Father of four quits job after attending Annual Meeting

A YouTube video shows a father of four quitting his job, apparently inspired by the Annual Meeting

A YouTube video shows a father of four quitting his job, apparently inspired by the Annual Meeting

A video has been uploaded to YouTube by a mother of four whose husband declared he was quitting his job moments after attending the 2013 Annual Meeting.

At nearly 16 minutes long, the video begins with mom Brittany struggling to get her children ready for a live screening of the Annual Meeting on October 6th. “This is the most incredible amount of stress that I’ve ever endured in one day,” she laments.

It isn’t long before the father Cedric’s job is hinted as being a cause for the family’s woes. While getting the children ready (at 2:14), Brittany explains, “Cedric worked last night. Cedric’s so stressed out about work coz he has to go on late tonight in order to make the meeting, and so he’s stressed out about losing his job. So yeah, it’s quite stressful today.”

To watch the video on YouTube, click here.

Footage then follows of the family attending their local Annual Meeting screening. Brittany is commended for her efforts in getting the family to the event, and the children are shown hugging their new bibles.

Then, after the Annual Meeting has ended, Brittany tells her viewers of a profound decision her husband has reached. (see 12:10)

“When we were coming out of the meeting we got all the kids loaded up, we get into the car and he says, ‘okay I’ve made a decision, I’m not going to work tonight’, and then he said that he’s not going to work tomorrow night or the night after that, or the night after that, and that they will consider that his resignation. So he basically quit his job.”

It soon becomes clear that Cedric’s decision has been motivated chiefly by a desire to attend more meetings.

“It was because we just don’t make our meetings like we should,” Brittany explains, “and it’s really hard on us to be apart a week at a time basically… So we are leaving it up to Jehovah and it feels really good actually. It’s like, this is such an exciting day!”

Footage is then shown of Cedric lining up for food in a Subway store as his family waits for him in the car. The viewer can’t help but feel baffled that this man is quitting his job, with no other job to go to, when he has four children dependent on him – the youngest of which is now only 8 months.

Worse still, the man is quitting by failing to turn up for work, which will almost guarantee that he will not get a positive reference. And this apparently motivated, at least in part, by a desire to attend more meetings.

Matthew 6:31-33 is quoted in the concluding minutes of the video as Brittany reaffirms her belief that Jehovah will come to the rescue by blessing her husband’s desire to “seek first the kingdom” – even with four young mouths at stake. (1 Tim 5:8)

The invocation of divine intervention is doubtless based on some of the Society’s recent claims about “Jehovah’s hand.” In fact, it was at the Annual Meeting that Geoffrey Jackson suggested that Jehovah manipulated the weather to assist the work of printing bibles at the Wallkill factory.

The families of the 27 Witnesses who died in last month’s typhoon in the Philippines would have good reason to ponder as to why Jehovah would intervene to print more bibles, but allow their loved ones to perish. They would likely be just as confused if finding Cedric a job to replace the one he has walked away from turns out to be higher on the Creator’s list of priorities than saving human life.




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  1. Sue says:

    I guess, we will be picking up the bill for this when his family claim social security.
    My mother has never worked and claimed benefit and now her pension. I do not begrudge her that choice, but it does mean tax payers have to pick up JW choices of going to meetings over going to work.

    I have been wondering how to be more vocal. Many of us do not want to upset our relatives, but they have no concern about upsetting us (by their choices). This kind of exposure is so healthy.

  2. What a crock says:

    Ask those in 1975 how that worked out. Most that sold houses and took the money to pioneer are now on some type of government help. I see the same old crap starting over again. They hype people up every few years to build the membership. I don’t think it will work this time. But die hard JW are pretty blind I know I was for years and my family still is . So very sad makes me very depressed to see this stuff. I have been watching it for most of my 65 years.

  3. Darrin Hart says:

    Unbelievable. I don’t know whether to feel anger to just waves of pity for these people. The ignorance!!

  4. Admin Jeni says:

    It was my understanding that men especially were expected to take care of their households. Isn’t that part of the qualification for becoming a MS or Elder? The GB really does seem to give off some mixed messages!

    I just hope these kids are provided for.

  5. Lucia says:

    This truly sickens me and brings back memories of my blind years. This is not right and talk about a stumbling stone for his wife. If anything the elders should approach this man and inform him of his duties of “father & provider”. What is he thinking? OH NVM….”Jehovah will provide”. SHeeeeeesh he needs a wake up slap!

  6. Rowland Nelken says:

    Surely this was a freelance, rather than an official JW vid. Is this against JW rules or recommendations not to do any witnessing outside the strict control of the bosses?

  7. Beverly Stevens says:

    (Brittany explains, “Cedric worked last night. Cedric’s so stressed out about work coz he has to go on late tonight in order to make the meeting, and so he’s stressed out about losing his job. So yeah, it’s quite stressful today.”)

    I have not seen the video yet, so I may be speaking out of turn.

    After reading this article and in view of how stressed out he was about losing his job, on face value, it would seem that this is more about finding an excuse for getting out of that stressful job situation.

    He is neglecting his responsibilities to his dependants and using the statements made by the deceiving over-zealous governing body as his basis for his actions.

    How sad for those four adorable little ones…they are completely innocent and have no one to speak up for them and what is in their best interests.

    On his behalf, I can still remember the stress involved in preparing for all of the meetings with my un-believing husband and our child, all the while feeling guilty like I wasn’t doing as much as I felt obligated to do.

    I don’t remember it being love of Jehovah that drove me, but rather a feeling of fear, that if I didn’t do everything the society said, I would be destroyed at armageddon and would never have a chance to see my beloved deceased father again. There was also the fear of reproachment and rejection from the “friends” and my family at the hall.

    Learning the truth about the truth lifted a heavy, heavy burden from me. The fear is gone, the guilt is gone and all that stress is gone.

    I still believe in Jehovah, and I can talk to him directly, instead of having to use the governing body to reach him.

    I pray that Cedric will wake up from the hypnotsing effect of the GB…and become responsible for his own actions.

  8. Chris says:

    1 Timothy 5:8, Certainly if anyone does not provide for those who are his own, and especially for those who are members of his household, he has disowned the faith and is worse than a person without faith.

  9. Cedars says:

    This comment was left on the video, apparently by Brittany, in response to a comment that her husband had been irresponsible…

    “It was Extremely responsible and a choice that benefited our entire family. Most men aren’t willing to put their lives in the hands of Jehovah and rely on him to provide. He now is at a much better job where he can come home and have dinner with his family every night and tuck the kids in bed. He wouldn’t have been able to have that if he hadn’t had the integrity to quit and put Spiritual Matters First. :)”

  10. Sue says:

    Well I am glad, we are not going to be paying for his decision.

    I wonder how she explains why Jehovah does not help others?

    Very bizarre video – very bizarre people = poor kids

  11. Sue says:

    LOL. They have now disabled the comments on the video. Evidently they do not want their thinking to be questioned. As usual a one way dialogue, so they are able to keep control. So sad for them and more so for their kids.

