Watchtower word games – letter orders changes in terminology and assembly arrangements

The Governing Body has decided to make changes to certain terminology, and make changes to assembly arrangements

The Governing Body has decided to make changes to certain terminology, and make changes to assembly arrangements

JWsurvey has been sent a scan of a letter, dated 17 February 2014, to be read out to all congregations this week. The subject line reads: “Adjustments in organizational terminology and assembly arrangements.”

For whatever reason, the Governing Body has deemed it pressingly urgent to tamper with various organizational terms, with changes effective immediately.

“Zone overseers” are now to be known as “headquarters representatives,” “zone visits” are now “branch visits,” “district conventions” are now “regional conventions” (special conventions and international conventions remain unchanged), and circuit assemblies have been slashed from two days to one day.

The latter change means that the term “special assembly day” is now obsolete. Rather than having a two-day circuit assembly and a special assembly day every year, Witnesses will now have two one-day circuit assemblies. One circuit assembly is to be hosted by a district overseer, with the other being hosted by a branch representative.

Readers of this website will doubtless find it baffling that, with all that is presently befalling the Governing Body, fiddling with organizational terminology has ended up being top of their list of priorities. It seems plugging the constant leak of confidential material and answering the media regarding the DA motion in the McAlester case may be of secondary importance to Morris, Splane and Co. when word games are on the agenda.



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48 Responses to Watchtower word games – letter orders changes in terminology and assembly arrangements

  1. Duds says:

    Just finished a great article on regarding the GB new meaning of the FDS.

    What would have been regarded as apostate teaching back in 1981 is now regarded as the new understanding of the FDS.

    “The objectors may argue that not all of Christ’s anointed disciples have a share in preparing the spiritual food, so that perhaps the “slave” pictures only the leading ones, and the “domestics” those they serve in the congregation.”
    Watchtower 1981 Mar 1 pp.24-26
    Cheers Duds

  2. Holy Conolli says:

    Good point Duds. Of course as we all know that any teaching of “truth” is subject to change at any time for any reason that they determine. So even this understanding may change next month, Next year or
    whenever they feel like. I always said the same thing as you, :” that cetin teachings” of just a few months or a few years ago would be considered Apostate if we taught or believed them now? Amazing the flip flopping they do and get away with it.

  3. Diabla diablita says:

    You are always right!

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