Would you take the pill? – A simple Facebook test has shocking results

If the Governing Body instructed you to take a pill, would you take it?

If the Governing Body instructed you to take a pill, would you take it?

Last weekend congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses all over the world discussed the November 15, 2013 Study Edition of the Watchtower at their meetings.

As reported on this website back in August, this particular issue of the magazine contains the chilling counsel that Witnesses “must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from an objective or human standpoint or not.”

In view of the above jaw-dropping injunction, which completely negates common sense and encourages mindless subservience, one poster set up a test on a Facebook group frequented by Jehovah’s Witnesses to see whether they would agree to follow this counsel to its fullest extent.

The test was worded very simply, as follows…

image-1Within the first 3 hours of the post going up, 23 Facebook users responded. Typically, not everyone was able to give a definitive answer. But of those that did, at least five responded that “yes,” they would take the pill.

yes-answersIt is perhaps noteworthy that of the five who answered “yes,” two did so embracing the likelihood that the “unknown pill” might have a lethal effect.

One female participant in the discussion argued against the premise of the test as follows…

argueIn making this argument, the lady overlooked the fact that taking a pill is not necessarily a negative thing. By far the majority of pills taken around the world every day are taken for the betterment of health, not the reverse.

And lest we forget, the Governing Body already suggests that their wisdom supersedes medical knowledge, at least in the area of blood transfusions.

The wording of the test was flawless. It gave no hint at what the pill would do once taken. It merely asked whether one would take it if instructed to do so by the Governing Body or not. It was a simple yet effective examination of the extent of one’s loyalty.

It should be noted with some relief that an equal number (5) said that “no,” they wouldn’t take the pill. Nevertheless, that five people responded in the affirmative within three hours is a chilling indictment against the mental fortitude and rationality of some Witnesses.

If the Governing Body wants a legion of unthinking drones who will follow their instructions even if potentially hazardous, it appears they have achieved this objective – at least in part.

Let the koolaid drinking commence.



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65 Responses to Would you take the pill? – A simple Facebook test has shocking results

  1. bigmax says:

    Hol(ie) Smokes!!!!!

  2. Rowland Nelken says:

    Unlike some followers of this blog, my direct JW connection and memories of actual belief in the cruel nonsense belong to a distant childhood. Even my indirect connection; my loony and deranged JW mother, died in 1998.

    I do not know, therefore, whether the JW bosses are getting jittery at the increased exposure of the horrors of their cult, and the power the internet has given to the global community of ex JWs who can now band together and campaign for the cult’s implosion or utter transformation.

    Can any current or recent insider explain whether desperation is setting in. It is clear, even from this blog, that active JWs ignore (presumably on pain of imminent Armageddon execution) their bosses’ injunctions to ignore ex JW writings and never to engage with apostates.

    Anyone privy to the current atmosphere? Paranoid? Business as Usual? Indifferent? Desperate?

    • VeganLion says:

      Business as Usual. I think most are unaware of what is going on outside. I left in November. Although a circuit overseer gave a talk in 2013 in which he said that “we never have the right to be indignant about anything because we never know all sides of the story. Only Jehovah knows everything”. I thought that was odd. Made me scratch my head.

  3. Admin Jeni says:

    Wow. I’m not sure if I’m surprised by the ones that said “yes” or the ones that said “no”. It makes me wonder how many didn’t answer because they were afraid of being turned in for possible “apostate” links to the question.

  4. Sue B says:

    Yes it is chilling. It reminds me of what they say about those who lost their lives for refusing all blood in the past, when now they can accept fractions. The answer is that those people were faithful unto death and so will be rewarded by resurrection. The fact that the blood doctrine was changed seems to fly right over their heads. Blind obedience to a man-made money-making organization which doesn’t care about individuals is very scary.

  5. Combatdiva says:

    It’s funny that you have touched this topic because I have often questioned and wondered if it ever got to that point, how many would obey such. It is a scary thought and I am fearful of how obedient my 20 yr old son would be if he ever came across such path. He is a devout Jdub…hence following ” Jehovah’s direction by shunning me” . What a disgrace this cult is. Keep up the excellent work Cedars. I always look forward to a good read.

  6. Dave Gracey says:

    I asked my brother today when i saw him at the auto auction about this paragraph. He said the first thing that came to his mind was Jonestown. I asked him the question if a pill were offered to get you though the tribulation and on to the other side, he said clearly and plainly “Hell No”. I am glad to see there is some hope out there for at least some members of my family.

