Bo Juel Jensen: Could he be Watchtower’s worst nightmare?

Bo Juel Jensen has emerged as an articulate and heartfelt campaigner against the Watchtower’s mishandling of child abuse

If you do nothing else today, you must watch the YouTube video below. If you’ve already seen it, I’m sure that you were just as impressed as I was with the immediate credibility of Bo Juel Jensen.

But it’s not just Bo; it’s what he is telling the world community that will tug at your heartstrings. So who is Bo Juel Jensen, and what is his message? I would like to tackle that question with the following story. And I have a sneaky suspicion that he may soon become the Watchtower Society’s worst nightmare.

Bo was born in Denmark on March 1971, a love child. His mother was a 19-year-old student, working at a Danish bank with just enough spare time for a brief but productive affair with her boss. Bo’s biological father was married with two children and was not going to leave his wife. To make matters worse, Bo’s mom was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs) and when her parents learned that she was pregnant, she was disfellowshipped. Her father, ahead of his time for a JW, refused to speak to her. She was alone and needed help, so she did what it took to be reinstated and married a JW a year after Bo was born.

Bo’s parents moved to Norway in 1973, and a year later, he was adopted by his mom’s new husband. Bo thought the man was his real father until he learned otherwise at age eighteen. What he knew while growing up was that his extended families were all strong JWs. He cannot remember anyone he knew who wasn’t a JW before he started school at age seven, which was the norm in Norway. A year before that, he thought everyone was a JW. His four grandparents were hard-core JWs and his uncle was a Gilead graduate and long-time missionary in Korea. Building branch offices, convention halls and Kingdom Halls in Norway, Denmark and Sweden is what his family excelled at doing. Both of his grandfathers were known as, “The old giants of the truth.”

Humiliation at the hands of a hypocrite

But not all JWs that Bo knew were inclined to help him grow up healthy and happy. When Bo was five years old, he was sexually molested by an elder at his Kingdom Hall. Even now, it’s very difficult for him to talk about it. And the molestation continued for four years. Finally at age nine, Bo rallied the courage to tell his mom what was happening. It wasn’t easy. He should have done it years before. The pain, shame, guilt, humiliation and anger that he harbored from his years of abuse were not emotions he could then put into words.

Those were the dark years, producing awful memories that he tries to forget. “Huge holes in my memory,” is how he describes it today. The abuser was trusted by everyone in the Hall. In fact, the man was married with a son and two daughters. Bo still has great difficulty talking about this four-year period in his life. The fear and horror was more than he could handle at times. He was being raped and he felt helpless.

When Bo finally mustered the courage to tell his mother what was happening to him, both of his parents, along with Bo, went at once to the police. The police had experts talk with nine-year-old Bo, giving him immediate relief, like this was all behind him now. Everything would be okay. This was a bad man who would be punished. Bo was safe now. But nothing happened, except that the molester was disfellowshipped. And the reason that nothing happened is that Bo’s parents withdrew their complaint, due to the persuasive power of other elders at the Hall. “You don’t take your brothers to court. Trust in Jehovah and everything will be okay.” Without a complaint, the police had no case. What made it so onerous is that the predator actually confessed to molesting not just Bo, but several young children at the Hall. He had been doing it for years.

Bo gags with disgust recalling the four-year period when the predator was molesting him that the hypocrite actually gave talks at the Hall about immorality and how God hates it. Bo remembers on one occasion when the abuser was giving a talk on the platform, that he thought that he, Bo, was the only person in the world who knew just how awful this man was.

He was a lying cheat and Bo wanted him to disappear, but the molester was reinstated as a JW in good-standing within a year after he was disfellowshipped. He could not go to the Hall Bo attended, but Bo would see him at assemblies.

“Make him go away!”

Fellow JWs treated the contrite scumbag like he was a changed man. He had made a big mistake, but he would never do it again. Another concern of Bo’s was that the molester attended a Hall fifteen kilometers from Bo’s Hall and that made him very uneasy. Bo started to worry about his safety. When Bo was twelve, he not only saw the man at a convention, the now repentant child abuser tried to engage Bo in a conversation. When it happened, it scared Bo so much that he turned and ran as fast as he could to find his grandfather.

His heart was beating rapidly and he was scared and speechless when he found and grabbed hold of his trusted grandfather. It took a while, but finally he could speak, “Grandpa, Grandpa, he tried to talk with me. I don’t like him. Make him go away.”

Bo’s grandfather hesitated for a few moments, hugging Bo as tightly as he dared. He waited until Bo had stopped crying and softly said, “Bo, you must forgive him. Jehovah has forgiven him and so must you. He is your brother now and you must be willing to give your life for him.”

It is a moment in time that Bo will never forget. He knew that he could trust his grandfather. He wanted to believe what he was telling him. Grandpa didn’t lie. But this made no sense. Maybe Grandpa knew something he didn’t know. What Bo knew for sure was that he would never get near that evil man and no one would make him say what Grandpa said about him. He was a bad person.

