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A message from the founder of JWsurvey.org…

It is my pleasure to give you a warm welcome to JWsurvey.org. This website has been launched to give voice to millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world who would not normally have the opportunity to say what they really think about the Watch Tower Society, or the teachings and practices of the Governing Body.

The Governing Body has yet to express any interest in hearing the views of ordinary witnesses. Their mantra is: “We talk, you listen!”

If you are a Jehovah’s Witness, or a former Witness, you will be aware that the opinions of rank and file publishers (and even elders) are rarely sought by the Society. The small number of men making up the Governing Body have declared themselves the “faithful and discreet slave” of Matthew 24:45, thus claiming sole control over the organization’s teachings and policies. These men are most certainly NOT interested in the opinions of the “silent majority” of Witnesses under their authority. If they are, they have a strange way of showing it!

This website seeks to redress that balance by means of an annual survey that is conducted anonymously throughout the world. The first survey was taken in 2011, and immediately attracted the opinions of 1,118 voters before closing at the end of the year. The results were posted to the Governing Body for their attention and review but, predictably, they never replied.

The following year, 2012, the survey received votes from 1,488 current and former Witnesses, most of whom expressed their concern at various Watchtower teachings. The remarkable events of that year (the Candace Conti case and the “new light” about the faithful slave) certainly seemed to get people talking. Subsequent surveys promise to attract even more attention as our website steadily grows in popularity.

A website for all

This site has been created and made available online so that anyone, whether they are a former or current Witness, or in some way associated with Witness friends or relatives, can give their honest opinions about the organization and its governance.

We adopt a strictly non-religious viewpoint, meaning that we refuse to promote any belief structure in particular. For this reason, we cannot be accused of trying to “draw off followers.” We are merely interested in garnering the views of ordinary Witnesses and reporting on the facts.

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses has not authorized or sponsored this survey, and it is run entirely without any influence or input from them. However, we genuinely feel that the brothers who serve on the Governing Body, having assumed such overwhelming responsibility, should take note of how ordinary Witnesses and the general public feel about their leadership, since millions of lives are affected by decisions they make at their private weekly meetings.

Who started this website?

I write under the name John Cedars. Until recently I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I left for conscientious reasons. You can read my story on this link.

I first had the idea to begin gathering the opinions of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their associates around the world because of a variety of issues that continue to be of real concern to me. I believe that ordinary Witnesses who devote their entire lives to loyally serving Jehovah, through what purports to be God’s spirit-directed organization, should have some say in the decisions that are made on their behalf.

It is my belief that not all is well within the organization, and many of the teachings and practices encouraged by the Governing Body are not formulated with the best interests of ordinary Witnesses at heart.

An unmerciful practice

For example, take the practice of shunning or “disfellowshipping.” The Apostle Paul’s words to the Corinthian congregation were as follows: “But now I am writing you to quit mixing in company with anyone called a brother that is a fornicator or a greedy person or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard or an extortioner, not even eating with such a man… remove the wicked man from among yourselves.” (1 Cor 5:11,12)

Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians about the disfellowshipping arrangement never called for family members to be torn apart

Clearly the Apostle Paul was delivering this admonition for the purpose of keeping the congregation clean. But to what extent should these words be applied? By saying “not even eating with such a man,” Paul indicated that his words weren’t directed against family members (who would daily eat with one another), but against other brothers in the congregation with whom one might consider sharing a meal.

There is no reason to insist that the word “anyone” should be applied arbitrarily to “everyone,” irrespective of age or circumstances. Even Watchtower publications acknowledge that there should be some exceptions where family members are concerned. For example, a disfellowshipped husband is not to be shunned by his wife or children, and parents are not banned from speaking to their disfellowshipped children if they are not yet old enough to leave home. But why should it end there?

Many share my opinion that there is scope to extend even more mercy in applying this scripture than is currently encouraged by the teachings of the Governing Body. Jesus said the following to the unrighteous pharisees: “Go, then, and learn what this means: ‘I want mercy, and not sacrifice.’ For I came to call, not righteous people, but sinners.” (Matthew 9:13, New World Translation)

Jesus identified mercy as playing a crucial role in the extent to which laws and principles should be enforced. Many do not think it is merciful that older teenagers, many of whom were baptized at an extremely young age, are forced out of their homes by their parents and then cruelly shunned, often for the rest of their lives, through a mistaken and abhorrent interpretation of the Apostle Paul’s advice.

The Society’s publications themselves warn that “no one should be forced to… choose between his beliefs and his family.” (July 2009 Awake!, p.9) However, they apply this reasoning to every religion but their own.

The scriptures clearly prescribe “shunning” purely as a measure for maintaining the spiritual cleanliness of the congregation, and not for the purpose of breaking up families. To go one step further and insist that shunning should also apply to families is both destructive and deeply unmerciful. It also violates the principle expressed by the Apostle Paul at 1 Timothy 5:8 where he said, “Certainly if anyone does not provide for those who are his own, and especially for those who are members of his household, he has disowned the faith and is worse than a person without faith.”