  7. alanv says:

    Remember this?

    “If the Society told me that this book is black instead of green, I would say, `Y’know, I could have sworn that it was green, but if the Society says it’s black, then it’s black!’ (Brother Bart Thomson, District Overseer)

    That is how many witnesses view the society as shown by the Facebook comments.
    I just started a thread on the Topix website asking JWs if this is council for today or a time in the future. Should be interesting.

  8. Lorraine Barrie says:

    Great post as usual Cedars.

  9. Markw says:

    Interesting to read what one commenter said on the Facebook page: “That is not what our elders would do…they are our loved ones”
    The fact is that the Elders would follow blindly what the Watchtower tells them, so although they might at first question it, they would still go ahead because of the hypnotic control (BITE) they are under.
    To claim the Elders are loving (errm…) has nothing to do with it. The question was ‘would you do what the Society tells you to do, unquestionably?’ And the Elders, with glazed eyes and blank looks, would have to follow. Anyone going to Jonesville soon?!
    I could imagine the dichotomy that the question would cause to even the most staunch JW.
    My, it would certainly test their faith!
    Thanks again, Cedars, for the post. Pity you’re not in the UK…I would have loved to have met up!

  10. John Baptist says:

    One only need to remember the Jim Jones incident in Guyana Where over 900 people lost their lives because of being brainwashed into taking a drink. What was interesting about some of the books that dealt with this incident is how when they were there security men were posted around who would not let you leave once you got in.
    Is there something similarly Erie about that going on in the watchtower society through mental and emotional shunning that causes the death of your relationships with active JW Relatives If you don’t conform? Feed on our Watchtowers and follow our non based bible rules or else. mmmm Quite interesting indeed.

  11. Buddhagan says:

    If my husband of 10+ yrs asked me to consume an unknown substance, I would balk slightly. He has proven his trustworthiness to me and I would still want to question him. How much more should they want to question orders from 8 men who they’ve never met and have flip-flopped doctrines so many times? Ugh, sorry about sounding a like public talk!

  12. Oubliette says:

    2 + 2 = 5

  13. Vi Dakona says:

    I recently heard a JW sister say to her own husband “keep on drinking the kool-aid” when a letter from the GB was read to the congregation. Very sad when their own members make references to following a preacher blindly to the point of mass suicide yet they do not realize that the men who are telling them how to live their lives are doing the same thing that many deadly cults have done.

  14. I think Bo Jensen said it best when he said that they have already cost thousands their lives by telling them to refuse blood transfusions (and organ transplants before that) and because of the suicides caused by shunning. I shared with him that there are thousands more who are not gone yet but who live a nightmare because of this organization. My mother tried to commit suicide many times while I was growing up and that experience along with the abuse I suffered as a child because of them still robs me of my life today. Pill or no pill, kool-aid or no kool-aid, they’re still responsible for thousands of deaths and robbed, wasted lives.

  15. Babs Mason says:

    Thank you for this article and it has been posted on yahoo answers. I have been very afraid that the governing body would start using this line of reasoning and now it will only be a matter of time before they require more blind obedience that leads to more lives destroyed. Thank you for this article.

  16. JB says:

    I attended the meeting when this article was studied … I can tell you there was a cold wind that swept through the place … When I make the link between what I saw there and what I read here, I’m not surprized at all. Some answers I heard made me freak out.

    It’s very scary.

    I also would like to add the following about the article : It speaks about the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem and how Hezekiah dealt with the situation, etc. Using shepherds and dukes (i.e. elders).

    Then the paragraph 16 claims this event has a prophetic meaning to happen “near future”. But if you read this paragraph carefully it loosely mentioned this without biblical references and jumps to other realizations such as Gog of Magog, King of the north, and revelations talk about the “wild beast” (what was that again :-) ? )

    I must admit I don’t possess a very deep knowledge but what makes us believe that the Assyrian siege at Hezekiah’s days has a prophetic quality for “near future” ? And if yes, why paragraph 16 quietly injects the phrase without a biblical reference ?

    And linked to that the paragraph 17, “accept whatever the Shepherds and Dukes say to you, no matter what”.

    Basically : Assyrians are coming, they’ll try to get you.