“What’s the difference between them and us?”

Bo’s first epiphany—that JWs may not be God’s chosen people—occurred when he was fifteen years old. He was at a soccer game with two other JW boys. The three boys had not told anyone that they were going to watch the national team play because it was forbidden by their JW parents, as it was a poor use of their time. Going in the door-to-door work, now that’s what God would have wanted them to do. As Bo sat in the stadium, he saw a father and his son sitting two rows below him. They were watching the game and having a great time. They smiled at each other and he could see that there was a special bond between them, they loved each other. Then this little voice in his head asked him, “What’s the difference between these two people and you, Bo?”

It was a good question and easy to answer: there was no difference. They were probably better off than him and his dad. Then the inner voice asked him, “What’s the difference between the 25,000 spectators in the stadium and the three JWs there?” No difference. Finally the voice asked, “Then why would God kill all the people in that stadium and save the three JW boys there?” In a flash, he knew that made no sense. It was a silly assumption. And he thought for the first time that he probably would not always be a JW. Just when and how he would leave, he could not then imagine. But, he knew that’s what he would eventually do.

Bo’s schooling while growing up as a JW was limited. Armageddon was imminent, maybe it would happen in a year or two, so why attend college? That’s how his parents couched it. So Bo’s schooling was limited to the mandatory nine years in Norway, from age seven to sixteen. At nineteen, he found a job selling insurance to people in the financial markets, and in the process he discovered something very special about himself. He loved to sell, and he excelled at it. A good listener, he paid careful attention to what people said, and what they meant by what they said. He didn’t try to sell them more than they needed. He learned early that by focusing on creating value for his customers, matching their needs to the products that he sold, it created a win-win situation.

Moving Forward

In 1994 and early in his working life, Bo decided that he did not want to be associated with JWs. The Watchtower’s doctrines and policies did not hold up to objective scrutiny. They no longer made sense to him. So he wrote a letter informing his congregation of his decision. He had broken no rules so he could not be disfellowshipped. Unfortunately, his wife and daughter did not share his doubts, and his wife quickly filed for divorce. She could not live with a man who was not a JW. In fact, Bo is shunned to this day by his daughter and ex-wife.

After the divorce, Bo immersed himself in his work life, selling stocks, bonds and paper assets in the Norwegian stock market. Over the years, he has worked for brokerage firms and major banks in Western Europe, served on management boards and as a partner in several asset management companies. He achieved financial success due in large part to his exceptional selling skills.

But in the summer of 2011, Bo decided that it was time for a change. He quit his job, deciding to be consultant. He is currently the principal adviser on several financial projects, working with start-up companies and venture capitalists. And he decided to do something that he always wanted to do. In his spare time, he would use his selling skills to inform people in Scandinavian countries about the dangers of high-control religion.

Great news from America

In June of 2012, he received a sudden burst of energy. Candace Conti, also a JW pedophile victim, took the Watchtower Society to court and exposed the world to their ineffective, negligent treatment of sexual offenders – particularly child molesters. And she won! This was great news for Bo. If a twenty-six-year-old American woman could take on the Society and win, why couldn’t he?

In August 2012, Bo helped launch a-not-for-profit organization called, “Hjelpekilden.” It would be a safe haven for people who had left or been kicked out of religious cults. Not just the Watchtower Society – any cult. There are currently 250 members. The organization, which is managed like a well-run business, helps people when they are most in need, still vulnerable from the crippling policies and misinformation they acquired during their time in a cult. Hjelpkilden provides human support systems, telephone services, professional health-care workers and doctors to assist people in need. It’s a group of caring people with good listening skills – cult survivors who have been there, done that.

One of the most helpful services that Bo’s team provides is good objective information. Hjelpkilden drafts op-ed stories for the media to help the public understand how cults manipulate and control their followers. His group exposes the secrets and unpleasant facts that cults like the Watch Tower Society try to hide from their members. And for Bo, it’s all about making people aware of the dangers for children in cults. He has taken it upon himself to report story after story, true stories of religious abuse.

In the Norwegian media spotlight

In December 2012, Bo hit pay dirt when NRK, the biggest and most trusted news agency in Norway, printed damaging articles about Watchtower policies for seven straight days. Bo says that it was most gratifying to help facilitate over forty interviews and to work with the three full-time writers who broke the story.

Bo was asked to appear on Norway’s national television station just a few days after the NRK articles were published. It was short notice and he did not know who would be invited or what questions he would be asked. He was called at 2pm and asked if he could be at the TV studio in five-and-half hours. “No problem, I’ll be there.” And he had never before appeared on live TV.