These and other teachings of the Governing Body are increasingly becoming a cause of sincere distress for many Witnesses who wish that the organization could adopt a more merciful and loving stance. In particular, one can now be disfellowshipped as an “apostate” merely for disagreeing with the Governing Body over this or other issues.

Only human

It is my sincere desire that by means of this website, and its surveys, the Governing Body will humbly consider the pleas of both myself and like-minded ones around the world who long for the Watch Tower Society to be a more loving organization – one that is truly observant of the need for respect and tolerance toward other people’s beliefs.

The members of the Governing Body are only human, and no matter how much they may pray for wisdom and insight, they cannot possibly be fully aware of how their teachings and directives are impacting the lives of their fellow worshippers on a daily basis. That is what makes this survey website so important. It serves as a constant reminder for them to show greater kindness and mercy in undertaking the role that they have assumed as the faithful and discreet slave.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support for this site, and for getting involved in our important work.

Warmest regards,



307 Responses to About JW Survey

  1. Holy Conolli says:

    Yes I have on more than 1 occasion. They have spent the night at my house and I had not been to meetings in years. My wife is a BIG time JW and she likes to Hob nob with the Big Shots and has some connections at Bethel so when they came out to give “SPECIAL” talks at the assemblies etc she goes to work on getting them to stay at the house. There were about 25 JW’s at the house to greet him and “LISTEN” to the wisdom he brought. I was polite and I am a good host so I was there as well. Of course I did not make an issue or anything I just observed the entire ordeal. I wasn’t there to cause a scene I just let them be. There wasn’t anything special what he said he pretty much would just quote the WT verbatim when they asked questions. The JW’s always talk negatively about Creature worship and say the reason they do not celebrate B-days is bc it draws attention to the person instead of God? Well, when a GB comes around there is nothing but attention drawn to that person bc they feel he is like Jesus Christ himself almost. It was an interesting experience. To be fair he was very pleasant and cordial and polite while he was here. Of course my wife wanted me to engage him in a conversation about the issues I have with the WT and their teachings and duff prophecies but I did not want to get into it with him bc I already know what he is going to say. He is going to say the same thing that the WT says about the light getting brighter and how they are the only ones that are doing the Preaching work and all the things we have heard for years. It wasn’t the time or the place for that conversation plus I am sure he did not want to go into it.He would probably label me an apostate if we had that discussion. Not that I care but I just did not want to do it. When I was on a visit to Bethel in the late 80’s I had dinner and a few beers with Fred Franz. He was kind of funny. Almost blind at the time. When he finished his beer he slammed it down and said, “Another Dead Soldier”.

    • Jane Delane says:

      I appreciate your comment but would like to say that, I have had only a few professors in my college experience that were great speakers. They all were very knowledgeable but some can get your attention like none others. Well, it is the same with the GB. They are very knowledgeable (not perfect). We all know they are not close to Jesus, but human like all others. However, we do feel it is a privilege to meet them, no different than meeting a great actor/actress, musician or writer. And yes, this would not be a time to be combative with questions. What I do is write to the society when I have questions. I have several times wanted answers regarding issues. I remember my dad would not let my brother play football because he felt this would hinder his worship. My brother and other young men were also not allowed to play sports. This led to all of them eventually as adults leave the organization. Yet, when I moved and went to another congregation, I noticed that three young men played sports and remained active in their worship. Today,many years later, I also have allowed my sons to play sports and they were raised in the organization. I always remind them that God comes first and they have to determine if they can do both. I have six children in which four are adults. Two are active and two are inactive. We as adults may learn the same but we may not apply the same way. This is why we can’t blame the brothers, congregation, or the organization for imperfections. The fact is who else is doing the things that JW’s are doing worldwide? Nobody. We are constantly reminded through instruction whether meetings, or conventions that we are imperfect and need to be corrected constantly through the bible, but the focus is doing what is required to save our life. Thats it! how complicated is it. I was inactive for 18 years and never felt better for coming back. Any questions I have or feelings about what I have learned, I pray. For example, the society now teaches that emphasis should be placed on a higher education. This is not to say that we tell our kids, don’t go to college. No, we encourage them that nothing is wrong with schooling and gaining more knowledge in order to assist with a job. We emphasize the need not to focus on higher education and lack in their worship. I am a holder of two degrees and my oldest daughters have degrees. One daughter was in college while she studied and got baptized. She now has a degree and the brothers did not look down on her. I attended meetings when I was finishing my degree and my son wants to be a professional baseball player. The one issue that I discuss is worship comes first and we should not sacrifice our worship for something else. I also point to actors, musicians, and athletes who are JW’s. Some have fallen away and some are doing both. Yet, some elders will discourage young ones for higher education altogether. However, they will certainly not be put out the congregation for choosing to go to college. In all religions, some take things to an extreme, and all religions are talked about in a negative way. I have friends from different religions who complain all the time, but they still go.