  12. StillShocked says:

    I left a comment on their video which was deleted. I said she looks overwhelmed and can’t properly take care of her adorable kids and the house (what a mess!) I said I hope they learn how to use birth control. Lol.

  13. Shakeem says:

    What can I say… this happens more often than not. Hopefully these JW’s will eventually wake up and realize that what they’re working toward is merely an illusion.

  14. enlightened says:

    Borderline “fanatic” after the Annual meeting if you ask me…………the hype got to that poor father.

  15. Aman Ofgod says:

    These self appointed and annointed slaves have their meals everyday, their very underwears are washed for them. Why dont they distance themselves from the societies money and see how long jehovah would provide for them. no job, no income, no food how long?

  16. Oubliette says:

    It’s cult propaganda!

  17. tiger says:

    Hey Stillshocked,

    Still Lol about your comment! Funny!

    Again, thanks Cedars, sorry, but we found the whole thing reassuring to us and our kids we made the right choice not to stay! Again thanks so much, keep it up buddy.

  18. Maxine Does says:

    So glad I am out of that mess! That father ought to be ashamed of himself!!!

  19. whatevs says:

    These mental midgets living in filth aren’t the first and won’t be the last. I knew one single mom who quit job after job. Didn’t want to waitress because they wanted her to occasionally work meeting nights. Quit doing sign language translation because it required her to sign swear words and secrets told to attorneys and doctors that bothered her conscience. Lived in a dumpy shack in the worst neighborhood, her boys never had anything and they even went hungry sometimes. But she believed the new system would be here tomorrow and take it all away from her! That had to be the late ’80s. Any wonder both her boys quit the minute they were adults and have never had an interest in “the truth”?

  20. JBob says:

    HQ normally distances itself from this sort of rash behavior with statements such as ‘each person makes their own conscientious decisions in these matters’, just like they do with blood transfusions and other issues that we all know are mandates not choices if one wishes to remain a JW in “good standing”.

    The push to attend meetings is in such demand, lately, that all “amenities” at assemblies that demanded volunteers to sacrifice meeting attendance is now “out”.
    Likewise, HQ is shedding its staff of volunteers for cost-cutting measures, but also out of paranoia that these guys and gals (who are defecting–isn’t that right Mr. Watters?) are not getting enough indoctrination.

    One might conclude that it is recognized that those who lack indoctrination on a regular basis were feared to be the “free thinkers” who challenged the society–from within its own HQ and outside.

    But, enough of that, I’d like to point out the I-84 highway sign that flashes briefly in the video (5:30)–nailing down the location to either Pennsylvania-Massachusetts or Utah-Idaho-Oregon. You see this highway could be symbolic of the disjointed events unfolding during the film–it is a non-contiguous (non sequitor) highway and is not transcontinental, continuous flow. In the immediate moments of the film, the homemaker is stressed out because her husband is absent leaving the care of the home to the wife. Immediately, we can see that the home is not the ideal home pictured in Watchtower publications–the exemplary, everything-in-its-place, children quiet and settled, and homemaker reading bible stories while simmering home-cooking for the husband. It seems the quiet moments are reflecting on Mt Shasta and the beautiful scenery that could have been inspiration for a Wt publication picture spread as the car takes a risky free-way (autobahn) ride to make the meeting on time.

    What isn’t evident from the video is what sort of reputation the husband has built at his former workplace. If it is stellar like the ideal Witness supposedly has, the scenario goes that the husband “quits” and the employer begs and pleads, makes allowances to reschedule the workload and pretty birds and “Sing to J*” songs play sweet melodies in the background as the children gain their father’s presence at home. Then, in the climatic part of the testimonial segment, the husband declares that he joined his wife in full-time service. Audience leaps to feet applauding wildly (or as wild as JW’s get during applause–2-3 minutes, never more than 5 minutes lest we disrupt the flow of the talk and cause program to go over time).

    A different approach on this would be asking ourselves, how many times the husband asked his current employer to change work schedules? how many times denied? would tomorrow, or the day before, have been answered differently? It would seem the spouse did not have a strategy or plan of attack, and was led by impulse. Most JW’s (even those toweling off from the pool a few months prior) would know about the Annual Meeting month or more, in advance, and scheduled time away from work ahead of being swamped or locked into a busy work shift.

    I also suspect the poster is banking on counting time from the “views” of the video (15 minutes * 400 views = 6,000 minutes or 100 hours–hot d__n, I’m a regular pioneer!!)

    African-American woman holding the baby–full-time minister, and probably an elder-wife? Most likely she and husband-elder studied with the couple and brought them across the threshold–chaos and all, just as I am, with just enough reform to be suitable JW.

    Of course, I probably need to revise estimates on the profit taking with the silver sword, but the first edition is free, the next copy [after wear and tear take toll in a year or so?] is donate-buy.

    The melodies may have a different tempo but the words and notes are the same for the new songbook. Just like the words and phrases for the new bible have some scattered cosmetic tweaks here and there, but the bible remains as awkward in grammar/sentence structure to obfuscate the message with total dependence on literature to “interpret”. This is why reading the Bible is a chore–”I have to…”–for most JW’s, and those who do diligently strive to read cover-to-cover again and again, will fail to ever get that guiding Spirit that aids in integrating the messages that leads to Christ and highlights the wonderful relationship that abounds with Jehovah.

  21. I will try again. He is a typical scum bag who was probably hanging around some non believers and they told him how much He could get off of welfare. Food stamps ,EBT cards. milk supplement s, free medical the list goes on and on. My mother in law a JW for 35 years new all about section eight housing, living supplement. house cleaning. free bus pass on and on, free medical. Tax money . never a JW came by to help only my wife a JW.

  22. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    What happens in Jws’ families can be explained clearer in maths… Couples of are these types:
    Type 1: Blind MAN+ Blind wife = “Happy couples”, but . . .”if a blind man guides a blind [woman], both will fall into a pit. . .(Matthew 15:14)

    Type 2: Blind WOMAN + Blind man = “Happy couples”, but . . .”if a blind [woman] guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit. . .(Matthew 15:14)

    Type 3: Blind MAN+ Normal wife = “Miserable couples” where the wife will be called “Jezabel. In revelation climax you can read ” In modern times, some such strong-willed women have induced their husbands to become apostates and have even instigated court action against Jehovah’s faithful servants” ( re chap. 10 p. 49 par. 8)!
    “Some based their beliefs on the teachings of strong-minded women of the 19th century, such as Ellen White of the Seventh-Day Adventists and Mary Baker Eddy of the Christian Scientists, and more recently many women have been preaching from the pulpit (re chap. 10 p. 53 par. 20)!

    Type 4: Normal MAN+ Blind woman = “Miserable couples” lead by Elders. The man will be called “STUPID” “Nabal”!!
    You can read from “Imitate their faith”
    “Abigail and Nabal were not a good match. Nabal could
    hardly have chosen a better spouse, whereas Abigail found herself married to one who could hardly have been worse.”…”Jehovah struck Nabal, so that he died.” … With that righteous execution, Abigail’s long nightmare of a
    marriage was over…”!