When he arrived, he was pleased to see Roar Henriksen, who is a long-standing critic of the Society. Together, they made it clear to the public that hundreds of children were at risk due to the damaging policies of JWs, which protect pedophiles. Four people were asked to be on the panel. One of the panelists was the author of a book about cults. Before the interview, she was convinced that JWs didn’t fit that criterion. After Bo’s persuasive arguments, she decided that many JW policies and beliefs were cult-like. If it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck, it must be a duck.

Bo is interviewed on Norwegian television

A month before Bo was on television, he noted with interest a John Cedars’ post on about a secret letter the Watchtower Society had sent to congregations around the world. It was sent to reaffirm the Society’s policies on pedophilia. Bo made a copy of the letter but did not read it. It wasn’t until after the television appearance that he read the letter. And he was appalled! Someone had to tell the world that this was baloney. (Okay, he used stronger words than that.) So he contacted Cedars and produced a YouTube video, serving notice to the Society and the world that the battle lines had been drawn. War had been declared on high-control religion at its worst.

“Get those kids out of harm’s way!”

This is not the last you will hear or see from Bo Juel Jensen. There is much more to come. When I asked Bo what he expects to accomplish with his media campaign targeting the foul-smelling JW policies, he said, “I have a dream! And that dream is that the Tower will fall. That the Governing Body of JWs will go to trial for its unjust policies; for the many pains it has inflicted on its followers. Okay, that may not happen, but I think it’s possible that we can get the Society to change their pedophile policies. If that happens, it will protect thousands of children in the future.”

“Perhaps our work will wake up some current members about the insidious policies of this ugly cult. And for me, this is personal. No child should go through what I experienced as a child. I must help to get those kids out of harm’s way. To the Watchtower Society, I say, ‘Enough is enough!’ We will not tolerate out-of-date harmful policies. And just maybe in my lifetime, JWs will be known around the world as a diminishing, fast-fading small-time cult.”

Bo also made it clear that there are many good people who are JWs, and he knows and loves these ones. But he hates the leaders, the policy makers. “I want the world to know me. That I am a survivor, a strong person, and I will not be a victim.”

Bo has immersed himself personally in telling people what it is like to live in a cult, and how dangerous it can be. In December 2012, he and his friend Tommy Andersen were invited to the Justice Department in Norway to tell their story. It is entirely possible that criminal charges will be filed in the near future against the Watchtower Society as the policy makers for all JWs.

When I asked Bo what is driving this passion to let the world know about the unjust policies of JWs, he said, “Silence is consent, and with my good communication skills, I refuse to consent!”

I have one last little story that I would like to share about Bo. It happened in 2009 during a telephone conversation. Bo had not heard from his maternal grandfather for several years, and only twice in the last fifteen years, when he picked up the ringing telephone. Lo and behold, it was Grandpa’s voice. “Bo, how are you? I want you to come back into the truth. Armageddon is so very close and I want you to live with me forever in the new world.”

Bo was grateful for the call. It was a delight to hear his grandpa’s voice but he was happy and would never come back. After five minutes of talking, Grandpa ended the conversation with, “If we were living 2,500 years ago in Israel, you would have been stoned and I would have thrown the first stone at you.”






Further information on Bo Juel Jensen and the media campaign in Norway:

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128 Responses to Bo Juel Jensen: Could he be Watchtower’s worst nightmare?

  1. Julia Orwell says:

    That’s a hard wall to break down, Frank: the ‘imperfection’ and ‘light getting brighter.’ I used that sort of doublethink on myself until recently. My husband replied to me with it recently. But, he fell in love with a Penguin Classics translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and now a man who hardly ever reads except for his weekly Watchtower and Daily Text is enthralled in the world of ancient Jewish sects. I think he’ll wake up soon and see that Jesus is his mediator and not a bunch of self-satisfied guys in NY.

  2. BeenMislead says:

    It is called: THOUGHT CONTROL … Statements like:

    “Just wait on Jehovah”
    “The light keeps getting brighter”
    “You are running ahead of the organization”

    Are all used to stop the thought process when rational/logical questions are posed to the mind.

  3. Thoughtful says:

    Bo Juel Jensen, Thank you for standing up for what is right — that takes courage and integrity. I recommend you find out exactly WHO wrote those “rules” you read aloud and then investigate that person, because I would bet that person is a predator hiding many secret crimes. Who else would write such a thing? I started exposing crimes within the Church of Scientology in December 2008. One of the things I have found beneficial is to continually differentiate for people that you are not attacking the religion, you are attacking criminality. Criminality can exist within any organization and it is the duty of members to expose it and protect others from harm. Abuse, criminality, corruption — these things don’t have anything to do with religious beliefs. Excellent references that will help: “The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout, and “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work” by Paul Babiak and Robert Hare. These two books in particular are spectacular at detailing the type of personality that you are exposing — a predatory personality type that finds it especially easy to encyst themselves in religious organizations. They have no conscience, no guilt and no remorse. Good luck and let me know if I can help. — Thoughtful

  4. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    Thoughtful, I tend not to agree with you on a point where you are saying that Abuse, criminality, corruption — these things don’t have anything to do with religious beliefs. I guess you are not a JW or know a little about them. If a person is exposed everyday to stories like God’s children raping the daughters of men, what will happen to his personality? Agree with me that our environment shape us and I want to include social environment that’s why JWs are what they are now!