      • anonymous says:

        Jane Delane, I got baptized in 1966 and I don’t remember anywhere in those 49 years where the Society has encouraged higher education. Right away when I was reading your post, I was wondering why you were commenting as you got to go to college. Most of the rest of us were shamed into not going to college but at the same time, seeing so many people coming into the “truth” AFTER HAVING A COLLEGE EDUCATION and because of that degree being able to have nice home and nice cars etc. but the rest of us who listened to the Society and didn’t go to college, having to scrape by with nothing to retire on. I don’t get where you have found in any of the publications where the Society has encouraged higher education. Can you tell us where you found that? Even the latest JWbroadcasting episodes are still discouraging going to college. Are you for real or are you pretending to be a Witness?

        • steve Middleton says:

          I was born in 1965 and the society as I was brought up condemned higher education and careers outright, they likened any attempt at achievement or success as ‘polishing the brass on a sinking ship’.

          Armageddon was to come no later than 1984, three score years and ten after Christ came back to the vicinity in the earth in 1914.

          All non witnesses would die in a Revelation prophesied destruction where the blood would run as high as the ‘horses bridles’. Conveniently having got all of their predictions wrong they claim a clearer knowledge these days; of what!!

          For Gods sake however intelligent you believe yourself to be you are mad to listen to the insanity of this organisation, it is a manipulative cult, I got out years ago.

          Unfortunately elderly relatives still believe ‘the truth’ and I try to keep quiet for their sake, but the JWs obsessive, extreme behaviors need bringing under control with immediate effect, it ruins lives by the day.

      • holy Connoli says:

        to Jane Delane: You sound sincere Jane but what you are saying is JUST NOT TRUE. I was a active JW for over 20 years and an Elder for over 12 years and a MS for over 5 years. I gave talks at assemblies, conducted the school and had GB stay at my house several times. My wife has ben a pioneer for over 15 years and still is. The WT definitely opposes and talks very bad and is AGAINST college education ( unless they benefit from it ) Please google a you tube talk by Governing Body member Garrett Loesh that he gave a few years ago in Italy and he Blasts higher education. I was baptized in the 70’s and my entire JW years college education was more than just frowned on it was actually considered unchristian. We all know iot was taught that way so to say it is a conscience matter now in the JW world is not true. Sure you won’t be dfd for it but you will not be considered spiritually strong and you could even be labeled BAD ASSOCIATION! It is a RIDICULOUS position to take and it is also unchristian and it is what a CULT does to control its members. Look up recent WT articles about college education and see the Stupid archaic nonsense position they take. Also on Sports, As a former Elder the CO told me if My son played o the school sports team I would be removed as an elder bc I was setting a bad example? I regret it very much to this day that I caved into his stupid reasoning and the CULT pressure. and di dnot allow my son that great experience. I have apologized to him for that.That was coming direct from the WT Society . Read what they say in young people ask. They are adamantly against any JW’s playing sports n School. Of course a few professional athletes play that may be JW’s but the position and the Pressure to not play is very strong.Jane? You say who else is doing the things JW’s do Worldwide? Well, What are they doing? Standing on the corners or in high traffic areas with an applecart promoting their teachings? Also it is an ever changing teaching that has never had 1 THING or prophecy they say come true! NOT ONE JW PREDICTION has ever come true. ZERO ACCURACY but yet they claim to be sprit directed by Jehovah? What are the JW’s doing hat is so great. They certainly don’t feed the poor or help the poor outside of a few JW’s when a tragedy strikes or they may include a few “WORLDLY” people and give a few handouts to them for news publicity. They do not have a program to help NON JW’s. They do not take care of he sick. All they do is promote their own teachings and push magazines all the time claiming they are preaching the good news of the kingdom that supposedly came in 1914 and we all know that is nit true and they even almost now admit it. Other religions are much more humanly kind to people than JW’s are and they help anyone regardless of their faith. So what else do JW’s do? Well, they destroy families through shunning and DFing, thy cause mental torture on DFd people causing many to commit suicide, they cause death by teaching to refuse Blood transfusions, they stop people from making a decent living by discouraging college education, They control what you can do and how you can dress, what kind of hair and beards you can have, they offer NOTHING for the young JW’s except free labor at Bethel, No youth programs, no professional counseling and they PROMOTE child abuse by their position on NOT protecting sex abuse victims from pedophiles by their position on the ignorant 2 witness rule. They want to protect the ORG against lawsuits but do not care about the victim. Besides that they harm the environment by printing Millions and millions of books and magazines that just get thrown in the garbage. So I guess that is what the JW’s do.