    In this couple, the woman longs for the day Jehovah will struck her husband!!!!!!!!

    Jehovah’s witnesses’ Bible tells them ” (Proverbs 30:12) . . .There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes but that has not been washed from its own excrement. . .

    In couples type 1,2 and 4 (75%), the woman must be stupid enough to understand the answer of this question as provided by the Governing Body:
    “In what situations is it appropriate for a Christian woman to wear a head covering for spiritual reasons?”

    I have made these observation since 2008, only 6 months after I was married. Though my ife is (was) a Nurse by profession, my couple is type 4!! It is worse than “Hell” or “Armageddon”!!

  23. Sue says:

    Because comments have been disabled
    I have sent her a private message as follows:

    Its so sad that you have stopped comments on your video – the one where you have your children showing the Bibles.

    Did you know that this is typical behaviour of those who are in mind controlling religions.
    This is one definition:

    Mind control religions operate secretly, allowing no public or organizational scrutiny, no checks and balances, no way of checking or monitonng misbehavior or abuses and no way to correct them.

    That is why child abuse is so prevalent in the JW faith. Its such a shame that children are not allowed the freedom to think.

    Some of these specific techniques for mind control include

    Discouraging questions and critical thought

    Encouraging feelings of extreme guilt and remorse

    Using strong peer pressure, playing on member’s desire to be loved and accepted (a technique known as love-bombing)

    Controlling channels of communication, cutting off members from outside sources of information
    (education, books and internet are discouraged)

    Manipulating language, assigning special meanings to words, which makes members feel they are part of an ellte, special group

    Forcing embarrassing public confessions of misbehavior which can make members vulnerable to manipulation

    Tightly controlling time and activities and allowing little or no privacy, so members have no time to think, question or to evaluate what they are being told.

    For the sake of yourself and your children, get help. Your children will thank you one day.
    Best wishes

    She probably will not understand it, but rather than throw stones of criticism, I wonder if there is something else that can be done to wake people like this up?

  24. Doublegame says:

    Absolutely no! “…that is why God allows an operation
    Of error….because they LIKE it that way…”

    Only chance is for them to suffer a tremendous injustice that starts them wondering: “what am I doing here?”

    It’s happened to all of us in some way or another.

  25. KateWild says:

    I am glad to hear he got a job quickly. I gave up a job as a chemical analyst to pioneer. Jehovah did not provide for me, and neither is my ex JW hubby providing for me.

    I can’t get a job after so long. The songs were really nauseating, I feel sick to my stomach but pity for them and countless others

    Kate xx (Sam)

  26. JoBass says:

    Why is anyone surprised? I’m not. It’s actually quite normal behavior for them. I grew up as JW and now that I’m no longer in that group I realize that their power to think and reason is turned off. No self respecting person that thinks and reasons would take such a irresponsible decision when the very well being of his children are at risk but again their minds have been programmed not to think. If he had been more responsible and thought about things in a more mature, adult like fashion. He would have prayed for Gods guidance and found another job first. Then he would have had the common decency to give is current employer notice, so as not to ruin his reputation and burn a bridge in the process. He would have realized that God helps those who help themselves.
    Again none of these things surprise me in the least bit. They essentially all behave in the same way. I see stuff like this or hear of some thinking pattern from my JW family and just quietly laugh and giggle.

  27. Excelsior, formerly known as George says:

    The casual lack of courtesy of this man appals me. Would it have been so hard to telephone his employer and tell them that he was leaving with immediate effect?

    I was livid a few months ago. Some young witnesses were unable to pay for their new baby. My dear old mum was giving them extra cash until I hit the roof!!

    Where is the WTBTS, eagerly handing out extra cash for the faithful? Not on your nelly! Oh no, that money isn’t for caring for struggling families, it’s for paying out on court cases and beautifying the GB’s new facilities!!

    I’m glad, for the children’s sake, that the father got a new job.

    The more you learn about what the GB actually do, the more you begin to loath them.

    Keep up the good work, Cedars!

    Peace be with you


  28. Merice Marshall says:

    2 Thessalonians 3: 10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat. …

  29. peter says:

    Seriously? let’s put the cards on the table, ? Did he really needed to use the Jehovah and meetings card as an excuse to leave a job that he was not happy with, and in the finale end just to get a better one as her wife said ? people do that all the time and has nothing to do with God and meetings. It was clear he did not like the hours he only did it out of need. So of course to cover himself from the displeasure of his wife, he used the meetings card to leave a job he was not happy in the first place..just to get another job that would be right for him…and now the wife thinks he did something out faith and courage oh please give me a break…lol

  30. 1 Timothy 5:7-8
    King James Version (KJV)
    7 And these things give in charge, that they may be blameless.
    8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

  31. John Baptist says:

    Drama and more Drama is what these brainwashed folks feed off of at the expense of their children mentally,emotionally and physically. Making bad decisions about education that could have led to a higher paying job which in turn would lead to less stress in trying to provide for ones family is not the norm for folks wrapped up in this religion. Instead they just make bad choices that lead to problems in the end of it all. So Sad to be that brainwashed and not use proper thinking abilities especially when it comes to taking care of your family. Clearly a emotional response to words spoken(GB) that are so far from reality. Just plain STUPID!

  32. SunshineBlueSkies18 says:

    If Cedric was of good moral character he would give notice at his place of employment. His decision to just not go to work and get fired doesn’t really warrant any blessing from Jehovah. (ya think) Is he concerned about his family’s welfare inlight of 1 Tim 5:8 when he’s thinks it’s okay to just walk away from a job? What about the other co-workers who will be covering until his position is filled? What a spiritual J-Dub; and to publish this no less?(just sayin)

  33. LAC says:

    I quit my job to Pioneer a year ago after one of those pumped up talks about how Jehovah is going to help us if we seek first the kingdom…suffice to say that my pioneering didn’t work out when I couldn’t find a job to support it. I am now in debt and secretly going to food banks(run by churches-because my loving brothers and sisters are not so loving after all) to help me through so I can pay back my debt! I am sure this is what Jesus meant when he said “Seek first the Kingdom…” Now I don’t even go to meetings.

  34. LAC says:

    The Mom doesn’t look like she has an approved WT hair do!

  35. JBob says:

    Another aspect of this, @crock, those “true-believer” JW’s (tbjw) and x-generation types typically had nothing to lose, or sell, when they hype wave caught up new recruits and the “driftwood” [those JW's just getting by with token hours and service]. So, tbjw’s sit back and watch with amusement when folks get upset and stirred to do stupid stunts like this, since they have nothing to lose/gain except offloading some burdens onto the noobs who fall for the “hype” of urgency. It will pass, and tbjw’s fall back on the same rationalizations as before–human frailties, never-claimed-to-be-prophets, etc etc–and return to knocking and clocking hours until the next wave or death. Many, if not most, of the tbjw have already rationalized that “the end is near” equates to being “one heartbeat away” [curiously, you'll hear this from 7DA, 2DA and AoG ministries, as well], and just like the GB that inherited the same dysfunctional belief system, they keep plugging the same verses and hoping for different results. Perseveration, but to some, it does appear insane.