    When I read these paragraphs, I thought that if someone talked to me like this I would say : You talk like you know about something concrete happening, so why don’t you tell me EXACTLY what is going to happen ?

    Or are just trying to keep me scared ?

    However, my biggest unease was this : Why would Jehovah need to ask us to do something we wouldn’t understand ? And if we, as human beings wouldn’t understand, then WHO has super human wisdom here to understand and then tell us “OK, just do what I say, you don’t get it but I do”. Did the Governing Body become modern day prophets ?

    Did Jesus instruct this way ?

    I’m really very anxious about what I read and saw about this.

    • Rowland Nelken says:

      JB – Don’t be scared for yourself. You will not obey the GB in any pill business – that is clear.

      Regarding coded Bible prophecies – the guys who put the Bible together had no idea about the future. The whole Armageddon/Judgement Day stuff is simply A N Other version of a pervasive human myth; that one time long ago, life was lovely (as in the Garden of Eden/free working people/pure bred masterful Germans). It all went horrid, (Satan, snakes, apples/Kings, aristos, capitalists/foreigners and Jews)- But – fear not – an upheaval is coming (Armageddon/Proletarian Revolution/German warrior saviour) – The baddies will all be zapped and the goodies live happily ever after.

      All these prophecies bear no relation to any reality. The Assyrian business, like all the crazy bug eyed beasts in Daniel and Revelation, is simply another figment of an ancient Jewish imagination, and has no relevance whatever to modern political, geophysical or cosmic developments.

      Any concern should be directed at the mind controlled victims of the JW cult, whose bosses may be panicking now the internet is undermining their monopolistic management of the lives of their slave labour force.

  17. JBob says:

    [fills bathtub with grape-flavored Flavor-Aid and begins splashing and bathing in it; scoops up blue-ish, pheremone-scented liquid into mouth, gargles, then swallows]

    There are two psychological experiments–this sort is now banned due to ethical concerns–from 1963 up to 1971 which shed light on the responses to the informal survey and how adherents would actually behave when the time comes to gulp down a pill (obey GB instructions to the letter): Stanford prison experiment and the Milgram experiment. Reference these here:

    The Milgram Obedience Experiment
    The Perils of Obedience
    By Kendra Cherry

    Milgram’s Experiment on Obedience to Authority
    Gregorio Billikopf Encina
    University of California

    Milgram’s experiment is especially poignant as the titles of both reports indicate the “perils of obedience” and “obedience to authority”. Sadly, we all say “no, I would not take an unmarked pill;” it is the common sense we give young boys and girls to avoid being date-raped or seriously messed-up by narcotics. Yet, peer pressure (authority) and the evidence from other totalitarian regimes shows we all fail to resist and follow our instinct to survive.

    In this scenario, as the “pills” of the GB are issued each week at the KH, the “subjects” receive peer reinforcement to apply blind obedience to the directions from “Jehovah’s anointed”. And, in this scenario, the Flavor Aid cyanide-laced drink of refusing to accept conventional norms, to allow rational medical measures, and to squelch any sense of identity through pursuit of academic or physical excellence is consumed without questioning.

    If the subjects are not physically dead, they have died a hundred, if not thousand, times by burying their true selves to the “greater cause”.

  18. Deano says:

    Its all about Obey,don’t ask questions just obey,which i find very destructive to the point who would take responsibility for any ones actions??People who accept this kind of guidance are nothing but “sheeple”,but hey your not supposed to question just accept and nothing else,do leaders come to mind like dictators or some sort of Draconian thinking,”Do as we say or you will die”.hmm yes right!Feel George Orwell,Audlus Huxley,had many a point many years back.The governing body are men who are saying this by manipulating the scriptures and people with fear,but my own opinion is if you let fear control you it will do but once you stand up to this those who deem to be in control they will cower down but not with out complication,deprogramming from the Watchtower is hard but works in the long run and like isaid before it will only damage you if you let damage you,..Deanox

  19. Susan says:

    Once again the Watchtower Society has crossed the line. The Bible encourages us to train our perceptive powers to know right from wrong – but the Society believes that we need to ignore this and follow them instead. I guess they feel that they now speak for God. It’ll be interesting to see what they have up their sleeve and what their next move will be.

