention outlines leaked online.

In 2016, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society held a series of global conventions that proved to be some of the most controversial in it’s recent history.

Spanning three days, the convention program included talks and instruction videos that placed renewed emphasis on the enforced shunning of “wayward” children, glorification of martyrdom via refusal of medical treatment, and an outrageous paranoia fantasy involving the end of the world and bunkers.

As a result, many have been curious to know if the 2017 convention will prove equally as controversial, or if this year the Watchtower Society will scale back and focus on the less sensationalist and more conventional aspects of its doctrine.

If you’d like a little light reading and want a sneak preview of what Watchtower’s 2017 convention will be bringing to Jehovah’s Witnesses all over the world, you’re in luck. The entire set of convention talk outlines has now been leaked online, courtesy of the website AvoidJW.org. The documents are currently available in English and Spanish, and you can view the entire list of outlines here.

We here at JW Survey are still analysing the contents, but one of the talks has grabbed our attention in a very unfortunate way, and we will be putting an article up shortly to explain in detail why the Saturday talk “Safeguard Your Children From What Is Evil” is something Watchtower should be ashamed of.

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89 Responses to Entire set of 2017 “Don’t Give Up” convention outlines leaked online.

  1. Sharon Christensen says:

    I to have no one to talk to so appreciate this site…the family I had Jw.org…gave up on me, but that is good…somethings definity wrong with so called Religion/ family when they start to laugh and poke fun of each other…when the respect and care that should be there is not….Yes Jw.org teaches …How to have a Happy family life…yep…when I see other religions, including the “Native” one that I am now going by…treating all in family with respect and honour…I do not think…Jw.org has the “Truth” about anything…Rome fell because of family decay…so will Jw.org in time. What goes around comes around. Empathy gets one no wheres…I am going Narcistic like the rest …Remember The Golden Rule….Do Unto others…as ….But there is no God…There is no Jesus….There is no Devil…Hmm…well I am off to worship Mother Willow. Live for today for tomorrow we may diet….Trust thing here to…Never poke a wrench in the eye bawl.

    • Jennifer says:


      I too appreciate this site. I’ve learn’t more about the bible and JW’S on this site and
      JWfacts than when I was an active publisher.
      I enjoy reading your comments as well. You manage to touch my heart and my sense of
      humour in just a few lines.
      Give my regards to Mother Willow.


  2. Concerned JW says:

    I wonder how long before the videos get leaked?

  3. Mary Jane Smith says:

    That’s a lot of video to watch for 3 days. I think a lot more people will be falling asleep. I Wonder how many attending in the back of their mind will think I came for this? They could just post links and their members could save gas, time and money by watching from home.

  4. You mentioned that one of the talks will be entitled “Safeguard Your Children From What Is Evil”
    what if its right next to you?

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