  2. anonymous says:

    Hi Holy Canolli, your wife probably thinks if one of the Governing Body comes over, then that person will bring you back because they are just that much better than the others at convincing you or has she given up on you? I’d give my front teeth to be able to talk to them face to face. The first thing I’d ask is how can they prove 607, then 1914 and then 1919 and how many files do they have on child abusers in New York and why Did Garrett Losch say he didn’t have anything to do with the Watchtower. If you started on stuff like that when your wife had them over, that would be the last time and she’d never forgive you, would she? But what it would do is show them up for what they are too.

  3. Holy Conolli says:

    Hi Anonymous

    I have brought up those points SO MANY times to my wife but I t just goes in one ear and out of the other. 607 bce, 1914, 1919, organ transplants, Shunning, higher education, duff prophecies, flip flopping on Blood transfusion, the United Nations debacle, Child abuse, the 2 witness rule, Pyramology,House of Princes in San Diego, amd do may other things. She likes to use the Illustration that the T is progressive and compare it to Medical Science? She sais medical Science doesn’t believe or practice what they did 50, 100, 200 years ago do they? They used to NOT wash after delivering a baby but later found out disease and germs are passed on to others if they do not. It was bc they did not have the Knowledge at that time. When it was “REVEALED” to them they changed.Or with Penicillin…they did not have the knowledge until it was “revealed” or discovered to them. SO it is “progressive Revelation” to her thinking and they keep adjusting until they get it right like the sailor that is “TACKING: as he crosses the oceans waters to get to their ultimate destination. They may go off course for a while but ALWAYS get back on course.

    That argument I say is not a comparison bc Medical Science never claimed to be a spokesperson for Almighty God and the WT even after having made their o called Adjustments have gone back and forth on the same doctrine many, many times. Also after all of these adjustments the WT cannot still show after 140 years as a religion ! THING OR PROPHECY that they predicted has come true. Medical science has proved it by the very fact of their success in stopping and eradicating some disease and healing people. I did not go in that direction with the GB when he was here. I di share the article with her about Garrett refusing o testify and she said well there are 2 sides to every story and this is probably Media Bias. In the near future I think the GB will be coming again.

  4. anonymous says:

    Hi Holy Canolli. I feel your frustration. There is nothing I can say that my husband can absorb either. I have so much hatred for the Governing Body members right now, that I don’t know how I could hold it in if I was to meet them. I hope when they come next, that you can say something to them that will get your wife’s attention but more than likely, she’s looking at them like they are infallible like my husband does. I have to hand it to the Society (cult). They have crossed every T and dotted every i when it comes as to how to brainwash their idolator worshippers into following them, no matter how silly it is.

    • Holy Connoli says:

      Anonymous: Wellit has been almost a year since wel ats communicated. Meanwhile My wife just came back from the annual meeting and hanging around certain GB memebrs and their wives and she thinks the meetings and “New Light” was “AWESOME” as she says and calls it progressive revelation!

      I asked he if I was right in the things I told her would be announced and she said well, some of it we are nt ending the TS we are just “adjusting to a new platform”.? Wow. anything they tell them they will believe.

  5. Holy Conolli says:


    I feel your pain but try not to hate. I think if we do that it hurts us more and gives them some satisfaction and they will always make the claim like ..SEE…How unhappy that person is now that they left the Organization? They say see, “there is no happiness outside the organization”. I am sure you have heard that over the years. Hating what they do and did is normal but I think we harm ourselves if we let personal hate eat at us. Be happy you awoke and are no longer under their control. Reach inside yourself and find your peace.

  6. Wayne Bruce says:

    Hi Cedars

    This is a response not to yourself but to Paul Grundy (if you can please contact him, I failed). His article on beards in the JW movement possibly omitted an interesting comment I heard from a then elderly JW over 30 years ago about how the Russellites wore beards like CTR after his death, whereas those who followed Rutherford [JW forerunners] went clean-shaven.
    Maybe needs research/verification.
    Anyhow, All the best
    Wayne (ExJW)

  7. Sheila l says:

    Bravo, spot on and more accurate then the others I’ve seen. This needs to be told with truth not made up backwards crap I have read so far. I have been kicked out 4 times now and this time was the charm. I didn’t even get a meeting at the Hall or letter just a surprise call saying you’re out. I didn’t even know I had been under investigation as this time wasn’t guilty. Now I am being called
    Apostate for talking and then r questioning jws after being born into it 54 yes to be exact Thank You

  8. Gilbert says:

    Keep up the work!
    I had a falling out with a loved one over the disfellowshiping issue.
    She misunderstood me as a JW but I respect why she did so.
    There is a difference between “Shaming” and “Shunning”. As one of JW I do not believe in Disfellowshiping. I DO believe in Shaming. BUT NOT ON A CONGREGATION LEVEL! I practiced shaming on a relative who was way off course. The result is now a happy marriage and a son. But is was a ONE on ONE dialoge and shaming. My father, a Catholic, did the same to me when I was 17. It changed my life. Shame is good when done appropriately.
    JW heirachy has done a dis-service to Jesus Christ in this regard. Imagine Jesus asking you to write a letter and review it in 6 months to see if you can be forgiven? My goodness
    I hope one day to make amends with her.
    People are more valuable than organizations. But not Watchtower. The “Organization” is more valuable than the people. John 3:16

