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“Pay Up Joyfully to Jehovah”: New songbook includes not-so-subtle plea for donations

Lyrics in the songbook have been changed, apparently to encourage more donations

On Sunday we reported on how the 2016 annual meeting was less than thrilling compared to previous years. Witnesses have grown accustomed to these events being used to unveil new publications, announce momentous organizational changes, or reveal “new light” on Bible verses. But it seems there was something we … Continue reading


The 2016 annual meeting: The most uneventful in years?

This year's annual meeting wasn't exactly something to write home about

In recent years, Jehovah’s Witnesses have come to expect much from Watchtower’s annual meeting – an ostensibly corporate event that has been increasingly used to unveil new publications, or new “understandings of scripture.” At the 2011 meeting, it was announced that … Continue reading


Sneak preview: A book that tells the story of a “reluctant apostate”

My new book, The Reluctant Apostate, nears completion

It was the winter of 2012. All the talk among ex-JWs was about the Candace Conti lawsuit, recent “new light” about the “faithful and discreet slave” and, of course, the “Become Jehovah’s Friend” DVD featuring a certain ill-fated dumpster-bound warrior wizard named … Continue reading


Sorry Watchtower! (You may be an abusive organization, but you didn’t fake a recording)


My aim with this website has always been to be as honest as possible in any criticism of Watchtower. When I get it wrong, or cast aspersions that turn out to be unsubstantiated, I want to be quick to hold my … Continue reading


Did Watchtower fake a 1958 speech for propaganda purposes?

A recent JW Broadcasting episode features a recording from Russians living under communism - but is it authentic?

[Update: Since writing this article, it is clear that Watchtower did NOT fake the recording referred to. Here is my apology.] Last month’s JW Broadcasting episode, hosted by Samuel Herd and Alex Reinmueller, featured a heart-tugging segment about Jehovah’s Witnesses living … Continue reading


No expense spared: Governing Body members DO fly business class

When it comes the the Governing Body's travel arrangements, only the best is good enough

Earlier today, JWsurvey was contacted by an airline employee based at a major European airport who was willing to give a remarkable insight into the lavish lifestyle of Governing Body members. Though this won’t come as a surprise to many, … Continue reading


The Worst Convention Ever – Part 5: Friday

Part 5 of the Worst Convention Ever series shows some of the most disturbing material to-date

I don’t mind admitting it. When I decided to make a series of videos to compliment articles on JWsurvey about the “Worst Convention Ever” (the “Remain Loyal to Jehovah” 2016 regional convention) I bit off way more than I could chew. … Continue reading


21st Century Christian martyrdom: Tony Morris praises JW boy who died refusing blood

Tony Morris has been filmed at a convention praising a JW child who died refusing blood

The three-day regional conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are given different themes from year to year. This year’s theme of “Remain Loyal to Jehovah” offers a fascinating hint of the paranoia gripping the Governing Body leadership as the internet helps an increasing outflow shed their … Continue reading


Update: JWsurvey editorial team meets in London to discuss future plans

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 18.54.01

Earlier this month I had an opportunity to finally meet Covert Fade and John Redwood in person during a trip to London. Shortly after shaking hands for the first time, John surprised me with my very own Telly Award in … Continue reading


Why Watchtower should be ashamed of its new homophobic child propaganda cartoon

In the new cartoon, Sophia's mum teaches her how to be judgmental and bigoted

It was in the summer 2012 that Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world were first introduced to Caleb and Sophia, the Governing Body’s new animated poster kids. Their first cartoon adventures, which were distributed in DVDs at conventions and on the organization’s … Continue reading


Science-denial to be a regular feature of Watchtower’s monthly JW Broadcasting episodes

Yaroslav Dovhanych and Professor Raj Kalaria endorse Watchtower's anti-evolution stance

Watchtower has a long and ignominious history with its forays into the realm of science. Charles Taze Russell’s 1914 film The Photo-Drama of Creation advised cinema audiences that Earth was assembled in 49,000 years, that Noah’s Flood was caused by a Saturn-like orbital ring … Continue reading


Extra leak: Personal Qualifications Report (or snitching form) now available

Another disturbing document has come to light

Yesterday I reported that an extremely sensitive Watchtower document, the Circuit Overseer Guidelines, has been leaked by a disaffected circuit overseer. While reviewing the document for my article, I noticed frequent references to another document called the Personal Qualifications Report, or S-326. I was … Continue reading


Major leak: Rogue Watchtower insider leaks Circuit Overseer Guidelines document

A circuit overseer has leaked out a highly-confidential document

Last year proved to be an eventful year for leaks, with key announcements for the Annual Meeting divulged in advance, and the hitherto highly-secretive Correspondence Guidelines becoming available. And this year, 2016, promises to be no different. Previously only circulated online in … Continue reading