    Go to the link and download The Watchtower of January 1, 2012 and have a look on “FOR YOUNG PEOPLE- Guard Against Wicked Spirits!” on page 30 and 31. What do you think of the illustrations associated with the exercise for young people. After considering that, ask yourself whether really Abuse, criminality, corruption… don’t have anything to do with religious beliefs!!!!!

    Read Deuteronomy 21:10-14 and tell me what influence (Psychological) it can have on abuse and criminality!! Don’t you see regular exposure to such stories everyday will impact seriously on one’s personality?

  5. Frank says:

    Hakizimana, you are right on the ball. Any number of ‘studies’ try to separate acts of violence in computer games from acts of violence perpetrated by computer game watchers, but common sense alone will tell the intelligent otherwise. What motivates lone gunmen in schools and shopping centres to do what they do? Of course, not all gamers are affected in the same way, as other aspects of their lives come into play too.

    With constant indoctrination from religion, the very least children will suffer is unnecessary guilt from being constantly taught they are nothing but sinners in the sight of God in need of ‘rescuing’; that they cannot make a moral move without being shown the way by a group of Biblically-wise men in Brooklyn (now Warwick); that they shouldn’t set any of life’s normal goals because the destruction of all they presently know will be gone in NEAR FUTURE (taken always as within their own lifetime); that they live in a demon-haunted world where everyone but their spiritual brothers and sisters are free of demon influence; and that even thinking for oneself is the equivalent of religious heresy, deserving of eternal death.

    Needless to say, this often produces a fatalistic attitude towards any progress in life other than religious.

    Child abuse comes in many forms.

    Frank V

  6. Julia Orwell says:

    Yep Frank, that’s enough to mess up anyone. I recommend reading “Escape” by Carolyn Jessop, a refugee from Warren Jeffs and the FLDS. It’s the same thing that happens to JW kids I imagine (not having grown up as one myself) but more extreme, and she goes into the sorts of abuses and violations of reality the followers will put up with.

    George Orwell wrote that if you cut a person off from information, that person is likened to drifting in space, with no way to tell what’s up and what’s down. They are cut off from the past, and there is only a constant, endless present in which any violation of reality can be practised by The Party.

    This is the world the WTS has created for its followers. And like Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-four reflected: I understand HOW, I do not understand WHY.

  7. Frank says:

    Yes, Julia, but I speak as an agnostic and state that all religion will have similar effect on children if not taught HOW to think, rather than WHAT to think.

    Orwell’s (not related?) dystopia vented its contempt for fellow humans through dehumanising the system. I don’t believe the WTBTS tries to do this. I feel the latter once had the ball and ran with it, but now, in the Age of the Internet, has to face the fact that it has a chequered background that it once could successfully hide. Rather than humble itself as the one who should stand for judgement, it CREATES a 1984 type judicial system to protect itself and survive. Orwell’s dystopia was concentrated evil, not a corrupted (not corrupt) system that has played nearly all its aces.

    Having said this, Sparlock is fast becoming a further step towards 1984.

    Frank V

  8. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    It seems people ignore how much power the WTS exerts on its followers. It shapes them in even small details of their everyday life beyond imagination. Question just a single word in their publication they will label you “APOSTATE”!!!!!

    What should we think of a religion that implies on one hand that “psychology and psychiatry” is “worldly” knowledge (see the secret book of Elders SHEPHERD THE FLOCK OF GOD p.54) and on THE OTHER HAND teaches things like “We do not need to let our eye feel sorry for those who receive God’s adverse judgment or feel compassion for them.” Read yourself these words from and imagine what influence they will have on “believers” who do not value psychology and psychiatry!!

    I think THINGS would be different if “the appointed men of the combat forces, the chiefs of the thousands and the chiefs of the hundreds who were coming in from the military expedition” did not BELIEVE Moses saying “Have YOU preserved alive every female? [...] now kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has had intercourse with man by lying with a male…” (Numbers 31:13-17). THESE CRIMES WERE ASSOCIATED WITH RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, in my opinion, a different idea would be biased!!

  9. Julia Orwell says:

    Yep it’s hard to overcome the ‘worldly knowledge’ trap. I’m glad I did and went to a psychiatrist.

    I wonder why the God of the NT is a god of love who wants everyone to be saved, and then had His followers in ancient times commit genocide.

