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Watchtower continues assault on ‘devious’ and ‘hypocritical’ former believers

Watchtower continues its barrage of abuse toward those who disagree with its teachings

The latest Watchtower launches yet another scathing attack on ‘apostates’, namely any current or former Witnesses who disagree with the organization’s teachings. The July 15, 2014 issue brands any who deviate from official dogma as “devious,” “hypocritical” and “divisive,” not … Continue reading


Governing Body instructs congregations to pledge fixed monthly donations

Congregations will be ordered to pledge a fixed monthly amount to the organization

A leaked letter dated March 29, 2014, has been circulated to all elders advising of a huge shake-up in financing arrangements for kingdom hall and assembly hall construction. The letter is four pages long, but only the first page is … Continue reading


Prevention order for jailed Jehovah’s Witness who fled to the Caribbean to molest kids

William Rogers is in jail for fleeing the UK to abuse children in the Caribbean

79-year-old jailed pedophile Jehovah’s Witness, William Rogers, has been issued with a sex offenders’ prevention order limiting his future contact with children. Rogers was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment at Ipswich Crown Court last month for violating the terms of … Continue reading


Ian McEwan slams Watchtower’s blood stance as “utterly perverse and inhumane”

Ian McKewan has spoken out against Watchtower's blood teachings

Renowned author Ian McEwan has launched a scathing attack on Watchtower’s blood policy, calling it “utterly perverse and inhumane.” McEwan was quoted in The Times yesterday explaining his motivation for writing his forthcoming novella, The Children’s Act – a story … Continue reading

35 Comments boasts of “best life ever” while pushing family ties into second place


Hot on the heels of its promotional video about the Philippines typhoon, has released a short film aimed at promoting the preaching work among young people. The film is the latest in the “What Your Peers Say” series. Ironically, … Continue reading


Governing Body discontinues the role of district overseer

District overseers are now surplus to requirements

A leaked letter addressed to all congregations, dated March 20 2014, has confirmed that district overseers will soon be a thing of the past. The letter heralds this as a “significant decision” reached by the Governing Body, that will “affect … Continue reading


Governing Body member Guy Pierce dies of ‘massive stroke’

Guy Pierce has reportedly died of a severe stroke

Multiple sources are reporting that Governing Body member Guy Pierce died yesterday morning, March 18, 2014, of a severe stroke. He was 79. Pierce is survived by his wife, Penny, with whom he began pioneering in 1982. He also leaves … Continue reading


Watchtower continues crusade against higher education

The latest Watchtower magazine launches another attack on higher education

The Watch Tower Society has long stigmatized higher education and dissuaded young Jehovah’s Witnesses from a meaningful career as anything other than unpaid promoters of the organization. As far back as 1969 Watchtower was telling young ones that they would … Continue reading


Why the Governing Body owes an explanation for what happened in the Philippines

The devastated kingdom hall in Tacloban: did 22 Witnesses die needlessly?

I should have known better than to click on the latest video, entitled “Philippines Typhoon—Faith Conquers Adversity.” My intuition told me it would be a shameless piece of propaganda – an attempt at taking a deadly natural disaster and … Continue reading


High Court orders baby in UK to have blood transfusion against parents’ wishes

Birmingham Children's Hospital, where the baby is being treated

The High Court in the UK has ruled that a sick baby who is only a few weeks old will receive blood despite the beliefs of its Jehovah’s Witness parents, according to the Mirror newspaper. Jehovah’s Witnesses are instructed to … Continue reading


Off the hook: Charges against Lawrence dropped as lawsuit is thrown out by judge

Ronald Lawrence will not need to answer for his alleged crimes due to the statute of limitations

Campaigners against the mishandling of child sex abuse by Watchtower were dealt a huge blow yesterday as news emerged that all charges against alleged Witness pedophile Ronald Lawrence have been dropped. As reported in the McAlester News-Capital, “Associate District Judge … Continue reading


Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports on Watchtower’s real estate sell-offs

Dipti Kumar of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle has shot a video about Watchtower's Brooklyn property sales

Decent media coverage of Watchtower’s Brooklyn real estate sell-offs tends to be few and far between, but it seems the Brooklyn Daily Eagle has flown to the rescue. A video has been released showing reporter Dipti Kumar at various locations … Continue reading


The Self-praising Slave: Governing Body tells pioneers to be like them

The Governing Body is sliding to new depths of self-adulation

One of my final and most bizarre experiences as a Jehovah’s Witness came in November 2011 when I attended my father’s graduation ceremony for MTS (or “Bible School for Single Brothers,” as it was by then known). Sitting in such … Continue reading