Watchtower issues DMCA takedown over leaked annual meeting letter

Lawyers at Watchtower have forced us to remove the leaked annual meeting letter from our pages

Lawyers at Watchtower have forced us to remove the leaked annual meeting letter from our pages

On Thursday, September 24, JWsurvey reproduced a Watchtower letter that had been leaked by a bethel insider. Dated October 4, 2015, the letter advised (or WILL advise) congregations of the announcements that are to be made at Saturday’s annual meeting.

The most dramatic announcement was arguably the scrapping of the much-loved Theocratic Ministry School in favor of a session of preaching presentations.

Another eyebrow-raiser was the news that magazine printing is being further reduced, with public editions of the Watchtower and Awake! to be printed once every two months from January onward.

Within 48 hours of the letter being leaked, this website received nearly 23,000 visits. Interest in the letter was substantial, and the contents were mulled over by the ex-Jehovah’s Witness community in various corners of social media.

Unsurprisingly, given the sensitive nature of the letter, some suggested it might be a hoax. I even briefly pondered myself whether I might be on the receiving end of an extremely elaborate prank designed to undermine this website’s credibility.

But any doubts as to the letter’s authenticity were put to bed today when JWsurvey’s webmaster, John Hoyle, received an email from our hosting company notifying us of an email from Watchtower’s legal department. Apparently, as was the case with the notorious October 1st 2012 child abuse letter, Watchtower’s lawyers consider the leaked letter copyrighted material, and have demanded it be taken down from our pages.

Our web hosting company, seeking to have the matter resolved quickly, advised us of two options: (1) to take the disputed material down, or (2) to issue a counter notification. Since the letter is now freely available elsewhere online, and our work in disseminating it is now effectively done, we have no interest in becoming embroiled in a legal scrap with Watchtower over whether the letter should be on our pages or not.

If anything I am grateful to Watchtower, and specifically its legal department, for once more shooting themselves in the foot so spectacularly. We had a similar situation only 9 months ago regarding Tony Morris and his tight pants fixation, and it seems lessons have not been learned.

By issuing a DMCA complaint, Watchtower has decisively claimed authorship of the letter. And by forcing us to take it down they have demonstrated that (1) they are embarrassed, and (2) they are completely clueless as to how the internet works. Once information is distributed on such a scale it cannot be undistributed.

The whole debacle is yet further proof that Watchtower, like any cult, is struggling to come to terms with the information age. The Governing Body and their men in suits assume the internet can be brought to heel, and that everyone who runs a JW-related website will play by their rules.

But even workers within bethel walls are starting to wake up and find their voice. With each fresh leak the Governing Body’s grip on power is slipping, and with each attempted cover-up there is further proof that this hapless organization is far from the worthy adversary many would assume.









For obvious reasons the letter in question is no longer available on these pages, but I am confident a copy can easily be traced with some persistent searching on Google. The Reddit Ex-JW community would also be a useful place to look.

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548 Responses to Watchtower issues DMCA takedown over leaked annual meeting letter

  1. bobow says:

    Good Job, John,

    again thanks to you and also to your source of information.

    wishing all the best

  2. Tara says:

    Oh this is priceless. The smirk on your face Lloyd says it all 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful sleep this evening. Love from Canada.

    • It’s wonderful isn’t it. How nice it is to feel good and positive about the things that are happening to/with the org, rather than angry at the things that the org are continuing to do. I think I might manage to resist saying muwahahahaha. Oh blimey, I just said it! 😉

  3. James Kingstone says:

    Brilliant news. The fact that their actions confirmed the leak as true is a delightful double-whammy! I wish it were possible to legally request back some of my major donations (with accruing interest of course) as a person who was ‘tricked’. Like PPI claims against banks… anyone know a good solicitor? as Tesco says, ‘Every little helps’…

  4. Garrett says:

    I guess I’m just blown away that these lawyers and GB can think that they have some heavenly or earthly reward waiting for them for sweeping the truth under the rug, threatening those who are honest and supporting a cult who has predicted the end of the world more times than any cult , religion or sect in the history of mankind . What is your end game lawyers and GB??????? Everyone knows you are a joke and a farce. Just hanging on to a retirement ? What pathetic creatures you are all in Brooklyn.

