Watchtower’s advice on mental health: A tale of two religions

Watchtower offers two conflicting approaches to dealing with mental health

In 2011, Watchtower published a study article in which God was referred to as “the Great Physician.” The magazine gave advice to avoid contact with Jehovah’s Witnesses who had peacefully defected from their faith. These protestors were “diagnosed” (by a … Continue reading


Governing Body takes to the stage together in newly-released Annual Meeting video

The Governing Body are shown together for the first time on film on the new JW Broadcasting website

The new “” website is barely off the ground, but it is wasting no time in posting some intriguing content. I have already discussed the October broadcast featuring Steven Lett in one of my latest YouTube videos. As I mentioned, … Continue reading


Coming soon to a web browser near you – Governing Body TV (on demand)!

Watchtower has announced a new website that will feature videos of monthly talks by the Governing Body

Today the 130th Annual Meeting of the Watch Tower Society was convened at the Jersey City assembly hall, or “Stanley Theater” as it is otherwise known. There once was a time when these were run-of-the-mill business meetings to keep Society … Continue reading


“No support for my family” – Vermont sisters file against ex-Ministerial Servant and Watchtower for abuse

Annessa and Miranda Lewis are the latest to come forward with claims of abuse that could have been prevented or curtailed by Watchtower

A few mornings ago I checked my Facebook messages, as I routinely do when I first wake up. “Whoa, did you see this?,” wrote one of my close friends. A link followed to an article that both shocked and disturbed … Continue reading


BETHEL LEAK: Three new ‘kingdom songs’ and details of Governing Body committees revealed

The sheet music of three new 'kingdom songs' has been leaked to JWsurvey

An anonymous source has contacted JWsurvey with details of three new songs to be released at Watchtower’s 2014 Annual Meeting, which is expected to be held this coming weekend. Entitled “The Kingdom Is in Place – Let It Come!,” “Grant … Continue reading


Do modern societies really understand the dangers of undue influence?

More people are now speaking out about the use of undue influence by the Governing Body and other self-styled divinely appointed leaders

Recently there has been a notable increase in articles and discussion threads using the term “undue influence” in relation to politics, advertising – and most especially religious beliefs and practices. To be quite honest, before I really got my arms … Continue reading


Kingdom halls in Chile display the national flag

At least two kingdom halls in Chile have been photographed displaying the national flag

Political neutrality has long been a hallmark of Jehovah’s Witnesses, at least in theory if not always in practice. Any use of national flags, whether by means of saluting or displaying them, has traditionally been viewed as a forbidden form … Continue reading


Comparing cults – the most effective way to wake up a loved one?

TV documentaries featuring members of other cults such as the Mormons (left) and Westboro Baptist Church (right) offer opportunities to help indoctrinated family members

If there is one reoccurring question, one burning issue that most readers who write in to JWsurvey need addressing, it is simply this… “how do I wake up my loved one?” Few things are more distressing than being reduced to … Continue reading


Brett King says his son Ashya WOULD receive a blood transfusion if needed

Brett King has declared that he would allow his son to receive blood

The Ashya King story has taken another surprising twist, with the Mirror reporting that Brett King WOULD allow his son to have a blood transfusion if his life were at stake. “I’m a Jehovah’s Witness, but I’m a father first … Continue reading


Millions are oblivious to the preaching work, but “there is no need for us to be overly concerned”

Jehovah's Witnesses preaching in New York on the 9/11 anniversary - but what about the lack of converts in the Asian and Arab world?

A prominent feature of Jehovah’s Witness teachings is the solemn belief that Armageddon will strike imminently, whereupon divine forces will slaughter pretty much everyone who isn’t a Witness. Not only is this proposition outrageous and obscene to anyone of modest … Continue reading


Bible-shaped baptism pools take center stage at the South Korea international convention

Baptismal candidates at the South Korea international convention symbolized their dedication in giant bibles

Photos have been released online showing a curious arrangement of bible-shaped baptism pools at the recent 2014 international convention in South Korea. It is unclear precisely who made the “bible pools,” or how much time and expense was invested in … Continue reading


The Cedars Challenge: How to bring down JWsurvey

Despite Watchtower prohibitions on conversing with 'apostates', JW apologists and defenders continue to do just that

It’s been nearly three years since JWsurvey was launched and we began posting blog articles on JW-related subjects. In that period we have been beset by more than our fair share of Watchtower defenders and apologists, who have shown great … Continue reading


Ashya’s grandmother speaks out against “disgraceful” police treatment

Ashya's grandmother, Patricia King, has reacted angrily at the police's response

The story of young Ashya King has taken a dramatic twist in the last 24 hours as it has emerged that the motives for his Jehovah’s Witness parents removing him from hospital were NOT religious as initially suspected by some … Continue reading