    Why are you looking forward to October 4/5, 2014?

  36. פֶּלֶא יֹועֵץ אֵל גִּבֹּור אֲבִיעַד שַׂר־שָׁלֹֽום says:

    Depending on the state of the household, the elders do have option of d/f the man and/or woman for failing to provide for family.

  37. Julia Orwell says:

    Whoa! So he doesn’t even do the right thing by his employer and call them to let them know he’s not coming so at least they can call someone else in? That’s just out and out inconsiderate.

  38. tallat says:

    I guess she was to poor to be help or not part of the rich JW’s peoples club at the kingdom hall. that is sad, where is the love?

  39. tallat says:

    It remains me of a brother whom I knew,who work for a company for a long time and he was let go from his position. He was homeless for a while, and ask the help of the elders but instead of helping him they told him it was his fault,now I ask,where is the love of the congregation and the ivory towers? fortunately A former bible study of his, help him out.

  40. JBob says:

    In viewing the video, I noticed that it flashes on the US Interstate 84 (East) sign. This carries a great symbolism whether the cinematographer intended or was an accidental slip of editing and filming. Interstate 84 is a non-sequitor in the freeway system, it has a section in the East running from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts separate and disconnected from the same labelled freeway running from Utah through Idaho into Oregon, which is where assume the video is sourced. Like this disjointed freeway, the content showed a life spiraling in chaotic whirlpool; it is clearly intended to demo needed spousal support, but it reveals a general entropy. In fact, it would seem the few serene moments are passing beside scenic Mt. Shasta vistas–yet another irony as we know the beauty it displays veils its destructive, eruptive history as a volcano [the USGS records it as dormant but with a certain future eruption and as a very high threat]. (Another irony for some who may have a JW history, Shasta was the chosen supplier of carbonated beverages for some regions’ conventions. But, digression.) The beautiful songs, the beautiful picturesque Paradise we see, how true it hides the disruptive, if not destructive, forces of the Wt Soc.

    By turning off comments, the poster may have intended to make the video a “tract” counting the 15 minutes per viewing. 400+ times 15 minutes = 6,000 minutes, dividing by 60 minutes per hour–carry the one, and we get 100 hours, just enough to qualify as a full-time pioneer. Voila!!

  41. Ballookey Klugeypop says:

    I really don’t understand JW’s like this. The father in this video has an easily-findable Pinterest account where he shares such bon mots as “One day my patience will run out, and I will punch you. In the face. Very hard.”

    I’m not a JW, so maybe I don’t understand the long-suffering loving kindness displayed in this sentiment.

    It would seem that he did his former employer a favor however, since he’s pinned an ecard that expresses the sentiment, “In addition to Casual Friday, I propose the following: Punch a Coworker Monday, No Pants/Shirt Tuesday, Drunk at Work Wednesday, and Call in Sick Thursday.”

    So. Stellar employee. Setting a fine example as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Dude, it’s so clear you want to live the life of the rest of us worldly people! And that’s fine! Nothing wrong with that! Remember that if/when the JW’s chide you for your inappropriate online presence.

    Link to his Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thesledgehammer/

    Hers is discoverable too, but it’s more JW appropriate.

  42. Dynamo says:

    I think it’s a little bizarre that Jehovah’s Witness, apparently in good standing, would document semi-intimate videos of her life, and post them on youtube. This is most unexpected from my perspective. The pinterest account of the husband is also interesting.

    Anyway, I’m not going to knock the family for the whole quitting the job thing. Sure, it wasn’t very discreet for him to just not show up, and from a secular perspective falls into the “what not to do” category, put if he was away for days at a time while mom is home juggling 4 kids, that’s not good, and its a little late to prescribe contraceptives to fix the situation. In any event, it seems he has a regular 9 – 5 now, so I’d say that’s a win, even if they credit a diety that sees fit burn gays with sulfur and fire and order the execution of women and children born to the “wrong” tribe and living in the “wrong” land.

    Here’s what I think. He hated his job, and his wife hated him being away, so he quit. Sure they used the meetings as an excuse because it was convenient, given the whole indoctrination thing, but I think ultimately they would have come to a similar decision even if they weren’t witnesses.

    Anyway, I don’t know why, but I think this family has a decent shot at waking up.

  43. LAC says:

    Wonderful find! JW hypocrisy at it’s finest…but Jehovah blesses him anyway!

  44. zeebo says:

    Hakizimana Jean de Dieu – I’m in a type 4 also.. its horrible. She is wonderful but to watch as the Elders interfere in our marriage and to see the 101 silly rules she has to adhere to is heart breaking. Funny thing is that she ‘relaxed’ to date then marry me but now she is again a good JW..

  45. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    Zeebo, will you believe it. I have been in type 4 since March 2008! Elders and my wife spread rumors everywhere that I was a fornicator. Finally, the wife told me Elders requested her to stop sex, what interference!! Theocratic war started aver sex and could not know elders were hiding behind the scene! When I finally started to investigate the situation to answer the question WHY MY WIFE WAS REFUSING ME SEX, I found the Elders’ manual “Shepherding textbook”! I could not believe my eyes when I read the following on page 85.

    “If the husband committed adultery, he has an obligation to inform his wife of the facts. The judicial committee should promptly inquire of the Christian wife as to what her husband has told her. If he refuses to inform her of his adultery, the elders should inform her that because of her husband’s conduct, it is up to her to decide whether to pursue a Scriptural divorce or not. Furthermore, they should inform the innocent mate that her resuming sexual relations with the guilty mate would negate any claim to Scriptural freedom. But they should not give her further details. On the other hand, the elders may find that while the husband did confess adultery to his wife, he did not tell her the full extent of his wrong conduct and left out important information that the wife should know. The elders should not provide this confidential information to the wife, but they can suggest that she speak with her husband again. Even if he does not tell her anything more, this will alert her, and this will help her to determine whether to forgive or not.”

    Can you grasp the scene? Can you see elders hiding between me and my wife maneuvering us. It was a complete shock to learn why my wife had gone CRAZY. Elders where acting behind scenes!!

  46. Sue says:

    Hakizimana Jean de Dieu

    How did you get hold of the book. Can it be copied and circulated?

    • Batman says:

      It’s already posted and circulated on the Internet–even when Wt Soc tries to squelch it, it pops up again. And, there are privately emailed copies available.

  47. LAC says:

    Pioneer hours are now 90 hours per month so I guess 100 hours is now a Special Pioneer!