  10. Frank says:

    Hakizimana, by quoting: “We do not need to let our eye feel sorry for those who receive God’s adverse judgment or feel compassion for them,” you remind us of one way the WTBTS uses methodology to maintain ‘unity’: By telling us that God is watching us all the time! In Orwell’s 1984 this took the form of a large eye on a poster (“Big Brother is Watching You”) that would be at every street corner to make the populace fear the State (The Party).

    No details of the religious statement above are given here, just a vague idea that somehow ‘apostates’ will be found out and captured. This fear placates the need for over-expenditure on the part of the State as it relies on the fear circuits in our brain – which themselves do the policing.

    Secondly, ‘unity’ is maintained by hermetically sealing ‘the truth’ within the created boundaries of the environment. Inhabitants are reminded often:

    “The Internet is evil”

    “All Internet sites apart from The Party’s is disapproved and of the Devil”

    “All information that is disapproved is apostate. To pass misinformation on to another is an act of heresy that brings forth death”

    “Individual thought is apostasy”


    All compassion for the enemy of the The Party is to be disapproved and punished. This is initiated by removal of the disapproved one from the collective. Social death and threats of physical death follow.

    If one calls upon the mercy of the collective, reluctant forgiveness is extended.

    Frank V

  11. Frank says:

    All from one article with consecutive paragraphs, here’s another excerpt for your consideration:

    “Regarding them, the psalmist said: “Do I not hate those who are intensely hating you, O Jehovah, and do I not feel a loathing for those revolting against you? With a complete hatred I do hate them. They have become to me real enemies.” (Psalm 139:21, 22)

    “It was because they intensely hated Jehovah that David looked on them with abhorrence.

    “Apostates are included among those who show their hatred of Jehovah by revolting against him.

    “Apostasy is, in reality, a rebellion against Jehovah. Some apostates profess to know and serve God, but they reject teachings or requirements set out in his Word.

    “Others claim to believe the Bible, but they reject Jehovah’s organization and actively try to hinder its work. When they deliberately choose such badness after knowing what is right, when the bad becomes so ingrained that it is an inseparable part of their makeup, then a Christian must hate (in the Biblical sense of the word) those who have inseparably attached themselves to the badness.

    “True Christians share Jehovah’s feelings toward such apostates; they are not curious about apostate ideas. On the contrary, they “feel a loathing” toward those who have made themselves God’s enemies, but they leave it to Jehovah to execute vengeance.—Job 13:16; Romans 12:19; 2 John 9, 10.”

    – Source: Watchtower 1993, 1st October, p. 19 par. 15 “Search Through Me, O God””

    What are some of the effective tools used in this piece of writing that may evoke strong emotions and loyalty?

    One tool we might note is that in one single paragraph of 208 words we find such words as:

    Hate – 3 times
    Hating – 1 time
    Hatred – 2 times
    Apostate(s) – 4 times
    Apostasy – 1 time
    Reject – 2 times
    God – 2 times
    Jehovah – 7 times
    Jehovah’s Organisation – 1 time
    Bad – 2 times
    Badness – 1 time
    Enemies – 2 times
    Abhorrence – 1 time
    Revolt – 1 time
    Rebellion – 1 time
    Loathing – 1 time
    Hinder – 1 time
    Additionally, expressions such as:

    “Intensely hated Jehovah,”
    “looked on them with abhorrence.”
    “hatred of Jehovah,”
    “revolting against him,”
    “rebellion against Jehovah,”
    “reject teachings or requirements,”
    “reject Jehovah’s organization,”
    “deliberately choose,”
    “so ingrained,”
    “Christian must hate,”
    “True Christians,”
    “feel a loathing,”
    “made themselves God’s enemies,”
    “execute vengeance.”

    Frank V

  12. Julia Orwell says:

    It was actually a man with a moustache on the poster. Also, it’s interesting to note the three slogans of INGSOC (Newspeak for English Socialism) in 1984: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength.

    Other topical citations: ‘Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.’ ‘Who controls the past controls the present. Who controls the present controls the future.’ ‘The doctrines of the Party are most effective on those who do not understand what it is they are being asked by the Party.’

    I could pull out a zillion more interesting ones, but I’m too lazy to get out my copy of 1984. I used to be able to tell you what page certain things were on and what paragraph, and when I was teaching it to high school students they thought I was some kind of freak. Some of them picked up my enthusiasm for 1984 though.