    • Meredith J says:

      Apparently, these lawyers have been making these threats for years from what I remember reading. They succeeded in taking websites down as Watchtower was almighty, or so it thought. Great work for uncovering this pitiful move by them. This decision will be of great disappointment to many who thrive on the school for ideas and encouragement. The truth has to come out.

  5. Veaney Arteaga says:

    Can you publish the 2 lawyers letter?

  6. Miker Tower says:

    Well I translated it to Spanish!
    So now our dear bros in Spain…and from Canada to Antarctica can read it as well.

  7. Chiafade says:

    What’s the point? The letter is going to be released in a few days anyway. It’s not like the letter will suddenly disappear just because they demand you take it down.

    • I think it’s due to their arrogance and the erroneous belief that they have the power to control. They don’t understand what it means to have self determination and think the world should cede to them. Such delusions of grandeur.

  8. Pj wilcox says:

    Great post
    Thanks so much for your diligent work at exposing these taliban JWs

  9. Liette says:

    Thanks you for the update, I notice the letter was gone and I was wondering why( maybe iit was a hoax all along) . Now we know it’s for real…

  10. Pburford says:

    Thanks for all you do… I just dont understand what all the hoopla is all about, when they will be announcing it in a few days anyway… So much drama…

    • Garrett says:

      The “Hoopla” is that they have defectors in their own ranks at the highest levels. The “Hoopla” is that the organization is falling and like a fruit tree that is dying is only putting out token buds. The “Hoopla” is that they can’t whisper in quiet back rooms and plot and scheme anymore . We see and hear all they do.
      We will watch them crumble close up and in real time.

  11. R1madbrit says:

    First time I visited JW.ORG (the rebranding to get rid of Jehovah’s name) and this shameless guilt-tripping of children to beg for money is being pumped into my grandkids??? So where is the Jehovah will provide lies from my youth?

    • Garrett says:

      Great point R1…. Lesson 19- “Be Generous”
      Give the Governing Body Hell !!!!

    • @R1madbrit. GOOD NAME you have got … WE ALL FEEL MAD at being DUPED!! I presume you are from UK like myself ,& YES when an Organisation starts BEGGING for MONEY from CHILDRENs ICE CREAM MONEY & SHOWING TEENAGERS DONATING with CREDIT CARDS on their Website especially when the GB have condemned this type of Begging from other Religious Organisations ,it is SO HYPOCRITICAL & SICKENING !!!

  12. Samuel Clemente says:

    Just pause and think for one moment: can you picture Jesus Christ and his apostles wanting his disciples to build an extravagant, luxurious and ostentatious palace so they can have all the comforts and pleasure of life? I think not. He rather instructed his disciples to feed the hungry, to look after the orphans and widows after their affliction.

  13. R1madbrit says:

    Dear Garrett, not long to go and they can all retire to our lovely England. One assumes to escape some forms of legal punishment they see looming. Or just to actually see some beautiful pubs? Or is it because the Brits donate the most to charities? Money-grubbing, evangelical swindlers don’t last too long here.

  14. jeff canning says:

    good stuff, keep it up….

  15. liette says:

    The way I see it, its like the kids in my pre- k class ,if one has the task of putting the class lights on, and another child beats him to it he/she will get upset and at times have a meltdown. Now Lloyd best them to it and ruin their moment. I think these over grown toddles need a permanent time-out.

  16. R1madbrit says:

    I’d like to see some UK journalists probe a little into why a massive US corporation would MOVE to England as opposed to simply having a branch here. Somehow Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Warwickshire just doesn’t work too well. And how do these yanks get permission to live and work here? One needs a UK passport! Somats dodgy I say!

    • Awake! says:

      They betray their own contentious nature by subconsciously picking a place that begins with the word “War”.

      • Average Joe says:

        Actually @AWAKE that place name is like many in the USA, borrowed from other countries. Warwick is a town in the UK (with a nice castle too) and actually pronounced Warrick (the UK town I mean). Fact of the day!

        • Outlookingin says:

          Phonetic pronunciation of the UK town with the beautiful castle is Worrick. The ‘o’ should sound as it does in ‘orange’. Oh…the English language!!

  17. Paul says:

    God, they’re stupid.