  48. whatevs says:

    Sue, a PDF of the book is circulating online. I have it downloaded. If you go to a Facebook page called Apostate & Ex-Jehovahlarious Memes, someone posted a PDF copy and that’s where I got it. The quote above is right-on, and it also says that when a woman is accused of adultery, her husband is present for her meetings with the committee but if he is accused the wife is not present and the committee keeps his confidentiality. No, they’re not misogynistic at all.

  49. Sue says:

    Thanks, well the wheel has definitely fallen off the wagon.

  50. whatevs says:

    There aren’t a whole lot of shocking things in the book but just a few nuggets here and there like that one. What I think most rank-and-file JWs would find surprising is how often local elders go above and beyond what’s written in there, for example, “Elders should not encourage separation or divorce; neither should they forbid it. Separation and divorce are personal matters, and each Christian will have to accept the consequences for his decision. (Gal. 6:7) However, the elders may determine that a publisher’s decisions in this area disqualify him or her from receiving special privileges normally given to those viewed as exemplary.” My mother was told to her face by more than one elder that she didn’t have scriptural reason to leave. She wasn’t asking about remarrying or privileges, but was talking only about separating!

    I think the letters to the elders they send out are even more telling than the book, like the Oct. 2012 one about pedophiles that Cedars has commented on here. You put all these things together and you’re right, the wheels have fallen off the wagon which by the way, is outdated, rusty, and broken down anyway.

  51. whatevs says:

    I said “shocking.” Most everyone knows that JWs despise homosexuals and anyone who’s different, that they think being a surrogate mother is the same as fornication and adultery, that rape victims can be DF’d for “fornication” if they don’t scream and fight and try to flee enough to make elders happy, that anyone who messes around needs to explain themselves in detail before those old pervs, and that oral/anal sex are “brazen conduct.” It’s the little things about how to handle certain matters that are surprising, like a husband sitting in on his wife’s committee meetings but she can’t sit in on his even if he’s accused of adultery, and the elders keep his confidentiality but not hers.

    • Batman says:

      Humor me, whatevs, lookup “hermaphrodite” in the index pages, then read that section–paying note to “good standing” advisory notes. When you pick regain consciousness, give me a reply.

  52. JBob says:

    Also, your note on the loathing of anyone different is a gateway to a discussion regarding the near-obsession with JW’s regarding being seen as “normal” and “average”–from the 2-button grey-flannel (polyester) suits and modest skirts and dresses for her to the lies in family court regarding children having the choice and options to participate in sports and pursue academic achievement.

    And, on a tangent regarding the devastating environment when LGBT children of JW’s are coming of age and “coming out”.

  53. whatevs says:

    Oh JBob the list of things seen as “worldly” would crash this website. Did you see the change they made to the “Who Are Doing God’s Will Today” brochure, where they made the skirts of the two sisters longer? Of course, don’t let them wear pants at all, but cover up those knees! Yeah, I heard about their “theocratic warfare lies” (a future topic for my blog) especially for family court. Disgusting.

    To Batman, we must be looking at different books because hermaphrodites aren’t mentioned in the 2010 Shepherd book. I know (or am under the impression that) the current view is that anyone that’s transgendered needs to reverse the sex change or not have sex, or it’s homosexuality and off to the DF chambers for you. What are you looking at for hermaphrodites and what does it say? (Trust me, after reading them say that black men might turn white and women might become men, and that rapists are “ASKING” you to commit fornication, nothing is shocking to me anymore.)

    • Batman says:

      You got it whatevs. That actually covers transgender but previous versions also seem to deal with those born one gender presentation and with opposing sex organs, or both–happens. The reversal of a sex-change op which has high costs the first time–is that paid for by the elders, or–? And, “Homo No-more” camps and treatments–coupled to “pioneer school” perhaps?

  54. Anon says:

    I know Brittani and Cedric personally and they are caught up in the concept just like the rest of the JWs… they are a little bit of an airhead couple but really a nice young family too. I don’t agree with not showing up for his job but I know Cedric is a hard worker he’s always held down a job.

  55. JBob says:

    so, @Hakiz, type 4–you were never JW, yet the elders are punishing you for your adultery by advising the JW-dominated wife?

    I would propose that while these rules appear to be about control, every aspect of JW-dom is focused on “recruiting”. By your statement of facts, if she is withholding, most full-blooded males, would start calculating where she is getting fulfillment. This curiosity/jealousy is expected to lead you to “spy” on her at Kingdom Hall and other JW functions to identify her “fulfiller”–a phantom. You attend meetings you hear the message and become indoctrinated–smitten, but not smote. A recurring JW theme is the Opposer comes to realize that J* is the MHG of all the earth–bowing to Wt domination.

  56. whatevs says:

    Hakizi, the info in that book means that when a mate has committed adultery, the other mate is free to leave and remarry. However, if the innocent mate doesn’t make up their mind right away and has sex with their spouse, they lose this opportunity. Having sex with your mate is seen as forgiving them for the adultery and they can no longer leave that person and be free to remarry. I can’t comment on what individual elders may have told your wife in your case but that’s the explanation for what’s in the book.

  57. Rob says:

    Wow, how surprising not all JWs are exemplary. I’m sure all Catholics are perfect .. never mind.

    So wait and see. I bet the husband, though sleep deprived takes care of the family. That will shut your traps.

    • JBob says:

      Note, no comment regarding the critique of the film–itself–nor even a critique of the film.

      Granted, as I posted in a censored item, the husband / wife could be a couple of newbies (noobs) that an elder-wife & elder-husband dragged over the threshold after they became “just reformed and repentant enough” (as opposed to “just as I am”) to qualify for splash-down. Perhaps back-story is missing whether the man attempted to negotiate for personal-time-off on this religious day [in the USA, where this takes place, employees have a legal right to religious day allowances from employers] or to have employer adjust his work schedule. Based on the pininterest comments, the guy had “issues” with his coworkers–driven to threats of violence rather than talking it out. Did the elders encourage him to quit the job? Did he talk to elders about the stress? If so, what counsel did they yield? “Quit the job”?

      All that is possible, but there’s mounting evidence showing a pattern of impulse before thought-formed action and much seething anger–the pinterest, the facebook profile, and seemingly lack of respect for authority/structure. The statistical odds (probability) are that this guy follows an experiential arch where d/f not for some item of conduct, but because actions were contrary to the authority of the elder-body.

      We are here, and were there, to bring him/her to place the anger/frustration/anxiety in the right place–not coworkers, not bosses, not spouses, not children, not even fellow JW’s, but the dysfunctional belief system/trap that drives one to gnaw off their limbs like a trapped coyote.

    • Rowland Nelken says:


      The traps of the ex and anti JW movement will not be shut until:

      1. The WT abandons its murderous blood policy.

      2. The WT ceases commanding its gullible followers to shun family and friends who have left the organisation.

      3. The WT stops creating nightmares and mental instability with all its imminent Armageddon nonsense.

      4. The WT ceases protecting child abusers.

      By all means, if you want to work as unpaid mag. distributors for a corrupt global property and publishing corporation, no law can or should stop you. Likewise if you enjoy knocking on doors and annoying people with your ever changing and silly notions about the Bible, you should be free to do so. Further if you enjoy getting together to listen to dreary little talks and singing some of the dullest songs in Christendom 3 or 4 times a week, while wearing a boring cheap suit, that is your choice.

