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Stephen Lett slams “apostate-driven lies and dishonesties” concerning child abuse record

Stephen Lett has slammed criticism of Watchtower's child abuse record as "lies and dishonesties"

Governing Body member Stephen Lett has slammed criticism of the organization’s child abuse record as “apostate-driven lies and dishonesties” in a video released on Watchtower’s new “JW Broadcasting” website. Lett, who recently raised eyebrows by saying there is more evidence … Continue reading


“Great balls of fire!” – More doomsday artwork in new May 2015 Watchtower

The new public Watchtower magazine gives more chilling visions of an anticipated apocalypse

Not content with telling Witness children they may die if they don’t listen at meetings, Watchtower is making sure its doomsday message is heard loud and clear in the latest May 2015 public edition of the Watchtower magazine. A striking … Continue reading


PBS airs Trey Bundy’s must-see documentary on child sex abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses

PBS has aired a damning report on Watchtower's mishandling of child abuse

Yesterday, February 16, 2015, at 6pm EST, PBS Newshour aired a stunning 9-minute expose of Watchtower’s policy of secrecy regarding pedophiles. Anyone who watched it will have been given a shocking glimpse of the magnitude of the problem of child … Continue reading


Is the media finally grasping just how bad Watchtower’s child abuse problem is?

Watchtower is finally getting some serious media scrutiny over its child abuse policies

One of the most frustrating aspects of trying to raise awareness of the harm caused by Watchtower is how little journalists seem to care about serious issues such as shunning and the mishandling of child abuse within the organization. When … Continue reading


“Pay attention or die!” – A disturbing glimpse of JW child indoctrination at work

The latest JW child indoctrination cartoon carries a threatening message

Anyone who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness can empathize with the scenario of two children struggling to hold their attention at a kingdom hall meeting. And this is exactly the predicament in which Watchtower’s model cartoon children, Caleb and … Continue reading


Full program of United States elders meeting leaked on YouTube

GB helper Robert Luccioni addresses elders on the broadcast

A few days ago I posted an article about a special meeting to which all elders in the United States branch territory were invited. The purpose of the LDC (Local Design/Construction Department) meeting was to unveil a new style of … Continue reading


The day I prank-called a Governing Body member

Tony Morris - now slightly better acquainted with JWsurvey

On Wednesday evening something very rare and unexpected happened. I had a phone conversation with Anthony Morris III – a Governing Body member (and one of Advocate magazine’s Craziest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists of 2014). As almost anyone outside of Watchtower … Continue reading


New commercial-style standard kingdom hall design unveiled to elders

If you live in the United States, could this be what your next local kingdom hall will look like?

On Saturday, January 31st a special meeting was held for all elders in the United States Branch Territory. A letter sent out in advance advised elders that the meeting would be to unveil “a new, dramatically different Kingdom Hall design.” … Continue reading


The Bethel “Happy” video – unauthorized shenanigans or calculated propaganda stunt?

The Bethel "Happy" video: the work of an individual, or Watchtower?

In Spring of last year I helped organize a group of former Jehovah’s Witnesses from various countries to film our own dance video to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I felt this was a great way of showing the … Continue reading


Tony’s JW Broadcasting rant against higher education: a masterclass in cult propaganda

Tony Morris' performance on JW Broadcasting showed in microcosm how cult indoctrination works

When the JW Broadcasting website was first announced at last year’s annual meeting I immediately relished the prospect of seeing Tony Morris in front of the camera in glorious technicolor for an hour-long show. I consider myself Tony’s number 1 … Continue reading


Watchtower AGAIN misquotes scientist to argue against evolution – and this time, it’s personal!

Biologist Rama Singh has written an open letter to the editor of the Awake magazine complaining about the way he was misquoted

It has long been known that, when it comes to their efforts to discredit evolution, Watchtower writers are more than willing to utilize the dark arts of misquoting to get their point across. In June last year I published an … Continue reading


Watchtower appears in court to give oral arguments in appeal against Candace Conti verdict

Candace Conti speaking at a news conference in 2013

In June 2012 the online community of free-thinking current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses was rocked by the news of a multimillion dollar verdict against Watchtower in a case regarding the mishandling of child sex abuse. News of the development spread … Continue reading


“Je suis Charlie” – Why events in Paris should be a wake-up call for Jehovah’s Witnesses


I was in Zurich making my way home from a series of Jehovah’s Witness-related gatherings in Europe when I first heard news of the terrible events in Paris on January 7th. On that awful day masked gunmen burst into the … Continue reading