  18. TommyTom says:

    Wow… The GB has got to be so bothered and disturbed to the point of asserting that Satan has infiltrated a mole deep in the organization… it’s comical just thinking what is going thru their minds. I wonder how they will handle their suspicions now that they know there is a high ranking bethelite with “apostate” connections within their confines… They will certainly keep a VERY close eye on any “suspicious” activity. Cedars, whoever your informant is, he/she must be very careful when conveying these letters to you and you must try not to write these word by word. The GB may issue letters to different people and/or departments with slight but deliberate changes that may be traced back to your informant and compromise him/her. Keep up the great work but try to minimize any exposure that your informants may have.

  19. SDL says:

    Someone I told about the letter said “looks like they’re losing attendees, and don’t want to admit it, if they have to keep cutting meetings”.

  20. Grace says:

    I personally think that this new “theocratic school arrangement” or whatever it is, is just the same cake with different ingredients, a distraction to keep people from walking.

    The Royal Commission & many news outlets have put the Society out for the public to see & the public are possibly asking the R&F hard questions which hopefully is making them question things themselves.

    If they change things up a little it gives the R&F something else to talk about while they frantically try to keep the ship from sinking.

    • Garrett Reinhardt says:

      Grace Hardenburgh?

    • Chiafade says:

      That’s the way I see it. “Everything is fine look at what we have over there on the buffet table!” Then everyone gets all excited about the “new” changes and starts saying things like “how exciting! A meeting with more emphasis on how to preach! And we even get a model video on how to do it right because we suck at it! The slave is really getting us ready for the end”.
      If someone even attempts to say something that is perceived as negative it will be quickly dismissed. One thing not to minimize though is the guaranteed gb rants that will be front and center of this annual meeting to remind us of just how controlling and nutty they can get.

    • Meredith J says:

      Rearranging, yeah rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. That was their own illustration about Christendom. It appears like many things, they were talking about themselves.

    • @Grace .Exactly my thinking.! .. DISTRACTION is the NAME of the GAME in the GB EYES to keep the R&F talking about New Things Rather than focusing on the Negative Publicity . POLITICIANS do it ALL the TIME !!

  21. M. Rhodes says:

    These deluded men have been so used to wielding iron-clad authority, they must be panicking to see it slipping away.

    If they weren’t afraid of the information at this site, they wouldn’t bother to respond. We all know they are in a financial crises and to chase after stuff like this only happens when they do not consider it “small fry.”

  22. R1madbrit says:

    Does anyone else think that Stephen Letts speaking style is closer to Pinocchio than any human? His exaggerated mouth, eyes and hand movements are choreographed to such a puppet-like suspiciously ‘kind/gentle/reasonable/honest’ degree that it borders on the absurd! Ultra suspicious if you ask me.
    Irritating at the least. If I had to listen to him give a full 45 minute talk I’d set fire to my hair and chew tinfoil…

  23. Bearwoody says:

    It was easy enough to quit the UN. It’s a bit more difficult to quit the internet. It’s a shame they can’t disfellowship the internet, since it was never baptized. I suppose the most they could hope for is an e-mail of disassociation. Hey, here’s an idea: Maybe they could downsize from to a mere Twitter account.

    • Awake! says:

      More like a “twit” account.
      I’d love to see a gb try to baptize a computer, and see what happens — ZAPPPPP!!! lol

  24. Awake! says:

    With so many faders and doubters, etc., in the Truth Cult, one must wonder, Since the individual stones are already crumbling, how much longer can the Watchtower stand???

  25. Richard says:

    The Watchtower is so profoundly stupid it’s hilarious. If the movie “The Happening” became an organization, it would be called The Watchtower.

  26. Awake! says:

    On a somewhat humorous note, I’ve been ploughing through Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” on Netflix, and I keep expecting to see one of the zombies pushing a “witnessing cart”. My apologies, but it would seem SO appropriate.

  27. RobertoPerez67 says:

    Lloyd, is there some way you can set up a form of LLC for jwsurvey? Maybe this way you wouldn’t have to worry about the societies legal whining as much. Perhaps setting it up as an educational or investigative journal.

    Really happy the letter was confirmed.

  28. Prodigal son says:

    It seems to me that this site is renting some space in the GBs head.
    So if the R&F can’t look at these sites. Why can they? It’s so hard for me to understand why JWs can’t see though this farce. My hypocrisy only goes so far the organization has no limits.

