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The Friday Column: Watchtower facing financial stormwaters?

I honestly thought it was a joke. When I first saw the image opposite being circulated online, I felt that it had to be a piece of satirical art, created by an Ex-JW. I mean, I knew Watchtower had been … Continue reading


The Friday Column: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Paradise Earth

EDITORS NOTE: The opinions expressed in the Friday Column do not necessarily reflect all viewpoints, but are intended to provoke thought and discussion among Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as those who have left the religion. Friday Column writers come from … Continue reading


The Friday Column: Are Jehovah’s Witnesses More Honest and Moral Than Unbelievers?

When my husband and I stopped attending meetings, we joined a softball league.  This presented us with the opportunity to get to know people and replace the friends we had lost.  The first thing we noticed was how nice, family-oriented … Continue reading


The Friday Column: “And a new Earth.”

Every once in a while, I’m asked why I bother keeping up with current events in the world of Jehovah’s Witnesses. My answer will usually depend on several factors, including, but not limited to: caffeine concentration in my bloodstream, looming … Continue reading


The Friday Column: The Blood Issue and Leukemia: One Man’s Story

Today would have been my brother’s fifty-eighth birthday. My brother, Donald, died ten days before turning twenty-eight. He was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) on December 11th, 1985 and died on February 2nd, 1986. A diagnosis of AML, for … Continue reading


Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Doomsday Clock

In 1947 the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists featured a clock on the cover of its magazine which came to be known as the “Doomsday Clock.” While World War II had ended, the threat of global nuclear warfare had just … Continue reading


The Friday Column: Watchtower, genocide, and armageddon

When I was a Jehovah’s Witness, I didn’t like to talk about Armageddon. Don’t get me wrong, I loved to talk about the paradise. Who wouldn’t? I’d cheerfully tell anyone who asked, be they householder, interested person at the meetings, or … Continue reading


The Friday Column: Shunning – a toxic practice in which EVERYONE ultimately loses

My fellow JWsurvey team members have written extensively on the Australian Royal Commission and Geoffrey Jackson’s testimony in particular. But I hope you will indulge me in revisiting what transpired, especially in light of Watchtower’s defence against Angus Stewart’s findings. … Continue reading


The Friday Column: Questions Young People Ask – Answers That Don’t Work

Growing up a Jehovah’s Witness is an experience that has shaped me in innumerable ways. To be fair, Watchtower’s influence on my young life did give me some benefit. Through my studies I developed reading skills and a genuine love … Continue reading


How the Watchtower Stole Christmas

In 1957, the acclaimed children’s author Dr. Seuss penned an instant classic, a beloved tale of a grumpy green monster whose shoes and heart were too small or too tight to tolerate the evil holiday known as Christmas. Oh the … Continue reading


The Friday Column: Everyone makes mistakes – except Watchtower

Everyone makes mistakes. The Bible characters certainly did. Think of the Apostle Peter, denying Jesus three times on the night of his arrest, his faith and courage failing him at the critical moment, leaving him a weeping, emotionally shattered wreck. … Continue reading


Royal Commission findings: Jehovah’s Witness elders left abuse survivors “silenced and unsupported”

The previous two articles in this series have discussed Watchtower policy and scriptural debate. However, this is not some theoretical debate of interest only to scholars and lawyers. At the core of all this back and forth over scripture and … Continue reading


The Friday Column: Hypocrisy! Will It Ever End?

The title of this week’s Friday Column matches that of an article from the December 2015 online edition of The Watchtower. In the article, three people are featured: Panayiota, Daniel and Jeffery. Each person wrestles with their own dilemma, but I … Continue reading