  20. JBob says:

    Forgot the Stanford Prison Experiment link


    Also, of interest is this after-school film which “Freeminds” once commented in the 1990′s, The Wave (based on the The Third Wave experiment from the 1960′s with a world history class)


  21. tlstatton says:

    It would be interesting to see who would have the most bodies, Jim Jones Cult in the jungles of Guyana or Watchtower Cult in the jungles of deception and Mind Control. I would bet on Watchtower and hundreds of thousands of bodies of all ages. Anyone agree?

  22. Excelsior, formerly known as George says:

    The GB fail to realise that Hezekiah raised the walls of Jerusalem ( a jolly sensible thing to do if a whacking great army is hotfooting towards you!) and what are they doing? Building an out of the way head office, hidden in the woods!

    Nothing of what they do is sensible at all!

    Peace be with you


  23. Ocma says:

    One word – crazy.

    If I tried to discuss this with my mum she would jump down my throat, she doesn’t question anything those old coots pass down to the ‘sheep’.

  24. Tiago says:

    The question is very fancy. It recalls Jim Jones. A more interesting and realistic question would be:

    “If the Governing Body told you to leave your house and flee to the mountains would you do this?”

    I think the majority would answer yes without hesitation.

  25. jemba says:

    I agree with Tiago. Lots of JWs are talking about the day the society tell them to ‘flee to the mountains’. They are counting on it and plan to go without question. Sick and twisted cult! I hope the society do tell them to run for their lives. More proof for us that they are a bunch of brainwashed crackpots.

  26. Tiger says:

    Proof they do take the pill already.

    G.B. “Hey your family member dare question us, they are no longer your family, they are dead and mentally ill.” Response should be “I know my son/daughter and they are kind, decent and a good person that is impossible.” Actual response “Yes master, whatever you say, Heil the GB the pathway to God” G.B. response “Good you mindless blob now go give away some Watchtowers and put your money in our retirement fund hmm umm contribution box because no one will pay for this crap but you fools and we want distribution up! Up I say, now get going Jesus Gave only one command, to sell, give away our mindless dribble while you pay for it with your janitors wage” Response “Yes master, Yes master Yes master”

  27. Mandelay says:


    Assyrians coming –The WT is always making outrageous claims and telescoping the ancients right into the 21st century. What a waste of time. The Mosaic law condemned idolatry and coveting, but gives a pass to rape, torture, genocide, and slavery of neighboring tribes. We need to stop reading this so,literally. But we can still discuss it intelligently. At a circuit assembly once, they used Absalom as an example of why we need to guard against worldly associations. The lesson was totally lost on some, since most in the audience don’t have many worldly friends and relatives who go on raping and killing sprees on a regular basis.

    I pity anyone who still thinks this body of men speaks for God.

  28. REDEEMED says:

    JB. Remember Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) me” John 14:16 Amplified Bible. Jesus told his followers EVERYTHING! There is NO substitutes, We follow Jesus or we don’t. You sound like your having doubts. Please take comfort in the scriptures and read them without consulting Watchtower material. Ask the Holy Spirit ( The Helper Jesus told his disciplines he would leave after He was gone from them.) to help you understand for yourself what you are reading. This might shock you at what Jehovah will reveal to you. Praying for you, REDEEMED

  29. Mandelay says:

    JB – “Assyrians coming” lol

    The WT makes outrageous claims and telescopes the ancients into the 21st century all the time.The Mosaic law condemned idolatry and covetousness, but gave a pass to the rape, torture, genocide, and enslaving of neighboring tribes. It’s time to stop relying so heavily on a literal application of the Old Testament and discuss it intelligently. Once at a circuit assembly Absalom was used as an example of why we need to guard against worldly associations. The lesson seemed to have been lost over many in the audience since not too many of us have worldly friends and relatives who go on raping and killing sprees as a normal activity.

    I pity any who are still believe that this body of men are speaking for God.

  30. Mandelay says:

    Oops. I meant to write “who still believe”. Sorry.

  31. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    And … our Kingdom Ministry March 2014 says on page 2: Will this Memorial be our last? (1 Cor. 11:26) We do not know. But we do know that once it passes, gone will be a unique opportunity to show gratitude. Will you seize it?

    14th April, 2014, “Will this Memorial be our last?”, if you asked JWs to give answers to this , you would cry?

  32. George says:

    “Let the Koolaid drinking commence”???
    You should perhaps have actually explained the powerful and disturbing similarity of the test to what was experienced at the mass religious suicuide Jonestown with drinking poisoned Koolaid, instead of just flippantly using the reference to Koolaid in such a flippant fashion.