    • RobertoPerez67 says:

      In my time as an elder, and it might just be me who was looking out for this, but I noticed that the absolute majority were clueless as to life in general and just happy to have others do their thinking for them. Scripturaly, monetarily, matrimony, kids, jobs, I was approached regularly as to which of two roads to take on every sort of matter. The society gives a step by step blue print a la 1984, on every aspect of life. These individuals are completely blind to the hipocracy, so long as the food (life instructions) keep coming.

      • Chiafade says:

        The CO wants to stay in my house is that OK?
        I’m getting a pet snake/lizard fish is there anything wrong with that?
        I want to see this movie do you think that’s wrong?
        Is this song OK to listen to?
        I like rare steaks do I need to change that?
        I bought a new ring is that materialistic?

        All questions that have been asked before. No you are not the only one. What’s happened is the culture created by JWs has reverted adults into a child like state where they can’t make a decision without verifying whether they are “scripturally free to do so”. Instead of thinking for themselves they ask for permission first.
        The gb likes to say that they don’t tell people what to do and that it’s a conscience matter but the reality is quite different. When someone makes an independent decision its ” you should have asked us for direction”.

        • @Chifade. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT SYNOPSIS of What it is Like to be an ADULT JW ….. CHILDLIKE !!!
          I remember the questioning of many JWs back in the 1970s about whether we could eat ….. RED SMARTIES!!! Why? Because the Colouring contained BEETLES BLOOD!!’
          BUT Now it’s OK because it is only a FRACTION !!! Some younger JWs may be Laughing & thinking I am Joking , but Ask @ Ted or any of the Older JWs & they will tell you This is TRUE!!! … ABSOLUTELY FARCICAL !! How Could we ALL FALL for this UTTER CLAPTRAP ???

          • ruthlee says:

            You remember that! We had a thing about white chocolate too. My mum wrote to the choc company to confirm yah or nay.In retrospect we were socially shunned from that time because mum thought for herself. I really should write the book.You will need wee pads ha ha ha (sorry thats a bit off colour) I’m off for breakfast umm white chocolate with smartie sprinkles followed by an oxo bovril mix.rl

  29. Garrett Reinhardt says:

    Yes yes yes, great job Cedars! I cannot think of much that could top this, other than the Borg loosing their Non-profit status.

    The action taken by the Watchtower clearly identifies guilt and paranoia!

    Sunday shall be Super Bowl Sunday to us EX JW’s; more importantly may it wake more active JW’s that are just starting to think!

  30. PinkUnicorn says:


    Excellent work Mr. Cedars. The WT is indeed clueless. They have no idea how the mighty Ex-Dub Army has risen up to defeat their phony Jah. Thanks to higher education, thousands are at the ready to continue our relentless attack on the underfunded, dopey WT.

  31. Marilyn White says:

    I am so happy to live to see The Watchtower Publishing Organization finally being exposed for the controlling, destructive cult that they are. The damage they have done to millions of families is atrocious and criminal. I am more than halfway through my Criminal Psychology and Criminal Behaviour Program. My lowest grade is 96. I never knew what I was capable of after having my childhood robbed and being brainwashed into believing I was nothing and being taught very little real life skills. I will be 50 in October and I can honestly say it’s never too late! Don’t ever give up. I have ongoing treatment with a psychologist to help me try to reverse the damage of the lies told to me daily for most of my childhood. My father shunned me for over 20 years because of the JW cult. He was DF when he overdosed alone in a room he was renting because his second wife had divorced him and he was DF. But I didn’t know anything about him as he had cut himself off. My husband met him for the first time lying all bloated on a gurney at the back room of a local funeral home. There was to be no viewing, no service, nothing. A quick cremation followed by a 5 minute mention at their regular meeting. I did not attend but I was told it was briefly announced in the basement meeting room. I’m surprised the did anything because he was DF. Maybe they were hoping to recruit one of his 9 siblings. I believe he committed suicide. He had made previous attempts, always calling me to come to him. His ex-wife kept his 1961acoustic guitar in spite of our request for it. She has since remarried. Where is the justice for my father and his family?

