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Goodbye Jehovah, Hello Courtroom – Watchtower Brings Lawsuit Against Publishing Company

Goodbye Jehovah

On December 29th, 2017, Watchtower attorney Armin Pikl filed a lawsuit against Rowohlt Publishing Company, the highly regarded publishing house in Germany which produced the acclaimed book Goodbye Jehovah!, authored by former Jehovah’s Witness Misha Verollet. The autobiographical novel is subtitled “How I … Continue reading


Sneak preview: A book that tells the story of a “reluctant apostate”

It was the winter of 2012. All the talk among ex-JWs was about the Candace Conti lawsuit, recent “new light” about the “faithful and discreet slave” and, of course, the “Become Jehovah’s Friend” DVD featuring a certain ill-fated dumpster-bound warrior wizard named … Continue reading


Watchtower News Bulletin: BBC Radio Oxford interview with author and former Witness Helen J Brown

How much does the general public in the UK really know about Jehovah’s Witnesses? For most people, the image in their head is probably of those smartly dressed people who turn up at your door on the weekend, or stand … Continue reading


The Book Corner – Combating Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan

When renowned cult expert Steven Hassan first published his seminal work Combatting Cult Mind Control in 1988, the world was a very different place. There was no internet, so mega-cults like Watchtower, Scientology and the Moonies had a free run … Continue reading


The Book Corner – “Goodbye, Jehova!” by Misha Anouk

The following is a review of the German-language book “Goodbye, Jehova! Wie ich die bekannteste Sekte der Welt verließ” (English: Goodbye, Jehovah! How I left the world’s most notorious cult) by Misha Anouk, as penned by an appreciative reader, Libby … Continue reading


The Book Corner – Judgment Day Must Wait

The other day I received an email from a good friend, Barbara Anderson. Barbara wanted to let me know about a book on JW history by Ex-Witness Poul Bregninge. Originally published in Danish in 2006, Judgment Day Must Wait has … Continue reading


The Book Corner – The Know-It-All Girl

If you’re a woman, you’re going to love this book. If you’re a guy, you are also in for a treat—a vicarious ride. Joanna Foreman is a gifted storyteller who knows how to engage her readers. You will laugh and … Continue reading


The Book Corner – Paradise Earth: Day Zero

As part of a new periodic series of articles, will be taking a closer look at certain books that thinking Witnesses might find stimulating. Obviously, the Society strongly discourages brothers from reading books by external sources because they prefer … Continue reading