62 apostates mark JWsurvey Day 2015 with a message of love for Jehovah’s Witnesses

62 apostates have joined forces to reach out to Jehovah's Witnesses

If you are a Jehovah’s Witness, you will have to be satisfied with remembering October 4th 2015 as the day congregations worldwide were informed of the scrapping of the Theocratic Ministry School – over a week after the news was … Continue reading


Watchtower issues DMCA takedown over leaked annual meeting letter

Lawyers at Watchtower have forced us to remove the leaked annual meeting letter from our pages

On Thursday, September 24, JWsurvey reproduced a Watchtower letter that had been leaked by a bethel insider. Dated October 4, 2015, the letter advised (or WILL advise) congregations of the announcements that are to be made at Saturday’s annual meeting. … Continue reading


Watchtower in crisis: Frustration grows at bethel as Governing Body focuses everything on Warwick

Is Warwick already becoming a new Mecca prized by the Governing Body above all else?

The Watch Tower Society is continuing to hemorrhage information. Hot on the heels of the leak of the annual meeting announcements, yet more details have emerged hinting at growing resentment among bethelites as downsizing intensifies. JWsurvey has been contacted again … Continue reading


A new low? Jehovah’s Witness counts time by mailing grieving families via the obituaries

A grieving father speaks to a reporter after being preached to via the obituaries

A man who endured the death of his daughter recently received an unwelcome letter. Sent by one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the letter expressed sympathy for his loss. How did this Jehovah’s Witness learn about the man’s tragic loss? Apparently by … Continue reading


Theocratic Ministry School GONE as 2015 Annual Meeting announcements leaked in advance

Key announcements from the 2015 annual meeting have been leaked over a week in advance

It’s the time of year when Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide look forward with eager anticipation to Watchtower’s Annual Meeting. Usually hosted at the Jersey City Assembly Hall (or “Stanley Theater”), over recent years the Governing Body has increasingly used the event … Continue reading


More downsizing on the way? Multiple sources report bethel letter warning of further cuts

Visitors pose for a selfie at Brooklyn headquarters, but is it all smiles for bethelites?

Normally I don’t like to report on stories unless I have confirmation in my hand, be it in the form of a printed letter or leaked recording. But three separate sources have contacted me this evening warning of a special … Continue reading


The silent majority speaks: Results of the 2014 Global Survey now available


2014 was a big year for Jehovah’s Witnesses, and not just because it marked 100 years of the “short period of time” since the commencement of the ‘last days’ in 1914, with Armageddon nowhere in sight. (Rev 12:12) Last year … Continue reading


12 things we learned from Geoffrey Jackson’s testimony at the Royal Commission

Geoffrey Jackson's appearance before the Royal Commission left many questions unanswered

If you are one of the many current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses who spent much of last month glued to your screen watching the Australian Royal Commission into child abuse, likely you are still dumbfounded by the testimony of one … Continue reading


David Splane explains the overlapping generation teaching (without actually explaining it)

David Splane grapples with the "overlapping generation" teaching in a new video

The September JW Broadcasting episode is now available on tv.jw.org, and for any avid follower of goings-on at Watchtower this month’s offering from the ‘faithful and discreet slave’ is a must-watch. Governing Body member David Splane addresses his audience on … Continue reading


Inducing phobias: How the Watchtower uses irrational fears to solidify membership

Fear plays a powerful role in cult indoctrination

If I lay a plank across two overturned buckets, it should be simple to walk across it unharmed. If I take that same plank, however, and suspend it across an extremely deep and narrow chasm the walk across would be … Continue reading


Following the “Return to Jehovah” release, is the net closing on inactive ones?

Tony Morris releases a brochure aimed at bringing back inactive ones, who now appear to be under closer scrutiny

A leaked Watchtower letter in Polish addressed to all elders in Poland has asked for details of Witnesses who have become inactive since September 2014. The letter gives instructions for congregations to send in the “S-10” form – an annual … Continue reading


An apology, and update on what’s in store for JWsurvey

During a recent trip across Europe I was able to interview a number of exJW activists

First off, I need to apologize for being so absent from posting articles over the last few weeks! As some of you know, I spent a month in northern Europe between late July and late August initially for the purpose … Continue reading


Royal Commission’s Angus Stewart accuses Watchtower representative of deliberate deception

Branch committee coordinator Terrence O'Brien was accused of intentionally trying to mislead the Commission

This is the latest summary of the Royal Commission in Australia by non-disfellowshipped JWsurvey reader “CovertFade,” who is standing in for the JWsurvey writing team as we process the fast-paced events “down under”… The closing moments of Day 7 of … Continue reading