    • RobertoPerez67 says:

      Your father is guilty of commiting a mistake while not being related to an elder or other member of the society who’s reputation or effectiveness as a line manager could be affected by his shunning. Please see a show called Borgias to learn more about the princes in the society. The shepherding the flock book(elders manual free pdf online) clearly lets them know to factor in the privilege circle jerk when making a judicial decision.

    • Tara says:

      Oh Marilyn I am so sorry. What a terrible series of events for you. I take my hat off to you also because you have take charge of your own life. My ex, non witness husband abandoned me in my now adoptive country with our older children. I had a breakdown and I do not recall one elder visiting me whilst I was hopitalised. My ex remarried but I never have for three reasons I guess. 1) I was told I could only marry another witness. 2) I was counseled when my childhood sweetheart found me and then backed off because of the witnesses 3) my ex abused me and I am terrified of being with anyone else. I am also semi shunned due in part to an incident involving my daughter who was df’d for her actions. My son has been df’d for at least 5 years now but during this time I have secretly kept good contact with them. I have nothing to thank the WT for. Even my friends are ‘conditional’ friends except for a few dissident ones who have watched out for me.

      • RobertoPerez67 says:

        @Marylin and Tara I really feel for you and the hurt these cult leaders have submitted your families to. With an average of 1% of witnesses dissfelowshiped every year, that now works out to 80,000 “sinners”,plus their family members going through extreme psychological mental and emotional abuse. A great chunk of these will never return, but go on living with the mental guilt programming these criminals subjected them to. Please be active in helping others come to know that the whole thing was fabricated by false wealth seeking prophets. Please study the real jw truth that is out there and most of all live life to its fullest, knowing that God, the real God, loves unconditionally and he wishes to save those that love him, not damn them everytime they make a mistake.

        • Tara says:

          Everyday for the past two years I have gone through scenario after scenario in my head as to what I would say or do if I was dragged into their star chamber… I decided I would say thank you but no. JJ on jwstruggle helped me with that one. My son has encouraged me in a profound way to start my escape but it’s not that easy is it. Angus Stewart called them a captive religion or something like that. He was right. Even when you leave they still hold onto a part of you and they squeeze it every now and then just to let you know they are there.

    • Meredith J says:

      Marilyn, that is a tragic story. No wonder you are getting professional help knowing what happened to your Dad. I hope you keep healing and you deal with all your fears as you grow in confidence of yourself. You are doing so well.

  32. Faded says:

    OMG! Hilarious. They’re just such (delusional) legends in their own minds. Ugh. Good work as usual, Lloyd.

  33. Awake! says:

    @Pickled Brain
    Re: 7 vacancies at McDonalds — I doubt the 7 mental midgets of the gb would be qualified! Plus, they could never handle the stress. I think we’ve all seen those McD’s servers and frycooks hustle!!

  34. Ken says:

    JWs are probably wondering what’s going on ? I kinda worried about the ” org ” . I for one know that if the ship sinks so does the people . Remember the Titanic hitting the iceberg ? The few who had life boats got out and survived precariously . In the last few years the Watchtower’s actions have only demonstrated that some kind of takeover is going on . I see mismanagement , and hasty decision making . I guess you think I’m showing sympathy, maybe but I fear the worse . I have see and wait.

    • RobertoPerez67 says:

      I believe Luther ( the badass apostate, not the chief inspector) said it best
      Jesus Christ lived in the midst of his enemies. At the end all his disciples deserted him. On the Cross he was utterly alone, surrounded by evildoers and mockers. For this cause he had come, to bring peace to the enemies of God. So the Christian, too, belongs not in the seclusion of a cloistered life but in the thick of foes. There is his commission, his work. ‘The kingdom is to be in the midst of your enemies. And HE (the gb and all their bubble boys) who will not suffer this does not want to be of the Kingdom of Christ; he wants to be among friends, to sit among roses and lilies, not with the bad people but the devout people. O you blasphemers and betrayers of Christ! If Christ had done what you are doing who would ever have been spared’ (Luther).

      These cowards push things on all of us living in the real world that none of them are willing to do. The word of God and in Jesus words condemns them Luke 11:46
      Then he said: “Woe also to you who are versed in the Law, because you load men down with loads hard to carry, but you yourselves do not touch the loads with one of your fingers!