    • Cedars says:

      George – there is nothing flippant about my article at all. The test, and its ramifications, are actually very sobering as my koolaid reference points out.

      Is that the only criticism you can come up with?

  33. Jim Jones says:

    The trick is to offer some Kool Aid to wash the pill down. Everyone loves the Kool Aid am I right?

  34. Allen Starr says:

    Will any JW ask where the GB will get this “non-human life-saving information” from? Will the GB say in the future that they are now inspired?

  35. zeebo says:

    What would happen if there was an accident that took out the GB.. I mean their boardroom (built on slave labour) collapsed and killed them all.. Would they just say Jehovah has now found his new slave? I mean since the GB and the GB alone are now the slave, if they were to all die without time to appoint a new one who would steer the ship? Do they have a reserve slave? This is something i wondered about lots and isn’t a veiled threat or anything sinister.. If the pope dies the college of cardinals elects and there are many of them.. if by chance all of them die then there are lower levels, but since the JWs say the GB is the only slave appointed by Jesus what would happen?

  36. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    (Luke 19:40) . . .“I tell YOU, If these remained silent, the stones would cry out.. . .

    I think it would be better, yes, “the stones would cry out” better than the GB and no one would complain about stupidity of stones, but seeing humans reasoning like the GB, it is painful.

  37. Danmera says:

    If you count up those who died during the vaccination ban, died during the organ transplant ban, during the blood ban. Then those of Malawi, and the Nazi camps. Then the suicides, because of shunning.
    It’s way more than Jim Jones and the People’s Temple. More than People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, Branch Davidians (Waco) combined.
    I think there will come a point where it will be recognized as one of the deadliest cults.

  38. TheDisappointedOne says:

    [opens umbrella] It is raining down hard facts?

  39. JB says:

    Hi Rowland, Mandelay, REDEEMED,

    Thank you for your insightful comments. Indeed, I do feel anxious but mostly for a part of my family and friends and also for JW’s who are in sincere search for truth and peace of mind – and somehow unable to see these disturbing things.

    If there is going to be a koolaid party, I won’t be there :-)
    Actually, I without going as far as collective suicide scenarios, I first thought about different things to happen, leading JW’s towards more isolation. Really, if someone says “you should follow me even if I ask you something strange”, to me, it means that he/she has something in mind.

    I am so much in agreement with your comments. Actually what I lately experience about religion encourages me to stick to the essential. I truly believe there is quite a different way to consider the Bible (and maybe even other supportive material) so that we can see it’s value differently and maybe, more efficiently. This way, maybe bible would be used in a different way than like a tabloid.

    • Rowland Nelken says:

      Whatever way you consider the Bible, JB, please remember it is a man made and fallible collection of writings from a distant and pre scientific age. It belongs to an age when genocide, slavery and treating women as possessions was common practice. To view it as from anything other than an historical and literary perspective will lead, inevitably to a range of problems, or even horrors.

  40. Julia Orwell says:

    There’s been some renewed paranoia. I commented not long before I left, so maybe about two years ago about the increase of control exerted through the WT, and the elder said, “The brothers are really preparing us for the end. They’re protecting us more than ever before.” So those still in who do notice the tightening and closing of ranks put it down to the Org doing more to ‘protect’ them from ‘Satan’. There is more paranoia now than when I joined in the late 90s.

  41. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    @Rowland Nelken, YOU are right. I do not think this was from God = Love!

    (Numbers 31:15-18) . . .So Moses said to them: “Have YOU preserved alive every female? [...] now kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has had intercourse with man by lying with a male. 18 And preserve alive for yourselves all the little ones among the women who have not known the act of lying with a male. . .

  42. Tiger says:

    @Hakizamana, Good answer, because proving the sickness is just that simple. To any thinking person it should make them reconsider the whole book.

  43. JB says:

    Yes, actually, to put it straightforward : I don’t think everything in the Bible we read is inspired by God and not everything inspired by God is in the Bible …

    And indeed, I’m referring to those parts filled with violence and cruelty, and the claim that it all was made with God’s blessing …

    I find much more comfort reading about the wisdom, hope and love in there.