    • Jane Delane says:

      I once had a problem with disfellowshipping but when I got older and became a parent, I then understood it. It is different today than many years ago in the organization. I remember when a scripture was read before someone was disfellowshipped and then we would pretty much know what they did wrong. That to me is shaming. However, I realize that this disfellowshipping has a good purpose. First of all, one only gets disfellowshipped if they are not repentant, or continue to believe a certain way that is against bible laws or principals. For example, You cannot admit to smoking, fornicating, being an alcoholic, and you are not sorry or do not want to change behavior. It would only be right to disfellowship this person. If I had an adult child living in my house and he got on drugs, in trouble with the law at times, cursed and disrespected me. I will no doubt put him out because this would be unhealthy and bad for the rest of my children to see. Doesn’t mean that I would stop loving or talking to him. It means that in order for him to come around he would have needed to take steps to be back. First, be sorry and then take actions to correct bad behavior. I would not want any of the other children to hang out with him either. A disfellowshipped person can still attend the meetings for spiritual food and he could only speak with the elders on certain matters. When our children do wrong, we discipline. What discipline we choose is our choice. Its too bad if the kids don’t like it. It is a form of correction. In the congregation, elders have to determine what discipline is needed. This is a difficult task because they are imperfect too and have to go by prayer to determine. Just as some jury’s, elders can get it wrong. But just as people unjustly put in prison and punished, they work on getting their name cleared or punishment corrected. We are taught forgiveness and even humans unjustly convicted have learned to forgive. However, for the ones who are just given a reproof in the congregation (Like me), I have learned from it. I willingly came before the elders to tell them of something I had did. This was difficult because it was embarrasing for me, but I was truly repentfull and acknowledged my error. No announcement was made but they prayed with me and gave instruction. I was truly grateful. The ones who never come back from being disfellowshipped are the ones who have allowed their pride stand in the way, or they decided not to change the wrong. I have sat next to a couple in the meeting who got married but had fornicated before getting married. They were able to speak with others but were not allowed to answer or go into field service for a period of time. The couple still went to meetings and hung in there until they got their full privileges back (no complaint)0. Nobody likes to be punished, whether jail, fines, or in Jehovah’s organization disfellowshipped or whatever. Parents punish out of love, the same with God.

  9. apologist says:

    you have already erased everything I have written
    you are a clown with a hidden agenda working for satan

    • anonymous says:

      Geez apologist, get a life!!

    • Frank James says:

      ‘Apologist’. Fortunately, Gilbert is right on the money. The idea of shunning is a mean, cruel way of ‘punishing’ a person for using the free will that is a gift from God anyway. By shunning ones own children, who are another gift from God, is certainly not honouring Jehovah, but in actuality, dishonouring Him. No where in the scriptures does it say to abandon your children, siblings or spouse because they have their own thoughts on religion. We are ALL different and that’s the way God made us.

  10. Holy Connoli says:

    @apologist. Typical JW answer. Anyone that disagrees w the WT is from Satan. Case closed. Ears Closed. Eyes Closed. Mind Closed. Heart Closed. Apologist, PLEASE show mw 1 prophecy the WT has predicted that has come true in their short 135 years of existence. I can show you 100’s of ones they uttered that did not come true. Just 1 Apologist.

    • Wanderer says:

      Here is some JW prophecy. The 1920 leaflet & talk millions now living will never die? Or the generation of 1914 being alive at Armageddon? Or constructing Beth Sarim? Or………No, I give up!

      • Holy Connoli says:

        @wanderer. Here are some more prophecies from the WT. The King of the North will prevail ( Russia ) they will gain control over the oil of the world ( Daniels prophecy book ) the year 1925 is more important in prophecy than 1925, Jehovah dwells on his own planet, Just a few more months before Armageddon ( 1942 )
        The last days began in early 1800’s when Napoleon was taking over Europe, Then it began in 1874,Mussolini plays a major part in Bible prophecy, The Princes like King David will be resurrected before Armageddon,and we can expect them at any minute! Judge Rutherford is so CONVINCED that King David will be resurrected he SIGNS OVER THE GRANT DEED to the home in Beth Sarim in San Diego California! ( A real Nut case ) The flip flop again on the what is a generation when it is evident that the prediction that this generation WILL NOT pass away is not coming true. The Flip flop again on the F&D Slave who it is and what they do? Remids me of David Koresh and the WACO TEXAS

  11. Frank James says:

    Holy Connoli
    To be able to show 1 ‘prophesy’ that the JW organisation had shown to be true, one would need to be blind, deaf and have a very cold heart. Satan does not even come into the discussion