  35. Ziran says:

    When I first read your news about this letter, I thought it sounded like misinformation to discredit you too. My very next thought was “We’ll know in a few days, because Watchtower will issue a takedown notice if it’s true”. When I saw the 2016 TMS schedule on the information board at my Kingdom Hall on Thursday, it made me wonder even more if the letter was a fake. I wonder no more.

  36. Mama Joy says:

    By claiming they have copyrights means they are stating it’s legit.

    The future mags published once every two months? Wow, I never thought I’d see the day.

    Their Business is definitely downsizing!

  37. Catalina says:

    I agree with Chiafade, What’s the point? The society is nuts to make a big deal. The letter is going to be released in a few days anyway. It’s not like the letter will suddenly disappear just because they demand it taken down. I am also glad the letter is confirmed. This Sunday will be the last meeting I go to. I’m going to walk out as soon as the letter is read. I was going to meetings to make my sister happy. I’m no longer going. My sister told me I’m dead to her. I married my catholic boyfriend. She said I never learn. I’m actually relieved to be free. It’s easier for me to walk away and be free now because I can only be rejected so many times and now I just don’t care. I’m relieved to be free because they are such an arrogant people who are apart of an arrogant organization.

    • Awake! says:

      I wish I could throw you a party Sunday evening. Anyway, Congratulations and Good Luck, in advance. ‘Good News to Make Us Happy’

      • Catalina says:

        Thank you Awake, that makes me feel really awesome. I met my husband’s family this week. They came all the way from Aguascalientes, Mexico for our wedding and I don’t know any Spanish. My husband is seventyone. His aunt raised him. She is 92. I like her a lot. My husband stopped going to church 20 years ago. He is so relieved I’m not going to meetings any more. He never complained. He says he was never going to complain but he’s glad I’ll be home. He says he notices I’m a lot more relaxed now. It feels good the pressure is off of me. It is like walking on egg shells when I’m around JWs.

        • EverydayExplorer says:

          Wow, Catalina, I will be thinking of you this Sunday visualising you at your last ever meeting and sending you warm positive thoughts from the UK. Your journey is inspiring. Keep us posted.

          • Holly Chu says:

            That is fantastic Catalina! I too planned my last meeting. Sunday August 9, 2015. Attended last Convention, Sunday August 16th. Thought it might be a little sad, but convention such a joke I regretted wasting my valuable time. No elder from KH has contacted me yet. But coming soon. I don’t plan to meet or speak on phone reasons for my absence. I feel better every day, and you will too.
            I will also keep you in my thoughts here in the sunny Southern United States and will “pop the cork” on a bottle of champagne and send you a toast!

      • Amy says:

        Yay! So happy for you! Congratulations… from the heart! Feels wonderful to finally use your heart, doesn’t it!? FREEEEEEDOM! Woohoooooo!

    • Tara says:

      Congrats on your marriage hun. I’m excited for the Sunday meeting too…. HAHA never thought I would say that! lol can ust imagine all us ex/fading/shunned witnesses turning up for a meeting.

      • shannon says:

        So HAPPY that you will be done with the JW’s this week….I’ll be thinking of you here in Alberta, Canada!

  38. ScotWm says:

    The austerity measures announced in the leaked annual letter are largely brought on by the Governing Body’s decision to move their world headquarters to Warwick. The Governing Body is also losing the adulation of its followers by appearing in a series of awkward videos. As a result, many cult members, who once looked to the Governing Body for spiritual guidance, are realizing that they have put their faith in false prophets.

    Raymond Franz revealed in his book, “Crisis of Conscience”, that the Governing Body consists of leaders and followers. At this time, it is difficult for outsiders to determine which Governing Body members have power and influence over the others. But whoever these dominant men are, they have been able to get the weaker members of the Watchtower elite to follow and obey them.

    As the Watchtower organization continues its descent into insolvency, the greedy and deluded Governing Body members will probably begin turning on one another. Low level Bethel slaves may not be the only ones who get thrown out on the street. Joseph Rutherford once reigned as the undisputed leader of the Watchtower cult. The Governing Body’s internal struggles could once again leave the Watchtower Society with a single leader.

