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My 21st Century Apostasy Trial

I received the phone call on Friday night. I was expecting it. My mother-in-law had been approached at the kingdom hall by my “coordinator” (chairman of the local elders), who told her he would be phoning me. She could tell … Continue reading


The Story of Cedars – A Prisoner No More

After running JWsurvey for more than two years, the time has finally come to share my story. Why has it taken so long? Because when I first set up this website I was still technically a Witness – constantly in … Continue reading


Amber Scorah – Finding Freedom of Thought in Communist China

China is a country that fascinates many Jehovah’s Witnesses, who see it as a vast territory of untapped evangelical potential. Home to 1.3 billion people, China is seen as the perilous final frontier of preaching the good news. It is … Continue reading


Nestor Kuilan – Surviving the Fall from Watchtower’s Trapdoor

“Why would people priding themselves on their high Christian principles pass on such vicious rumors when they had absolutely nothing but gossip on which to base them?” —Raymond Franz In his book, Crisis of Conscience, Raymond Franz described a bizarre … Continue reading


Ruben Ortiz – Superhero At Last

Picture a small boy racing like the wind on his Spiderman BigWheel™. Notice the cape flowing behind him, or is it just an old towel tied around his neck? It makes no difference to the boy, for he is a … Continue reading


Danmera Dinglebum – Why did it take so long?

When you meet someone with a name like Danmera Dinglebum, you know there must be a juicy story to be told. My task now is to show and tell you that story, and explain why I think Danmera is such … Continue reading