  12. Average Joe says:

    I think an in-depth article about JWs & beards would be good for discussion.
    This is such an American JW man made rule and results in having privileges removed if you’re unfortunate enough to be in a congregation where the elders have decided you’re worldly if you have a beard!
    Interesting how very well respected individuals like surgeons, bank managers (hmmm maybe not so much now with their pay rises), doctors have beards but the WTS still infers they are bad. Note the absence of them in any of their publications when JWs are portrayed. I think the reason is because no American politician has a beard so the WTS being based there is influenced by such thinking. What’s bizarre is how they don’t have the spine to come out and directly say that they don’t like beards on JWs (although I’m not too keen on women with them!)
    I have had various discussions with self-righteous elders over the years and I quote Isaiah 5:20 ‘woe to those who say good is bad’. What’s more unnatural: shaving your beard off that God has given you or letting it grow? To judge someone’s spirituality by their facial hair is ridiculous. What makes the elders that are against beards even more like the Pharisees (apart from their laws of men over God’s principles) is the fact that they themselves allow (or even wear) moustaches. IT’S STILL FACIAL HAIR!
    “Ah but in some cultures a man of God with a beard is not accepted” came the reply in one of their stock letters to me as a teenager so I wrote back politely asking them to tell me which cultures these were… still waiting for a response.
    Many town congregations in the North of the UK where I’m originally from accept beards, many reasonable elders actually sporting them, realising that it is not our place to enforce personal opinions on others as regards to modest dress & grooming. I just love the look on American JW faces when they come over to the UK and the first thing they say is “wow! You guys are allowed to have beards!”
    Maybe TPT Morris thinks beards are designed by homosexuals too!
    OK rant over. Peace & I’m out of here…

  13. holy Connoli says:

    Average Joe. I have had the same arguments you make about the position the WT has on Beards! Totally ridiculous and also totally un scriptural! They would try to make the argument that it could “Stumble” somebody? I would say really? How would it stumble somebody? Well, they might think you are a radical or a Hippy…yes they would say Hippy, lol. ( shows how out of time they are ) Then they would say that Ministers of Christendom wear beards on TV but we JW”S do not.We don’t want to imitate False religion! Then they would use comparisons to stumbling a brother or sister if they wore overly “suggestive” or low cut clothing to expose their breasts or other nonsense reasoning. SO I said you are comparing wearing a beard which Jehovah gave us to possible sexual immorality? It would turn into an argument every time but of course never could they use a scripture to support their stupid reasoning. I had a JW friend from Germany who would visit us every few years and he had a full beard and would go to the KH in California and everyone would be shocked. He said it was no Big deal In Germany although the official position in the WT and Magazines is NO BEARDS for Men he still did it.

    When I was an Elder we would have Stupid meetings about a few brothers that were starting to grow beards and how we needed to have a special talk about it. One very Nice Brother who was a school teacher and had a education degree wore a beard and the Elders gave him a bad time even refused to work in Field Service with him. I would defend him in the meetings and say don’t we have better things to worry about in life and the cong then this guy wearing a beard?

    Do you really think Jehovah the Grand Creator gives a Rats Arse about a JW wearing a beard! Leave him alone I said as he is a kind and loving person. They said if he insists on wearing a beard then we do not have to work with him in the Field service or we can take “privileges” away from him in the Congregation. At the same time their was this other publisher in our Cong that was over 300 1lbs and his belly would hang out over his pants ( a nice Fat Person ) and he was allowed to go door-door even though it was extremely embarrassing to anyone that would work with him in Field service. I mean this guy was SUPER OBESE and could barely walk upstairs.The point is he stumbled me and others was not a good example and drew attention to himself ( all the Dumb Arse arguments they use against beards and grooming ) yet nothing was ever said to him or done to him about his problem and their were many others that were EXTREMELY Over weight and looked abnormal but they preferred to pick on men with beards? They have nothing else positive to do except to think up BS issues that have no value. Personally , I think the reason for it is bc a few GB members are from the 30’s and 40’s and they are stuck in a stupid time warp and basically they are just Ignorant and unreasonable. They create rules and regualtions EXACTLY like the Pharisees and exalt themselves above God.

  14. Faithful Witness says:

    Thanks for the great observations, Joe!
    I find it interesting how they can use the origins of a tradition, phrase or holiday, as evidence that it is part of the world, and should be avoided… yet they require men to wear neckties. Neckties originated as part of a military uniform.
    They cling to rules & traditions they like, and are so judgmental of anyone who dares to question the authority given to them by (?? what is the current belief on this ?? I have fallen behind on TRUTH updates…)
    I remember when we were studying with the JW’s, and they compared celebrating Christmas, to picking up a dirty lollipop out of the gutter… (“What Does The Bible REALLY Teach?” – read this book and find out!!)

    Logic and reason have no significance. Avoid critical thinking! We have the TRUTH. “I just know we have the TRUTH.” (repeat…)

  15. Faithful Witness says:

    Joe, thank you for your comments. You make some very good points.

