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Why it is wrong to ban Jehovah’s Witnesses

Putting victims of undue influence on trial for their delusions benefits no one

The website is reporting that a court in Russia has convicted and sentenced 7 Jehovah’s Witnesses for practicing their faith. Four congregation elders were given suspended prison sentences of five to five and a half years, and were ordered … Continue reading


If Satan controls the media, how is Watchtower able to use it so effectively?

If the media is really under Satan's control, how is Watchtower able to use it so freely?

“We live in a world in which lies, deceit, and violent anger are commonplace,” warned one 1988 Watchtower. “Satan makes full use of the media to put across this degraded mentality.” (w88 9/1 p.16 par.13) The above statement is typical … Continue reading


Convention gimmicks, trinkets and souvenirs – If the end is truly ‘imminent’, why waste time on them?

Two sisters show off their haul of souvenirs from an international convention

If ever you find yourself at a loose end with some time to kill, I highly recommend scrolling through the “jw_witnesses” account on instagram. Scanning the heavily manicured pages of is one thing, but if you want a more … Continue reading


Jehovah and Watchtower – are they now to be thought of as one and the same?

Watchtower's latest magazine uses "Jehovah" as a synonym for the organization

Last year saw the publishing of a bizarre “Seven Shepherds, Eight Dukes” Watchtower article in which Jehovah’s Witnesses were told not to expect any justification for the commands passed down by their leaders. The study magazine urged Witnesses to “obey … Continue reading


Partying in the kingdom hall – why OK for convention delegates, but not newlyweds?


A YouTube video recently uploaded by a delegate to one of the 2014 international conventions is causing a stir among current and former Witnesses alike. Now with over 11,000 views the video, shot on June 6th by a delegate to … Continue reading


The Cedars Review: “God’s Kingdom Rules!”

David Splane releases the book "God's Kingdom Rules!" at the 2014 International Convention in New Jersey

A new book is being released at the 2014 “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom” series of conventions. Entitled “God’s Kingdom Rules!,” it marks the centenary of 1914 with a heavily sanitized version of Jehovah’s Witness history over the past 100 … Continue reading


Former elder convicted of rape and pedophilia amid claims of non-cooperation and destroyed evidence

The conviction of Mark Sewell as a pedophile and rapist casts a shadow over the Barry Congregation

One of the most alarming Jehovah’s Witness sex abuse cases ever seen in the UK has ended with the conviction of former elder, Mark Sewell, on eight historic sex charges, including rape, between 1987 and 1995. Sewell, 53, faces a … Continue reading


If shunning loved ones is scriptural, why does Watchtower publicly deny the practice?

Shunning deniers: Veikko Leinonen (center) is the latest Watchtower representative to downplay the shunning policy in front of the media

Watchtower representative Veikko Leinonen recently made an appearance on Finnish television in which he essentially denied that Jehovah’s Witness parents shun children who leave. Asked whether a young Jehovah’s Witness can leave freely and start his own life, Leinonen replied … Continue reading


Elders labelled “spiritually corrupt and morally bankrupt” in Mark Sewell trial

Former elder Mark Sewell has been accused of using his position as an elder to exploit women and children (image: Wales Online)

Wales Online reporter Ciaran Jones is closely following a court case at Merthyr Crown Court where a former elder, Mark Sewell, is standing trial over 12 historic sex charges, which he denies. The court has heard that businessman Sewell, 53, … Continue reading


The Charity Commission and Jehovah’s Witnesses – is the game finally up?

With the Charity Commission now investigating Jehovah's Witnesses, has the penny finally dropped?

Not long after waking up from my indoctrination as a Witness I posted an article on this website expressing my dismay at the fact that Jehovah’s Witnesses in the UK are classed as a charity despite falling woefully short of … Continue reading


“Get ready for the time of your life!” – Promo video for Atlanta International Convention leaked

Convention Overseer Donnie Starrett introduces an intriguing promotional video

Rarely does Watchtower need to stretch itself too hard to “sell” a convention or assembly to Jehovah’s Witnesses, but a freshly leaked video suggests that may be changing. Boldly called “The Time of Your Life” (no, it’s not a tribute … Continue reading


No scriptures required: Elder Coordinators to stand down if they are over 80

Coordinators any older than Samuel Herd (pictured) must now stand down from their positions

A remarkable letter has been circulated to all bodies of elders stipulating that the Coordinator of the Body of Elders must stand down from his role if he is 80, or approaching that age. The letter, dated June 1 2014, … Continue reading


Busted! – Recently disfellowshipped son finds shocking misquote in ‘Creation’ book

A former Witness has discovered that biologist Niles Eldredge (pictured) has been gravely misquoted by Watchtower

“Just move on” is what Watchtower ideally prefers former Witnesses to do after leaving the organization. So-called ‘apostates’ are urged to walk away and, above all, not scrutinize their former faith or say anything negative about it. “They are not … Continue reading