      Please, however, do not imagine your outfit can continue, when the four abuses listed above become common knowledge through the ever increasing media campaigns. Our traps will not be shut!

  58. Excelsior, formerly known as George says:

    Rob! You’re back!

    Oh blessed day! You have come to completely miss the point on purpose again, haven’t you?

    So, how about an answer to my question? You know, the one where I asked you if you would follow the WTBTS’s policy on child sbuse if it was your child? The one you completely avoided? The one where Cedars shot your points down in flames one by one? Yes! That one.

    To wearily respond to your comment- we are not expecting Jehovah’s Witnesses to be perfect. We expect them to follow the teachings of Christ and set a good example, as best they can.

    Do you think it was Christian to fail to notify his employer that he was leaving with immediate effect? Would it have been at all difficult to actually do the right thing?

    Do you think he was taking his responsibility to provide for his wife and four children seriously in this time of recession to just leave his job with no notice? He will naturally get less than a glowing record from his old employer, won’t he? What a fine advertisement for the Christian life!

    To be honest, Rob, I’m surprised you have the gall to comment on this site again. After your shameful attempt to deceive us about child protection in the WTBTS, and your subsequent total defeat at the hands of Cedars, I would have thought that perhaps you would have used the intervening time to check Cedars’ comments and see if he was right. It’s what I would have done in your position.

    So, are you going to answer my question, and have you found any fault in Cedars’ description of child protection policy in the WTBTS?

    Peace be with you


  59. KateWild says:

    Dear פֶּלֶא יֹועֵץ אֵל גִּבֹּור אֲבִיעַד שַׂר־שָׁלֹֽום, (Wonderful Counsellor….)

    אני מדבר עברית
    I speak Hebrew.
    האם אתה ישראלי?
    Are you Israeli?

    I don’t understand your point. If you think he is doing something that brings reproach on Jehovah’s name and organisation, he will not get Df’d.

    Many do this and are praised. Many get Df’d for just asking questions.

    אני מקווה שאתה מבין
    I hope you understand
    Kate xx

    • פֶּלֶא יֹועֵץ אֵל גִּבֹּור אֲבִיעַד שַׂר־שָׁלֹֽום says:

      :-) hello Kate, I am not a speaker but I am a learner.

      True, many who give up jobs and education coupled with pursuit of a full-time ministry are not d/f and are praised, but there is a dark side where someone gives up jobs and education but doesn’t do the JW career achievements.

      In the case of married males with children, they are expected to be providers for the family and also expected to fulfill the Wt duties. This means, sucking it up, and working a job/business to provide for the children sired/inherited/adopted/whatever AND ministry to fulfill the minimal expectations of an active publisher and JW [meeting attendance, etc].

      The impulse move would not be considered a negative if the man were unmarried without dependents. In this scenario, however, the potential blight on the congregation of having a family (accustomed to the latest gadgets and SUV) without sustenance would not get this man any bonus points toward being M.S. All the story is not present in the vid, so it is unknown whether the family was frugal and had a war-chest to fund this move, or the guy had another job offer or had his own venture.

  60. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    Sue, you can download the book from http://www.jwleaks.org . Getting the book saved my life. Elders were conspiring with my wife to destroy me and when I got it, I fought them back and they are loosing the battle and soon the war (Theocratic war)!

    You need to think deep to understand how evil is the book. Forbidden for “sisters” and “unbelievers”!

  61. Sue says:

    Hakizimana Jean de Dieu

    Thanks, I am not a sister and I believe its time to wake up a few, so they too can have good happy lives, free of mind control.
    I will see if this can be used in that way.
    I will draw up a list of relatives, who are still in and design an action plan! Xmas presents on their way!

  62. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    Whatevs… the problem is that Elders were igniting fire behind scenes from rumors they had made themselves. When I read in the same manual (Shepherding Textbook) the following:

    “Where there is evidence of conspiracy between individuals to put away their mates and marry each other, considerable time should elapse for them to prove their repentance and gain reinstatement.-w83 3/15 p. 29.” (Page 119).

    In my country, Elders are known to practice break up marriages and arrange remarriages by “CONSPIRACY”! All is about manipulating women’s mind (sisters).

    What is this?: “Some based their beliefs on the teachings of strong-minded women of the 19th century, such as Ellen White of the Seventh-Day Adventists and Mary Baker Eddy of the Christian Scientists, and more recently many women have been preaching from the pulpit. (Contrast 1 Timothy 2:11, 12.) Among the different forms of Catholicism, Mary is often honored ahead of God and Christ. Jesus did not so honor her. (John 2:4; 19:26) Could organizations that admit such unlawful female influence really be accepted as Christian?” (*** re chap. 10 pp. 53-54 par. 20 Abhorring the “Deep Things of Satan” ***)!

  63. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    Sue, be careful! They may consider you “Satan…”! As you are not a sister, read first this:

    *** rq lesson 4 p. 9 par. 7 Who Is the Devil? ***
    Satan may use persecution or opposition to get you to leave Jehovah. Some of your loved ones may become very angry because you are studying the Bible. Others may make fun of you. But to whom do you owe your life? Satan wants to frighten you so that you will stop learning about Jehovah. Do not let Satan win! (Matthew 10:34-39; 1 Peter 5:8, 9) By resisting the Devil, you can make Jehovah happy and show that you uphold His sovereignty.—Proverbs 27:11.

    I do not want you to be labelled “Satan, evil, …” by your relatives. And they won’t tell you that.

  64. Sue says:

    Hakizimana Jean de Dieu
    Thank you for your kind warning. Do not worry. I have been out 30 years. They use to call me names, when I first came out, now they realise that my life has been much better than theirs and that I am happy. I will not be sending them the book. I want to be informed so I can help them, especially the younger ones.
    My mother told my 6 year old daughter not to speak to me, so I would go back in. My daughter is now 36. I never went back. Her father, an elder, has not spoken to her in about 15 years. They do not scare me. The internet has been the best tool for exposing them, wish it had been around when I came out.

  65. JBob says:

    Sue, did I read that right, the father of your daughter refuses to speak with her [assuming she's a "good status" JW] because of you?

  66. Sue says:

    He is a normal weak, in denial – JW.
    My daughter was never baptised.
    Its his choice not to have contact.
    Its his choice not to give the love of a father to his child.
    It has and continues to cause her pain.

    What is good is that she can see beyond the hypocrisy and is a very loving, kind wonderful woman.

    • JBob says:

      That brings pain to my heart, Sue. I know in my own observances and experience that even when relatives are JW’s in “normal” and “high achiever” status family ties can be strained, if existent at all. And, generally, when JW’s have family that are non-JW, some trend not to have regular, traditional ties. Most traditions general population uses to tie families together are ignored, and JW events for “family bonding” are usually dominated by lectures and video presentations absorbing “social time”.