    JW’s follow rules, that are made up by men, American men, who claim they speak for God himself. It seems that their organization prides itself on being absurd & different, so they can be recognized. I listened to them for years, before I finally just had to give up on having a logical conversation with any of the ones that came here to “teach” me about the Bible. They will never admit when they are wrong. Honestly, I’ve never seen a group of “loving” Christians, who are so completely self-absorbed, puffed up with pride and priest-like privilege. Anyone who doesn’t do things “our” way, is condemned to destruction.

    (This is not to say that there aren’t many JW people who have been nothing but kind and loving to me, back when I was a potential recruit.)

    I have never understood what they actually believe about Jesus, but most of their rules are based on assumptions & conclusions that do not actually come from the Bible. Your point about facial hair is a great example.

    Another dress code rule that contradicts itself, is their insistence that men wear neckties. The necktie originated as part of the military uniform, and its history is well-documented. They are so hung up on avoiding anything that has pagan origins, but apparently this one is ignored, so they can be acceptable to the world? Celebrating Christmas is compared to eating a lollipop you found in the gutter, in their Bible Teach book, but they have no problem with ignoring the commands of Christ, to feed the poor, do your good deeds in secret (field service reports given to men: Matthew 6:1-6)
    The long list of their weird inconsistencies, just keeps growing, as the leaders become more desperate for power. The internet will end up destroying the Watchtower, but they will use it as evidence of Satan’s attack on the one true religion.

    What a sad and confusing existence it must be for the innocent people who have dedicated their lives to this organization, just waiting and hoping the world will end…soon! (work work work! time is short!)

  16. I believe that shunning is non bi lical and that the scripture by the apostel paul was taking out of context.

    • holy Connoli says:

      Frankie: So what do you think it means and how is it taken out of context?
      Other religions use the same scripture to shun. Of Course the JW’s use it to STOP any free thinking or any rational discussion about the scriptures and they use it to silence any different opinion.

  17. peter rogers says:

    jehovahs witnesses are not a charity. they dont do anything practical for anyone.

    all they do is take donations from there members, and give then nothing back in return.

    children at them meetings find it verry stressfull due to there being nothing there for children, they have to sit quetly throughout there meetings and its even worse for them during all the big assemblies of theres were children have to sit quetly from around 8 am till 5pm.

    that is not good for children.

    some single moms sitting at the kingdom hall back room with there children have mental health issues going on in there heads, they get really agitated by some of the comments they are hearing from the elders on stage, and are really struggling to keep the children quet at the same time.

    ( nobody ) cares about how what they are hearing may be causing them psychological problems, and even some of them children are developing psychological problems, because they are picking up that there mom is not happy there.

    its difficult for them moms to leave the jws since everything out in the world they ever had has been taken from them, all they know is the jws organisation.

    you cannot aproach some of these moms and others members who have simular type of psychological problems, because the watchtower society is constantly warning them about so called outside apostates, hence they are in catch 22 situation, going round in circles developing mental health issues.

    the simple answer to dealing with that situation is for these single moms and others etc to keep in mind every single person, including every religious organisation true or faulse, if such a thing really dose exist will all be answerable to jesus, jehovah, the vary allmighty himself.

    no matter what any religous organisation may say, they ( cannot ) give you life, its not in there hands to do so in the first place, the only people who have the authority to give life is the vary allmighty himself and jesus the mediator.

    jws vary own lifes will be thrown at the mercy of jesus himself.

    any religion that stops bible study house groups world wide has to ve view’d with suspicioun, thats how much them governing body members in america have on its millions of members, and nobody questions it.

    the word theocracy itself came from josephus the historian, which the jws applied to themselfs.

    personally speaking, i really feal the governing body of jehovahs witnesses are a bunch of creeps, especially by the way they try to defend themselfs via broadcast about them child abuse cases.

    peter. online name.

  18. Lorraine says:

    Hi i have only recently found your website. I was one of jehovahs witnesses for over 35yrs but the past five years have not been active i would be here alnight if I was to tell my whole story needless to say I’ve been a full time pioneer elders wife been to pioneer school been involved with bethal projects etc etc etc
    I have been so pleased to find your website as everything I have read has only validated the feelings i had been struggling with for so long. I was feeling very alone but refused to be controlled by a In perfect man made organizion . So good to say how i feel. L

    • Markw1509 says:

      Good to hear from you, Lorraine. You will find a lot of friends on Cedar’s site, people who have released themselves from the WT shackles and have survived, thrived, grown and developed outside of a controlling cult. Keep visiting and contribute if you feel the need to say what you feel. Welcome to the great crowd (of free-from-the WT-happy people!)! Lol!

  19. Ray says:

    Extraordinary you were in for so many years and now are out of it. I feel I would like to chat. Maybe that is my isolation speaking? I was out sooner but the after effects are no less strange. If stranger were possible it would qualify. Anyhow I hope you feel you have some people of reassurance to relate with? That is the hard aspect. I hope things work out for you?