  44. biddog11l says:

    I don’t see the problem, this question is biased! People take the flu vaccine every year, we eat foods that we don’t know anything about. We take pills because doctors tell us to. we drink water that is fluoridated. If the Catholic church said to take the pill how many Catholics would have said no? does that mean we should not trust anyone…

    • Rowland Nelken says:

      Vaccines are prescribed by doctors who have had years of training. Vaccines are only let loose after clinical trials lasting years. JW bosses are not professionals in anything. Sure, they appear to have mastered the dark arts of cult mind control and have been fairly canny in the PR department. They have managed to project their sinister little Protestant sect, their destructive and misery making little corner of Christendom, as a respectable and polite group of earnest religious enthusiasts. The internet, as exemplified by this blog, is steadily blowing the cult’s cover and exposing JWdom as it should be seen; as a dangerous and cruel menace.

  45. Faithful Witness says:

    I sent an email to my parents about this article, when I first read about it here on Cedar’s blog. My mom’s response (with no reference from me): “Don’t worry… we won’t drink the Kool-Aid.” I wonder if she still feels that way.

    I asked her, “What WOULD you do? I hope you and Dad will discuss what limits you will go to, in obedience to men who claim to speak for Jehovah.”

  46. Conan71 says:

    I take heart that some there responded with no. Unfortunately they get to say that after reflecting privately on their computers. If these same folks were blindsided at the hall with this in front of their peers I think the result would be tragic. Groupthink would likely kick in and very few if any would not take it. Hopefully the young would bolt for the doors , I should rephrase I hope all would run for the doors. Unfortunately as this demonstrates people would take it even if in their hearts they knew it would be lethal. It’s chilling to the bone but I think we can agree this is what the great 8 are trying to foster amongst the followers. Truly sad.

  47. Holy Cannoli says:

    I have to agree with 90% of the information in here and especially how you are not allowed to QUESTION anything
    without fear of being DF’d or ostracized.The pain they bring to families is unreal. I know from experience. As a former Elder for nearly 12 years I saw everything. From “brothers” cheating worldy people in Construction, to Murders, to Molestation, to total control of everyones life including grooming, beards, White shirts, ties, etc. One time my own son wanted to play on the high School baseball team and he was going to team meetings. When the Other Elders found out they told me I would be removed as an Elder if I did not pull him off the team! BC I was setting a POOR example?Sad to say I gave in to the pressure and I regret it to this day. I apologized to my son and have made it up many times. It is just sad to think a Religion can have that much power over people.There are to many other things that happened and to much to go into. In my opinion they are
    just as bad as other people and have the same problems but they try to hide them? Have you ever heard the WT apologize for anything they have prophesied or predicted?

    Never! They blame the “SHEEPLE” for being over anxious. However, they want you to be humble and apologize and repent when you do a perceived wrong. On [paragraph 17 page 20 of the 11/15/13 WT it states we MUST have complete unquestioning Obedience to the GB? Of course they do say “At that time” when the so Called Assyrians Attack Jehovah’s people? So they leave themselves a way out by projecting that Obedience into the future.

    I even helped a family who were broke to stay at my house and the grandfather tried to Molest my 10 year old daughter at the time. Of course he denied it and 2 or 3 witness thing prevailed. I will give the Elders the benefit of the doubt bc it was in the mid 80′s and that kind of stuff was just starting to come out in the news etc, many people did not know how to deal with it. Yes, It is a cult n my opinion. Although they like to clain they are “freedom” loving Christians and go by their conscience that is all a cover up bc they will not allow any JWs to live by their personal conscience.

  48. KateWild says:

    This FB post is really eye opening. Thanks for reporting on this. JWs are really taking seriously the admonition to “Listen obey and be blessed”

    Some will surely obey with potential dire consequences
    Kate xx

  49. Freedom says:

    This scares the life out of me for a few reasons, because a) I know given the choice to take an unknown pill and swallow it based on faith many thousands would happily do so. And b) because my whole family are still all witnesses and I fear they to would do this thinking it was ‘god’s will’ or some such crock.

    They paint those of us who have left as evil incarnate yet all I am is worried about my family who I love completely.

    • Rowland Nelken says:

      Any crazy pill of instructions that the JW bosses might issue (and have they ever done anything that is not totally barmy? God’s sole agent – bah! humbug!) could hardly involve suicide.

      Jwdom is largely about amassing and augmenting capital value. Living JWs can donate money and free labour. Dead ones, unless they have been coerced into rewriting their wills and making over their entire estate to the Watchtower, cannot.