    Enough rambling about 1984…

  13. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    Dear Thoughtful, you are saying “Abuse, criminality, corruption — these things don’t have anything to do with religious beliefs”.
    I tend to think you need to change your point of view. You really do not to be a psychologist to understand how bible passages like Judge will produce criminals of all sort. Read it and you will find things like:

    “At that the owner of the house went on out to them and said to them: “No, my brothers, do not do anything wrong, please, since this man has come into my house. Do not commit this disgraceful folly. Here are my virgin daughter and his concubine. Let me bring them out, please, and YOU rape them and do to them what is good in YOUR eyes. But to this man YOU must not do this disgraceful, foolish thing.”
    25 And the men did not want to listen to him. Hence the man took hold of his concubine and brought her forth to them outside; and they began to have intercourse with her, and kept on abusing her all night long until the morning, after which they sent her off at the ascending of the dawn [...] Later her master rose up in the morning and opened the doors of the house and went out to get on his way, and, look! the woman, his concubine, fallen at the entrance of the house with her hands upon the threshold! [...] Then he entered his house and took the slaughtering knife and laid hold of his concubine and cut her up according to her bones into twelve pieces and sent her into every territory of Israel” (Judges 19:22-29). Read it on the link

    How do you feel about this? do you still think religious belief’s have nothing to do with ABUSE, CRIMINALITY, …? Religious belifs shape us more you can think, especially wiyh brainwashing religions organizations like the WTS!

  14. Naomi Fortune says:

    Jehovah God Himself and his beloved Son, Jehoshua (Jesus) have little to do with the man-made organizations and in fact they will probably be the first to be judged harshly by Jehovah Himself. God’s name Jehovah was removed from 6,972 places in the Bible thousands of years ago so that the Trinity could confuse everyone and that Jesus’ real name is Jehoshua meaning, ‘Jehovah is salvation’. Jesus may have been derived from Hail Zeus. [link removed]. JW’s have never owned Jehovah, His Son or anything righteous and by the terrible things such as covering up molestation of children and other crimes, it looks like ALL these religions are not only misguided, but are pure evil and what ever the TRUTH is, needs to come out, completely, to exonerate the pure and innocent among us, especially little children. It is time for all TRUTH to come out, so actually the internet is good in ways of research and letting people find out the original Bible TRUTH before it was molested. To me, Jehovah has always, from no beginning to no end, been GOD, and has always had a Personal name.

  15. Kat says:

    Frank said….
    “True Christians share Jehovah’s feelings toward such apostates; they are not curious about apostate ideas. On the contrary, they “feel a loathing” toward those who have made themselves God’s enemies, but they leave it to Jehovah to execute vengeance.—Job 13:16; Romans 12:19; 2 John 9, 10.”

    What are you doing here on an apostate site then!

    Do you not abhor what they write, but read it and respond. Does not the GB your rulers consider you conduct as bad, do you think they need ones like you making their rules to be laughed at while you deliberatly post with apostates sharing scripture.

    I think you post is now moot!

  16. Julia Orwell says:

    Frank is on our side: he used those quotes to show how hating the GB are, and what a shame their followers are being fed this vitriol. And besides, this isn’t an apostate site. Telling the truth is not apostate.

  17. Kat says:

    My apology Frank!! and thank you Julia for telling me.

  18. Mandelay says:

    He can repent and wait for Paradise in jail.

  19. Frank says:

    Thanks guys. This is not the first time my words have been misunderstood. On another site I reported that everyone there now had Skyrainbow’s “number.” A lady called Ruth said that I was making an “indirect” threat to Skyrainbow! Someone got in before me and explained that this didn’t mean I had private information about her!

    The above quote, once in contention, was written by me (an article on another site) about how language is used to elicit an emotional response to the subject. The word ‘apostate’ isn’t found in the Bible. It was coined to describe the “crime” of going against the counsel of the first-century apostles. Thereby to use this non-Biblical word has the purpose to make scarecrows to protect the interests of this religion.

    The single words and the phrases are carefully designed (note these examples are only in a short passage of just 208 words!) to inculcate, indoctrinate, the reader to distrust the “apostate” (literally to discredit the person so no one would even think of contact). Later, of course, ‘apostate’ came to mean ANY one who criticise the GB’s teachings. Note too the presumption that what is taught come from ‘Jehovah,’ suggesting that all teachings are “God-breathed.”

    Forearmed is forewarned. Advertisers use exactly the same methods to get people to buy things they don’t necessarily need.

    Oh, and other words not found in the Bible are: ‘shunning,’ ‘theocracy,’ ‘disfellowship,’ and ‘judicial committee.’

    Frank V

  20. Frank says:

    Hi guys. Thanks for the support. This is not the only time my words have been misunderstood. On another site I told Skyrainbow that all the others had “got her number.” A lady called Ruth saw this as an “indirect threat” to Skyrainbow. Someone got in before me and explained that the expression merely means that people (after I had cut-and-pasted her comments from a previous site) could see Sky for what she really was. I asked Ruth how I could have got Skyrainbow’s number!

    The above now-less-controversial comment was taken from an article I’d written for another site. In it I was trying to expose how language can be used powerfully to elicit an emotional response from the readers. Advertisers use this all the time to sell their products, even one that the buyer has no particular need for! And this was only from 208 words!