      On other hand, at least your daughter will not be subject to proselytizing. I hope she is disobeying the mandate not to speak with you.

  67. zeebo says:

    Hakizi – Wow.. So did your marriage last or did the WT beat you int he end? I’m beginning to feel like giving up to be honest.. I love my wife very much but its like she is two or three people, the normal wonderful woman who i love and married, and the WT drone regurgitating rubbish from the WT with dead eyes.. I know it seems small be when every aspect of your life is dictated in advance by some old guys it just kills things. I wish she would wake but its just putting more strain on our already strained marriage.. and if it does end i have no doubt the elders will be rubbing their hands together as their “in the lord” busllshit was apparently proven right.. problem was i thought in the lord was in Christ.. but her lord is these little old men,

  68. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    Zeebo, I was about to be beaten by the WT when I got relief, Elders manual. The battle continues but I am now more powerful than I was before I got the booklet. Do you know why?

    “Generally, elders should not consider administering Discipline if a Christian charges another Christian with making false statements in a court dispute. For example, this may involve divorce, child custody and support, and so forth. The Christian making the Charge can express his concerns to the court that has the responsibility to determine what is truthful when rendering a judgment.” (Page 67)!

    I decoded this paragraph and finally understood to what extend I was betrayed! “His concerns” NOT “Her concerns”!!! It is painful to imagine Elders telling my wife “we will not administer discipline… with making false statements against YOUR husband…”

    • JBob says:

      Haki, I wasn’t able to find the information on that page. Which edition of manual are you using (check copyright pages in front)? Usually, in the pages below 70, are routine materials on assignment of duties and expectation of duties.

  69. zeebo says:

    Hi, Yes i have it but typically she doesn’t believe its real and that it is faked by apostates lol.. I was even thinking to go in and pretend to be a JW and get in the org so as to then start descent from the inside.. u know start putting people off and putting jwfacts cards inside watchtowers they give out lol..

  70. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    zeebo, I tend to think you are wasting your time. I tried everything to win back my wife UNTILL I realized I was getting more vulnerable in hands of Elders. Anything you do, she reports to Elders who in turn make things worse.

    DID YOU KNOW the wife of Nelson Mandela, Evelyn Mandela (a nurse) divorced him in 1958 after she became a Jehovah’s Witnesses. All efforts to bring the wife back were a kind of “Wasted time” and sadly the wife was praised for that.

    40 years later, look how Jehovah’s Witnesses manipulated him when he was still South African President:

    Funeral services conducted by Jehovah’s Witnesses do not include rituals intended to appease the dead [...] Recently, a funeral service such as this was conducted for one of Jehovah’s Witnesses who happened to be the youngest sister of Nelson Mandela, the president of South Africa. After the service, the president sincerely thanked the speaker. Many dignitaries and high officials were in attendance. “This is the most dignified funeral I have ever attended,” said a cabinet minister. (w98 7/15 p. 22)!
    Can you see how they are manipulating a WOMAN and reap from a MAN whose divorce they are RESPONSIBLE FOR.

    Later in they wrote “As Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, observed, “it is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.” (w99 8/1 p. 6).

    You will not win her UNLESS YOU BOW AND FOLLOW HER IN THE KINGDOM HALL. That is what Mandela had to do if he was to save his marriage.

    Nelson Mandela 1st marriage was type 4 as I described it earlier. A man who was different from this Father of four who quits job after attending Annual Meeting!!!!!

  71. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    JBob, I am using “Shepherd the Flock of God”- 1 Peter 5:2 English (ks10-E). So, I am using edition 2010 downloadable from http://www.jwleaks.org

  72. Vincent Deporter says:

    This video makes me sick. Mind controlled and proud of it.

  73. dick says:

    it worked though !

  74. Hahah No surprise friends. He,(the father) is a jw fanatic!

  75. Spike says:

    JW ME-MONSTERS….. The Mom is just as bad, it’s all about her and how heroic she is. The children are the victims. These types of videos are EXACTLY why the GB wish the R&F would just stay away from the internet.

  76. Jeannie says:

    I strongley agree with you !

  77. Joel Eastman says:

    Yeah,The guy that quit his job will most likely wake up to reality when things don’t work out.I been hearing those story’s for years.They usually end up bitter at the society.Like always its the kids that suffer the most.

  78. Hakizimana Jean de Dieu says:

    You are right. So, the question is: Are websites like this “APOSTATES”? Jesus is answering:

    (Matthew 7:15-20) “Be on the watch for the false prophets [...] By their fruits YOU will recognize them.

    If a website like this had not been there, I would not have recognized Watchtower by her fruits. As conclusion, the site is helping us to “be on the watch [not the Watchtower] for the false prophets”.

    Why does watchtower tries all possible means to silence people? Hiding its fruits we can now all see!!

  79. The krazy jw’s cannot accept the fact that their ‘happy-ever -after ending’ dreamz has a 0.0001 chance of ever coming true.

  80. JR says:

    It’s sad how JWs use Bible texts to mask their lack of responsibility for their own families. This does not surprise me at all. My so-called ‘father’ (a deluded JW of 40+ years who is still not an elder, weird) didn’t even show up to the hospital when my daughter, my only child was born. Please note that I am his firstborn son, and this stranger who calls himself my father DID NOT show up to the hospital. What was his excuse? “Son, I can’t make it tonight because I have to attend the meeting.” That pretty much ended the relationship for me. He lives about ten minutes away from me but my heart doesn’t compel me to even send him an email. The JWs are truly the most disgusting, disturbed and dysfunctional people walking the earth today. I feel bad for the kids (like the ones in this video). I hope they don’t end up sleeping in their vehicle because the last time I checked, the WTS hands out ‘free’ Bibles…but not free food or free shelter.

  81. I don’t mean to be crass or rude, ESPECIALLY when children are involved, but with many things JW, there is a certain “survival of the fittest” point to be made… even if it’s just social: Parents often make poor decision that negatively effect the children. The children grow up and either overcome that or stayed weighed down by it – either way it is typical of ANY parent with children.

    So I don’t find this particularly shocking or stupid… it’s just typical of that level of evolution where a father quits his job WITHOUT A PLAN and the family has to suffer under the sugary goodness of “for the grace of God.” It’s no different than a father having an affair without thinking or making a large purchase without consulting the wife.

    It’s all the bottom ring of Darwinian hell where impulse and muted intelligence cross paths to make little blind-hearted babies to feed off the sympathy of others. This particular religion excels at that.

  82. Rob says:

    First, in my 19 years as an elder there have been 0, zero, cases of pedofile. Like polls of divorce, JWs are exemplary.

    Second, if it came up, I would ask if they, the parents took the first step of going to the authorities. JWs obey Ceasar’s law.