  50. cartoon Lady says:

    My dad is still an active member, he says the “Society” is having problems with people not being obedient and they are looking for ways to crack down on the people to make them obey. My dad as blindly as he follows them sees the hypocrisy but is the only thing he knows.

  51. Mandelay says:


    I’m leary of flu shots and mammograms because of the possible accumulative side-effects of the mercury and radiation, respectively, after ten years. I eat organics, and don’t drink flouridated water. Many Catholics do take the pill–birth control– against the church’s official policy. We each can make informed choices.

    • Rowland Nelken says:

      To choose to ignore the benefits of vaccination and mammograms is not an informed choice- it is one based on ignorance and superstition.

      The word ‘organics’ applied to food is ridiculous. All fruit, veg. and meat comes from organisms. All organisms can be described and analysed chemically.

  52. Mandelay says:


    …..although I have nothing against one-time innoculations, such as the the ones taken for traveling or infant polio vaccinations and such.


    I’m simply avoiding the repetitive-annual shots and mamos. I’ve taken baselines and I am still researching the benefits or hype of organics, but in the meantime….you know…

    You die your way; I’ll die my way.

  53. Mandelay says:


    Here in the states the term “organically grown” refers to the practice of spraying crops with five or six pesticides that are presumably safer than the ones used by the mass producers. So you’re trading a known cancer-causing or flouride-laced chemical for a seemingly better or simply less-studied chemical and, hopefully, reducing the toxic burden over time. Some doctors advise eating certain items like berries only if labeled “organically grown.” Whatever….it’s the current rage here.

  54. Nonny says:

    I haven’t been to meetings for some months now, and I didn’t go to the last convention or assemblies, because I’ve finally had the courage to do something about doubts I’ve had for years. They were introducing this ‘blind obedience’ thing more and more when I stopped going, but it’s only now that I’m looking back on it all that I can really see it. I was born into the Witnesses, and I know so many that would just follow anything blindly. I have to admit, I’m scared. I think back to times when my brother, who never got baptized, tried to reason with me, but I refused to see sense. I feel like my whole life’s been a lie. I still live at home with my Witness parents right now but I’m trying to save up to get away to relatives at the other side of the country because I still feel trapped, like the few that I do still consider ‘friends’ from the congregation still believe that this is just a phase and I’ll come back. I’ve only just discovered this website last night and I still feel guilty for reading it – I can’t help it, I’ve been warned against this stuff my whole life – but I’m determined to read through more because your reasoning seems to line up with things that I discovered on my own.

    • alanv says:

      Hi Nonny well done for having the courage to read other material apart from the orgs. I was the same as you when I came out. So the question to ask yourself whenever you read any website, is does it speak the truth. You will find that Cedars and most other posters on here try very hard to keep to what is true. Cedars always says if you find something that he has been said that is not true let him know and he will correct it. I and many others feel the same way. Hope to read your comments again in the future.

  55. Mandelay says:

    Like you, I know a few who want to leave home but can’t because of income constraints. They feel fearful, depressed, and powerless. Cheers to you! At least you have a plan. I stopped attending meetings about nine months ago after reading so much nonsense in the WT publications, hearing stupid remarks at the meetings, and observing so much neurotic and judgmental behavior among JWs. One day at the meeting, I just snapped. I am surprised I didn’t leap from my chair and run to the exit, but I knew I had had enough. I began reading the Bible without the publications just to see how it would ‘speak’ to me and websites such as jwfacts, anointedjw, jwstruggle, cedar’s jwsurvey, plus a plethora of secular books. The whole JW thing collapsed, and although I am not happy with the hard facts,  I am not unhappy. A new reality is gradually settling in. These internet sites are providing a sorely needed service….and Cedars is adorable. He works very hard, loves the witnesses, and suffers his own personal anguish.

    I wish you every success.

  56. Nonny says:

    Thanks for your kind words. Over the last few days, I’ve been watching more videos on Youtube exposing the Watchtower, and been reading more of this website and jwfacts. It’s scary just how much I and so many others have been deceived. What are you supposed to do with your life when all this is suddenly blown away? I can’t talk about this with my witness parents or friends, they’d have a fit. I have a few friends who aren’t JWs, and my siblings, and I’ve been trying to talk to them, but I’m finding it really hard to talk. I’m glad there are places like this with you lovely people who I can confide in.

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