    The word ‘apostate’ is not even found in the Bible. It’s used to describe a person who was critical of the first century Christian apostles. By using, for instance, the expression, “Jehovah’s Organisation” in place of “governing body” the impression is given that all that this group of imperfect men say is somehow “God-breathed.” Each person needs to evaluate their conclusions based on what evidence is available and not be swayed by cleverly-hewn expressions that contain obvious persuasion-methods.

    Other words commonly used in a religions context that are not found in the Bible are: “disfellowship,” “judicial committee,” “theocracy.” And there are many more.

    Frank V

  21. mokihermida says:

    I cant see anyone going to an elder in these cases

  22. Frank says:

    Hi Cedars, are you removing my comments? I wrote to thank those who have supported the quoted comments above and would like to advise against written propaganda.

    Frank V

  23. Frank says:

    Hi Cedars. It’s just that I have placed one comment two times and both have gone when I came on the site again.

    Never mind, I’ll try again later.


    Frank V

  24. Frank says:

    Hi Cedar. Thanks for unspamming a comment containing the name-that-should-not-be-mentioned.

    Frank V

  25. Julia Orwell says:

    Hi Frank, how are you?

  26. Frank says:

    I’m fine, thanks, Julia; how are you?

    Frank V

  27. Julia Orwell says:

    Tired as! Been working for the first time in ages. Man it’s hard to get back into it.

    Still working on my fade too. No one at the KH has suspected anything yet, and Tuesday night I stayed home because I had to work Wednesday and used that as an excuse. Time will tell.


  28. Frank says:

    Hi Julia. Sooner or later you’ll be ‘missed.’ I’ve told the elders in my congregation that I will not have two elders in the same room with me, mostly because of a historical betrayal that they handled characteristically badly.

    If two elders call, ask them if the purpose of their visit is judicial. If not (“double the love” is the usual reason) tell them to choose which elder will stay. This will probably send them away as no single elder can meet with a sister.

    Use the same tactic if two sisters call. The purpose behind the “double the love” routine is to have a second witness to what you say. Beware.

    If you end up with a single sister, make small talk, nothing controversial.

  29. russell says:

    excellent advice heed it well

  30. Marlanda says:

    I have many sleepless nights lately because of the abuse I endured being raised as a JW. I am now using those sleepless nights to inform myself of the atrocities of this organization. I am thoroughly DISGUSED!

  31. Jessi says:

    I agree with Lynne, I was speechless and teary when reading his story and listen to it too. I went through a similar experience and now that I’m disfellowship because I ask to be I still have nightmares but one thing for sure is it make me a better mother to protect my kids and I will believe them no matter what, and I will make it my business that if something like that ever happen to them in the JW congregation or elsewhere, I would make sure that bastard will rot in jail.

  32. John Smith says:

    Not sure where you stand with all of this. I was brought up a JW and struggled with many of this stuff myself. My mother who is still a JW would constantly argue with me about the Bible. Her favourite saying was “you never read the Bible, so what do you know”. Well after many years later I decided to do what she said. I sat down and read the New Testament word for word, front to back. I was blown away by what I discovered. The main thing was that Salvation was there for all of us not just a few JW’s. It is a free gift from God, if we want it. It is gained through our Savior, Jesus Christ, not some nineteenth century man made Organization. The word “organization” cannot even be found in the Bible. Don’t be Hog swaggled into believing that the Bible is an organizational book that can only be interpretated by JW’s. It is written for everybody and very easy to understand. The reason JW’s don’t want you to read it by yourself is because they wouldn’t be able to alter your thinking then. Funny thing, after doing this all of a sudden my mother just does not want to talk about it anymore, nor does my younger brother. I almost feel cheated. So if you want to shut a JW up just arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. When they don’t have any answers, they go away.I suppose they are a form of a cult but I prefer to call it “false religion” because as you will find out by reading the New Testament, of which they themselves will say that it was written for us today, that none of their Doctrines can be substantiated by the Bible. Check it out. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. It will set you free. A really good book for help with this is “Twenty Questions Jehovah Witnesses Cannot Answer” by Dr Charles Love. It can be acquired at most book stores. My daughter gave it to me for my birthday, of which I can now acknowledge. There really is life after JW’s. It is so nice to just feel normal and enjoy all of the finer things that life has to offer. Another thing that might be of help to you is the three things that make up a cult. (1) Teaching…Do the group’s teachings agree with the Bible? (2) Leadership…Does the group claim Jesus as its leader, or does it worship an earthly leader? (3). Motivation…What is the group’s primary reason for existence? To serve God? Or to serve the interests of the group itself or its earthly leaders? Considering all this , pretty much sounds like JW’s , right? Really nice to hear that progress is finally being made in sexual abuse. Hats off to all those involved in this. Maybe we can all keep this going , even if it is one person at a time. Hope this helps.