  83. StillShocked says:

    Rob, the Society’s instructions are for the Elders to call the Legal Department in Bethel. They’re not concerned about helping the victim and stopping the pedophile from molesting other children. If the crime was committed in a state where the law requires Clergy members to report crimes of pedophilia, the Elders are told to make the call from a public phone. The Authorities have a hard time investigating these crimes and rendering assistance to the children with the little informations the elders give them. You are obviously not telling the truth.

    • Rowland Nelken says:

      Rob is trying, desperately, to square a circle. He wants to appear as both morally upright and a believing and practising Jehovah’s Witness at one and the same time. This is clearly impossible.

      No doubt when the queue of court cases re. JWs and protecting pedophiles has worked its way through the courts, no matter the verdicts, penalties and publicity, Rob will stick to his delusions.

      He wants to imagine that an outfit whose sole output in its 135 year history has been deaths through refusal of blood, split families through shunning, pedophile protection, serial doctrinal flip flops and duff prophecies, nightmares through its Armageddon nonsense and stunted lives through the sneering at education beyond the ability to read and spout WT lit., is God’s sole earthly organisation.

      Rob, you are a tribute to the mastery of mind control techniques practised by your grubby little corner of Christendom. Or you would be if you had not defied your divinely appointed bosses and contributed to an apostate discussion, thereby setting yourself up for a Jehovah issued zapping at an imminent Armageddon.

  84. Badshah says:

    That statement just sounds like damage control, and I doubt it’s veracity. She realized she stepped in it, after she posted the video. It seems not all comments were from supportive sycophants like her.

  85. Excelsior, formerly known as George says:

    Rob, thank you for again not answering my questions!

    You should run for public office with your ability to not answer the questions asked.

    My question was what would YOU do if YOUR child was molested.

    I am slightly comforted that you would advise the parents to go to the authorities. That is the right thing to do, so I sincerely applaud you for that comment.

    Why then, Rob, is it not explicitly asked of Elders to inform the authorities or advise parents to? There’s a lot of “mays” in the shepherding book where it should say must or will.

    Good for you, Rob! You have made a start in doing the right thing by the victims.

    I hope that you don’t have to deal with a case of child abuse, but if you ever do, I would urge you to follow your own councel and tell them to go to the authorities and not telephone Bethel first.

    Peace be with you


    • Rowland Nelken says:

      Rob fears to defy his ‘divinely appointed’ controllers. They hold the keys, so they have convinced him, to Paradise Earth.

      He cannot shake his mind free, for the moment, of all that Armageddon drivel they shovel into his mind at every KH meeting and in every one of their dreary little mags.

      Let us hope he escapes, recovers and begins to live!

      • It has been a very interesting read this past couple of weeks. We know pedophile is rampant in may religions and service clubs. Question of the day how much money has the ” Organization” paid out in 2013 for legal fees to defend the cases and how much has been paid to settle the cases. Then the question does anyone know how much has been paid out . I am only interested in the U>S> loses. Then latyer the world. ,, Wanting to Know.

      • JBob says:

        @Donald, as I recall the experience of JW charity varies from region to region, and seems to be based on the religious backgrounds and social-economic background of congregation. Urban areas seem to project less charity as these are hardened to the “scammers” while outback areas trend to be more giving and competing with other neighborly churches. In most urban areas, there are organized soup kitchens and programs for the needy, so easier to pass the duty to others.

        One aspect, the Watchtower being classified as a UN NGO enabled rendering assist in refugee/disaster zones under the umbrella of the UN AID. But, as many have reacted, why would the group strive to gain the “mark of [the beast] name”–as the literature described the beast? There was a moment when some progressives hoped this was a sign the Watchtower would make other ecumenical moves like joining National/World Council of Churches, too. But, that sphincter has slammed shut.

  86. Excelsior, formerly known as George says:

    JBob, thanks for a very interesting post. I had no idea that charitable giving was so regionally and geographically sensitive.

    As an ex Christian ( but still having great respect and admiration for an outstanding human being) I am reminded of the words of Jesus’ half brother, James. He said that the way of worship that was acceptable was to look after widows and orphans and to keep oneself without spot from this world.

    Charitable giving should be as front and centre as the preaching work, but, sadly, it isn’t.

    To leave charitable giving to “Babylon the Great” and “Satan’s World” seems like a shameful act to me. Christians should stand out for their compassion and charitable works. I would like to see the WTBTS spend some of the billions of dollars it possesses to help the most needy in the world. This silent witness to the power of Christ’s teachings would have much more power than the distribution of pamphlets.

    Sadly, the GB are spending money on a shiny new headquarters tucked away from the scrutiny of the world.

    Actually I was glad that they joined the UN. It was a progressive move. Unfortunately, they have described the UN as a chief ally of Satan. It’s a ridiculous thing to say, but there you are. It’s written down in a book, so it must be true!

    Peace be with you


  87. JBob says:

    Excel, although JW’s seemingly do not have organized charity for all, and this was a part of first century Christianity (even though some verses indicate it was self-serve, others apply it broadly), some individuals donate materials and resources, if not time, to various local and national causes. Again, depending on the winds of adversity in the Writing and Service Departments, donations to various groups has been approved, disapproved or left to individual choice over the years always with the paired mantra regarding “Theocracy” should have first priority on time and money, so career conscious JW’s knew what to do.

    Some didn’t want to risk running afoul of the “Get Out of Babylon!” herald, so would not participate in charities that had a hint of religious-oriented groups; others viewed as secular where funds and donations reached people not to religious groups.

    Straining at gnats..

  88. JBob says:

    @Former, Rob has not much experience or faking it. My first quandry is the statement “did they report it to the authorities”. This elder has gone renegade off the ranch and doesn’t have the “image of the organization in mind”–delete.

  89. Doublegame says:

    So well said, Rowland. May I add a 5th point?

    5. When they start giving instead of just taking.
    When they recognize that the poor need more than preaching. They need food, blankets, sincere help (without counting time) when they introduce VOLUNTEER WORK and start building hospitals, orphanages, water wells where needed, with all the money they have extracted from the brothers.
    “Keep the poor in mind”
    This is what “false Christians” do.

  90. JBob says:

    And, then J* smote him–smote him on the Internet…

  91. Holy Cannoli says:

    Prett y amazing that people like that can spend Money at Subway or other food place when it is cheaper to eat at home especially if you are quitting your job? Another amazing thing to me is that since they TEACH that the governments are all run by Satan and they all go on public assistance from the government who are they really getting their money from? They are getting it from Satan right? I have seen many JW’s and elders on welfare and food stamps but they are spending time going door-door and when they are done they go out to lunch with the other JW’s? If they can spend their time going door-door why can’t they spend the same time working or looking for a job? Let’s be honest about it. I am not making this stuff up. One Brother with everal kids would do contracting on the side for cash but collect his free housing, food stamps, free medical, etc. and do cash jobs on the side as he collected his free government programs and would go door-door whenever he wanted. Oh yes, he was also a proud elder? Go figure..Satns governements were very good to him.

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