  20. Ray says:

    Just a mild point that may not even enter your situation, since it is often so well integrated into the social strata: in my case it has become overtly obvious beyond all reasonable doubt; that JW high level are Freemasons, or have their own networks which are allied to it, and as such the network one becomes aware of over time that imposes similar sanction and subversion is everywhere. I tried to locate people who I feel are not and I cannot. A shock really!!! In fact I hardly trust even this site to not have their spies posing as those who’ve left! Just worth noting; in my experience!

  21. Holy Connoli says:


    How and why do you say th e JW high lever ( GB ) is connected to the Freemasons? From history I know Russell had some connection although he personally denied it but I have read JW WT articles where they say Freemasons are pagan and devil worshipers etc. So what evidence do you have that they are connected with the Freemasons?

  22. Ray says:

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses say: 1) The Royal Family are what? 2) Parliament is what? 3) Every religion except their belief is run by whom? 4) Financial markets are run by whom? 5) Military are under the power of whom?

    Correction: Their elite group of males state your 5 replies to the above; whence all baptised followers, whether coaxed into thinking they got to that point by REASON, will be obliged for life to agree or thereafter be considered as in league with one or more of your answers and duly treated with perpetual suspicion.

    Quite surprising considering the END ought have happened before “The generation of 1914” have passed away; update 1975; update blank; blank – I once had quite the extensive collection of bound mind-bending volumes going back to the 1930s but gave it to charity after being surprised my ex, who was still in, declined any interest on our separating, without so much as a word; which was years already of zero dialogue – less of a surprise!

  23. Holy Connoli says:

    Ray: no disrespect intended but you are not answering my questions about the JW’s and the Freemasons as you claim.The JW’s beleive every organization except theirs is from Satan. There is God’s organization and everything outside of the Watchtower Society ( the World ) and all are from Satan not just freemasons.

    Your answer is not clear and doesn’t stick to the subject. Personally I think you are way off the mark but thanks for trying to answer.

  24. Ray says:

    Mmmm? It’s potentially either/or/both ! Insider trading; double agency both ways; shared misinformation pummelling an undisclosed isolated target & due the disconnect surrounding that individual/family, utilising infrastructure to offer “degrees” and rewards for tasks that are essentially abusive whilst posing as moral agency; ongoing and part of clandestine “congregation building” for further utility in wider contexts and applications. Various. Or even incognito stalking replicating JW strategy around a target in a social context? Who would arrange such a fiasco? Network their family & fund repeat “love bombing” as a technique with an unknown agenda? “Secular preaching” splitting techniques as wider advantage to subversion and “indoctrination”. Please advise? Well concealed malevolence deliberating removals of all respectful trust or dialogue. A capitalist/fascist agenda as its evidence based motive with how the individual or target group realises they are being treated; any which way. Obviously zero lucidity (ostracisation); as if divine and morally superior – but posing “religious hack strategy” for hidden agendas. Telephone engineers will be just one “converted shadow JW” – ministerial servant to the elders commands and feedback to their governing body. Other “congregations” make a chain that stretches. Their “scripture” is interesting but it’s beyond the scope of this reply. Feel free to inform and educate me; life is so lonely its difficult to access reliable information.

  25. Holy Connoli says:

    Ray: Now I know you are just playing around and that is fine, having fun with words and phrases and sounding “far out”. Ok, but I don’t have time for this at the moment but I must say your words can be entertaining and they were. You should be a song writer for Bob Dylan.

  26. Ray says:

    Maybe, like you, I ought try a pseudonym? It did cross my mind you were one of the aforementioned? Who would know?

    I’m here too long already. Hardly worth my brief call – as they say. Lucidity is rare in any context!


    • Holy Connoli says:

      Ray: You never know? I might be part of the “Great Conspiracy” of the Free Masons like the WT is. As the WT slowly and insidiously tries to take over the world with it’s subliminal messages.Free Masons are great brick layers.

    • Holy Connoli says:

      @RAY. I thought RAY was a pseudonym?
      I mean it is such an original name. You might as well publish your last name, telephone number, email address also and address of your house
      so you can have the Elders and C.O.pay you a direct “HIT” I mean visit.

  27. Rudy says:

    DEAR John
    Could you help me today? I need some advice. I recently disassociated. My wife is waking up and I need to help her before she tells the c.o. what she thinks and is dfd. Her whole family are in the cult so she has much to lose….. I need to protect her. Please call or email me if you cant afford long distance. Thanks in advance,

  28. Odus says:

    Will a ministerial servant be disfellowshipped if he allowed his kids to play football ?

    • Holy Connoli says:

      No, he won’t be DF’s but he may be removed as a MS for not setting a good example according to the JW’s. I was an Elder and my son signed up to play
      baseball and they told me if he did I would be removed as a servant!

      Stupid religion.

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