  33. John says:

    Julia i’m a x member who is now 55 yrs old. I became indoctrinated with the wtbs when my parents joined back in early 70′s. I was forced by my elder father to be baptized at age 15 or else!! my older brother hit the road at 14 yrs old and said he wanted to take a shot gun to my fathers head because he was so bent on us being JW’s. Our family ties run deep on the elite side of those involved from former missionary’s to Branch OS. My own uncle conducted the wtbs orchestra. So I know a lot about what goes on behind the scenes and how hypocritical they are. I was 21 when I married so I could get out of my unhappy family life. I faded away sort of speak and finally after 12 yrs and 3 kids my x pushed me out of her life. Why? because I didn’t agree with the doctrines and policys of this man made religion. I told her I was agreeable to being a non believer and raising our children the best we could. That woman kicked me,spit at me and slapped my face over me refusing to go to the KH. Does that sound like a fine Christian? Well what ensued was a break up then a divorce over trumpted up charges against me. The tribunal committee said I should perhaps pray for them by the time I got done with them. In fact shortly later on one of the elders who was conducting the TM school and came to my house was Df for having a affair. How ridiculous! So here after they df me I was a alone person with no one to talk too. Having been brainwashed with wtbs thinking since 11 yrs old I now had a awakening. Those who you thought were true friends were only actually conditional friends on their own terms. So at 33 I was on my own without a family. So I proceeded to make some of the best loving friends among good people who would never turn their backs on you and not judge you for who you are. To this day I have those friend’s and they are good law abiding people who enjoy life. So you see until you walk across the street and see the grass just doesn’t appear greener but actually is you will never know how brainwashed you are. So my advice to you is keep doing good because what goes around comes around. I am so so much happier for it.

  34. Ben says:

    Julia, I must inform you of something very important of which you’re evidently not aware. I have strong reason to believe that when JWs lend help after natural disasters, the organization profits immensely in a monetary way. The insurance money for the repairs is turned over to them. Consider the fact they get 100% free labor and materials either donated or purchased very cheaply in bulk. On a lot of construction jobs, the labor is the biggest is expense and the organization gets the labor totally free. It makes huge profits. I’ve heard accounts of crews tearing off perfectly good roofs missing only a couple of shingles just because those roofs were insured and there was money to be made.

    I’ve often thought about the fact the organization is very reluctant to help except in situations in which it can profit. When I was pioneering, I was never helped in any way. I often had no transportation and sometimes even nowhere to live. No help for me.

    I actually think they’re wrong to help after natural disasters. They pumped into my head the notion that the main way we help people is spiritually. If they had the truth, I would agree with that – that it would be far better to help people spiritually than materially. If the organization is going to provide material help though, then why not help JWs who are really in need of help – those who have sacrificed and who, due to no fault of their own, really need help. Do those who have nice houses with insurance policies to repair those houses need help? Not as much as some others who will never receive help. Since those houses in natural disaster areas are insured, then why not just let the secular world tend to them and let JWs get on with their more important spiritual work? I know why – because there are dollars to be made. I recently heard a radio documentary about the huge profits to be made after natural disasters and the cutthroat competition for the money. The contractor being interviewed complained about all the volunteer help that was cutting into his business. He pointed to a volunteer group (not JWs – can’t remember the exact name, but it had the word “Samaritan” in it) that had a huge brand new Caterpillar excavator. He said “I can’t compete with that; I can’t compete with free”. What he doesn’t know is that they’re not doing the work for free; they’re getting the insurance money; that’s why they’re there. What he can’t compete with is that he has to pay labor and the volunteer groups don’t.

    Consider also those individuals who volunteer to help in natural disaster areas. While some might have genuinely good intentions, I know for a fact that many, if not most, go for the excitement, etc. It’s like a fun adventure. They’d rather do that than participate in the ministry and go to boring meetings.

    Consider also the fact that the organization brags immensely in its publications about the disaster relief work. Jesus said not to let your left hand know what your right is doing, but the org brags and blows a loud trumpet announcing what it has done. I bet it won’t tell you how much money it’s made on those disasters, though.

    I could go on and on about this, but let me just make the point again. The organization makes big profits on natural disasters. Don’t view the natural disaster relief work as a positive.

  35. David K. says:

    Go to your video on youtube and take a look at the description! I linked you right to Jw’s are nice,maybe you just gave them a bad impression. Sorry if I caused a problem. Anyways, you CAN relate to children, teens, adults and couples. If this whole thing was about getting likes and people against Witnesses, than thank you, but no. It doesn’t work because we have another thousand-million more people on are side. If you wish to here more, find me at google/youtube, and find kidrat529 or David Koester. I don’t want to change your religion or anything of that sort, in fact, I wouldn’t want to. Please except this comment for other’s other than you. :) Again NOT trying to change your religion. Sorry!

  36. David K. says:

    Very correct statement. :D Excellent observation!

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