    • @ScotWm . VERY GOOD FUTURE ANALYSIS of what will happen … Like any body of Elders I have known there tends to be one or two who DOMINATE Proceedings! … I Imagine Tony, Stephen, Geoffrey & David being the Dominant ones … BUT who will Emerge like Rutherford as their MESSIAH ?? … Sorry I meant Leader.. Maybe CONTORTIONIST LETTS or LAWYER JACKSON or VIETNAM MORRIS or DRACULA BLOOD SUCKING SPLANE???
      I am sure our contributors on this site have other IDEAs??

      • Awake! says:

        Wasn’t VIETNAM MORRIS a consultant on the set of “Apocalypse Now”? Or was it “Rambo”? I know. Stupid. But kinda funny on a couple of different levels, no?

        • @Awake . I MUST SAY… VERY APPROPRIATE !! …. ‘APOCALYPSE NOW’ ….. Could be New Title for a Book Release at NEXT YEARS CONVENTION …. Maybe an UPDATE of REVELATION BOOK?? .. Good Idea????

      • Tara says:


        • @Tara …, AHaaa!! A MONTY PYTHON FAN like myself..! Naughty Naughty!! But I like it!!

          • Awake! says:

            That makes at least 3 of us (not quite sure if that’s something to be proud of)… Now I want to make this perfectly clear — NO ONE is to throw a stone, EVEN IF, and I stress this, EVEN IF, someone says, “Jehovah”!!! LMAO… Gotta love those guys… Forgotten, but not gone…

          • Awake! says:

            Sorry, I meant “at least 5 of us”. You know, 1…2…5.

      • ScotWm says:

        One Governing Body member who is definitely not a follower is Senior Governing Body member Gerrit Lösch, who claims he does “not answer to Watchtower,” and has even declared that Watchtower “does not, and never has had, any authority over me.”

        The refusal of Gerrit Lösch to comply with court orders left the Watchtower with a default judgment of $13.5 million for its part in the abuse suffered by Jose Lopez at the hands of Gonzalo Campos. Campos was allowed to molest multiple victims in San Diego in the 80s and 90s without the organization’s intervention.

        “One of the reasons why the lawsuit went so badly for Watchtower was due to its failure to comply with court orders requesting, among other things, the organization to produce the most senior Governing Body member, Gerrit Lösch, for a deposition.”

    • Robertoperez67 says:

      Wouldn’t it be something, if these leaks were coming from a conscious loaded member of the GB? Boom! Mind blown.

    • ScotWm says:

      It is possible that the Governing Body is already being dominated by a couple of aggressive men, but the alpha male may not yet have achieved total control. After reviewing the resumes of the seven Governing Body members, I have tentatively listed them in the following categories:

      Top dogs: Gerrit Lösch and Samuel Herd.

      Top dog wannabe: David Splane.

      Lap dogs: Mark Sanderson, Anthony Morris III, Geoffrey Jackson and Stephen Lett.

  39. ruthlee says:

    “Ding dong the witch is dead la la la la la la” Ooooh hello all of us in the real world. Just practising my exit song.A few thoughts, how about they ‘wait on Jehovah ‘and not jump the gun so much for gb faith! I really dont see Jesus in a suit with a team of nifty lawyers.Let’s see if they have the savvy to rewrite this letter before the AGM ,guess what? New light shining brightly on the dimboids. Yes damnwell new light. A ruddy great spotlight to expose all the drivel and drool spouting from the imbeciles.As with a spotlight you get residual heat .So same thing the heat is on and it will not go away.Last point of my rant of the day.How dare they do all this in the name of the almighty. Call themselves representatives of JC .This nasty cult is being exposed everyday now, new folks read our testimony and nod ,cry ,yip amen and join the ranks of awakened ones. “Ding dong lalala” ruthlee/ruthless

    • Grace says:

      Haha Ruthlee,

      Good to see you adopted the new, don’t-mess-with-me name that I accidentally gave you. I think we should go to the tattoo shop & get your name tattooed on your knuckles. R.U.T.H on one hand & L.E.S.S. on the other.

  40. Catalina says:

    One time I was on vacation. we were in a hotel. That night an unhappy hotel worker set a large garbage can on fire and left it in the stairway on the fifth floor causing two floors to get smoke. The smoke alarms went off. Many hotel guests wouldn’t leave their rooms. That reminds me of the JWs who stay in the org. For them to admit they’re wrong about the org would be like emotional suicide. They’ll stay in that religion no matter what. I’m thinking of my sister when I say this.